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1->'''Green Toad:''' It's happening, Swee T.˛->'''Swee T:''' What's happening?˛->'''Green Toad:''' They found have a sleepover with!˛->'''Swee T:''' Good heavens! May the stars protect the poor soul...˛˛''[[ The 3 Little Princesses]]'' is a 28-page ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'' fan-comic by Yves Bourgelas ([=TheBourgyman=]). It begins with Rosalina becoming stranded on Earth. Peach and Daisy decide to have a sleepover together while Rosalina is stranded.˛˛In honor of the comic's ten-year anniversary, [[ a sequel]] was started revolving around Daisy being jealous of Peach and Rosalina's friendship.˛˛You can view a fan-dub by [=TatooPedigree=] [[ here]].˛----˛!! This comic provides examples of:˛˛* AdaptationalJerkass: Daisy and especially Peach, are much more petty, mischievous and self-centered than they normally are.˛* AdaptationPersonalityChange:˛** Usually gentle and passive in canon, Peach is much more energetic, impulsive and an active leader in the princesses' adventures -- arguably to the point of recklessness. And while she still has the image of an AllLovingHero that her canon self has, it's made her quite narcissistic -- she becomes fiercely protective when it looks like someone's about to steal her spotlight.˛** Daisy's usually a boisterous, headstrong tomboy in the Mario canon. Here, she's more of a follower to Peach's plans and deals with a boatload of self-esteem issues at being relegated to spin-off titles and in general being stuck in Peach's (and Rosalina's to an extent) shadow.˛* AffectionateNickname: Both Daisy and Peach refer to Rosalina as "Rosie". They also like to call each other "dear" a bit.˛* ArmorPiercingQuestion: In Part 3. [[spoiler: Peach and Daisy get their colors switched and the former makes a comment about not being a "lousy pallette swap" but hastily tries to take it back when Daisy objects, saying they're not for her.]] Daisy simply has one question: ˛--> [[spoiler: ''Is that so, or is it that you cannot stand the thought of being like me?'']]˛* ArtEvolution: Naturally, Bourgelas' art-style would evolve over the ten year gap between Part 1 and Part 2. The titular 3 princesses are drawn closer to their canon heights, the fonts and speech bubbles are changed and there's a softer color scheme, as well as variations in outlines (outlines in hair in particular would sometimes be done in a darker shade of the hair rather than a black outline). [[spoiler: This actually gets played with in part 3, where the comic goes back to being drawn in the same style as Part 1, only for it to be revealed that Peach and Daisy are actually trapped in a pocket dimension.]]˛* AskAStupidQuestion: When Rosalina informs Peach and Daisy that [[spoiler:they are currently in a pocket dimension that is recreating the sleepover, and she's there to get them back to reality]], Peach makes the case that [[spoiler:the situation might not be that bad. After all, if all the pocket dimension is is a recreations of a bunch of friends having a sleepover, compared to the current bleakness of reality, isn't the fantasy the better option]]? Rosalina's response?˛-->'''Rosalina''': [[YouHaveGOTToBeKiddingMe (wide-eyed glare;]] [[{{Beat}} silence)]] Let me remind you that [[spoiler:the Rosalina in this universe has literally no head]].˛-->(Peach and Daisy observe [[spoiler:a pair of Fighter Flies playing with the headless Rosalina]])˛-->'''Peach''': [[{{Touche}} Okay, fair argument.]]˛* BaitAndSwitch: After Peach wakes up [[spoiler:in the cave and learns that Daisy went out for a walk, Peach rushes after her to apologize for her actions, ultimately catching Daisy standing by a cliff. Peach, assuming the worst, pleads with her to not [[DeadlyEuphemism "end her game"]]]]. Daisy's response?˛-->'''Daisy''': [[{{Beat}} ...]] I'm not going to [[spoiler:end my game]]...˛-->'''Peach''': Y-you won't? Oh thank heavens...˛-->'''Daisy''': No... [[spoiler:(spins around; lunges towards Peach in anger) '''I'M GOING TO END YOURS!''']]˛* BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind: [[spoiler:In her own mind, Peach wrestles with what her own selfishness has done to Daisy when the latter tries to eat a Poison Mushroom]].˛* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: In Part 1. Mario brings along Luigi on his vacation because he's "someone he's sure nobody would capture". Their only appearance shows Mario completely bored of Luigi's story, wishing that someone would get kidnapped.˛* BodyHorror: One of the things that winds up cluing Peach and Daisy into the fact that [[spoiler:8-Bit Daisy sent them into a pocket universe]]? The fact that, out of nowhere, [[spoiler:a bunch of Fighter Flies burst out of Rosalina's body head-first]].˛* ClingyJealousGirl: Peach is initially friendly with Rosalina, until the latter reveals she already knows Mario. Daisy laughs at the resulting "Who the hell are you?"˛* DarkerAndEdgier: While it still has its lighthearted and comedic moments, the sequel is much more dramatic and dark than its predecessor was.˛* DuctTapeForEverything: Rosalina mentions getting by using [[SpaceX cosmic duct tape]] to hold the observatory together until she can get to a mechanic.˛* EasilyForgiven: Peach takes Rosalina angrily calling her and Daisy out in stride and considers it water under the bridge. Daisy isn't so receptive to the idea, but one DeathGlare is enough for her to consider otherwise.˛* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: After Daisy's makeover in Part 2 starts drawing all of the attention from the male Toads, Rosalina herself, while trying to back Peach's claims, ends up blushing while saying Daisy is very pretty in her classic form.˛* FusionDance: Implied when 8-Bit Daisy comes out of the mirror and clutches Modern Daisy's head and wishes for the two to be one again. The bright light and later reappearance of Classic Daisy only seems to support this. [[spoiler: This is confirmed when Peach uses her wish on the Star Rod to return everything to how they were, which forces Classic Daisy to split back into Modern Daisy and 8-Bit Daisy.]]˛* EvilAllAlong: [[spoiler: 8-Bit Daisy. One of the first things she does after being split from Modern Daisy and finding out she can summon others from the Retro Universe is to announce her intentions to make the world theirs. She follows by having her new minions dog pile and restrain Modern Daisy when she calls her out.]]˛* GreenEyedMonster: A recurring theme in the trilogy.˛** Peach slowly becomes this in Part 2, as Daisy was receiving a lot more attention than her with the classic look. It eventually escalates to [[spoiler:Peach stealing the Star Rod to split Daisy between her modern and past forms]].˛** Daisy embodies this. The entire plot of Part 2 is humorously kicked off by her wishing to regain her initial popularity that she had when she was first introduced to the Mario series and in general just trying to get some respect. [[spoiler: Not so humorous in Part 3, where it's shown to have taken a massive emotional toll on her because she ''doesn't'' want to feel this way towards her friend.]]˛* HereWeGoAgain: Part 1 ends with Peach and Daisy stuck on the observatory until it can get fuel, at which point they declare a "SLEEPOVER!" again, much to Rosalina's horror.˛* HomoeroticSubtext: Rosalina agreeing Daisy's classic look is pretty? Nothing suspect there. Agreeing while blushing, stammering and trying to hide said blush behind her wand? That's a bit more suspect.˛* HumiliationConga: ˛** Daisy gets put through one at the beginning of Part 2, after finding out that Peach has been spending all of her time with Rosalina. She goes throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and then throughout other video game realms looking for someone to be her friend with no success. Also, multiple people forget her name.˛** Classic Daisy's return puts Peach through one much longer than Daisy's. She gets attacked by a Cataquack at her beach while trying to charm everyone, she's forced to pay Bowser's astronomically high bill after he runs away and she gets pounced on by a Chain Chomp, all while Daisy garners the attention from everyone around them. This ultimately leads to Peach [[GodzillaThreshold hijacking the Star Rod]] to return Daisy to normal.˛* IAteWhat: After realizing the cake mix had been switched with cement mix, Rosalina has this reaction when she licked the batter off the spoon.˛* InnocentlyInsensitive: Peach all throughout casually says things referring to Daisy's lack of popularity but doesn't realize that they are clearly hurting her feelings.[[spoiler: This reaches to a head in Part 3, when Daisy unloads her feelings about this.]]˛* JerkassRealization: Peach gets one in Part 3. [[spoiler: During their escape from the pocket dimension, her memories mix with Daisy's and she's taken aback at how much resentment Daisy has built up for her, as well as just how ''badly'' Daisy's self-confidence has been affected due to Peach's constant mistreatment of her.]]˛* LiteralSplitPersonality: [[spoiler: Peach's wish on the Star Rod splits Daisy into her modern self and Game Boy self.]]˛* ManChild: All three princesses.˛** Peach and Daisy act more like high school girls than royal sovereigns, being obsessed with sleepovers and displaying generally immature behavior. This immature behavior is explored in Part 2.˛** Rosalina never learned not to sit too close to the TV and still needs a light on when she sleeps. She apparently never finished growing up, given that she left for space when she was young and lost her mother early on.˛* MeaningfulName: {{Inverted}}. The fruit "peach" is named after Princess Peach, and the Peach Beach is named after the fruit. Rosalina is understandably very confused.˛* MediumAwareness:˛** When Daisy calls for Peach to come see Rosalina's eye, Peach tells her she didn't have to yell since she was just off-panel.˛** In part 2, past!Daisy explains everything in detail in between two pages, and notes that modern!Daisy's summary of said explanation saved a whole page.˛* NiceJobBreakingItHero: [[spoiler: Peach's selfish wish for Daisy to go back to normal is granted, at the cost of freeing 8-Bit Daisy into the modern world. 8-Bit Daisy was just happy existing in the modern world, but this convinces her that there's no way that Peach will allow that to happen... so she opts to conquer the modern world instead.]]˛* NoblewomansLaugh: When Daisy shows up in her classic form in part 2, the first thing she does is this, complete with her index finger extended right underneath her mouth.˛* NoodleIncident: Peach wakes up from an apparently reoccurring nightmare screaming for Bowser to stop feeding her tea. It's apparently something that happened to her once.˛* OhMyGods: Rosalina uses "Holy Star Bits".˛* PeekABangs: Rosalina's iconic hairstyle hides [[spoiler:a dilated eye that is sensitive to light. It apparently became dilated specifically because it is always covered.]]˛* PrecisionFStrike: '''"TO HELL WITH THE DAMN LIGHT!"'''˛** Also, Peach screams at a Toad waiter that she's a "goddamn princess" when the girls are eating at a restaurant in Part 2.˛* PrimalFear: Rosalina can't sleep in her observatory as she has trouble sleeping without the lights on.˛* RageBreakingPoint: Rosalina finally snaps when she discovers [[spoiler:Peach had the cosmic duct tape all along and forgot about it.]]˛* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Rosalina delivers a devastating one to Peach and Daisy following the above-mentioned RageBreakingPoint:˛--> '''Rosalina''': ''(to Peach)'' Don't you ever call me Rosie again, you poor, ridiculous imitation of a princess! Not only are you the most shallow and obnoxious being I have ever met, but you clearly don't have what it takes to be an adequate leader of a kingdom, let alone a good host for a sleepover!˛-->'''Rosalina''': ''(to Daisy)'' Well, you aren't any better than your little friend! You're a pathetic stooge with no self-esteem whatsoever, who pretends to lead a kingdom that nobody has ever seen! Oh, and you're unspeakably loud and express yourself like a Spanish cow!˛* TheResenter: Daisy towards Peach in Part 2, having become massively jealous of Rosalina now joining in several games before she ever got a chance to. [[HourglassPlot This gets reversed after Daisy meets 8-Bit Daisy]].˛* RoyalBrat: Princess Peach gets a bad case of this in Part 2. She takes it personally when Daisy upstages her in front of her citizens.˛* ShoutOut: Loads to the Mario franchise, unsurprisingly:˛** On the first page of Part 1, Peach explains that Mario went on vacation without her after the [[VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld last]] [[VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine two]] times they went together. There, Luigi is regaling him with a line he heard from his adventure during that time [[VideoGame/MarioIsMissing Mario went missing]].˛** On the third page, Rosalina identifies Peach as one of the Star Children identified in ''VideoGame/YoshisIslandDS'' and explains she knows about her from [[VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy Mario's space adventure]].˛** [[VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor Rogueport]] comes up when Peach mentions where she got her cake mix.˛** Daisy briefly mentions Friendly Floyd, a minor character from the first half of the ''Super Mario Adventures'' comic.˛** Rosalina's favorite show airs on VideoGame/StarFox-TV.˛** There's a reference to ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' when Peach and Pauline are having a pillow fight. It places the comic after ''Melee'' but before ''Brawl''.˛** Peach has a ''VideoGame/MarioKart'' ring in her basement.˛** The women have a DrinkingGame while watching ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfZelda'' cartoon, taking a shot everytime Link says his catchprase of "[[WellExcuseMePrincess Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess!]]".˛** "[[WebAnimation/CharlieTheUnicorn Let's go to Candy Mountain, Rosie!]]"˛** When Peach is trying to remember what happened at the previous sleepover we get a bubble with Mario from when you're downloading off the Wii Shop.˛** One of the locations visited in Part 2 is [[VideoGame/MarioKartDoubleDash Peach Beach]].˛** Peach taking the girls to [[VideoGame/HotelMario Hotel Mario Land]]in Part 3, and the place is filled with these.˛*** The motto below the welcome sign reads "[[WebAnimation/YouTubePoop Lots of spaghetti]] since 1994".˛*** [[VideoGame/DianShiMaLi Fortran]] has a casino, complete with a "PUSH START TO RICH!" sign. In a 2-for-1, there's a fast food restuarant called [[Memes/{{Vinesauce}} 7 Grand Dad Chicken.]]˛*** [[WesternAnimation/SuperMarioWorld Mama Luigi's]] babysitting service. Yoshi approved!˛*** A [[VideoGame/KaizoMarioWorld Kaizo Inn]] can also be seen.˛* ShowWithinAShow: Rosalina's favorite show, "Comet Academy". To quote Rosalina on what it's about:˛-->'''Rosalina''': 12 Lumas are sent on the Academy Comet, which is the host of the Comet Academy! During the 86 years it takes for the comet to come back, the Lumas are training by eating the most Star Bits they can, so once in competition, they can transform into the most formidable things!˛* TheMafia: A throwaway gag has some members of the [[VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor Pianta Syndicate]] trying to [[CementShoes cement a Koopa Troopa's feet]]. They fail because Peach's cake mix and their cement were swapped.˛* TimeDissonance: Rosalina has a warped view of time compared to others due to being immortal (or at least TheAgeless). She casually mentions that her favorite show comes on once every 86 years and that she visits Earth once a century.˛* TotallyRadical: Peach refers to Rosalina as "totally rad" once.˛* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Peach adores peaches and cooks with them a lot. Daisy considers it just Peach boosting her own ego.˛* WhamShot: ˛** Part 1: Rosalina, while in the bathroom reevaluating her situation with the girls, looks into the cabinet [[ExplodingCloset only to be buried by the amount of stuff inside]]. In the mist of the pile, she finds...[[spoiler: ''cosmic duct tape''.]]˛** Part 2: [[spoiler: Peach's wish on the Star Rod reverts Daisy back to her modern self. Daisy then turns to her left and sees...''8-Bit Daisy''.]]˛* WhatTheHellHero:˛** When Peach [[spoiler: tries to use the Star Rod to wish Daisy back to normal just because she's tired of Daisy getting all of the attention]], Rosalina chastises her on wanting to do such a reckless, selfish thing that could possibly have massive repercussions.˛** Daisy is [[{{Understatement}} less than pleased]] when [[spoiler: 8-Bit Daisy reveals that Peach wished on the Star Rod that Daisy would to go back to her normal self]].˛* WrenchWench: ˛** Rosalina is presented as one of these. She has to take care of her own observatory after all. ˛** Daisy is shown to be a decent mechanic.


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