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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350: Even The Dogs Can Detect A Bad Move]]˛˛[[ Lessons of Dog World]] launched in 2012 on Wordpress, by user Miss_Sara_101.˛˛----˛!!Tropes that apply to the following:˛* [[invoked]]DudeNotFunny: While satire is the main there, at times there were moments, mostly in her native America, which shows how she was angered about it.˛** This is most common with memorials, like for the victims of Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon Bombing.˛** Some comics have characters depicted as demons being upset on what is happening, like [[ this one]] after word about an [[ Ohio family was accusing the hospital of discrimination by denying a life-saving surgery for a love one due to his past]]. The comic depicted a lawyer with an angel and demon both being angry about the matter, although the matter has since been resolved. Another has another demon-like inmates [[WouldntHurtAChild being upset upon hearing about attempt on a child, which he felt was wrong]], done following reports of an [[ autistic male in Canada received death threats]].˛** Following the Navy Shooting, a comic was released depicting a demon filing a complaint about a mass shooting that killed innocent people. He felt [[NeverHurtAnInnocent killing innocent people wrong]], although there's nothing much he could do for them since who would want to make deals with him.˛* DueToTheDead: [[ This issue]] has an angel asking if he can donate the recently deceased soldiers.˛* EvenEvilHasStandards: Many characters depicted as demons being upset when innocent people are in harms ways.˛* EvenTheDogIsAshamed: Considered its anthropomorphic dogs, expect some of them being embarrassed at real world news.˛* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: The Tagline - ''Gone to the Dogs''... well guess what creatures the characters are.˛* JerkAss: The mysterious Doggleberg has been proven to be one, through it's unclear who's the character is.˛** Whoever it was that did a number in [[ the locker]].˛* NamelessNarrative: Not of the characters seems to have anyone except one, Doggleberg˛* OffWithHisHead: The past two Halloween editions had this, [[ like 2013]], being a web comic, laws of nature don't usually apply.˛* ShoutOut: Time and again it has been known to make a shout out to Real Life events and any forms of entertainment.˛** The Mysterious Doggleberg is a clear reference to [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents Dinkleberg]].˛** [[ A reference to a sence in GoldenGirls]] [[ This one]]˛** When Wrestling/JohnCena won the 2013 Wrestling/RoyalRumble and Wrestling/TheRock won the WWE Champion, the character behind the stunned viewer simply says round two. This was a reference to the a year prior when the men made the same match with [[spoiler: The Rock being victorious, only for Wrestling/JohnCena to get even a later year]].˛* TakeThat: Often times, the comics reflects on a RealLife Problem˛** [[ This was released]] following a case in [[ North Andover teen punished just for helping teens get home]].˛** [[ Made in response]] to stories about Death Benefits due the Government Shutdown.˛*** [[ This was made]] shortly after word got out.˛** [[ Made is response]] about a school avoiding to accept a diabetic child.˛˛----


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