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1[[quoteright:250:]]->''"Welcome to The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, where movies are celebrated, not incinerated!"''''The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews'' is a series of [[VideoReviewShow Video Review Shows]] hosted by David Rose and Andy Snyder. The shows are:* [[ The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews]]: The main series, in which he takes an in-depth look at a movie he thinks are good, as opposed to [[CausticCritic making fun of films he thinks are bad.]]* [[ The DVD Shelf Mini Reviews]]: Reviews somewhat similar to his longer reviews, but done in 90 seconds.* [[ The DVD Shelf Foreign Flix]]: Hosted by Andy Snyder, these are shorter reviews taking a look at films that were made outside the United States.----!!His videos provide examples of:* TheFaceless: Was this for the first three episodes, but since then, he's shown his face in every review he's done.* InTheStyleOf: His ''Film/{{Following}}'' review is done in the style of the film being reviewed, with it being told out of order and cutting back and forth between him writing the review, and the review itself.* TheKenBurnsEffect: Appears most often in his ''{{Film/Gojira}}'' review, although it turns up in alot his other reviews.* RogerRabbitEffect: Appears in his ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'' review at the beginning, with Goofy as a bartender talking to David playing a detective.* LampshadeHanging: In his ''Film/{{Scrooged}}'' review, it takes him 18 minutes to get to the movie, and when he does, he points this out:-->'''David Rose''': Ok, so you're probably all wondering "What the hell happened to our featured movie?"* {{Portmanteau}}: In his ''Film/{{Scrooged}}'' review, he calls the typical character Creator/BillMurray plays a "Sarcasshole[[TradeSnark ]]", a mix of "Sarcastic" and "Asshole".* MidReviewSketchShow: In his ''Film/AnAmericanWerewolfInLondon'', there's a sketch involving [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext a man who physically ages 5 years whenever a remake or reboot of an already existing franchise is announced.]]* {{Retirony}}: Discussed in his ''Film/FallingDown'' review, and used Wiki/ThisVeryWiki to look up examples of this trope that he may not have thought of immediately. * TakeThat: In his ''Film/TheKingOfKong'' review, when he's discussing why he likes that the director didn't narrate the story:-->'''David Rose''': Sometimes the director just narrates over the story as a device to sway your opinion on what's happening. *ahem* *shows picture of Creator/MichaelMoore*.* TopTenList: Of various Christmas TV Specials, although instead of being ranked by quality, they're ranked by their original air date.----->''"So, see you next time, but for now, this one's going back on... The DVD Shelf."''


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