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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²''Red Planet'' was a 1994 animated miniseries by Gunther-Wahl Productions that aired on FOX and was adapted from [[Literature/RedPlanet the book of the same name]] by Creator/RobertAHeinlein.²²On the planet New Aries, Jim Marlowe (Benny Grant) befriends a small alien that he names Willis (Creator/PatFraley). While attending a boarding school, Willis helps Jim discover that the school's headmaster Marcus Howe (Creator/RoddyMcDowall) is scheming with General Beecher (Nick Tate) to re-open the mines after Jim's mother ordered them shut down.²----²!!Tropes:²* AdaptationSpeciesChange: Owing to the miniseries taking place on the fictional New Aries rather than Mars, Willis and the planet's inhabitants are not Martians in this version.²* AdaptedOut: The miniseries omits Frank Sutton, with Jim's sister Phyllis "PJ" Marlowe fulfilling the same role Frank played in the original book.²* AnimatedAdaptation: An animated miniseries based on a book.²* BaldOfEvil: General Beecher is the main villain of the miniseries and is depicted as bald.²* CompositeCharacter: Jim's sister PJ replaces Frank Sutton's role as Jim's human companion and roommate at the boarding school, when in the original book she stayed home and had minimal involvement in the story.²* DistantFinale: The miniseries ends 70 years later, where the environment of New Aries has been restored to its non-polluted state and a fully metamorphosized Willis has befriended Jim Marlowe's granddaughter Jamie.²* MiniSeries: The series consists entirely of a three-part story.²* NeverSayDie: Played straight when Willis explains to Jim that he won't live to see him again when his hibernation is finished. Jim only asks if he won't be alive.²* RoboticReveal: Jim, PJ and Willis are at one point captured by three men who turn out to be robots when their masks are removed.²----


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