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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²''Sir Billi'', released in the United States as ''Guardian of the Highlands'', is a 2012 Scottish computer-animated film, made by Sascha Hartmann and Tessa Hartmann and starring Creator/SeanConnery as the voice of the lead role.²²Sir Billi, a skateboarding veterinarian, must save a fugitive beaver from the corrupt local police.²²The movie claims to be the first full-length animated movie made entirely in Scotland.²----²!!Tropes:²* BraveScot: Sir Billi himself definitely fits this trope, being brazen enough to mouth off to a police officer.²* ButterFace: Practically all the female characters are disturbingly well-rendered in terms of their body proportions, but all have ugly faces.²* JigglePhysics: Many of the female characters have strangely well-rendered assets.²* RandomEventsPlot: The movie's plot is...incoherent to say the least. Sir Billi is trying to save a beaver, but there's a whole lot of unrelated stuff that just happens in between with no real purpose.²* ShoutOut: There's an excessive number of shout-outs to Film/JamesBond, Sean Connery's most famous role:²** The movie opens with a Music/ShirleyBassey song featuring silhouettes of dancing women, not unlike the openings of many Bond films.²** Near the end of the movie, Gordon bungie-jumps off a dam, a lot like a familiar scene from ''Film/{{Goldeneye}}''.²** Billi's goat Gordon wears a yellow jumpsuit like the one Uma Thurman donned in ''Film/KillBill''.²* TalkingIsAFreeAction: When the animals end up in the water, one of the rabbits goes to alert Sir Billi, and they spend almost 10 real-world minutes just talking about it instead of rushing to go help the drowning animals.²* TotallyRadical: Sir Billi talks like this.²----


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