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1[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''"No bull, mate! I'm a fair dinkum Jedi. And a bloody thirsty one, too!"''²²Having run out of beer, Jedi Knight [[LukeNounverber Merve Bushwacker]] decides to return to his home planet of Oradongia for a nice cold one. Unfortunately he discovers the evil [[BigBad Darth Drongo]] has destroyed every pub on the planet, hoarding all the amber fluid at his fortified brewery. Merve contacts his old mate Nugget, who hooks him up with some rebel blokes who are planning to stick it to this beer-hogging wowser!²²A short ''StarWars'' FanFilm created by Australian fans, its ten year production meant by the time ''Star Wars Downunder'' was finished the Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards no longer existed, so the film has instead been released online. [[ You can watch it here,]] though you might want to check out UsefulNotes/AustralianSlang first for some useful notes.²²-----²!!''Star Wars Downunder'' provides examples of:²²* AlienSky: Oradongia has two moons.²* AsHimself: X4-VB, according to the credits.²* AwesomeAussie: Merve Bushwacker and his rebel mates.²* BadVibrations: Caused by Darth Drongo's hopping kangaroo-bot.²* BattleInterruptingShout: After Drongo dies, Merve gets both sides to stop fighting each other by reminding them of the delights of drinking beer.²-->'''Merve:''' ''(brandishing a tinnie of beer)'' Look! Look at it! It's cold! It's frosty! [[{{beergasm}} It's beautiful!]] And you're all about to kill each other for it! Stop this madness now, ya boofheads! ''There is enough for everyone!''²* BerserkButton: Drongo makes Merve spill his beer (and [[SkewedPriorities incidentally]] has just popped [[OffWithHisHead off Bluey's head]] using the Force).²-->'''Merve:''' Bloody Drongo! ''[hurls down beer can and draws lightsaber]'' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I have had... a bloody... gutful!]]²* BBCQuarry: Rather than drive 1500 km into the Outback to find a desert wasteland, the producers decided to film in a gravel quarry outside Ipswich. Some background shots for the bluescreen were eventually filmed in Sturt Stony Desert.²* {{BFG}}: The Buggeriser. When it works.²* BrandX: Amber Fluid²* CantHoldHisLiquor: In TheStinger, [[SentimentalDrunk Merve declares his love]] for his RobotBuddy, then passes out. Burko is dumbfounded because he's only had one beer.²-->'''Nugget:''' Mate, [[TwoWordsAddedEmphasis two words]]: One-pot screamer.²* CoolStarship: Merve's boomership, the "Thirsty Bastard". According to the website, in an emergency all its power can be diverted to cool the beer fridge.²* CowardlySidekick: Burko²* DecapitatedArmy: Subversion - Drongo doesn't seem to be leading his own army at all in the final battle, which ends when the beer is made available to everyone.²* DissonantSerenity: The larconic Oradongias never get excited about anything. [[SeriousBusiness Except beer.]]²* DoAnythingRobot: On arrival on Oradongia, X4-VB deploys a device that bears an unusual resemblance to a cork hat to drive away the ubiquitous flies. Later it produces more useful dual laser cannons.²* DudeWheresMyRespect²-->'''Merve:''' G'day. Merve Bushwacker. I'm a Jedi.\²'''Burko:''' [[AndImTheQueenOfSheba Get your hand off it]], mate!²* EpicHail: Averted. "Stuff the signal!"²* EmbarrassingMiddleName: Merv’s is revealed during a FullNameUltimatum.²-->'''Drongo:''' Mervin Percival Archibald Bushwacker. You no-hoper!²* EvilPlan: Averted; we never find out why Drongo is trying to hog all the beer for himself. [[AllThereInTheManual The website suggests several possibilities]]; either Drongo's unique alien metabolism [[TheAlcoholic requires a constant supply]], he's shipping it offworld to [[TheGamblingAddict pay his gambling debts]], or he's [[EvilIsPetty just a wowser who doesn't want anyone else to have a good time]].²* FacelessGoons: The Sith Troopers wear helmets that make them look like UsefulNotes/NedKelly. Until they take their helmets off for the post-battle piss-up, [[PunchClockVillain where they turn out to be decent blokes]].²* {{Fainting}}: Nugget on seeing the Big Freezer where Drongo keeps all his beer.²* FanDisservice: Bev, a female talking cane toad in a pink dress. Nugget still thinks she's a “dead-set spunk“, though.²* FlyingCar: The utespeeder ("ute" is an Australian nickname for a pickup truck, eg. "utility").²* ForebodingFleeingFlock: Fleeing fruit bats herald Drongo's attack on the Brown Mullet pub.²* FunWithSubtitles: In an inversion of SpiceUpTheSubtitles, the subs are ''extremely'' bland and thus highly accessible to non-Aussies. (Which is exactly why you leave them ON - they contrast so much with [[UsefulNotes/AustralianSlang the actual dialogue]] that they provide a whole extra level of humor.)²* HairOfTheDog: Bluey tries a beer to get rid of the headache after his head was knocked off by Darth Drongo. His head falls off again.²* {{Hologram}}: Knobulon and the Spheroids.²* HoppingMachine / MiniMecha: Darth Drongo's AT-BT (All Terrain Bouncing Transport, or "Roo-Bot"). AwesomeButImpractical, as it's difficult to shoot someone when you're jumping up and down like a kangaroo.²* HumanoidAlien: Nugget and Bev are humanoid cane toads.²* IfIDoNotReturn²-->'''Nugget:''' Bev, if I don't come back... I want you to know that I think you're a dead-set spunk!\²'''Bev:''' Oh get away with ya, you old root rat!²* ImmuneToBullets: Drongo catches laser blasts in his hand, but gets blasted by the Buggeriser.²* INeedAFreakingDrink: Bloody oath, mate!²* InTheFutureWeStillHaveRoombas: ESK-1 Esky Droid (which keeps the beer cold as well as having handy legs to carry it to you when you're legless), the W.B.R Barbie Droid (a barbeque on caterpillar tracks), and the LG-0 Bouncer Bot (used to defend pubs from attacking Sith Troopers).²* IndyPloy²-->'''General Bear:''' Guess we'll have to suck it and see.²* JustBetweenYouAndMe: Averted²-->'''Drongo:''' I suppose you wonder why I went and pawned all this Amber Fluid, eh?\²'''Merve:''' Nope! I don't give a stuff, mate!\²'''Drongo:''' Oh well! Then in that case, mate... ''[pulls out twin lightsabers]'' it's time for you to go to buggery!²* LandDownUnder: If Australia was a PlanetOfHats.²* LaserBlade:²** Drongo and Merve have lightsabers. (In fact, Drongo [[DualWielding uses two]].)²** The Sith Troopers use [[BattleBoomerang light-boomerangs]]. ²* NonindicativeName: The android Bluey is painted red (from the Aussie habit of nicknaming redheads "Blue").²* NotInThisForYourRevolution: Merve's desire to down a nice cold one drives the entire plot.²* OffTheShelfFX: A rebel is clearly using a repainted [[UsefulNotes/SuperNintendo Super Scope]] in one shot. This is actually a subversion since a) the Super Scope looks convincingly like the bazooka it's supposed to be, and b) the visual FX cover for it makes it less noticable.²* PreAsskickingOneLiner²-->'''Drongo:''' Merve Bushwacker, I'm inviting you to bite your bum!\²''[Drongo's [[RedEyesTakeWarning eyes glow red]]; door opens behind him]''\²'''Nugget:''' Hey Drongo. Cop this, ya mug!²* PunnyName:²** X4-VB -- "VB" is a lager (for Victoria Bitter), and XXXX is a brand of beer brewed in Brisbane.²** Drongo is Aussie slang for a foolish person.²** Burko means crazy.²* RefusalOfTheCall: Merve is reluctant to hook up with a bunch of yahoo rebels, until it's pointed out they might have beer that Drongo hasn't got his hands on yet.²* SeriousBusiness: Beer!²* SceneryPorn: South-east Queensland, and the Sturt Stony Desert.²* ScrewTheWarWerePartying: Just because they're going to attack Drongo's base tomorrow is no excuse not to lift a cold one.²* ShoulderCannon: Bluey has twin pop-up laser cannons.²* ShurFineGuns: The Buggeriser [[RuleOfThrees only works on the third go]], when Nugget hooks it up to X4.²* SkewedPriorities:²** On seeing Burko lying in front of his destroyed pub, Merve exclaims, "Oh no!" then steps over his body to pick up an empty beer can. "A bloody tragedy." This becomes a RunningGag as Merve is motivated more by his need for a cold one than his desire to fight Drongo's tyranny.²** On a related note, his ship can [[DivertingPower divert all power to the fridge]] "in case of emergency".²* SodaCanShakeup: Caught without his lightsaber, Merve summons a tinnie using the Force, shakes it up and squirts the contents at a charging Unyip.²* StrangerInAFamiliarLand: Imagine going back to your home town and finding your mates can't even crack open a beer in celebration!²* SupervillainLair: Dunny's Deep, Darth Drongo's fortified brewery by the sea.²* TakeOffEveryZig: "All units, she's a go-er. I repeat: [[PunctuatedForEmphasis She. Is. A. Go-er!]]"²* TrojanHorse: Merve and Bluey hide inside barrels of Amber Fluid at the destroyed rebel base, knowing that Drongo's mooks will take them back to Dunny's Deep.²* RobotBuddy: X4-VB²* UnfortunateNames²-->'''Merve:''' So, Burko, is it? What, some sort of [[EmbarrassingNickName nickname]]?\²'''Burko:''' ''[turning to stare at him] Nah.\²'''Merve:''' Fair enough...²* UnspokenPlanGuarantee: Done in larconic Aussie style.²-->'''Merve:''' So that's the plan, eh?\²'''Bear:''' My oath it is. So whaddya reckon?\²'''Merve:''' ''[shrugs]'' Aw yeah.\²'''Bear:''' Good. Go get yourself some tucker.²* VisualGag: When traveling in the back of the utespeeder, Merve snaps a [[RobotDog dog ute lead]] onto X4.²* VisualInnuendo: When the Sith Troopers activate their light-boomerangs, they're being held at groin level. The downward curve of the boomerang [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything makes them appear somewhat]]… [[TheLoinsSleepTonight droopy]].²* WasItReallyWorthIt: At the end of the film Merve isn't joining the party, instead pondering whether all the death and destruction was worth it. Burko is stuffed if he knows. Merve then takes a swig of beer and decides that it was.²* WhatDidIDoLastNight: Burko wakes up in front of the devastated pub.²-->'''Burko:''' Ohhh crikey, last night must have been a real blinder...²* YouWillBeAssimilated: Merve is introduced driving off a fleet of infested ships. [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse They're never seen again]].²* YowiesAndBunyipsAndDropBearsOhMy: Unyips -- genetically engineered bunyips that Drongo uses to track down supplies of the amber fluid. According to his backstory, General Bear got his name after taking on a sleuth of drop bears.²----


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