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1[[quoteright:180:]] ''[[ Googlebrains]]'' is a Website/YouTube channel that hosts videos, most if not all of which are usually perceived as mediocre. The channel consists of content created using Website/GoAnimate and a little bit of gaming, among other things. ----!! This channel provides examples of:%%* ActionGirl: Disgust. But, she's an evil one.* ArtEvolution: The initial goal of Googlebrains was to be a ''VideoGame/ToontownOnline'' channel in a similar vein to that of [=QuackityHQ=]. This is obvious in "TOONTOWN FAILURE (1)" and "Old [=YouTube=] be like...", which were some of his first videos.%%* AuthorAvatar: Monty.* BlatantLies: Combined with PrecociousCrush, where in the description of his Pan-Pizza dating sim video he says that he has a raging crush on [[WebVideo/RebelTaxi Pan-Pizza]].%%* ChekhovsGun: [[spoiler:Disgust is defeated due to an EmergencyBroadcast]]%%* DerangedAnimation: Almost all of his Website/GoAnimate content, especially Dave Smurf, has this.* EmergencyBroadcast: Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh 2. [[spoiler:Disgust actually gets defeated due to one of these.]] There's also one on the way to Fluxburgh itself warning about the flying Leafys.* GenreRoulette: Downplayed. He spends a few months in one genre, then switches to another one for a week, then goes to a 3rd genre for another half year.%%* GISSyndrome: Everybody who is a [=YouTuber=], Disgust, and several other characters.* KickTheDog: Disgust really has no reason to be destroying Fluxburgh.* LeftHanging: We don't actually know what happens after "Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh 2" when Monty says [[spoiler:they're going back to Townsville to see WebVideo/RebelTaxi, and that Monty gets a word with his crush.]]* TheMovie: "Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh: The Movie". Of course, it's played for laughs.* NegativeContinuity: Even though Fluxburgh is completely blown up in the first installment, the second "Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh" has Fluxburgh intact.* {{Omnibus}}: "Lack of Inspiration" is actually a collection of things that Googlebrains made when he was bored.* {{Parody}}:** "Caillou Plays Minecraft" is a parody of ''WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}}'', and ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' to a certain extent.** Dave Smurf is a parody of David Smith by WebVideo/ZimmerRoberts.%%* {{Pilot}}: The pilot for "The Nonsense Show".* PrecociousCrush: Combined with BlatantLies, where in the description of his Pan-Pizza dating sim video he says that he has a raging crush on Pan-Pizza.* RedHerring: [=LtCorbis=]. In the first Disgust Destroys Fluxburgh she's trying to become the ultimate overlord of Fluxburgh [[spoiler:when she loses to Disgust. She doesn't appear at all in the sequel.]]* ShoutOut: It has [[ShoutOut/{{Googlebrains}} its own page]] because there's so many shout-outs.%%* StylisticSuck: The theme of many of his videos. The 10 subscriber special in particular.* WomenAreDelicate: Zig-zagged with Disgust, as she can blow up an entire city but [[spoiler:she dies when Monty's unnamed friend plays an EmergencyBroadcast tone.]]----


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