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1[[quoteright:209:]] ²²''Peter Pan'' is the Creator/BurbankFilmsAustralia adaptation of J.M. Barrie's [[Literature/PeterPan book/play]]. It was released in 1988.²----²!!Tropes applied to this film:²* BoundAndGagged: The pirates to this on two ocasions: first they capture the indians guarding the lost kids, one by one, leaving them bound and gagged on Wendy's Hut, and then they do the same to lost kids, tying them up and gagging them.²* BarbieDollAnatomy: None of the less dressed characters have detailed bodies.²* BigThinShortTrio: The pirates - the big one is a black man who is muscular rather than fat, the thin one wears an open vest and the short one is Mr. Smee.²* ChekhovsArmy: The indians and the mermaids are introduced as inhabitants of Neverland. Later, they fight against Hook.²* ChekhovsGun: Peter Pan gives Wendy a button, which later saves her from an arrow. ²* DumbMuscle: The black pirate is muscular and not very smart. He gets confused easily.²* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: The pirates are thrilled with the idea of having a mother.²* FloatingContinent: Neverland is this. It is in the sky.²* GodivaHair: This is how the sirens at the beginning cover their breasts.²* {{Gonk}}: Captain Hook is drawn in an ugly style.²* GreenEyedMonster: Tinkerbell feels jealous of Wendy and is very mean to her. She goes to the extreme of tricking one of the Lost Boys into killing her, but Wendy survives because of the button Peter gave her.²* ItWasADarkAndStormyNight: In-universe, Hook says this when he wants to tell the story of how Peter cut off his hand. In a RunningGag, he is always cut off just after saying this phrase. At one point, he gets so confused by this that he eventually begins "It was a bright, sunny morning…" before he realizes his mistake.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Tinkerbell. Most of the time she is mean to Wendy (she almost tricks the Lost Boys into killing her), but she saves Wendy from a poisoned cake, dropping it to prove it is poisoned.²* PerpetualSmiler: Peter Pan keeps smiling almost all the time.²* ThatPoorPlant: Tinkerbell throws the poisoned cake into a plant to demonstrate that the cake is poisoned.²* PunchClockVillain: Mr. Smee doesn't care about evil, and goes with the Darling kids and the Lost Boys to reunite with his mother.²* RunningOnTheSpot: Tinkerbell does this once.²* TontoTalk: The Indian Chief and the other Indians talk this way. Averted with Tiger Lily.²* TheUglyGuysHotDaughter: The Indian Chief is unattractive, but his daughter, Tiger Lily, is pretty.²* YearInsideHourOutside: The Lost Boys have presumably been in Neverland for some time, and Smee has been with the pirates even longer, but when they return home, their mothers act as though they've only been gone for a few hours. Likewise, the Darlings return home the same night they left, whereas they'd been gone for days in the book.²* YouthfulFreckles: Some of the boys have these.²----


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