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1''[[ twelthofadime]]'' is a Website/YouTube channel hosted by Kyle [=McIlrath=] Adams and consists of his 3 college friends, Baxter, Ben, and Charlie. Damian Sanders-Baron occasionally makes cameo appearances in some videos as well.께Originally, twelthofadime was a spinoff from makemebad35's channel, as Kyle lived with Damian as college roomates.께The main show is "Kyle Speaks" which originally contained a current news story told by Kyle, which are laden with his opinions and jokes, and were usually followed by two comedy sketches. The format changed to pure sketch after twelthofadime had been around for seven months, but then went back to the old format (but with one comedy sketch happening before the news story). In between these two periods was a short mini-series named by Kyle as The Super Internet Show.께The channel was started on the 29th of September 2006, with Kyle stating that "I would not have had a start [on [=YouTube=]] if it were not for Damian."께He abandoned his channel after his last video was uploaded on the 16th of May 2013, but continued on in he and Damian's channel named Pwnageshow.께----!!This series provides examples of:* DisappearedDad: In "[[ GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD]]", Ben says that the reason why he has been absent for various videos previously was because [[spoiler:he knocked up his girlfriend and he fleed the country as a result]]. Frank Bender claims that he has done the same thing before ''many'' times.* FourPhilosophyEnsemble:** '''TheCynic:''' Kyle acts as the spiteful StraightMan of the group, usually lamp-shading he situations that he and his friends have wound up in with an angry or deadpan reaction to the idiocy he is subjected to.** '''The Optimist:''' Baxter is the idealist of the four, usually the one who comes up with crazy, harebrained (and usually completely ineffective) plans.** '''[[OnlySaneMan The Realist]]:''' Ben is usually the only one to make sense, either coming up with legitimately good plans for their situations or spouting the moral of the episode. He is also the one who dies due to his friend뭩 antics. This is pointed out by Kyle himself in "Kyle Speaks", where the joke is that he is killed off because he is the only one that makes sense in a world populated by "dumbass Americans."** '''The Apathetic:''' Being the dumbest next to Baxter, Charlie is usually the most passive of the four, going along with whatever plans that they have [[spoiler:and usually suffering bodily harm and/or death in the process]].* KilledOffScreen: In "[[ Stephen King's Spooky Adventure Part 1]]", Kyle briefly mentions that Ben was killed in the car-accident that stranded them there to begin with. The guys are [[SarcasmMode clearly]] [[DeathIsCheap torn up about it]].* TakeThat: The entirety of "[[ Stephen King's Spooky Adventure Part 1 & 2]]" is just one big kick to the nuts of Creator/StephenKing and his collective body of work.* TestosteronePoisoning: Frank [=McManihan=] from "Man Power" always has a scowl of intensity on his face, doing the goal of each episode he appears in (cleaning the kitchen, making a bird house, growing a beard, etc.) in the most extreme fashion.* UselessWithoutCellphones: In "[[ Lord of the Facebooks]]", Kyle, Ben, Baxter and Charlie end up stranded on a deserted island [[spoiler:which they later find out is not deserted]]. Baxter brings up that they would not be able to go on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter In their situation. Ben points out that food and shelter take higher priority, but because he is the ButtMonkey, they all just tell him to shut up. While Kyle tries and fails to hunt, Baxter and Charlie instead try and replicate the experience of Facebook, Twitter and television.----


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