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1[[quoteright:301:]]˛[[caption-width-right:301:Chad resolves some work issues.]]˛˛->'''Chad:''' May I speak with you a moment, my master?˛->'''Randy:''' It's just Randy, okay Chad?˛->'''Chad:''' Yes, my master.˛˛Chad Vader is the younger brother of the more famous Darth Vader. Due to not being quite as authoritative and charismatic as his sibling, instead of conquering the galaxies, Chad works as the day shift manager at Empire Market, a grocery store in the US. The show follows Chad's daily life trying to get along with his co-workers, who consider him a rather rude fellow, possibly due to his strange voice and his habit of force-choking those who annoy him.˛˛The series originated and gained fame on Website/{{Channel101}}, where it was cancelled by the Cinespace audience after two episodes. The creators then decided to move it to other venues such as Website/YouTube and Website/{{Myspace}}. The clips hold a quality level clearly above what one can expect on Youtube, with good action and overarching story lines. It also sports a wide cast of talented actors. The series consists of the first season, featuring eight episodes, the second season, featuring eleven episodes, the third season, featuring ten episodes, and the fourth and final season, featuring ten episodes. Chad also has a six-episode series of educational videos for improving your mastery of the grocery store clerk calling.˛˛The series is produced by Blame Society Productions, an enterprise consisting of Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan, which has also made a wide variety of other clips that can be found on their [[ YouTube channel]] or on their [[ official homepage]]. He was also a [[ guest riffer]] for Podcast/{{Rifftrax}} for ''[[Film/AttackOfTheClones Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones]]'' and [[ Episode V:]] ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack''.˛----˛!!''This web series contains examples of:''˛* AffectionateParody: Of Chad's older brother, [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]], of course.˛** Damien Nightshade is an obvious parody of ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', though he may not be such an affectionate parody.˛* ArbitrarySkepticism: Weird Jimmy is an atheist according to his twin brother Johnny, but he believes that elves exist.˛* AscendedFanboy: Chad Vader himself got to voice the actual Darth Vader in ''VideoGame/{{SoulCalibur}} IV''. He would go on to play the role in ''VideoGame/EmpireAtWar'', ''VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed'', its sequel, and ''VideoGame/DisneyInfinity 3.0''.˛* AsHimself / AdamWesting: Brian Krause (of ''Series/{{Charmed|1998}}'' fame) plays himself, who was a former worker at Empire Market and knew what Chad has done on his job interview and first day. He gets instantly identified for being in ''Charmed'' and quickly points out that he also appeared in Series/MadMen.˛* BackStory: Weird Jimmy tells his to Chad, and by extension, the audience.˛* BerserkButton: Don't ever take Baby Cookie away from Hal Thompson.˛* BigBad: Clint Shermer in the first season, Maggie [=McCall=] in the second. She also held the role for part of the third, then Clint Shermer returned [[spoiler:only to be upstaged by Crazy Randy working for Baby Cookie.]]˛** BiggerBad[=/=]NotSoHarmlessVillain: [[spoiler:Baby Cookie]]. Although [[EpilepticTrees its sentience is debatable]], there's no doubt that it's the single most dangerous force in the Chad Vader universe. [[spoiler:[[KillEmAll It got Randy to try and wipe out the entire store, after all]].]]˛* ButtMonkey: Lloyd the guy at the Deli Counter whom everyone hates. Chad and Maggie BOND over their hatred of him.˛* CharacterDevelopment: Baby Cookie provided Randy with some, before he got baby cookie he could be described as "well meaning boss who has to deal with the typical frustrations of incompetent employees"(namely chad) but as of the most recent episodes, thanks to baby cookie, he has pretty much filled the void left by Weird Jimmy mixed in with just a bit more AxCrazy then Jimmy had˛* TheChosenOne: Jeremy as Weird Jimmy says is "the one".˛* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome:˛** Clarissa, Chad's love interest from the first season, was DemotedToExtra in the second season, and disappeared entirely in the middle of the third season without explanation.˛** Randy does not appear in the final season (except in flashbacks) but it is mentioned that he still works at Empire Market.˛* CloudCuckoolander: Weird Jimmy, Empire Market's janitor, and Chad himself and his apprentice, Commander Jeremy Wickstrom, to some extent.˛** Lionel, the guy who works the cash register. "Randy says I wander..." * wanders* ˛** Marshmallow Bandito˛** Damien Nightshade˛* CompanionCube: Weird Jimmy's mop, named Mop.˛** Also Hal Thompson's doll, Baby Cookie.˛* CreateYourOwnVillain: [[spoiler: Chad ended making Clint his enemy on his first day after he made a mess of trying to fix the wall clock by "punching in" and then blaming Clint for it.]]˛* CreepyDoll: Baby Cookie is slowly turning into this.˛* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Hal Thompson is a complete idiot, but get between him and Baby Cookie...˛* TheDitz: Jeremy, though Hal Thompson, a rather creepy guy with large glasses and long hair who keeps randomly appearing in different parts of the store, asking for really weird things, such as live chickens (to sacrifice for a Pagan ritual) is a better example. He is also the star of his very own {{Spinoff}} series, ''Complete Idiot''.˛** OlderThanTheyThink: Hal debuted in a different series that was going on simultaneously with Chad Vader called 'Fun Rangers'.˛** The spin-off series "eHal" reveals that Hal is "an expert", meaning that he has some... unusual skills, many of which have to do with goats and more recently, a miniature couch... for obvious reasons.˛* DemonicPossession: Weird Jimmy (now a ghost) possesses his twin brother Johnny because he wants to continue working.˛* EnemyMine: In the season 3 finale, Chad and Clint discover there are several bombs placed around the store, forcing them to work together. Clint is about as blasé about this team-up as he is about anything else, however.˛* EvilMentor: Maggie eventually becomes this to Chad during his tenure as General Manager.˛* FaceHeelTurn:˛** Jeremy in season 2 after he is appointed General Manager. He pulls a HeelFaceTurn at the end of the season and was demoted.˛** Chad himself in the middle of season 4 after he realizes that the employees do not respect him as General Manager.˛* FascistButInefficient: Chad's increasingly oppressive reign as General manager does much to make the lives of the employees and customers miserable, but instead of making the store run smoothly, it actually ruins efficiency and reduces store profits.˛* FallenPrincess: Weird Jimmy used to be [[spoiler:the Day Shift Manager, then became the Night Manager, and then lost his sanity and became the janitor.]]˛** As of season 2 Randy have been going through the exact same process, except that it seems to have made him way more deranged than Jimmy ever was.˛* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Despite being Chad's whipping boy, Lloyd is often seen hanging out with him in the spinoff videos.˛* GambitPileup: In the making with Maggie, Baby Cookie, and a returned Clint having unknown agendas sure to collide in Season 3.˛** Disappointedly subverted in that the gambits neither collide, nor even reach execution. Baby Cookie is taken back by his previous owner, effectively having him PutOnABus and ending any possible gambits. Clint becomes the manager of another Empire Market store, ending his plans against Chad with the unlikely exception of a store rivalry. And Maggie is stripped of her Empire Market liaison status courtesy of Champion J Pepper, ending any of her unknown previous plans.˛* GeniusDitz: At first, Hal Thomson seems like an idiot, something not helped by his... unusual way of speaking and his tendency to ask for things grocery stores are not normally known to have. After starring in two other series running with this, he got a third of his own titled ''eHow'' where he turned out to be "an expert". Some of his... unusual skills later come into play at Empire Market including [[spoiler: pulverizing Randy and rescuing Baby Cookie in Season 3, and saving Chad's life in the Season 4 finale]].˛* HarmlessVillain: The Marshmallow Bandito who cause minor annoyances by ''throwing marshmallows at people! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!''˛* [[spoiler: HeroicSacrifice: Damien with the final Baby Cookie bomb.]]˛* HateSink: Lloyd being a sleazy, sexist womanizing loser and the show's ButtMonkey.˛* HypercompetentSidekick: Jeremy, who is still a little odd, but much more competent than Chad.˛* IronicEcho: [[spoiler: "And who is responsible for you?"]]˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Chad, considering the fact that he [[spoiler: made Clint into his nemesis and made Jeremy think he had to work at Empire Market forever]] is still a nice guy and can be helpful when he needs to be.˛* JourneyToFindOneself: Jeremy leaves Empire Market at the end of Season 3 to go on one. [[spoiler: It amounts to playing VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim for 3 days without food or sleep and wandering around the street for food and almost stealing trash from a hobo.]] ˛* KavorkaMan: Chad manages to attract some pretty female co-workers, despite the fact that he's a deformed, rude, socially awkward nutcase who spends all of his time in a black body suit and helmet, ordering everyone around like the crew of an [[Franchise/StarWars Imperial Star Destroyer]].˛* KilledOffForReal: Weird Jimmy [[spoiler: Only to come back and possess his own brother in season 4.]]˛* LiteralMinded; On his first day on the job, Chad literally punched in the clock breaking it.˛* LoveTriangle: Between Chad, Clarissa, and Clint in Season 1.˛* ManipulativeBastard: Chad [[spoiler: hired Ben the ghost for $50 to tell Jeremy that his destiny is to work for Empire Market forever and completely ignores the fact that Jeremy's destiny lies at the Michigan Institution of Technology.]]˛* MidBattleTeaBreak: In the middle of Chad and Jeremy's fight in the finale of Season 2, they temporarily stop their battle to help a customer find some groceries.˛* MundaneUtility: In addition to being able to cut through anything, Chad's lightsaber apparently functions as a lighter.˛* NotSoHarmlessVillain: [[spoiler:Baby Cookie!]] Didn't see that one coming...˛** Also Hal turns out to be a pretty good fighter if you get on his bad side.˛* PaperThinDisguise: Hal invokes this unintentionally. First he mistakes an employee's apron for a "wizard's cape" and puts it on (messily) and is immediately mistaken for an employee by Maggie. Later on he is standing in the middle of the store in his usual clothes accompanied by a goat, and is again mistaken for an employee by Champion J. Pepper (HilarityEnsues as Hal gives him a tour of everything that has happened to Empire Market while dragging his goat along).˛** Also, Chad "disguises" himself as Clint by doing nothing more than ''wearing Clint's nametag.'' A justified example, since in Chad's defense, he was trying to fool customers who might have seen him around but didn't necessarily know the names of all the staff. He never tries to pass himself off to anyone who actually ''knows'' what Clint looks like.˛* SanitySlippage: What happens to those in the Night Shift Manager position with Clint being the one known exception.˛* SharedUniverse: With many of Blame Society Films' other shows. Hal's presence makes it clear that this is the same universe as ''eHal'' (on which Chad Vader made a guest appearance) and ''Fun Rangers'' which in turn provides a link to ''Dr. Moley Can Help'', and there are some shorts which indicate Chad Vader to be in the same universe as ''Thor's Kitchen''. For a really weird mind-boggling addition, Baby Cookie, Dr. Moley, Hal, and Chad Vader have all made guest appearances on ''Beer and Board Games'' where Aaron and Matt play themselves, which raises the question of whether that too is somehow part of the same universe. Really, the only show of theirs there ''isn't'' any obvious link to is ''WebVideo/WelcomeToTheBasement''.˛* ShockAndAwe: Chad gains the ability to use force lightning in the season 2 finale while seething with rage at [=Maggie=].˛* ShoutOut: The store's cleaning droids constantly chant: '''[[Series/DoctorWho EXTERMINATE!!!]]'''˛* SpinOff: Hal (the guy who was looking for live chickens and goat's milk) has his own show, ''Fun Rangers'' which tells the odd misadventures he has with his even weirder friend, Cody.˛** Hal also became the central figure for a spin-off series called ''eHal'' (originally "eHow" but presumably changed due there being a website with that name), where he is "an expert" who he answers strange questions from fans often relating to the supernatural, such as how to catch a unicorn, how to summon a shoggoth, how to deal with calls from Cthulhu, ect. While the cast is pretty much limited to Hal (aside from occasional appearances by his rival Munt and his [[TheVoice unseen girlfriend Kritch]]), Baby Cookie, Cody, and Chad Vader have made guest appearances.˛* TemporaryLoveInterest: Clarissa (Season 1) and Libby (Season 2).˛* TyrantTakesTheHelm: Maggie stars in the Season 2 story arc.˛* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Chad himself.˛* VillainProtagonist: Chad becomes one in the middle of the fourth season until his HeelRealization in the finale.˛* VillainousBreakdown: Maggie whines upon losing her manager status. She's slightly disheaveled at Champion's awards ceremony where she gets the Night Manager position. Combine the night manager position's sanity destruction with her already borderline sociopathic personality, the breakdown is gonna snowball...˛* WantingIsBetterThanHaving: After Chad works tooth and nail to get to the general manager position and earns it at the end of Season 3, he ends up becoming an overlord like his brother in season 4, ends up ruining the relationship he had with Michelle and almost ends up killed, as a result of this, he chooses to go back to being Day shift manager at the end of the season. ˛----


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