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1[[quoteright:313:]]²[[caption-width-right:313: Clockwise starting from left: Doomageddon, Red Menace, Doktor Frogg, and Voltar.]]²²->''"I demand to be acknowledged!!"''²-->-- '''Voltar'''²²''League of Super Evil''[[note]]sometimes called '''''The''' League of Super Evil''[[/note]] ([[FunWithAcronyms acronym L.O.S.E.]]) is a CGI Canadian cartoon series from Creator/{{YTV}} produced by Creator/NerdCorpsEntertainment (previously known for ''WesternAnimation/StormHawks'') that parodies the {{superhero}} genre. The show premiered in 2009 and finished its run in 2012, lasting 3 seasons and 52 episodes. Outside of YTV, it also aired on Creator/CartoonNetwork, but only 7 episodes of the show's first season were aired on that channel before the series vanished from American airwaves.²²The show about a QuirkyMinibossSquad made up of an inept ComicTrio of {{Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain}}s. The team is led by the diminutive PointyHairedBoss Voltar, a CardCarryingVillain and all-around LargeHam who is both far less competent and far less evil than he fancies himself. He constantly attempts to prove himself as the world' greatest supervillain, but is largely incompetent of anything more serious than PokeThePoodle. Forming Voltar's posse of mooks is the MadScientist and ButtMonkey Doktor Frogg and DumbMuscle Red Menace [[MinionWithAnFInEvil (who is anything but a menace)]]. Their TeamPet is Doomageddon, a pandimensional "[[{{Bowdlerized}} doom]]hound" and ExtremeOmnivore able to teleport in a flash of fire.²²Every episode they pull some harebrained scheme in an attempt to be evil, [[PokeThePoodle but usually manage only to be annoying.]] So far their most ambitious schemes have been to annoy the neighborhood, steal $5 to open a bank account for a free toaster, host a neighborhood barbecue and not invite the neighbors, and sneak their way into a fancy restaurant. They have also sold Evil Lemonade and Evil Pinatas, and stolen an ice ray that can turn the planet into an ice cube, but only to use it as an air conditioner.²²----²²!! ''League of Super Evil'' provides examples of:²²* TheAce: Glory Guy.²* AccidentalHero: Voltar refuses cookie sales from a Suzie Scouts member. Neighbors praise him. Go figure.²** Also the episode where Voltar and his crew is credited for "saving" a bunny that they captured under suspicion for overhearing a plot.²* AdaptationExpansion: Logical. It was based off of a sketch entitled "When We Were Heros."²* AffablyEvil: This trope pretty much defines the show.²* AffectionateParody: Force Fighters V, of the Franchise/PowerRangers. One of the elements on their CombiningMecha is a ''hand.''²** Heck, probably everyone. The Cougar is ComicBook/{{Catwoman}}.²* AHellOfATime: In one episode, L.O.S.E. decide to go to the center of the earth to escape a bitterly chilly day. There they find a hotel for villains where [[{{Hellhound}} Doomageddon]] is a special guest. It's run by a red man with horns, a goatee, hooves, and a tail and fire is everywhere.²* AllThereInTheManual: The show's [[ website.]]²* AmbiguouslyHuman: The plot of the show presents Voltar as at least something ''close'' to human, but he has a few traits that might say otherwise. His [[BlackEyesOfCrazy black eyes]] actually ''are'' black rather than just looking that way because of his mask, his skin is unusually pale, he doesn't appear to grow at all with age, and for whatever reason his urine turns pool water ''purple'' instead of blue.²* AmusingInjuries: Usually Doktor Frogg as he is the resident ChewToy.²* AnimalSuperheroes: Villainous variant: The Cougar.²* ArchEnemy: One episode invoke this by having L.O.S.E. finding their perfect arch enemy so they can have more challenge every time they do an evil scheme. They rejected every candidate they see, but finally have one, Glory Guy, the city's best hero, but it's proven to be very hard having one when he's around and [[spoiler: almost caused Skullossus, Glory Guy's arch-enemy, to destroy earth. The two soon get back together because Skullossus felt the same thing earlier in this episode.]]²* ArmCannon: Skullossus possesses one of these.²* ArtImitatesArt: Frogg and Red imitate the AmericanGothicCouple as part of a disguise, while Voltar and Doomy dress like farm animals.²* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: Gene plans to become a superhero by rising through the ranks of whatever job he's on at the time... Somehow.²* BadassAdorable: The Dolphin can probably rival [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Perry the Platypus]] in levels of Animal Government Agent Badass. Especially the fact he has a [[FrickinLaserBeams laser beam]] installed in his head. But also at the same time, being a Dolphin he is totally adorable.²* BadGuyBar: Er, Bad Guy 5-star Restaurant, Villaynes.²* BadSanta: Subverted, as there is actually a variant of Christmas for villains called "Chaos-mas," where bad people get presents from Kinder Kreep for being bad all year.²* BalloonBelly: The mutant Bunny after swallowing Doomageddon. (It's a long story)²** Also Doomageddon after eating an entire freezer full of Fudgy Yummy Fudge Bars.²* BankToaster: The League once schemed to steal $5 so they could open a bank account to obtain a free toaster.²* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace: "Helicopters in space? [[LampshadeHanging That's just ridiculous.]]"²* UsefulNotes/BatteriesNotIncluded: The Henchbot Elites ''look'' fancy and feature-packed, but then you learn they require many different add-on upgrades to even be useful!²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Red Menace unleashes his anvil-sized Fists of Judgment only on those who really got it comin'.²* BigEater: Doomageddon.²* BiggerOnTheInside: Lampshaded by Red Menace when the League of Super Evil went inside the ice ray in "Escape from Skullossus."²* BigThinShortTrio: Red Menace, Dr. Frogg, and Voltar (respectively).²* BrownBagMask: Voltar, after Humongo steals his helmet. He was seriously desperate to get it back.²* ButtMonkey: Doktor Frogg. He's electrocuted, spat on, run over, and eaten more than any other character, usually by his own inventions or the TeamPet, Doomageddon.²* CanadaEh: Given the show is Canadian, a few references to typically Canadian sports have appeared in episodes; one episode had a scene with Doomageddon curling in a library, and an entire episode was based around street hockey! (Both are considered to be typically "Canadian" sports, although hockey isn't ''nearly'' as obscure as curling in the U.S.)²* TheCanKickedHim: The one and only time L.O.S.E. is considered a serious threat is the time Frogg invents a machine to back up all the toilets in the city.²* TheCape: Glory Guy.²* CaptainErsatz: The Cougar is an ersatz of Catwoman. Or at least she thinks she is.²* CardCarryingVillain: If they didn't keep telling you, it would be hard to tell they are evil.²* CastOfSnowflakes²* CatchPhrase: "VICTORY!"²** "Bad Doomageddon!"²* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In the early episodes, Frogg takes just as much pride in [[PokeThePoodle mildly inconveniencing people]] as the rest of the League, and shows none of the genuine evilness that would later become one of his defining traits.²* ChaseScene: Parodied, when the team is running away in their golf cart from a guy on a Segway. ''Really'' slowly.²* ChewToy: Doktor Frogg, sometimes literally if Doomageddon is involved.²* ClassyCatBurglar: The Cougar.²* CluckingFunny: As part of a farm disguise (which also saw Frogg and Red dress like the AmericanGothicCouple), Voltar dresses like a chicken, and amazingly is able to lay an egg.²* ColorCharacter: Averted with Red Menace, who wears green. Lampshaded when the Legion turns up, and his counterpart Green Menace wears red.²* ComicBookFantasyCasting: The Cougar bears a strong resemblance to ''Eartha Kitt,'' one of the actresses who played Catwoman in ''Series/{{Batman|1966}}.''²* CompressedVice: In "Henchbots on Strike," every single supervillain and superhero is completely idiotic and unable to function without minions.²* ConspicuousTrenchcoat²* TheCowl: Nightshade.²* CreepyCircusMusic: This type of music serves as the {{Leitmotif}} for Chuckles, a deranged RobotClown who tortures people on their birthdays. It sounds pretty unnerving with his high-pitched voice and [[TheHyena constant laughter]].²* CreepyMonotone: Lair-y.²* DatingCatwoman: Almost literally. In the Season 3 episode "Chez Voltar," Batman-Expy Nightshade is seen dating with Catwoman-Expy Cougar.²* DeadpanSnarker: Doktor Frogg.²* DeadTVRemoteGag: Subverted: An RC truck was set up for an elaborate prank. The controller did not work, but then something happened at the last minute that gave the crew a second thought about actually doing said prank. Then someone accidentally dropped the remote: ''It worked.''²* DeathCourse: Doktor Frogg attempts to convert a normal obstacle course to this during the pet competition. It backfires and every trap either doesn't go off at all or hits Doomageddon instead.²** The entire crew also does this to thwart the pizza guy's journey to their house in 10 minutes or less.²* DecoyProtagonist: Red asserts himself to be the team leader for Henchmen Appreciation Day, complete with antennae. Voltar is not amused.²* DependingOnTheWriter: Voltar is either a JerkWithAHeartOfGold and AFatherToHisMen, or he's a completely selfish, arrogant jerk without the slightest regard for anyone but himself.²* {{Determinator}}: When Voltar wants something, whether it's to throw an "evil" barbecue, steal a highly desired ice ray to use as a air conditioner, or get to eat at an exclusive restaurant for super villains, then no amount of danger or common sense will dissuade him.²** One episode takes it to the [[ExaggeratedTrope illogical extreme:]] Voltar wants to get in to Villaynes (the restaurant all supervillains go), even going so far as to steal the blueprints to the restaurant (which are hidden in the kitchen), and plans their theft of the book so they can get their name in it to get in... While seated at one of the restaurant's tables.²* DirtyCommunists: Not really used in the actual show, per se, but this is likely the origin of Red Menace's name.²* DoAnythingRobot: Subverted, most of the robots shown so far are just Mooks.²** The Henchbot Elites ''can'' do a lot of things, but they required several expensive add-ons to even do one task!²* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: In "Trashpocalypse Now" the scene where Voltar and Frogg catch Red Menace cleaning in the bathroom is played out like [[CaughtWithYourPantsDown catching someone doing something else in the bathroom.]]²---> '''Red Menace:''' Don't look at me! Don't look at me!²* DoomyDoomsOfDoom: Anything and everything involving Doomageddon.²* DramaticThunder: (Thunderous Underline variant) Parodied when Voltar is boasting to the neighborhood kids about how many TV channels their lair gets. It turns out there really ''was'' a storm producing the thunder.²* DubNameChange: In Spanish, Doomageddon got his name changed to Apocalipsis, inverting his bowdlerize.²** Red Menace got his name changed to simply Amenaza[[note]] Menace[[/note]]. The communist references aren't prohibited, but Red Menace would actually be a too long name [[note]] Amenaza Roja [[/note]]²* DumbMuscle: Subverted with Red Menace, who is not dumb, but rather bright and resourceful. One episode showed Red scoring higher on a computerized intelligence test than Voltar.²** Also Frogg for one episode, when he decided to use a device to convert his brain power into strength. Of course, while becoming extremely badass as a result, he also became extremely dumb.²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: When we get introduced to Voltar in the first episode, he's gleefully explaining his "most diabolical scheme yet": [[PokeThePoodle a neighbourhood barbecue where none of the neighbours are invited.]] This quickly establishes him as a HarmlessVillain who [[SmallNameBigEgo imagines himself to be a much bigger threat than he actually is.]]²* EverythingIsBetterWithMonkeys: In true silver age fashion, the maitre d'hotel of the Villains restaurant is a talking gorilla.²* EvilerThanThou: Frogg ends up creating clones of L.O.S.E. that turn out to be far more evil and competent than the originals.²** Also, Mal, the one-time guest henchman for L.O.S.E. who apparently has the authority to demote Voltar.²** Revisited somewhat in "A Lose/Lose Situation" where the Legion of Supreme Evil move in across the street.²** Justice Gene does this ''unintentionally'' in his debut episode, when the League realize that he's so smug about his [[HeroWithAnFInGood completely ineffectual attempts to help people]] that he's actually ruder and more annoying than they are.²* EvilLaugh: Lots of it. Doktor Frogg in particular does this every couple sentences.²** In one episode, two of the Hero Antagonists perform one of these, [[LampshadeHanging and afterwards basically saying: "No wonder bad guys love doing that"]]²* EvilTwin: The Legion of Supreme Evil, although it turns out they're about as evil as each other. Not very.²* EvilVersusEvil²* ExpressiveMask: Everyone. Doktor Frogg has Expressive Goggles.²* {{Expy}}: Voltar seems to be [[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim Zim]] in a Franchise/PowerRangers outfit. Or, alternatively, [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad.]]²** Red Menace resembles [[WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles Syndrome.]]²* ExtremeOmnivore: Doomageddon again.²* FaceHeelTurn: Justice Gene briefly becomes Injustice Gene in one episode.²* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: "'''L'''eague '''o'''f '''S'''uper '''E'''vil." Yeah...²* FarmBoy: Red Menace (Formerly).²* FoodAndDrinkThemeNaming: Rose, the leader of the Force Fighters V, is named after a type of wine.²* FoodFight: When a MonsterOfTheWeek claims that black licorice is one of the most powerful forms of dark matter in the universe, he ends up capturing Voltar, posing as him, and making a cannon that shoots a concoction of it at people. The final battle between him and Voltar, is fought with the substance.²* FunWithAcronyms: Among others, L.O.S.E., S.W.E.A.T., and U.N.C.O.O.L.²* GentleGiant: Red Menace enjoys gardening and Bouncy Castles.²* GirlScoutsAreEvil: When Voltar refuses to buy cookies from the Suzie Scouts in one episode, they don't take it too well. [[spoiler: However, his action gets him praise by his neighbours...]]²* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Voltar.²* HandyRemoteControl: Used to control a flying stick used to win a pet competition.²* HappyFunBall: Black licorice is claimed by an alien emperor to be a very powerful form of dark matter.²* HarmlessVillain: All of L.O.S.E., and how. Their "evil" schemes never go beyond mildly inconveniencing people.²* HeelRealization: Glory Kid realizes that the main reason for him and his two other allies even having a comeuppance was because they constantly acted [[SmugSnake against those who even remotely demonstrated an immoral side of themselves]]. ²* {{Hellhound}}: Doomageddon.²* HighlyVisibleNinja: The purple {{Ninja}} waiters.²* HoistByHisOwnPetard: "Justice Gene." [[spoiler: Gene is defeated by his own organization's stringent rules. Specifically, he wears the wrong type of socks.]]²* HowIsThatEvenPossible: In "Escape from Skullossus", Skullossus has this reaction when Glory Guy somehow flies a helicopter in space.²-->'''Skullossus''': Helicopters in space? That's just ridiculous.\²'''Glory Guy''': [[NonAnswer No time to quibble over logic, Skullossus.]]²* HumongousMecha: Two of them, including Commander Chaos' Shuriken Typhoon Super S Atomic Destructo Bot.²** CombiningMecha: Being a parody of Franchise/SuperSentai and Franchise/PowerRangers, Force Fighters V naturally use one.²* IdiosyncraticWipes: The L.O.S.E. logo.²%%* IdiotBall: Voltar.²%%* {{Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain}}s: Do we ''really'' have to say it?²* IronicNickname: Humongo, Emperor of the Ginormans, is only just as tall as Voltar himself.²* KnightTemplar: Justice Gene thinks of himself as a hero, but he does it in such an arrogant, self-serving and ineffectual way that he usually ends up doing more damage than the villains he's fighting.²* LargeHam: Voltar discusses all his schemes in the most over-the-top manner possible.²* LegionOfDoom: In one episode, Voltar manages to assemble a group of the most powerful supervillains... Who he gets to play hockey against the neighborhood children.²* LevelAte: Being swallowed by Doomageddon transports its victim to an ironically bright and super-happy candy land.²* LowSpeedChase: In one episode, the team is running away in their golf cart from a guy on a Segway: very slowly.²* MadScientist: Doktor Frogg is the scientist for the League, and also more than a little insane.²* MadnessMantra: "Tofu pops are tasty! Tofu pops are tasty!"²* MeaningfulName: The Cougar, an old Catwoman lookalike who has an attraction to younger men, figure it out.²* MechaMooks: Henchbots 17 and 32, who are constantly getting destroyed.²* MinionWithAnFInEvil: Red Menace likes finger painting, helps old ladies cross the street, and bakes cupcakes for the group. He always suggests reasonable ("good") solutions to problems, such as talking it out.²* MonsterClown: Chuckles the robot clown, who was specifically invented to ruin birthday parties. HilarityEnsues when Voltar mistakes it for a NonIronicClown and brings it out on Dr. Frogg's birthday.²* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate: Doktor Frogg.²* MostCommonSuperpower: The Cougar.²* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: Voltar proclaims himself to be "the mostest evilest supervillain in the whole entire world ''and'' Europe."²* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Doomageddon.²** Subverted by both Red Menace and Voltar, who are both completely harmless.²* TheNapoleon: Voltar.²* NoRespectGuy: Doktor Frogg.²* OhWaitThisIsMyGroceryList: When Voltar realizes the potential benefits of never becoming tired, one of his first evil plots is to "make Macaroni Salad."²* OlderThanTheyLook: Voltar is at least a young adult since he's apparently already been through grade school and can rent an apartment by himself, but you ''really'' wouldn't guess that based on how he looks, sounds, or acts.²* OnlySaneMan: While [[AxCrazy "sane" might be the wrong word to use,]] Doktor Frogg is the only member of LOSE who has standard super villain aspirations of world conquest, but he always finds his efforts stymied by a combination of bad luck and the ineptness of his allies (And it kind of says something when the team's MadScientist is the voice of reason.)²* OurTimeMachineIsDifferent: Doktor Frogg's time machine in "Back to the Coupons" is a crappy looking watch... Which is also a music player with a built-in disco ball.²* PokeThePoodle: Most episodes have the League pull off schemes like this.²* PowerArmor: Lightning Liz, Voltar for a few minutes.²* PyrrhicVictory: Many of L.O.S.E.'s "victories" end up as these.²* RoadApples: There is an episode that centers around Doomageddon's radioactive excrement and the group's efforts to create clones in order to accomplish the menial task of cleaning it up. Said clones are fitted with "fine tuning" by Doctor Frogg and coincidentally become superior to their originals, going so far as to actually beating up other villains.²* RobotClown: Chuckles the Clown is a robot created by [[MadScientist Dr. Frogg]] when he was a kid, to get back at kids who didn't invite him to their birthday parties. Chuckles appears to be a NonIronicClown at first, but when he is wound up, he reveals his cruel nature, playing painful pranks on the team.²* RottenRockAndRoll: ²** Famed supervillain Skullossus gets his own rock {{leitmotif}}, in contrast to the titular team of {{Villain Protagonist}}s, who don't even ''get'' a leitmotif, in keeping with their status as {{Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain}}s.²** Rock Gothlington is a metal star who is popular among supervillains. He also has supernatural powers and a "Destruct-O-Beam". ²* RuleOfFunny: The team earns the ire of a hyper intelligent cyborg dolphin that can fly and shoot missiles out of its head. HilarityEnsues.²* SelfDeprecation: The show comments on the traits it uses to set the theme of a particular moment, but doesn't use a tone of admiration around those moments. It's usually sarcastic or made to show the harm the self-proclaimed villain protagonists are incapable of causing.²* SelfDestructMechanism: The WeaponOfMassDestruction that a military truck accidentally dropped in front of L.O.S.E.'s house was disposed of using a self-destruction mechanism (believing that if the military couldn't use it, no one should). Ironically the episode it was paired with, ''also'' contained the threat of destroying the Rotten Core store after a de-brained but heavily brawned Frogg got a "refund" from them (and ''no one'' gets a refund from the Rotten Core store and lives.)²* TheSiege: When Voltar did not get invited to a neighbor's birthday party (a party that his henchmen, and even his henchbots got invited to), he tried to get in, but every plan backfired. When he decided to turn the table and sabotage it instead, it ''still'' backfires.²* SimilarSquad: The Legion Of Supreme Evil.²* SitcomArchNemesis: Voltar and Mr. Lee, the Pizza Maker.²* SmallNameBigEgo: Voltar in a nutshell.²* SpaceDoesNotWorkThatWay: See BatmanCanBreatheInSpace above.²* SpoiledBrat: Lightning Liz.²* SuperHero: Being a supervillain show this is a given. L.O.S.E is usually beneath any heroes' notice but, naturally, whenever they do get one's attention they immediately find themselves in over their heads.²* SuperheroTrophyShelf: Famous Superhero [[TheAce Glory Guy]] confiscates weapons from supervillains he defeats and puts them in alarm rigged glass cases in his base, along with [[spoiler: any supervillain he catches trying to raid his collection.]]²* SuperVillain: L.O.S.E. is trying to be this.²* SuperZeroes: A villainous variation.²* TerribleTrio: Natch, even if they're not the most competent trio.²* ThirtyMinutesOrItsFree: Played entirely straight. What makes it even more hilarious is the fact that the pizza joint has a war room setup because of all the times L.O.S.E. has tried this in the past.²* TimeTravelEpisode: Voltar finds a coupon book buried under a couch cushion, and becomes fascinated by a coupon for a free wig... Which expired the day prior. You can guess where it goes from here.²** You could also count one episode where at the end, Voltar and Justine Gene are trapped in cement and are freed thousands of years in the future to find out that Red Menace had since conquered the world (A giant statue of him riding an unicorn) Though this was only for a one-shot gag, not an actual plot point.²* TotemPoleTrench: Doubly subverted. There's an actual villain named Mysterio Villaino who looks like Voltar, Red Menace and Doktor Frogg interlocked vertically. Seconds later, the three show up and try the same routine on the maitre d'hotel, without success. Red Menace even mentions: "We should have gone in before that other guy."²* TooDumbToLive: Voltar, which makes him the worst leader ever...²* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: Even without the whole "super villain" thing, Voltar is still an arrogant, selfish, annoying prick, though not as evil as Frogg.²* WellIntentionedExtremist: "Museum Gene" dismantles the museum's T-Rex exhibit to keep L.O.S.E. from "borrowing" a single bone from it. Frogg calls him out on it.²* WhenTheClockStrikesTwelve: The crew is saved by this when Frogg's birthday wrecking robot (who Voltar and Red sent out as part of his own birthday festivities) stops torturing him at midnight because it's not his birthday anymore. Of course, then they learn its now Voltar's birthday...²* WhichMe: After a series of time travel shenanigans, Voltar ends up with a whole army of clones. With different wigs too.²* TheWonka: Humongo. He seems as clueless and evil as Voltar (the worst punishment he could think was not inviting Voltar to his wedding). But he is the commander of super conquering race and have actually, you know, conquered.²* VillainsOutShopping: The team fails at even this. One episode revolves around them ordering a pizza... And making sure that [[ThirtyMinutesOrItsFree they get it for free]] by delaying the delivery guy at any cost.²* VillainProtagonist: Voltar, Doktor Frogg, and Red Menace, of course!²* TheVoice: Steve, the League of Super Evil's neighbour, who really couldn't care less about what the team do, especially to him.²* ZanyScheme: Every single episode.²* ZombieApocalypse: "Ice Creamed" becomes a hilarious send-up of such.²----


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