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1[[ Adventure Games Live]] is an online suite of text-based InteractiveFiction games, hosted as part of Rinkworks. It was originally created by Samuel Stoddard, but over time the site has also accepted several user submissions. The following games are currently part of the site, several of which have their own entries on TV Tropes:* ''The Trainer'' by Samuel Stoddard (1998)* ''VideoGame/FantasyQuest'' by Samuel Stoddard (1998)* ''VideoGame/TheMysteryOfBracklyHall'' by C. Patrick (2000)* ''VideoGame/ThePerilsOfAkumos'' by Andrew Walters (2000)* ''VideoGame/TheGameOfTheAges'' by Samuel Stoddard (2001)* ''VideoGame/TrailOfAnguish'' by Andrew Walters (2001)* ''[[VideoGame/FantasyQuest Fantasy Quest 2]]'' by Samuel Stoddard (2002)* ''Starlight Sacrifice'' by Andrew Walters (demo only, 2004 and 2010; full game still in development as of 2019)* ''VideoGame/OutlawsOfTheSierraNevadas'' by Heather Billings (2004)* ''VideoGame/TheEarlyYears'' by Samuel Stoddard (2005)* ''VideoGame/EscapeFromStMarys'' by Ryan Menezes (2005)* ''[[VideoGame/TheEarlyYears More Early Years]]'' by Samuel Stoddard (2007)* ''VideoGame/AssaultOnVampireIsland'' by Mike Cuellar (2010)* ''Snow Dragon'' by Tamary Shoemaker (mini-game, 2011)* ''Break Away'' by Ryan [=McConnell=] (mini-game, 2011)* ''Escape!'' by Angela Williams, adapted by Andrew Walters (mini-game, 2011)* ''African Adventure'' by Cindy Hartman (2014)----!!The site itself features examples of:* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: All fatal moves can be undone.* DifficultyLevels: Each game is given a difficulty ranking out of 10, ranging from the EasierThanEasy (''The Mystery of Brackly Hall'', ''The Early Years'') to the NintendoHard (''The Perils of Akumos'' has a well-earned reputation as the hardest game on the site, if not one of the toughest text adventures ''ever'' written).* EscortMission: Several of the games feature a version of this where you need to escort an NPC to another location, but for some reason you will not be able to take the most direct route (for example, in ''Escape from St. Mary's'' you need to take a sleeping child, but you can't go ''anywhere'' where you might be seen carrying him). Solving the puzzle will usually require finding a nonstandard route, but the aforementioned example is a further variant: you have to remove all the people who might see you carrying the child from the route. ''Fantasy Quest 2'' features a fairly straight version of the trope with a unicorn, although it will leave you if you deviate from the route so the only challenge is to remember the way back.* FeaturelessProtagonist: Averted by ''The Perils of Akumos'', ''Trail of Anguish'', ''Starlight Sacrifice'', ''Escape from St. Mary's'', ''Break Away'' and ''African Adventure'', all of which feature named characters with backstories (quite extensive ones, in the case of the first three) as the player character; the player character of ''Outlaws of the Sierra Nevadas'' is male, but that is all we find out about them. Generally played straight by the other games.* HaveANiceDeath: A staple of just about every single game.* LockAndKeyPuzzle: Just about every single game, naturally, and often lampshaded by the narration.* MultipleEndings: ''Break Away'' has four different endings, ''Escape From St. Mary's'' has an alternate ending that requires you to find a secret area, and ''Assault on Vampire Island'' has several different endings for varying levels of success. ''Trail of Anguish'' does not have multiple endings, but has [[StoryBranching Story Branches]] based on which classes you choose to sign up for, meaning you have to play the game at least three times to see everything.* PlayerNudge: There are four "general" hints: make sure you've been everywhere; make sure you've tried every available option; try drawing a map; try selecting some options more than once (or multiple options in a specific order). Each game also has a hints page that gives clues for specific puzzles.* RecurringElement: The option to "Be weird" appears in many of Samuel Stoddard's adventures, to the point that ''More Early Years'' included a list of all of them (and the resultant actions) as a bonus feature.* SerialEscalation: ''Starlight Sacrifice'', the conclusion to the trilogy started in ''The Perils of Akumos'' and ''Trail of Anguish'', has been in development since 2001, and is described by its creator as ''the'' biggest text adventure game ever created. The programming language for Adventure Games Live had to be updated especially for it. The currently playable demo covers a tiny part of the full game, and yet is even bigger than several of the completed games on the website. The code for the full game, should it ever be released, is several times larger than all of the other games on the site ''put together'', although a lot of that is due to unique game features such as the glossary and chapter summaries.* SignatureStyle: Andrew Walters' games feature richly developed plots and backstories, puzzles that can be done in an interchangeable order and minor instances of StoryBranching to increase ReplayValue.* UnwinnableByDesign: Averted. A stipulation of all the games is that you cannot be in a situation where it is impossible to win.


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