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1->''"Only Science Can Save Her Vagina!" That's the title of my autobiography.''께''[[WordSaladTitle DAR!]] A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary'' (story behind the name [[ here]]) was a [[NotableSliceOfLifeWebcomics Slice of Life Webcomic]] drawn by Erika Moen before she ended it in 2009. As Erika changes a lot as a person during the six years she did the comic, the comic also changes significantly too. Here's the story:께Meet Erika Moen, 21-year-old college student. [[QueerAsTropes Gay and loving it,]] except for the fact that her mom doesn't like it, [[AllLoveIsUnrequited her crushes always break her heart]] and her on-again-off-again girlfriend keeps breaking up with her. Everything changes when spends seven months in France and [[IfItsYouItsOkay meets Matt]]: they have a fling together, only for Erika to fall in love with him. After graduation, Erika moves to Portland, gets into a soul-sucking job, and tries to cope with a depression. Matt comes to visit and, on a whim, she and him get married. Erika becomes a full time artist (and loves it), and they all live HappilyEverAfter. [[EarnYourHappyEnding Really.]]께Despite this, most of the strips are humorous, such as the continual fart jokes, jokes about sex toys, and the randomness of Erika's relationships with her friends.께The "sex toys" stuff has been spun off into its own strip, "Oh Joy Sex Toy," which concerns reviews of adult toys as well as more general sex-ed topics. Administrivia/FiveP would prefer us to not link it, so please Google-search the title if you want to see what she and Matthew have been up to since then.께----!!''DAR'' contains examples of the following:* AscendedFanBoy: Matt was a fan of her comic who suggested meeting her when she took a trip to Europe. Seems he's now her official number one fan.* ArtEvolution: At the beginning... you could tell that it was drawn by a struggling student. Not at all bad, but rather sketchy and stiff. Erika is now known for her fluent, energetic style, showing just how far her art has come.* ButchLesbian: She enjoyed considering herself one, toting buzzcuts and tattoos. Though she also loved wearing the occasional Pineapple dress.* HappilyMarried: [[ "We're special wed."]]* IfItsYouItsOkay: Up until she met Matt she never thought of herself as liking guys. It caused her to have an identity crisis in the fact that being a lesbian was what she identified as, she didn't really see herself as a bisexual, and "lesbian with one exception" sounded overly complicated. Then she sort of just said "Aw screw labels, I'm gettin' laid."* LesbianUntilGraduation: [[ Erika is a LUG]].* JournalComic: Started off as mostly just a way for her to draw little artsy doodles while in college, but after a while became a great outlet for her.* ManIFeelLikeAWoman: A [[GenderInvertedTrope gender inverted]] example: [[ There's a reason why Erika was born with a vagina.]]* NoBisexuals: When she hooked up with Matt, her lesbian friends kept thinking that she turned straight, while some were upset that she didn't "become" bi. Some were '''[[ very]]''' upset. [[ She now calls herself "queer".]]* {{NSFW}}: Erika and Matt appear naked a lot. Her in-depth look at vibrators isn't exactly kosher either.* TheLadette: Erika. [[ Very much so.]]* WriteWhoYouKnow: [[ Comes with certain problems]].


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