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1''Blood & Smoke'' is an ongoing [[DeliberatelyMonochrome black and white]] webcomic created by Paul Mitzkowski. It is heavily inspired by [[FilmNoir noir]] and uses a number of the tropes associated with the genre.˛˛The story takes place in the fictional Newshade City, [[ViceCity which is a corrupt town full of dirty cops and even dirtier politicians]]. It is about dedicated police detective John Carson, along with his partner Tom Hardigan, and his quest to, both, catch a brutal SerialKiller called The Heart Ripper and save Newshade from itself. Meanwhile, Carson's son John Carson Jr. (simply called [[JuniorCounterpart Junior]] by his father) uses his skills as a hacker and amateur detective to start his own war against crime.˛˛The comic can be read [[ here]].˛˛Has been on hiatus since June 2017, though an announcement that the first volume was for sale was posted in January 2020.˛----˛!!''Blood & Smoke'' provides examples of:˛˛* AmateurSleuth: Junior˛* BadassLongcoat: Carson sports one.˛* BeAsUnhelpfulAsPossible: A murder suspect is intentionally unhelpful in [[ this scene]].˛* BeggarWithASignboard: On the [[ first page]] of the comic there's a person sitting on a street with a signboard.˛* BrilliantButLazy: It is heavily implied that Junior is this. He is highly intelligent, so much so that he can build a functioning robot in the middle of class from scratch. Yet, he makes extremely poor grades in school.˛* ByTheBookCop: Carson is this compared to most of his fellow officers.˛* CallingCard: The Heart Ripper rips out hearts.˛* CoatCape: Junior regularly wears a coat in this manner.˛* DirtyCop: According to [[ this page]] the police commissioner is this.˛* ExtremelyShortTimespan: The entire first two chapters cover less than a single day.˛* GoodParents: Carson is this. Despite being extremely busy with his work, he tries to make as much time for his son as possible.˛* LitteringIsNoBigDeal: Carson has no issue with discarding cigarettes wherever he pleases, whether it be in a [[]] or [[ outside somebody's home]].˛* MeaningfulBackgroundEvent: A suspect is shown [[ wearing and casually taking off a pair of gloves]] only for Carson to spot them in a trashcan [[ a few pages later]]. [[spoiler: These gloves end up proving that the [[ suspect in question was the killer]]]].˛* NiceHat: Carson wears one.˛* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Junior receives one [[ here]].˛* NoWarrantNoProblem: Averted. Carson is shown strictly following police procedure.˛* OnlyBadGuysCallTheirLawyers: Carson's partner evokes this trope during a conversation. [[spoiler: Turns out the trope is averted as the suspect discussed isn't guilty.]]˛* OpenSaysMe: Hardigan kicks down a door in [[ this scene]] with apparent ease.˛* TeenGenius: Junior is this.˛* UselessSecurityCamera: Averted. During the first chapter, Carson asks Hardigan to check footage from working security cameras.˛----


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