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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350: From page 36 of Jack Legend.]]˛˛->''The Legend family has a grand legacy that goes on for generations. Each member of the family had a mastery of a trade, craft, field, or area of expertise. Warriors, artists, inventors, leaders, and many more made up this family. Lately, they’ve been silent, but rumor has it, that one member of the family lives on…''˛-->--˛˛Started in 2017, ''Jack Legend'' is a {{Fantasy}} AdventureSeries about Jack, a fox who lives in a WorldOfFunnyAnimals.˛˛All the members of the Legend family has been known to perform great feats and be the masters of their trades. All except for the last remaining member of the family, Jack. After being plunged into a new land of adventure and danger, the [[RidiculouslyAverageGuy average]] Jack must find his own glory, with the help of his [[TheBigGuy supiciously strong]] sheep Sidekick Buddy, and his [[SpiritAdvisor ghostly agent]], Azzy.˛˛''Jack Legend'' is an episodic webcomic, and it releases on a page-by-page basis, on an (almost) weekly basis. Can be read [[ here]].˛˛----˛!! This comic provides examples of:˛* AscendedFanboy: Buddy is well versed in the Legend history, and knew about Jack's lineage without him having to explain it to him. The story opens with Buddy even explaining the Legend history to Jack (and the reader).˛* ImprovisedWeapon: Jack's weapon of choice is a brass spyglass that Buddy lent to him. ˛* KidHero: Buddy is 15 years old when the comic starts.˛* PintSizedPowerHouse: Buddy is unnaturally strong for his age, and doesn't know how to explain it himself.˛----


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