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1''Moose and Zee'' is a series of shorts based around the two mascots of the preschool aimed channel Creator/{{Noggin}}. ˛˛Moose A. Moose is a talkative yellow moose while Zee D. Bird is a mute blue bird. The two are close friends and are always seen together. Together, Moose and Zee teach young children various things, tell stories, and sing songs.˛˛The shorts began in 2003 and continued until 2012. Moose and Zee were revived in 2015 for the Noggin mobile app. ˛˛The main segments are: ˛* Mighty Fine Art: Moose and Zee discuss a painting or artist at the art museum.˛* Puzzle Time: Moose asks the viewer to solve a puzzle.˛* Music Video: Moose sings about a song.˛* In Other Words: A specific word is introduced and explained to the viewer.˛* Class Pet Time: The life of a pet named "Chip-Chip".˛* Story Time: A fairy-tale is narrated by Moose.˛* Little Green Fingers ("Zee's Garden" internationaly): A live-action segment featuring a type of plant. These shorts were originally only aired on Nick Jr. UK .˛* Zee's Bookshelf: Zee introduces an upcoming show on Nick.˛˛Moose and Zee also appear as hosts on the UsefulNotes/{{Wii}} game ''VideoGame/NickelodeonFit''.˛˛---- ˛!!''Moose and Zee'' contains examples of: ˛˛* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: Moose is a light yellow moose. ˛* ADogNamedDog: Moose A. Moose is, well, a moose. ˛* CuteMute: Zee is pretty much adorable despite being TheSpeechless.˛* ExpressiveEars: Moose doesn't actually have visible ears, but has antlers sticking out of where the ears would be that function in the exact same way.˛* GenkiBoy: Moose is usually this since he's the talkative and wordy one.˛* InterspeciesFriendship: ˛** ''Literature/{{Goldilocks And The Three Bears}}'' ends with [[AdaptationalNiceGuy Goldilocks]] taking the bear family out for breakfast. She ends up befriending Baby Bear. ˛** Moose and Zee are a moose and bird who are best friends.˛* MysteriousMiddleInitial: Zee D. Bird and Moose A. Moose both have them.˛* NotHisSled: ''Goldlilocks and the Three Bears'' ends with Goldilocks befriending the bears.˛* PlatonicLifePartners: Moose and Zee are best buddies who apparently live together.˛* RepetitiveName: Moose A. Moose and Zee D. Bird, with only a consistently used MysteriousMiddleInitial keeping them from being even more repetitive. ˛* SpeciesSurname: ˛** Moose's surname is "Moose".˛** Zee's surname is "Bird".˛* TrueBlueFemininity: Since Zee couldn't speak and has blue feathers, she gave a lot of viewers a ViewerGenderConfusion. Nevertheless, a lot of fans knew that Zee is indeed a girl.


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