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1[[quoteright:176:]] [[caption-width-right:176:And a nice one at that.]][[ The Bike]] is a Website/YouTube series specializing in creating gaming mods primarily based on the horror visual novel ''VisualNovel/DokiDokiLiteratureClub''. The videos are commonly requested by subscribers to the account. The videos are not story-driven, but they do carry some motifs.----!!The Bike uses these tropes:* AbusiveParents: Natsuki's dad much like how he is suggested to be in canon. However, there are a few videos that actually subvert this. * AllJustADream: "Sayori is missing" concludes with Sayori waking up from a nightmare. However, it also leans itself towards OrWasItADream with Yuri barging into Sayori's room. * AllWomenAreLustful: Monika in "Sayori gets a new prescription" as a result of her taking amphetamines. * AxCrazy: Yuri, much like in the original game when Monika began to corrupt her character file, but likely even more so. * BreakingTheFourthWall: Monika, as per usual, knows that she's currently a subject of [=YouTube=] videos made by a guy who calls himself a bicycle. When he tries to design a lewd scene involving her, she flat-out addresses him and refuses to play along. * BullyingADragon: After teasingly messing around with Yuri, Monika ends up drying Yuri's patience, getting out of dodge when Yuri grabs one of her knives.** Monika does it again to Yuri while she was having an intimate moment with MC.* CanonDiscontinuity: "Yuri gets exposed" due to audience backlash.* CharacterExaggeration: Yuri becoming psychotic due to Monika's influence is amplified in most of The Bike's videos. She has several more psychotic episodes, and one running theme is that she has to take medicine to level her mood. * ClusterFBomb: In the appropriately named "The Doki's say the F-word", everyone gets into the act, but special mention has to go to Sayori's outburst.-->'''Sayori''': Fuck!\'''Sayori''': ...Huh.\'''Sayori''': I don't think I've ever said that word before.\'''Sayori''': Fuck! Fuckity-fuck!\'''Sayori''': Mother-fuckity fucking goddamn motherfucking shit!\'''Sayori''': Eff-you-cee-kay. What does that spell?\'''Sayori''': It spells FUCK!* DarkerAndEdgier: ''"Monika checks on Sayori"''. Sayori's suicide is infamous enough on its own, but in this version of the events, Monika is present throughout it. * ComedicSociopathy: Whenever it isn't being truly horrifying, several of the characters -- namely Yuri -- are exaggerated to comedic levels.** Namely any video where Yuri takes a nose dive in her mental health is this, but two in particular involves her character being UpToEleven. The first one is where the player character wakes up one day to discover that Yuri was in his house cooking breakfast, and for some odd reason, kept insisting that the player character address her as their mother. Eventually, this culminates in the revelation that [[spoiler: Yuri broke into the player character's house and murdered his entire family in his sleep]]. The second involves her wanting to have a moment with the player character climaxing in her [[spoiler: accidentally fatally stabbing him]].* DidNotThinkThisThrough: MC decides to [[spoiler: include Sayori]] into his relationship with Natsuki. As one could guess, she isn't amused by this.* DisproportionateRetribution: Sayori [[spoiler: kills Yuri]] after she had stolen her bow in the video "Sayori loses her bow."* EverybodyMustGetStoned: ''"the [=LITerature=] club"'', where Monika enters the clubroom to find that Yuri has brought in some THC oil and everyone there is pretty high. Then they get the munchies and demand Monika take them to Wendy's. * FanDisservice: In "A Month with Natsuki," Sayori strips down to her birthday suit in an effort to seduce MC to no avail. Though later MC and Natsuki talk about it and appreciate the nudity, at the time all it makes him feel is pity. * ForTheLulz: Monika makes many copies of herself to mess with Yuri in one of the episodes. * HiddenDepths: Sayori loves country music.* HotterAndSexier: The fourth installment with Yuri ends with [[spoiler: MC and Yuri "edging" each other]].* TheImmodestOrgasm: As the main character finds out in videos where they're paired together, Natsuki is a screamer. Apparently he gets noise complaints from neighbors whenever she stays over. * KnifeNut: Yuri particularly in "Cooking with Monika and Yuri" wherein she takes ''too'' much enjoyment out of cutting fruits and vegetables, and tops this by repeatedly stabbing a watermelon until juice covered the counter, and she even gets an electric chainsaw and cuts the counter in half.** In 'There's Nobody Else Like Yuri', this rears its ugly head again when her cutting almost gets out of control and sees her collapse from blood loss.* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Monika as always.* LethalChef:[[spoiler: Dadsuki]] in "Christmas With Natsuki".* LighterAndSofter: Some videos are much more comedic and lighthearted then both the game and other videos, such as "The Doki's go to Walmart" or the cooking videos. While Yuri is still sometimes prone to [[AxCrazy becoming murderously violent]], in these videos it's played for laughs instead of creepyness like in the more serious ones.* MesACrowd: Monika replicates several copies of herself to mess with Yuri. unfortunately for her, she had dried up all of Yuri's patience.* NakedPeopleAreFunny: A majority of the fourth installment with Yuri revolves around this.* ParentsAsPeople: Natsuki's dad is difficult at the best of times, but his frustration and behavior towards his daughter are shown to be AngerBornOfWorry from a damaged man. * PleaseDontLeaveMe: Yuri has this reaction to accidentally stabbing the player character.* PowerPerversionPotential: The Bike can edit values in the girls' character files, which naturally has gone into lewd territory at times. * PsychoLesbian: [[spoiler: Yuri]] as depicted in ''Sayori is missing''. * ShoutOut: Yuri mentions considering ''Literature/CliffordTheBigRedDog'' as one of the greatest literary works. This is a reference to the WebVideo/GameGrumps' playthrough of the game.* TeensAreMonsters: Monika takes ''too much'' crude fascination with watching Sayori's death play out in ''Monika checks on Sayori''.** Yuri is the main perpatrator of this in several videos revolving around her.* UpToEleven: The Bike has the habit of making canonically disturbing moments from the visual novel even more horrific in his videos.* {{Yandere}}: Yuri, but in most of the videos, her obsession with the player character is taken to new levels. ** In "Sayori is missing," Yuri is revealed [[spoiler: to have kidnapped Sayori and was intending to slice her open]]. Thankfully, this turns out to be a dream.** Yuri broke into the player character's house once [[spoiler: and kills their entire family while they were sleeping]].


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