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1There's always a story behind the story.˛˛''sillypplproductions2'' is a Website/YouTube channel that began in 2012 with multiple videos showing the behind-the-scenes craziness at Toys/HeroFactory (even though it doesn't quite look the part), and grew to show the [[{{Toys/BIONICLE}} Toa and Matoran's]] interactions with the Heroes. Almost every event that occurs can be expected to go [[HilarityEnsues hilariously wrong.]] Almost no exceptions.˛˛The channel is available [[ here]].˛˛----˛!!This channel provides examples of:˛* TwentyFourHourArmor: {{Justified}}, since all the Heroes should be running out and defeating villains all the time, there's no need to take it off. Plus, they can't in the first place.˛* AccidentalMisnaming: In the Thanksgiving 2014 special: "Onu-Onu-Onu-Onewa...face," "O-O-Onua," and "Gee-orf."˛* AprilFoolsPlot: ˛** Breez says that since Furno is turning evil, Nex looks like the better choice to date, and Surge is going to go to school [[note]]haha, no; why they even believed him in the first place is up for debate[[/note]]. ˛** Surge attempts to pull April Fools' pranks on the Heroes and Masters (from the 2015 reboot of Toys/{{BIONICLE|2015}}), ultimately [[spoiler:kind of succeeding when he runs away from Hero Factory. However, Tahu, Master of Fire isn't very happy.]]˛* AxeCrazy: Surge. If he feels like it, he will attack people with no provocation.˛* BreakingTheFourthWall / MediumAwareness: In the ThanksgivingEpisode for 2014, Pohatu says that the reason he crashed was because he was thinking about Toys/{{BIONICLE|2015}} 2015 [[note]]the franchise is having a soft reboot early 2015.[[/note]]. On the same subject, in their Veterans Day episode in the same year, Tahu says after he tells Pedestrian that Makuhero City burned down, Pedestrian asks why nothing is happening:˛--> '''Tahu:''' Because the editors are too lazy to put something in there that indicates that something is--that something is happening...[and] that is why there is no Hero Factory in 2015. [''goes up to the camera''] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Headcanon. Accepted.]]˛** They also notice that the footage has jumped a bit due to the camera having stopped filming.˛* AudienceMurmurs: "12/12/12 -- The Last Time This is Going to Happen in 99 Years!" and the Christmas 2012 special, to name a couple.˛* BottleEpisode: All of them.˛* BuiltWithLego: Played straight and subverted; even though the characters are from Franchise/{{LEGO}}, they don't use system bricks (traditional [=LEGOs=]).˛* CallBack: ˛** Thanksgiving 2014: History Repeats: Surge destroying the table in the Thanksgiving special in 2012. Talked about, then re-enacted.˛** Easter 2015: Evil Doctor Green Hare from the Easter special in 2013 comes back, intending to take over. However, Dog Puppet comes in once again to save the day, this time without his companion.˛* CharacterExaggeration: Mark Surge, in Toys/HeroFactory canon, is not at all silly, destructive, or obsessed with electricity; however, due to the high ability of an InterpretativeCharacter (of almost any character) within the {{Webisode}}s, it's easy to take him (or anyone else) in nearly any direction.˛* ChristmasEpisode: One every year since 2012 except for 2013, which is by a technicality (the train in "Matoran Go on a Train Ride" looped around the Christmas tree).˛* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Surge, hands down. Gosh, is there anything he ''won't'' do?!˛* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Anyone who isn't nutty and isn't Surge.˛* ContinuityNod:˛** Easter 2015: Evil Doctor Green Hair references his assistant, who he says he fired, and Surge references how he believed Tahu when he accidentally said "f" instead of "h."˛* CutawayGag: In both {{ThanksgivingEpisode}}s, when Surge talks about the turkey, it cuts to the turkey.˛* DrunkOnMilk: Both Nuhrii and Underwear Lincoln Log get drunk on eggnog in the New Year's Eve Special and the ThanksgivingEpisode, respectively. Although, sometimes eggnog can have alcohol.˛* EducationalShort: The Martin Luther King Day episode from 2013 is more educational than silly.˛* ElectionDayEpisode: The Grand Oak Party (Joker and Surge) vs. the Themocrats (Tahu and [[OriginalCharacter Beej Rind]]).˛* EnsembleCast: All of [[Toys/HeroFactory Alpha Team]] (Surge, Stormer, Furno, Breez, Bulk, Stringer, Nex, Evo, Rocka), many {{Toys/BIONICLE}} characters, some Hero Factory villains, and a few [[OriginalCharacter Original Characters]]˛* FlatWhat: Breez is very prone to this.˛** The ThanksgivingEpisode 2014:˛--> '''Surge:''' What the what.˛* FunnyBackgroundEvent:˛** In "Halloween Special 2012: Celebrities and Calendars," Miss Piggy, Froggie, and Geico (stuffed animals) attack the Joker.˛** In "Our April Fool's Day Special 2013," Batman is seen sticking out of Surge's backpack.˛* GagSeries: This is Randomness˛* HalloweenEpisode: ˛** 2012: Surge gives everyone masks, and they all go trick-or-treating. {{Subverted}} in that [[spoiler:it's not actually Halloween; Surge messed up Hero Factory's calendar, somehow.]]˛** 2014: Tahu and Kopaka take some Matoran trick-or-treating. [[spoiler:It ends with Surge.]]˛* HypocriticalHumor: Surge says "Be nice!" Yet he attacks people.˛* ImmediateSelfContradiction: Thanksgiving 2014: "Thanksgiving is not about food...even though it kind of is..."˛** Later on in the speech: ˛----> '''Surge:''' It's about turkey, and family! But mostly turkey.˛** Immediately pointed out by Tahu.˛* {{Infomercial}}: "Tahu Does an Infomercial."˛* LaughTrack: {{Parod|y}}ied in "Memorial Day 2015" when Agent Diamond asks where the laugh track is coming from and Scoper says he can't hear it.˛* LawOfAlienNames: Gormo follows this, for the most part.˛* TheNameIsBondJamesBond: "The name's Gormo, Al Gormo."˛* TheNicknamer: Surge.˛* NonSequitur: ˛--> '''Batman:''' Joker, my greatest enemy.˛--> '''Joker:''' Hello, Batman--!˛--> '''Batman:''' Would you like to swim with this fish?˛%%* NoodleIncident%%˛%%* [[ObnoxiousInLaw|s]]: Santa's mother-in-law is [[spoiler:Snow White's stepmother.]]%%˛* OfficialCouple: First Breez and Nex, then Breez and Furno. Joked about in the [[AprilFoolsPlot April Fool's episode.]] (see above).˛* OriginalCharacter: Beej Rind, Elmo, Al Gormo, Acid, Elizabeth Blackwing, and the three Heroes from the MLK Day special.˛* PublicServiceAnnouncement: The [[ PtP Campaign.]] [[ Now with a "fundraising" page.]]˛* RealisticDictionIsUnrealistic: Considering most of the videos are {{improv}}, this is bound to happen.˛* RedOniBlueOni: Surge is red, Breez is blue. Surge is crazy, Breez [[CloudcuckoolandersMinder isn't.]] Mostly. %%Breez and Hawk.%%˛* StandaloneEpisode: Every single one of them. Even if they reference some other episode, one doesn't necessarily have to watch the episode being referenced.˛* ShoutOut:˛** Election Day 2012:˛*** To the two main United States political parties, the Republicans (GOP) and the Democrats.˛** Thanksgiving 2014:˛*** To Toys/HeroFactory's ''Invasion From Below'' when Breez says that they don't want Surge in a cocoon again.˛*** Lincoln Logs, with Underwear Lincoln Log. Also, the table underneath the instruction manuals.˛*** To Information Society's "I Want to Know (Pure Energy)" when Defilak says "Pure energy." {{Lampshaded}} by the music that plays directly afterwards.˛** Easter 2015:˛*** To Toys/{{BIONICLE}}'s "tradition" of corrupted Lewa fighting against Onua, who has to free him.˛* TheSmurfettePrinciple: For a long time, Breez was the only female character. ˛* ThanksgivingEpisode: ˛** 2012: Everyone gets together...[[spoiler:and then Surge destroys everything.]]˛*** Also kind of counts as a WelcomeEpisode for [[OriginalCharacter Elizabeth Blackwing and Al Gormo]] [[note]]who has nothing to do with UsefulNotes/AlGore, and Gormo would probably like to kill animals and destroy the ecosystem rather than save them.[[/note]]˛* TwoGirlsToATeam: Breez and Hawk, Breez and Elizabeth. Depends on the episode.˛* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Almost anything and anyone that's weird is treated as though it's not/they aren't.˛* ValentinesDayEpisodes: One extremely short one from 2013.˛* VocalEvolution: Both the voice actors' have matured and deepened, leading to the characters' voices sounding closer to their {{Canon}} counterparts.˛* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: This generally happens a lot.˛** Elizabeth Blackwing and the three Heroes from the MLK Day Special have never been seen again.˛** Along with Elmo [[note]][[Characters/SesameStreet not ''that'' Elmo]][[/note]], who appeared in an update video in 2012.˛** And Beej Rind.


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