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1[[quoteright:300:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:300:"We don't die... we multiply!"]]˛˛->''"It's animation! With an attitude!"''˛-->--'''{{Tagline}} from the trailer'''˛˛[[ Based on a comedy sketch]] made popular by the late stand-up comic Robin Harris, ''Bébé's Kids'' became the first animated movie to feature an all-black cast. It was released in 1992 and was directed by Bruce W. Smith, who would later create ''WesternAnimation/TheProudFamily'' for Disney in 2001 and animate the villain for the ''second'' animated feature to have an all-black cast, ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog''. ˛˛The film has an animated Robin Harris (voiced by Faizon Love) taking his new girlfriend Jamika (voiced by Vanessa Bell Calloway) and her son Leon (voiced by Wayne Collins, Jr.) to an AmusementPark called Fun World. This would be all well and good, but when Jamika is asked by her friend Bébé to watch her kids for the day, he's forced to take along Bébé's Kids, who are nothing short of (and quite a bit ''beyond'') obnoxious brats who basically wreak havoc through the whole park. HilarityEnsues. ˛˛Despite bombing at the box office, it has become a CultClassic over time. However, it also spawned a SNES game so bad ''Magazine/NintendoPower'' [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames rated it the worst game it's ever reviewed]].˛˛Many of the animators for ''Bébé's Kids'' went on to do animation work on ''WesternAnimation/TheProudFamily''.˛˛----˛!!This film provides examples of:˛˛* AccidentalKiss: Between [=LaShawn=] and Leon.˛* ActionGirl: [=LaShawn=].˛* AdaptationDistillation: In the original comedy sketches, Bébé's Kids consisted of four children, this was cut down to three in the film with Leon acting as the fourth child. Also, they originally went to Walt Disney World, but got changed to Fun World for legal reasons.˛* AdultsAreUseless: [[PoliceAreUseless And the police aren't any better.]]˛* AerithAndBob: Practically everywhere. While there's characters named Robin and Leon, you also have names like Jameeka and [=LaShawn=]. This trope is [[DiscussedTrope discussed]] by Kahlil and [=LaShawn=] when they look for license plates with their names:˛--> '''Leon''': "Found mine!˛--> '''Kahlil''': "How come we can't ever find our names?"˛--> '''[=LaShawn=]''': "Yeah, I know four girls named [=LaShawn=]. How come we don't have a license plate?"˛** This also applies to when they're hanging out with the other kids of Fun World, dissatisfied with their boring names like "Winthrop" and "Richie" and giving them "ghetto names".˛--> '''[=LaShawn=]''': Dang, ya'll guys got some corny names.˛* AlmostKiss: Robin and Jameeka early on, though it's understandable given that they just met at the beginning of the film.˛* AmusingInjuries: The ride montage, such as [[NotTheFallThatKillsYou Robin and the kids surviving a parachute drop ride that failed to trigger when the cord broke]] and a rocketship ride scorching them from within.˛* [[AngryGuardDog Angry Guard Dogs]]: The park security has Doberman Pinchsers while they're hunting the kids later on in the film.˛* AnAesop: Children ''need'' SOMEONE to provide them with guidance, whether it's their parent(s) or not. And if nobody else will, then ''you'' need to step up.˛* AntiRoleModel: Robin. For example, when he meets Leon, he wants to watch a {{Blaxploitation}} video with him someday, to which Jameeka objects.˛* ArtShift: The tunnel of love scene is black and white during the music video.˛* AwardBaitSong: [[ I Want To Thank You For Your Love]] by The Emotions.˛* BadassAdorable: The titular kids, with more emphasis on the "badass" part.˛* BadassCreed: "Bébé's Kids! We don't die, we...multiply!"˛* BareYourMidriff: Dorthea and Vivian.˛* BerserkButton: Bébé's Kids for Robin, and then there's his ex-wife, Dorthea.˛** For [=LaShawn=], kissing boys or even teasing her about it.˛** Don't mess with Kahill's hat.˛** Leon brings up the fact that their mother doesn't see them often. They don't take it well and threaten him.˛* BigBlackout: When they go to Las Vegas at the film's end, Pee-Wee pulls a cord shutting down all the electricity in the city.˛* TheBigDamnKiss: Robin and Jameeka near the end.˛* BigEater: Vivian, to the point where she tries to bring food onto the tunnel of love. Her EstablishingCharacterMoment has her inhaling cotton candy and swallowing it in one gulp.˛* BlatantLies: Robin's says he's good with kids. While he ''is'' good with shy, quiet types like Jameeka's son, Leon, {{Satisfied Street Rat}}s like the titular Kids quickly drive him to neurosis.˛* ButtMonkey: Leon, who doesn't even like Bébé's Kids and is frequently picked on by them. They do bond near the film's end, though.˛* CantGetAwayWithNuthin: Played straight at one point when Robin stops the kids (save Leon who got caught in the madness) from misbehaving when they first arrive in Fun World. This is then [[AvertedTrope Averted]] for the rest of the film.˛* CatchPhrase: Robin's "Test tube, baby!"˛* TheChewToy: Robin himself, given what he's had to put up with throughout the film. Besides Bébé's Kids, he comes across his ex-wife Dorthea who tries to break up him and Jameeka.˛* ChildrenAreInnocent: Averted. Leon is like this early on until later on in the film. And then there's the kids who join in their antics...˛** KidsAreCruel: Especially Bébé's Kids.˛* DarkSkinnedBlond: Well, Blonde: Dorthea's friend Vivian.˛* DeadpanSnarker: Robin, oh so much.˛* DisappearedDad: There's a reason the kids are so hostile. No Dad, and Bébé is a nasty piece of work.˛* DisneyAcidSequence: That tunnel of love scene.˛* TheDreaded: A stranger who sees Bébé's Kids in Vegas starts a panic when he sees them, and they're so feared throughout the neighborhood, the police can't deal with them. This is noticeable on the drive home when a police officer tries to pull over Robin for speeding, but upon seeing Bébé's Kids, he drives away in fear.[[note]]Sadly TruthInTelevision, in that there are still predominantly black neighborhoods that cops will refuse to serve in (the Music/PublicEnemy song "911 Is A Joke" is about this). Here it's more likely just a joke.[[/note]]˛* DumbBlonde: Vivian.˛* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Bébé's Kids each injure Robin in their own way when introduced to him:˛** [=LaShawn=] is combing her black Barbie doll's hair when it gets stuck in a knot; she yanks the comb loose and it goes [[EyeScream straight into Robin's eye.]]˛** Kahlil mangles Robin's hand in some hip ghetto handshake.˛** Pee-Wee crashes his Big Wheel into Robin's leg.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}: Bébé's Kids didn't like it when Leon pointed out their mother hardly sees them, near the end of the film Robin finds out this is true.˛* FreeRangeChildren: Throughout most of the film, Robin and Jameeka let the kids go off on their own while they try to spend some time together.˛* TheGhost: Bébé herself is never seen in the film.˛* GirlishPigtails: [=LaShawn=].˛* HartmanHips: Jameeka.˛* [[HeroAntagonist Hero Antagonists]]: The Fun World security. ˛* INeedAFreakingDrink: The movie opens with Robin at a bar, talking about his problems to the (blind) bartender.˛* IntroOnlyPointOfView: During the opening credits, we get [[FirstPersonPerspective First Person Perspectives]] from each of the three kids in order; [=LaShawn=] punching out two boys when they write "[=LaShawn=] kisses boys" on a school chalkboard, Kahill punching out a boy for stealing his hat, and Pee-Wee driving around on his big wheel towards the supermarket to get a bottle of milk, causing a car to crash and run over someone's foot in the process.˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Robin gives the kids $20 for pizza when they arrive home.˛* JiveTurkey: Lots of ghetto slang coming from both Robin and Bébé's Kids.˛* KangarooCourt: The kids find themselves in one with Kahlil on trial. Leon bails him out, though, by [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext rapping about freedom]].˛* LarynxDissonance: Pee-Wee, who has the deep baritone of Tone Lōc.˛* LastDisrespects: Robin meets Jamika at a funeral, where "everyone was there, 'cause [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing everyone was glad he was dead]]." People are seen drinking, laughing and playing dominoes, while the only one grieving was the widow. ˛* LittleMissBadass: [=LaShawn=].˛* LongList: The rules of Fun World.˛** Though the video game cuts it down to "No Vibes, No Bevis, No Vibes..." How come only [[WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead Butt-head]] is allowed in, then?˛* MomentKiller: When Robin and Jameeka finally have TheBigDamnKiss towards the end of the movie, the kids are watching and enjoying the good vibes...except Kahlil, who's disgusted and whines about cooties. This leads to a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown from [=LaShawn=].˛* ParentalAbandonment: Subverted in the case of Bébé's Kids. No mention is made whether or not Bébé's living as a single parent, widowed or divorced. It doesn't help that Bébé herself isn't seen in the film since she went downtown, leaving Jameeka to look after the kids for the day. Leon points out that hardly ever hang out with her, who basically threaten him for bringing it up.˛** A throwaway line by Jameeka toward the end of the film has her stating that they SHOT their father when he tried to leave them.˛* PerpetualPoverty: Bébé's Kids basically live like this. They barely have anything in their fridge. Also their FreudianExcuse.˛* ProtagonistCenteredMorality: Actually varies from scene to scene, usually encouraging viewers to side with or against the Kids depending on whether or not Robin is onscreen -- and even then, viewers are often encouraged to side with the Kids whenever it would be funnier.˛* PsychoExGirlfriend: Dorthea, Robin's ex wife.˛-->'''Vivian:''' You know he still loves you.˛* SassyBlackWoman:˛** Jameeka˛** Dorthea.˛* TheSmurfettePrinciple ˛* SpitTrailKiss: From [=LaShawn=] and Leon.˛* TheCatCameBack[=/=]OffscreenTeleportation: Robin drags away Jameeka away from Fun World and almost gets away from the kids, only to find that they're are already at the car ready to go home.˛* ToiletHumor: Pee-Wee's diaper.˛* ToyShip: {{Invoked}}. Kahlil and Pee-Wee get a cheap laugh when they trip [=LaShawn=] into an AccidentalKiss with Leon -- quite likely the shy boy's ''SacredFirstKiss.'' The laugh gets genuinely sweet for a second because ''both'' of them get PostKissCatatonia. Which is then escalated when [=LaShawn=] goes textbook Type A {{Tsundere}}; she storms off in a tiff and returns [[DropTheHammer swinging the mallet]] from a high-striker game they [[ChekhovsGun tried earlier]]. She's hitting a ''lot'' harder now.˛%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * VillainProtagonist: Guess who? ˛* VocalDissonance: Baby Pee-Wee's voice actor is ''Tone Lōc''.[[note]]He'd provide the voice for Bruce W. Smith's next project, ''WesternAnimation/CBearAndJamal'', for which Smith was the character designer.[[/note]]˛* VomitDiscretionShot: Leon throws up at the end of the ride montage.˛* IAmSong: We Are Song: Straight Jackin', performed by the kids themselves.˛* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: After the yo' mama exchange Dorthea and her friend disappear from the movie.˛** Subverted. If you look closely, they're part of the passengers that are terrorized by Bébé's Kids when they attack the cruise yacht.˛* WrongSideOfTheTracks: The ghetto that Bébé's Kids live in.˛* YourMom: Robin and Dorthea do "The Dozens" (which of course feature tons of yo' mama jokes) in the ladies room.˛----


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