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1[[quoteright:320:]]²²''Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World'' is a satirical stop-motion show created by Q. Allan Brocka that airs on Creator/{{LOGO}}, the first network dedicated to all gay and lesbian programming. It focuses on a trio of couples in the "gay ghetto" of West Lahunga Beach, California (an {{expy}} for Laguna Beach). Premiering in 2007, it has met with much critical acclaim, due to its satire not being [[{{Anvilicious}} too preachy]]. Despite season 2 ending on a cliffhanger, the show is no longer in production. The characters are:²²[[AC:Characters:]]²* '''Rick Brocka, Jr.''' (voiced by Will Matthews): Steve's husband. He is a 30-year-old Filipino-American homemaker. He is also a genius, who belongs to the local all-gay chapter of Menza.²* '''Steve Ball''' (voiced by Peter Paige): Rick's husband. He is a 33-year-old real estate agent. Unlike Rick, he's a gym bunny and a bit of an airhead.²* '''Kirsten Kellog''' (voiced by Emily Brooke Hands in season 1 and Jessica-Snow Wilson in season 2): Dana's 28-year-old wife. She is Rick's best friend, and a self proclaimed artist. She owns a local sex toy store.²* '''Dana Bernstein''' (voiced by Taylor M. Dooley): Kirsten's 32-year-old wife. She is a self-decribed [[AC: J.A.B.]] -- a '''J'''ewish '''A'''merican '''B'''ulldyke. She works as a project manager for the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. She is also openly antagonistic toward Steve.²* '''Chuck Masters''' (voiced by Creator/AlanCumming): Evan's 50-year-old wheelchair-bound boyfriend. Chuck is HIV positive and paralyzed from the left testicle down.[[note]]He was hit by a car as he was exiting the clinic at which he was tested.[[/note]] He's Steve's best friend, and an angry yet truthful person.²* '''Evan Martinez''' (voiced by Wilson Cruz): Chuck's 19-year-old kept boyfriend. He is extremely shallow, very promiscuous and addicted to a multitude of drugs. Evan invariably spends his nights at clubs. ²* '''Condi Ling''' (voiced by Creator/MargaretCho): West Lahung Beach's resident FagHag. She claims to be Evan's best friend and shares most of his personality traits, though he regards her as more of an annoyance. When alone, Condi is depressed and has attempted suicide in many comical ways.²* '''Dixie''' (voiced by Creator/LoriAlan): Dana & Kirsten's baby, born in the second season premiere. Originally, Kirsten was going to be artificially inseminated by Rick's sperm. However, Steve mixed some of his sperm in as well, and a bumpy car ride accidentally spilled the sample onto (into) Dana instead. Seems to be gaining mild psychic abilities.²* '''Pussy''' (voiced by Liza Del Mundo): Rick & Steve's cat. She has human-like intelligence (at least smarter than Steve) and talks to them so frequently that it doesn't even bother them anymore.²²----²!!This show contains examples of:²²* AllGaysArePromiscuous:²** Toyed with with most of the male characters, especially Evan.²--->'''Chuck:''' Promise me after I die you'll never sleep with anybody else.\²'''Evan:''' But I sleep with other people now! ²** Ultimately averted with Rick and Steve, though, who despite an early attempt to have a threesome, remain monogamous throughout the show's run.²* AllLesbiansWantKids: Kirsten, as well as her friends Ebony & Ivory. And just about every other lesbian on the show too. ''Rick & Steve'' really loves this one.²* AncientConspiracy: Brace yourselves -- [[spoiler: Ten thousand years ago, Earth was a technological paradise "...more advanced than ''Franchise/StarTrek''!". Also, everyone was gay. After the first heterosexual was born, everything went downhill from there. A secret society known as the "Lavendar Mafia" (of which Lance Bass is a member) preserves this secret.]] ²* BloodierAndGorier: The second season compared to the first season. ²* BlueBoyPinkGirl: Rick and Kirsten were friends since college and are the more traditionally femme partners in their relationships, Kirsten wears a pink coverall outfit while Rick wears a blue shirt. ²* BoobsOfSteel: Dana is noted to have very large breasts (and her drawn on breast lines are very large) and is a ButchLesbian. ²* BrandX: Most characters use laptops that have a banana (with a bite taken out of it) as a logo.²* ButchLesbian: Dana. She even has a little lego mullet.²* ButtMonkey: [[Creator/MargaretCho Condi Ling]]²* CastFullOfGay: Goes without saying...²* CatsAreMean: And form elaborate plots to kill babies they think are getting more attention than they are.²* ClubKid: Evan, whose body is so messed up with drugs and diet pills that if he were to ever fall asleep it would overwhelm his system and kill him.²* CrazyPrepared: Parodied. [[ItMakesSenseInContext In order to pass through an ancient, underground temple]] (LongStory) the explorer must insert the original [[Film/NationalTreasure Declaration of Independence]] to proceed.²-->'''Rick:''' Darn, I only carry a copy!²* CureYourGays: Evan tries to get ex-gay therapy so he can have sex with a woman. The effort is an EpicFail, however; instead of associating attraction to men with horrific pain, he ended up associating pain with attraction to men in a ''positive way'', and now [[TooKinkyToTorture asks to be electrocuted in bed.]]²* DeadGuyJunior: Dana wants to name her son after her saintly dead brother, Dick. And still wants to after the baby turns out to be a girl. They settle on Dixie instead. [[spoiler:He and Dana used to play cross-dress up as kids. Dixie was his drag name. Dick could have been AmbiguouslyGay, CampStraight or just very supportive, given how he's painted as a MessianicArchetype]]²* DeadpanSnarker:²** Dana and Rick, mostly.²** Steve has his moments too.²** Chuck!²* DirtyOldMan: There's Chuck, obviously. Plus in one episode we're introduced to Rick's perverse gay uncle, who convinces men that he's actually Rick's cousin. His younger cousin.²* EverythingIsRacist: Parodied. A TwoferTokenMinority played by Creator/RuPaul tries to educate both racially insensitive Steve and a straight, Black friend of his. To show the [[EverythingIsRacist trials and tribulations of being black and gay at the same time]] he takes them to a Black Gay bar called [[Film/AntwoneFisher Antwone's Fissure]]. Not only does he teach them nothing, but gets asked to leave by the drag queen waiting tables. He now complains that She's discriminating against him because his friends are straight and white, only to be shown that [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments the Black Gay bar has a "No Martyring" policy.]] ²* EverythingsBuiltWithLEGO: Averted. The pilot was originally done with LEGO, who objected to something as controversial as a gay themed BlackComedy.²* FagHag: Condi Ling.²* FunWithAcronyms: Chuck teaches HIV awareness for community service. His method of helping young gays remember to practice safe sex?²-->[[AC: Bring A Rubber Every time, Because Aids Can Kill]], or '''B.A.R.E.B.A.C.K.'''²* GayBarReveal: Inverted. Steve's mom is so deep in denial, she goes to a [[LeatherMan hardcore gay leather bar]], sees [[CasualKink a man being lead around on a leash]] and being from TheDeepSouth [[LiteralMinded seems overjoyed that slavery is still legal in that neighborhood]].²* {{Gayborhood}}: West Lahunga Beach.²* GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex: "Daddy!" "Piggy!"²* HasTwoMommies: In season two, Dana and Kirsten raise Dixie, because Rick and Steve helped in the surrogacy, they allow the guys two have shared custody too. So Dixie has two moms and two dads.²* HypocriticalHumor: One of Dana's defining traits is her hatred of men--particularly homosexuals. However, her late brother Dick (the only man she ever loved) was a part-time crossdresser, and may have been in the closet himself. Could be YouAreWhatYouHate, Dana stated in one video that if she was a man, she'd be a male chauvinist, which is what she accuses most men of being.²* InformedDeformity: Rick is "skinny fat" while Dana and Condi are fat and ugly.²* InsistentTerminology:²** Chuck does not have AIDS, he's HIV-positive. This is a bit of TruthInTelevision since many HIV-negative people think the two are one and the same.²** Condi is ''not'' a fag hag! She's an ''alternative lifestyle companion''!²* InspirationallyDisadvantaged: Subverted with embittered, wheelchair bound, HIV+ Chuck.²* JewishAmericanPrincess: The acronym is spoofed with Dana calling herself a J.A.B. (Jewish American Bulldyke); however her interests are more tomboyish than most.²** JewishMother: Averted with Dana, who is of Jewish heritage but isn't stringent as Kirsten about the baby. Dana's mother has the accent and the overbearing manner down. ²* LastHetRomance: Condie Ling to Rick.²* LawOfInverseFertility: Taken to its logical extreme and lampshaded with Kirsten and Dana. Kirsten desperately wants to conceive but can't, even after multiple insemination attempts. Dana doesn't really want kids to begin with, but all she has to do is spill a cup of sperm on her lap, and her womb "sucks it up through three layers of denim."²* LipstickLesbian: Kirsten, she actually is designed with red lipstick and wears a wavy haircut with [[PinkIsFeminine pink overalls]] with a daisy on them. ²* MamaBear: Rick's mother, defender of love and gay equality. Steve's mother sworn to "protecting the sanctity of my son's anus".²* MayDecemberRomance: Chuck is in his 50s, Evan is barely 19. Their relationship ends up resembling that of a man raising his grandson... only with more sex.²* MasculineFeminineGayCouple: Butch Dan and her girly wife Kirsten.²* NobodyOver50IsGay: "I am the oldest homosexual in the world! I am thirty-three!"²* PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad:²** For example:²--->''Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Ramadan,\²Christmukah, Solstice, too.\²And if you don't believe in nothing,\²happy that to you!''²** Ebony and Ivory are the embodiment of this trope. They refuse to check whether their infant is a boy or a girl because they believe that shouldn't be up to them to enforce gender roles, they gave the child a gender-neutral name, and insist that the child be referred to as "she and/or he". They refuse to baby-talk because it is patronizing, and they find it offensive to call a child small. They have a bank account specifically for their child's future sex change operation should she and/or he desire one.²* PunnyName: Several supporting and incidental characters, including television news anchor Anderson Pooper and San Francisco mayor Gavin Screwsome, are named with sexualized puns on the names of real-world equivalents.²* ReallyGetsAround: When they still thought Dana's baby was going to be a boy, Kirsten made a list of ''four thousand'' potential names, crossing off each name if it was shared by a guy that Steve had slept with. By the time they were done, the only names left were [[Music/TheBeatles John, Paul, George, and Ringo]]; the list of names that had to be ruled out even included [[UsefulNotes/BarackObama Barack]].²* ShoutOut:²** When a straight couple moves in to the neighborhood, Condi defends her turf by proclaiming herself "[[Series/LittleBritain the only straight in the village]]".²** Upon hearing how long Kirsten's baby-names list is, Chuck remarks "Christ, [[Film/SchindlersList Schindler's]] wasn't even that long!"²** Rick's favorite show is [[Series/DesperateHousewives Skanky Housewives]], with clips showing a red haired mother of a terrible ten year old cocaine addict who snorts drugs off of babies. ²* StopBeingStereotypical: Inverted in the gang's trip to San Francisco, where they are marginalized by the locals for being "heteronormalized" (ie, not being genderqueer, and, in Kirsten and Dana's case, raising a baby).²* StopMotion²* StraightGay: Steve repeatedly identifies himself as a straight-acting gay, and acts exactly like an idiot jock.²* SuicideAsComedy: Condi, who tries to pathetically commit suicide every time a guy she dates turns out to be gay. It's now in the double digits. Everyone is so annoyed by her shooting her self in the head with glue guns that they start urging her to just kill herself already so they can watch tv in peace.²* TeenPregnancy: Evan's mother was 14 when she had him.²* TokenMinority: One of Steve's friends is the only straight guy in the show to have more than one line.²* {{Transgender}}: Rick and Steve's favorite porn star turns out to be a transgender man. They repeatedly mistake him [[TransEqualsGay for being a lesbian]]. So does Dana.²* TwoferTokenMinority: Steve's friend who is both black and gay, who has a bit of a martyr complex. Then there's Rick who is gay and Filipino, and Evan who is also Latino. Then there's Chuck who's an wheelchair bound HIV positive homosexual. ²* WeightWoe: Rick for being "Skinny Fat" and Dana after Dixie is born. Doesn't help that almost everyone mentions how "fat" she is.²* WhereEverybodyKnowsYourFlame: Every business in West Lahunga Beach. There's even a Guns 'n' Homo²* WholePlotReference: The season two episode ''Wickeder'', a standard [[Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz Wizard of Oz]] parody²* WholesomeCrossdresser: The drag queen that shows up several times in the series. ²* WithFriendsLikeThese: Or Neighbors Like These... the whole town wants to see Dana go through a long and hard labor.²----


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