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1[[quoteright:307:]] ²''Sore Thumbs'' by Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby is a combination political satire and gamer webcomic. The premise is based on poking equal fun at political extremes by [[StrawmanPolitical strawmanning them]] in the form of the main characters.²²The storyline follows Cecania, a Democrat who wants to make drive-through abortions available, her brother Fairbanks, a Republican who refuses to read the Bible lest he find something in it to question, her best friend Harmony, a ditzy and self-centered brain surgeon, and Sawyer, an ex-soldier who lost his manhood in Iraq and owns a pet talking miniature polar bear as they work in the eponymous video game store, Sore Thumbs.²²You can find the comic [[ here]].²²The comic ran into some ScheduleSlip issues in 2013, and the updates got less frequent until they stopped entirely in May 2014. The most recent word from the authors (May 2016) is that they intend to bring the comic back as soon as they have time.²²----²!!Provides examples of:²²* AbandonedInfoPage: The characters page was never once updated. The creators joked that updating it after all that time would feel like cheating, and finally deleted it in 2009.²* ArtShift: Start at the beginning, then jump to the latest. Shocking difference. It started off as an {{Animesque}} webcomic, and then got shifted to an American style.²** And in 2009 the comic seems to have made a reboot, and the grayscale comic is changed to full color.²* AnimatedActors: Several filler strips are interviews with the character's actors.²* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: Cecania saw [[ this]] coming.²* AnimalsHateHim: Fairbanks gets mauled by Coleman a lot, because his head looks like a tennis ball.²* BleachedUnderpants: There's a story arc where Cecania takes a job as a hooker.²* ButtMonkey: Jeff (free with chili dog). Can be considered a {{Deconstruction}}, since his degradation (and how spinelessly he submits to it) eventually starts coming across as more [[{{Slimeball}} creepy]] than pitiable, with hints that he's as [[LackOfEmpathy void of morals]] as he is of courage and self-respect. Future Cecania apparently instructed her daughter to never be alone with Jeff.²* CallBack: When Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray, Fairbanks went into a TranquilFury and stalked across the country until he found the stingray and murdered it with a speargun. When Creator/CharltonHeston died, Fairbanks went into a tranquil fury and stalked across the country until he found a random [[Franchise/PlanetOfTheApes chimpanzee]] and murdered it with a speargun.²* CharacterDevelopment: Cecania went from a whiny, put-upon PuritySue to a liberal whackjob. Fairbanks went from a conservative whackjob to being a conservative [[TheDitz ditz]] of epic proportions. ²* ContinuityReboot: Occurred in July 2009.²** [[spoiler: And now it seems the comic has returned to the original continuity.]]²* DeliberatelyMonochrome: there's a story arc where Cecania gets shipped off to Guantanamo Bay for [[DisproportionateRetribution wearing a skimpy outfit on national television.]] In the otherwise black and white world, Cecania's hair is pink. The guard states: "I find I enjoy the color of your hair. I was unaware that more than two colors existed." The comic has evolved to full color. ²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Fairbanks originally had a chin.²* GagBoobs: Cecania has at least DD's. They can turn a stiff Master Chief costume into fetish wear.²* GoldenMeanFallacy: Arguably the political agenda.²* IHaveBoobsYouMustObey: Cecania was banned from wearing two-piece bathing suits because her half-naked form is considered a weapon of mass destruction.²** She tried to use this on Sawyer '''extremely''' early on, but there were... problems.²* IntercontinuityCrossover: Cecania is friends with [=DiDi=] from ''Webcomic/MenageA3''. Furthermore, Stasia from MarryMe is famous in the world of Sore Thumbs And Parker from the same comic has stopped by, bringing the conclusion that this is the same world. Finally, when Fairbanks is adopted by a black family, his black brother's best friend is Wiley Schlub from WickedPowered. Notably, both of those comics are written by the Crosby brothers of {{Website/Keenspot}}.²* KidFromTheFuture: Mikey Kaduck Jr.²%%* MsFanservice²* OutgrownSuchSillySuperstitions: Conservative Christians are depicted as idiots. Also lampshaded, the only reason Fairbanks has such screwy ideas about God is that he never, ever read the Bible, for fear he might start questioning it. InsaneTrollLogic at its finest. ²* OutOfFocus: As of the reboot, everyone but Cecania, Fairbanks, and Jimmy.²* PosthumousNarration: Lampshaded [[ here]].²* RapunzelHair: Cecania, again.²* RealityWarper: Jimmy Peterford.²* [[spoiler:ResetButton]]²* RichBitch: Cecania and Fairbank's mom.²* RunningGag: Franchise/{{Super Mario|Bros}} = penis²** Also, circus clowns seem to be a turn-on for several characters.²** Spontanious devil-worship in front of fundamentally christian characters.²* SpoofAesop: Being white is the biggest rip-off ever!²* ScheduleSlip: Four new comics for 2014, and the most recent one in May.²* StrawFeminist: ''Not'' Cecania, surprisingly, but there's a very minor character called Lady Kickface, who, after being exposed to Fairbanks at his [[{{Slimeball}} Slimeballiest]], resolved to [[StartOfDarkness become a supervillain]] and [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin kick every man she saw in the face.]]²* StrawmanPolitical: Both American parties are mocked, with Cecania representing Democrats and Fairbanks the Republicans. Early on the strip was pretty much a venue to bash Republicans and conservatives. It's gotten more even-handed and less preachy (for the most part) since then.²** Crosby claimed from the start that he wanted ''Sore Thumbs'' to become an even-handed political satire. ²* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: [[ "I'm not keeping a secret! And I'll never tell you what it is!"]]²* TakeOurWordForIt: Sawyer, an otherwise incredibly hot guy, apparently had his penis lost in Iraq. This is never actually shown to us, and if it weren't for the fact that he brings it up now and then, you'd easily forget.²* TeamPet: Coleman, a miniature polar bear.[[spoiler:It has been revealed he was just a baby ALIEN bear]]²* TheUnfavorite: Cecania. The strip started out with Mother ordering her to work at Fairbanks' videogame shoppe as slave labor for her keep, instead of giving her $80,000 to do whatever she wanted with like she did to Fairbanks. ²-->'''Mother''': I'm not very fond of you. Your very existence is a minor tragedy, really.² * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Cecania's is bubblegum pink. Sawyer's is reddish-violet, Jimmy's is neon green.²----


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