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1[[quoteright:227:]] ˛˛''[[ Red's Planet]]'' is a ScienceFiction webcomic by Eddie Pittman, turned into print form. In the format of a GraphicNovel, it is divided into chapters. ˛˛"Red" is a 10-year-old FosterKid who begins the comic in the care of a Mrs. Foster. She insists that she is not an orphan, and therefore not in need of adoption. During a bout of childish runaway (another of several she's attempted in fact), Red is picked up by the local cops and set to be sent to a juvie facility since this was her last offense. However a spaceship suddenly flies overhead and beams up the police car with Red still in it. The ship takes off into space but crash lands on a supposedly desert planet. Red finds herself among other alien abductees plunked from there homes and, though off to a rough start, starts to befriend them in the hopes of surviving the planet and find out who abducted them and for what reason. ˛˛The series was put on hiatus due to the Eddie's personal life getting rather busy to work on it (he's an art designer at Disney and has worked on shows like ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' ). Eventually on Oct 1 2015, Eddie revealed the webcomic was converted into a graphic novel and the first volume was released in April 2016 featuring both the first few chapters as well as new material from where the webcomic left off. While awesome news for the continuation for the series, Eddie likewise revealed that the webcomic will not be updating further due to publishing rights though he will keep the site up for the foreseeable future.˛˛The first volume was released in the spring of 2016. The second volume is due in fall of 2017.˛----˛!!Tropes included˛* AFriendInNeed: A blue lion who tells Red what she did and helps her and Tawee flee.˛* AlienAbduction: The inciting incidents.˛* {{Arcadia}}: the Cawaweeans live on one.˛-->''A small agrarian people who lead a very simple life farming the beautiful green hills and valleys of the tiny planet Cawawee.''˛* BerserkButton: Being called "Red". Ironically we never actually learn her real name as of yet.˛** [[spoiler:At the end of the second collection, it is revealed to be Alice Little]]˛* BlatantLies: Red telling her companion that they're resting for him.˛* CaptainObvious: A robot comments when she blathers on the translation˛* TheChase: ˛** The Sheriff and his deputy get into one after he picks up Red when they think they're pursuing a speeding vehicle (it's a UFO). Poor Red finds herself bouncing in the back of the backseat since the sheriff's car doesn't have any seatbelts. ˛** Red and her companion, chased by a stampede of little blue aliens˛* {{Chiaroscuro}}: How Red escapes the crashed spaceship.˛* CoincidentalBroadcast: Opens with a talk show about alien abductions and [=UFOs=].˛* ConscienceMakesYouGoBack: How Red acquires a companion.˛* DayHurtsDarkAdjustedEyes: when she escaped the downed ship.˛* FieryRedhead: Red˛* GhibliHills: The valley. Of course, the blue lion finds their arrival a disturbance in his peaceful life.˛* GilliganCut: The blue lion announces he's not taking them. Next page? A cavalcade across the desert.˛* HeroesGoneFishing: A character is introduced setting up to relax, fishing.˛* HollywoodDarkness: The crashed spaceship's interior˛* HumansThroughAlienEyes: Despite a lot of the aliens having some odd features and quirks, they isolate themselves from Red upon talking to her.˛* InevitableWaterfall: When Red falls in the river˛* {{Jerkass}}: ˛** Some of the foster kids at Red's recent foster home. One sticks his finger in Red's breakfast while asking it she'll eat it. And another eats all of it while she dealing with the former.˛** A good number of the aliens Red meets. May be a symbolic subtext to the above.˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Red herself as well as the blue lion ˛* LosingAShoeInTheStruggle: Red accidentally leaves a shoe behind when the cop car she's in is beamed up to space, taking her with it (she was trying to slip out the window and got a foot through when it happened). She loses the other one to a Jerkass alien when she briefly knocked unconscious during a struggle for food. Leaving her stuck in her socks and remaining that way through the first two volumes until she finally gets some replacements (albeit mismatched colors) at the end of the second volume. ˛* MeaningfulName: Mrs. Foster, a foster parent. Red lampshades it as ridiculous.˛* MistakenForAfterlife: The alien planet.˛* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: Feed one alien, face a stampede of them.˛* OhCrap: Red when the officer tells her that this was her last strike in running away from a foster home and that she'll have to be sent to juvie. Good thing that UFO abducted her when it did.˛* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Despite hating being called "Red", her real name is never revealed.˛** [[spoiler:At the end of the second collection, it is revealed to be Alice Little]]˛* PartyScattering: Red loses her companion because they are pursued into rocks, and then she falls down a hole into a river. They manage to regroup later though.˛* PetTheDog: Red does, after a bit, act in a friendly manner toward some aliens.˛* RealityEnsues: Red thinks the sheriff will just send her back to another foster home when he catches her trying to run away again. However since this was her last strike, he tells her that she's the state's problem now and will have to be sent to a juvenile facility. ˛* SpeedStripes: Fleeing the bobalux.˛* TastesLikeFriendship: She offers food.˛* TheyHaveTheScent: A dog first notes the alien ship.˛* TranslationConvention: The aliens talk about "extraterrestials" meaning people not from ''their'' planet.˛* TranslatorMicrobes: Gibbervox, administered by a robot.˛* WebcomicPrintCollection: In the transition offline. As stated, all stories afterward will be in print.˛* WrittenSoundEffect: SPLOOOSHH!!!˛* WrongGenreSavvy: Red thinks it science-fictional, and so tries to deploy a whole mishmash of tropes from SF that she is familiar with. She badly freaks out several aliens.˛----


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