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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛˛The second series about Barbie after ''WesternAnimation/BarbieLifeInTheDreamhouse'', this series takes on a more realistic and less cartoony feel. In this series the characters are actual people instead of dolls, Barbie and Ken aren't together and they're going to school again. ˛˛Essentially, the show follows Barbie, her family, and her friends after they get a new technologically advanced Dreamhouse and all of the different adventures that they go on. The show is fairly episodic, with most of the continuity being references to previous episodes and slight character development.˛˛A web spinoff, ''WebAnimation/BarbieVlog'', takes place within the same continuity.˛˛----˛!!Contains examples of:˛* AdaptationalNameChange: Nikki's surname is "Watkins" rather than "O'Neill". Renee's surname is "Chow" instead of "Honda".˛* AdaptationalNationality: Renée is depicted as Chinese-American rather than Japanese-American, which is what she is in all the dolls and the movies pre-DA.˛* AgeLift: Barbie is in her late-teens instead of her being [[VagueAge twenty-something]] like in previous Barbie material.˛** Because of this, Skipper is now younger than in her previous depictions, although she's still a teenager.˛* AlphaBitch: Tammy.˛* BattleOfTheBands: "Barbie's Dance Dilemma" has Daisy and Tammy duke it out to see who's going to perform at a school dance (Tammy was cheating, of course.)˛* BigEater: Renee, who even admits in one episode that she's only good at eating as a self-deprecating joke.˛** Also, Stacie, though it's not as commonly lampshaded. It is [[JustifiedTrope justified]], since she is an athlete and a preteen.˛* BigFancyHouse: Both the Dreamhouse and the Reardon's mansion.˛* BlackAndNerdy: The Dudes dress like stereotypical nerds.˛* CanonForeigner: Daisy, the Reardons, the Dudes, Tammy...˛* CheerfulChild: Chelsea retains this from Life in the Dreamhouse.˛* TheFashionista: Nikki, as her most defining trait.˛* {{Hypocrite}}: A few examples:˛** Stacie commonly joins in shaming her dad with her sisters for things like eating dog treats and other gross stuff, but in the spinoff movie, ''Barbie and Chelsea in The Lost Birthday'', she eats some oatmeal off of her own arm.˛** Whit and Poppy both look down on George and Margaret as neglectful parents, but they clearly aren't much better.˛* {{Meganekko}}: Renée's sister as shown in her only appearance in one episode.˛* PaletteSwap: "Family of the Year"'s villainess, Family of the Year contest producer Gloria Vaughan, is literally identical to Tammy, except she's white, blonde, wears glasses and a slightly different outfit than Tammy's.˛* PhoneaholicTeenager: Skipper is the resident phone addict of the Roberts family, even comically fainting when her mother wants her off her phone.˛* PromotedToLoveInterest: Inverted--in the show's continuity, Ken and Barbie are now (technically) just friends. But Barbie's established as secretly having a crush on Ken (and he's implied to like her back).˛* RealMenWearPink: Trey wears a pink shirt.˛* StrongFamilyResemblance: Except for some minor differences, Barbie and her three younger sisters all look pretty much identical to their mother, Margaret.˛** Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea all have blue eyes like their parents, George and Margaret, while Stacie's the only one in their family to have green eyes.˛** Skipper's a brunette like George while all three of her sisters have blonde hair like Margaret does.˛* {{Tsundere}}: Not romantically, but Skipper is one towards Stacie and Barbie.


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