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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:You're fit to learn the proper meaning of a beatdown.]]²²''[[ Raging Sea of Flames]]'' is a 2018 mecha webcomic written and illustrated by The One Moiderah. It began life as [[ a quest]] on Sufficient Velocity, similar to the writer's [[Roleplay/SayakaQuest prior]] [[Roleplay/AsukaQuest works]], but took on a life of its own and eventually moved to a comic format when it was seen as having outgrown the idea.²²The story follows the adventures of J, a brutish mercenary who happens to be an exceptional pilot, taking on various jobs in the high-octane world of the future. It focuses heavily on WorldBuilding, with the seedy underbelly of the UsedFuture on full display.²²----²!! This comic provides examples of:²* AnimalAssassin: Mixed with GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke. The Intestinal Serpent is a man-made snake that was created to carry out assassinations. It does this via having their eggs be placed in things like food and within a day the snake would burst out of its victim armed with poison that can kill anyone in seconds. It's has since fallen out of use but it had gain such infamy that it became a holy symbol of sorts as well as the symbol of rage. It's no wonder that J painted this on her [[AnimalMotifs mech]].²* BlackAndGreyMorality: While some people are truly rotten to the core (Yukatan), many are just trying to get by in a cold, uncaring future or have had some sort of incident in their past (J fits the latter if the implications are anything to go by).²* BrainComputerInterface: How the pilots control their mechs. Is shown to be painful with interfacing as seen when J interfaces with her mech and seemingly gets shocked. Remarking that she'll never get used to that. ²* CrapsackWorld: Pretty much everything is dilapidated and crude, and the majority of characters are morally ambiguous to some degree.²* PileBunker: The Dragga sports these as its one and only weapon (other than its fists of course). It can level everything within the general area it strikes but is wholly impractical in that it takes a long time to "cock" before use and is only usable at melee range. Really it's only used to finish someone off, brutally.²* RealRobotGenre: It more or less squeezes into here, with the mechs being treated as merely very powerful assembly-line weapons.²* RealityEnsues: Related to above. This web comic takes great care into addressing many elements of its world. ²** The convoy's tank had an engine failure when they were being attacked by J, forcing them to fix it on the spot. A common thing that happens in RealLife during wars.²** For all their power the mechs are still machines that need constant care and repairs. After the first battle, J ended up with a massive repair bill (or at least some sort of estimate) for her Dragga.²* TitledAfterTheSong: The name comes from a lyric in the Music/DeathGrips song "No Love."²* {{Transhuman}}: It's stated that most characters who get into fights are this, both {{Super Soldier}}s and pilots.


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