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1%% Jeremy Winterson's site has been hijacked and is unsafe. PLEASE DO NOT RESTORE THE DELETED LINKS: try to hunt down the images from other sources like imgur.˛˛[[quoteright:315:]]˛->[[center:[[AC: The war came!\˛The republic encountered\˛Two squares fight the vehemence\˛The improbity fills the world\˛The space general of the alliance is skillful\˛Kidnap the D the speaker the conduct\˛The proper abruption alliance troops tries\˛Ratio prosperous drive with the]]]]˛˛''Star War the Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West'' is a GagDub of ''Franchise/StarWars Episode III: Film/RevengeOfTheSith''. It can be seen [[ here]].˛˛˛The dub's script originated from a [[MemeticMutation memetic]] RecursiveTranslation[=/=]TranslationTrainWreck [[ found in China by a certain blogger named Jeremy Winterson]]. The name is taken from the translation of the opening crawl (the original saying, obviously, "Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith"). Most sentences are absolutely mangled in the translation, while some sentences still have their original meanings intact.˛˛Similar [[RecursiveTranslation Recursive Translations]] have been made of the other movies in the series, collectively known as ''WebOriginal/TheStarWarGatherings''. [[ Currently, a fandub has been released for]] ''Episode Four: Film/ANewHope.'' [[note]] Or rather ''The Fourth Gathers: WebVideo/TheNoveltyDesire.''[[/note]] Since the announcement of the ''Star War Gatherings'' production, ''Backstroke of the West'' has retroactively been applied to the former's lineup.˛˛There is war in the Gram Republic with the Space. [[BigBad Speaker D]], the Speaker/Prime Minister of the Senate, has been kidnapped by the Abruption Doctrine. Two Hopeless Situation Warriors[[note]]The official sound based translation of Jedi is 絕地, which just happens to translate to "desperate/hopeless place/situation". Thus, Hopeless Situation warriors.[[/note]], Ratio Tile and Allah Gold, are sent to rescue him from the clutches of Space General, a very deceitful former Hopeless Situation Warrior. Previously, Allah Gold made an unspecified mistake which started the war, and is determined to do whatever it takes to restore peace. However, it is unclear whether he wants the war to continue or not.˛˛The rescue is a success. Allah Gold duels and kills The, a "Big" who is into human sacrifice and harbors an intense hatred for him. Space General, who can always succeed to succeed, manages to escape, and his airship sustains critical damage from the mysterious Good Elephant. Fortunately, our heroes manage to crash-land the airship safely on Lemon Avenue, though The Willing to Compares is annoyed that nobody is there to greet them. After his harrowing experience, D expresses concern about whether the war will continue, but Text How Big, a powerful Hopeless Situation Master, rebuffs him, on the grounds that he is against compromising with black people.˛˛As Space General proceeds with his plan to split up the Abruption Doctrine leaders, the Presbyterian Church grows to distrust D, apparently because he is from the West. When D the Superior appoints Line to the Parliament as an Elder, the Parliament callously deny him that title in retribution for his record of "long peace." However, they accept his appointment to the Parliament on the condition that he spy on the Prime Minister . . . so that they can learn more about his sex life in order to discredit him.˛˛Meanwhile, the Presbyterian Church continues on its task to find Space General, believing that he is the only thing that is keeping the war going on. A tip from Speaker D points the Hopeless Situation Warriors to Particularly With The System Of. Speaker vouches for Allah Gold to lead the campaign. Unfortunately, despite even Vanquish Is agreeinng about Gold's experience, the card Ratio Tile is instead sent to capture Space General, with Vanquish Is being outvoted and suddenly concurring with the Presbytarian Church's decision. Believing that everybody is good, Section Ratio General decides to confront Space General directly, but he is proven wrong when Space General orders his underlings to killed him. However, before the minions comply, Space General decides to duel Section Ratio General himself, confessing quite nonchalantly about being a former Hopeless Situation. Eventually, Space General is defeated, though he managed earlier to complete his plan to split up the Abruption Doctrine leaders.˛˛The Presbytarian Church's brilliant plan to discredit the Speaker backfires, as, while the Space General was defeated, the D has become disillusioned with the Hopeless Situation Presbyterian's plan to create "less freedom with more wars." Determined to end the conflict at all costs, Mr. Speaker seduces Gold into having an affair with him, turns him against Hero's Ground, and ultimately reveals that, as governor of the city, he has learned to use a dark power, the Black Influence, which can make a person become not just a Big, but both Strong and Big. This is the last straw for Text How Big Teachers, who deems Allah Gold "foolish" and decides to kill the Pudding outright. The Peaceful is Willing To must make a fateful decision, which will ultimately pit him against his depraved and foul-mouthed master, Section Ratio General . . .˛˛Note: Only tropes about this particular translation should be put here. Anything on the proper translation should go on [[Film/RevengeOfTheSith the proper page.]]˛˛----˛!!Send these tropeseses only:˛˛* AdaptationalHeroism:˛** Or at least Adaptational Less Villainy. ''Revenge of the Sith'' heavily implies that Palpatine was the apprentice who murdered Darth Plagueis; here, Reach the Man was killed by his land, not by the D. It's also said that the war wasn't started by him, but by Allah Gold, meaning that The D might genuinely be a WellIntentionedExtremist doing what he feels is necessary to end the conflict. It's still undeniable that he's not a good person: he causes the destruction of the Hopeless Situation Warriors, and he's every bit as ambitious and power-hungry as Palpatine, wanting to be [[GratuitousGerman aller]] strong and big than anyone.˛** Similar to Speaker D above, Space General is also somewhat nicer to his underlings in this version (threats to feed them dog aside). When the Abruption Doctrine leaders question his ability to keep them safe, he begs them to believe him rather than threaten them as he did in the original work, and when it looks like Ratio and Gold will escape capture on his airship, he urges his troops to escape.˛** Vanquish Is is far more helpful to Gold than Yoda is to Anakin in ''Revenge of the Sith''. Evidently, Allah Gold told Vanquish Is about The Plum Of's pregnancy, judging by [[CrossDressingVoices his/her]] "Pregnancy? Pregnancy." line, meaning that either the Hopless Situation Parliament has no rules against marriage like the Jedi Council did, or Vanquish Is is Gold's SecretKeeper. Vanquish Is' advice also seems much more helpful than the Jedi platitudes Yoda spouts in the equivalent scene in ''Revenge of the Sith'', especially ˛* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: "The tile time transfers the troops."˛* AerithAndBob: "Lemon Avenue" sounds kinda out of place on Coruscant.˛* {{Ambadassador}}: The Jedi were this in general, but Allah Gold in particular is mentioned as being involved with some sort of peace negotiation - presumably with the Abruption Doctrine - a few times throughout the movie.˛* AmbiguouslyEvil: The Hopeless Situation Parliament. Apparently, they have taught Allah Gold that the best way to end war is to have "less freedom with more wars", and Gold summarizes "the parliament plan" as doing exactly that. They also punish Gold for his relation to "long peace" by denying him a title, and apparently are using him to spy on Speaker D in order to find out about his sex life.˛* {{Angrish}}: Gold's reaction to not being granted a title by the Presbyterian Church is as incomprehensible as the rest of the script.˛-->"Can be how like this\˛Like this too wide of the mark\˛Like this inequity\˛I can how belong to the\˛parliament but is not"˛** Ratio Tile reacting to Allah Gold's killing of younglings:˛-->"This is what who fuck"˛* ArcWords: "Strong and big", "Good elephant", "On the hoof", and "[[ObligatorySwearing Fuck]]". To a lesser extent, "What is the row", "Cut up rough", "Walk first one step" and "Do not want."˛* ArtisticLicenseBiology:˛** If not referring to time or punctuation, Allah Gold mentioning Ratio Tile's periods is either this trope or stating that he is {{trans|gender}}.˛** Earlier on, D mentioned to Allah Gold that the public has an "eye ear," which apparently has a voice.˛*** Though you could also interpret that as him saying that they are facing the eye ear with ''their'' voices, [[VoodooShark not that this makes any more sense.]]˛* ArtisticLicenseMilitary: When Speaker D appoints Allah Gold as a private, he phrases it as though it's a public office rather than a military rank.˛* AscendedMeme: By accident. The translation unintentionally references the memetic nature of the "Unlimited power" line by having Speaker D BreakTheFourthWall and brag that he will "Get to say with you that part forever."˛** The way Allah Gold delivers one of his lines might be a less accidental example.˛--> '''Allah Gold:''' "I [[MemeticMutation do not want...]] that just keeps present condition."˛* AssShove: One of the pilots says of a droid fighter, "He is in my behind".˛* AwesomeMcCoolname: ˛** ''Allah Gold''.˛** Also, "Hopeless Situation Warriors" is fairly cool.˛* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: Allah Gold disagrees, saying he does not need his unborn child's help. He does consider the baby to be a blessing, but probably means that in a sentimental way.˛* BadBoss: Zig-zagged with Space General. At one point, because of their failure to capture Ratio Tile and Allah Gold, he angrily exclaims "I should really feeds you all dog!" But later, after Gold and Tile defeat his bodyguards, Space General tells the same underlings "Leave he, run quickly!" while he confronts them on his own.˛* BadassBoast: "You are a sacrifice article, that I cut up rough now," definitely counts.˛** One way to interpret the D's line "my power has always been to have no like," is that it's a very archaic way of saying that he has no equal (e.g. "there are none like me"), in which case, it's certainly badass. ˛* BigNo: Subverted. It's rendered as "Not" and "Do not want", since Chinese doesn't have a word that specifically means 'no' (instead it would be [Negative] [Thingy]).˛** In one case, it becomes "Run", possibly because the translators [[{{Mondegreen}} heard this particular "No" as "Go".]]˛* BlessedWithSuck: Depending on the interpretation, the D's power "to have no like" may be regarded as this.˛* BlindIdiotTranslation: People fluent in both languages have suggested that [[ a recursive translation isn't enough to explain the trainwreck]]. They suspect that whoever translated the film into Chinese didn't have access to an actual script, as evidenced by some "translations" making sense only if you assume he [[{{Mondegreen}} mis-heard the original English]], or he didn't pick up on it at all and made up a line he thought made sense in context. For example:˛** "Just as Count Dooku predicted" becomes "Kill these two republics bodyguard".˛** Yoda's line about "premonitions" became "Pregnancy? Pregnancy." The translator might not have know the word "premonition" or understood it to mean "pregnancy" (which makes sense, as The Plum Of's pregnancy is exactly what Allah Gold is worried about).˛** Senator's casual comment that Blow the Skin "is my wife" may come from the translator mishearing Bail Organa's original line, "Have the protocol droid's mind wiped", as "The protocol droid is my wife".˛** "Space General" seems to be a contextual name, deriving from the translator's not knowing or understanding the word "Grievous".˛** Luke Skywalker's name is rendered as "See Me", which may derive from the translator hearing "look" instead of "Luke".˛** The Sand People are referred to as "Pathetic People", which may derive from the translator hearing "sad people".˛** "The front is a lemon avenue flying straightly" was originally "Landing strip straight ahead", and it may be that the translator heard "landing strip" as "lemon street".˛* BlindObedience: Commanding Officer, and to an extent the other Republic Troopseses, to D The Superior upon being ordered by the latter to gun down the Hopeless Situation Warriors.˛* BluntYes: Assuming that "Is!" is an affirmative answer in this universe (see CatchPhrase below), Ratio Tile agrees with Allah Gold that [[WorthyOpponent he has indeed underrated Gold's ability.]]˛** Also, Senator needs some serious lessons in tact: "Look, your loss very miserably heavy."˛* BodyguardBetrayal:˛** Allah Gold is a bodyguard of the Republic, along with Ratio Tile. He assures It Gets the Rice that he can't rebel against the Republic, but then proceeds to do so, switching his loyalty to the Empire of the First Choice.˛** The Republic Troopseses as well, once the Hopeless Situation's time runs out, are ordered by D The Superior to kill them off.˛* BornInTheSaddle: It seems when they're not talking about elephants, the characters really have a thing for horses. More specifically, their hooves.˛-->"Make him on the hoof very dangerous."\˛"As long as he is on the hoof."\˛"He returns incredibly on the hoof."\˛"I can feel she return on the hoof."\˛"Is that baby on the hoof?"˛** Note that "on the hoof" can also mean "will be slaughtered". [[ImAHumanitarian Make of that what you will.]]˛* BringIt: Anakin's last line to Obi-Wan before their duel is changed from "You will try" to "Come."˛** Grevious's line of "Attack Kenobi" becomes "Come, section ratio."˛* BrutalHonesty: "The Presbyterian Church like, enjoys you not."˛* BuffySpeak: Apparently, "birthing" is not in Allah Gold's dictionary.˛--> '''Allah Gold:''' You died at the time of livinging the child.˛* BumblingSidekick: The Republic Troopseses. One of them has to be reminded mid-battle what side he's on ("We are Republicans, soldier!") while another can't shoot down an airship right in front of him until D gives him exact coordinates to fire at. Despite this, they still manage to wipe out most of the Hopeless Situation Warriors, thanks in part to their apparent BlindObedience.˛* CaptainObvious:˛** Allah Gold has a moment of this right before crash-landing half of Space General's airship that he, Speaker D, Ratio Tile and R2 are in. (Keep in mind that the ship is not only burning, ''the fire brigade'' have already arrived and started putting out the fire.)˛-->"The temperature of our airship is too high."˛** He also tells The Plum Of that he can see her ship, while standing ''right in front of it.''˛** Ratio Tile at one point claims that, "We have to hurry to act now!"˛* {{Catchphrase}}: A minor one, but [[ the Shock Troopseses]] always responds to The D's orders by saying ''"Is! Follow instructions."''˛** The Republic Troopseses respond to D's orders to kill the Hopeless Situation Warriors by saying, "My host soon be finish."˛* CharacterLevel: Apparently the Hopeless Situation Warriors have something similar to this, as Allah Gold boasts to The that "My force has promoted two times" since their last encounter.˛* ChurchMilitant: The Hopeless Situation Warriors that are in the Presbyterian Church qualify.˛* CoolAirship: There are no spaceships here, just [[InsistentTerminology airships.]] With elephants in them.˛** The D is the only one to avert this, instead calling his personal ship a space craft.˛* TheComicallySerious: All the original acting becomes this when paired with absolute WordSalad dialogue. [[TookTheBadFilmSeriously Kudos to the actors in the dub for pulling it off]] without [[{{Corpsing}} breaking down in helpless laughter.]]˛** Music/JohnWilliams' music and Creator/GeorgeLucas' cinematography also really add to this feel.˛* CompositeCharacter: Apparenty, R2-D2 and Darth Plagueis are the same person, "Reach the Man". Alternatively, it's just an aversion of the OneSteveLimit.˛* {{Cuckold}}:˛** At one point, Allah Gold speaks to The Pudding of ensuring the safety of his cuckoldry. [[TheUnreveal Who The Gets The Rice is cheating with is not stated, though it's implied to be The Pudding himself.]]˛*** It might be Ratio Tile, given that Allah Gold says that The Ratio wants to let The Pudding leave him.˛** After Speaker D and Allah Gold enter into their affair, D asks Allah to "do my student", perhaps while D watches.˛* CulturalTranslation:˛** A rare case of translation going the opposite way: Padmé was not only called "The Plum Of" (in China, plums symbolize nobility and virtue) but also "Gets the Rice" (suggesting that Republic economy is based on rice, à la FeudalJapan).˛** The Space General punishing his robotic minions by feeding them dog might also be a case of this. [[note]] Though if this is the case, it may not be a threat, but rather Space General deciding that he needs to feed them better/different food. [[/note]]˛* DeadlyEuphemism: The Pudding wierdly combines this with an Aversion of NeverSayDie.˛-->"Then his land killed him to let him going to bed."˛* DeadpanSnarker: A lot of characters' dialogue makes more sense if you consider them to be this. Though it's harder to interpret them like this in the dubbed version, [[TheComicallySerious if only because most of the actors give dead serious performances.]]˛* DealWithTheDevil: Possibly what Allah Gold means when he mentions holding tight a devil to end the war.˛* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: A lot, most notably with Darth Vader's alternate name, "Reaching the West of Reaches".˛** "The general space can always succeed to succeed."˛** "But we can will account and then account."˛** "That he must the square who study it the square"˛** The Space General commands his troops "Batter to death them!" twice. In the dub, he says this three times.˛** Allah Gold tells The Plum Of that "Just a dream is just." For added redundancy, [[MeaningfulEcho she then says it to him later in the same scene.]]˛** "Like to like to look after them."˛** Ratio Tile helpfully informs us that: "Our faith believes in our religion". ˛* DisabilitySuperpower: The line "Disabled person must solve" might indicate that Ratio Tile has one of these and that it will give him an advantage against Allah Gold.˛* DisproportionateRetribution: After expressing discomfort due to decapitating The, Allah Gold is comforted by the D, who tells him that the business of vengeance is very familiar.˛* ADogNamedDog:˛** Bail Organa was renamed to "Senator". He ''is'' a senator.˛** General Grievous is similarly given the generic, but accurate name Space General.˛** Commander Cody, like the first two, gets the more generic title of Commanding Officer.˛* TheDragAlong: Chewbacca's name was literally translated as "Drag Along".˛* DramaticPause: Used occasionally in the dub, in an attempt at making the new dialogue match the actors' lip movements. This generally adds to TheComicallySerious nature of the dub.˛--> '''The D:''' "He is very deep... to black... influence... understanding."˛* DrugsAreBad: Used by The Plum Of when she tells Allah Gold he's too high to own an "expectation value"... whatever that is.˛* DrugsAreGood: Vanquish Is apparently thinks that the remaining Hopeless Situation Warriors should use cocaine as a stimulant to make up for their lack of numbers.˛--> '''Vanquish Is:''' "Wait until the gram the person discovers. Will use very long hours."˛* DubInducedPlotHole: The InternalReveal of The D being the MoleInCharge has been replaced with an AsYouKnow statement about him being the governor of Coruscant. Thus, it seems like Allah Gold suddenly decides to kill him for no reason whatsoever, unless The D was just {{Troll}}ing him and Allah Gold simply came to a [[OhCrap silent realization]] of his ''actual'' identity.˛** When informing Allah Gold of Space General's location, D says that he is "at particularly the system of..." [[TooLongDidntDub and the line ends there.]]˛* EatingMachine: The battle droids might be this, if Space General's threat to feed them dog is any indication.˛* TheEmpire: Speaker D turns the Gram Republic into the Empire of the First Choice after becoming sick and disabled.˛* EpilepticTrees: The translation is so bad that ''any'' theory about what the translated dialogue "actually" means basically boils down to this. This mostly explains why the tropes on this page tend to contradict each other.˛* EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory: Religious symbolism abounds in this movie--perhaps more than the original. Allah Gold, the Presbyterian Church, and references to the "salvation activity", to name a few.˛** The D in particular seems to love using religious terminology. He calls Allah Gold his "disciple" a few times, states that "[[TheEndIsNigh The judgement day of world come quickly, general.]]" and uses the phrase "Good of good," a possible ShoutOut to the Nicene Creed.˛* FailedASpotCheck: At one point, a pilot has to be given exact coordinates to fire at in order to shoot down a Hopeless Situation Warrior who is flying directly in front of him.˛* FamousLastWords: "Very Good." Said by two of The Space General's robots when they see an approaching elevator, thinking that it'll crush Allah Gold. He manages to avoid it and it ends up crushing them instead.˛* FantasticRacism: The Hopeless Situation Warriors, and to an extent, the Presbyterian Church, really really despise those from the West. It backfires on them later when Speaker D, who is from the West, decides he's had enough of it, and promptly starts killing them off.˛* TheFarmerAndTheViper: Ratio Tile approaches Space General, convinced that everybody is good. Space General immediately orders his troops to kill Ratio Tile.˛* FateWorseThanDeath: Allah Gold threatens to "ruin" Ratio Tile, implying that he wants to give his old master one of these.˛* FelonyMisdemeanor: According to Speaker D, the Parliament is supporting war by voting.˛* FisherKing: The Tragedy that Reach the Man is the story of a strong and big West Emperor who was killed by his land, perhaps after it got sick of his evil and abuse.˛* FloweryElizabethanEnglish: A few words here and there fall under this trope, like "lo", "vexed" and "afresh". But the syntax of the translation is so mangled it often sounds very archaic. Many people have said that the dubbed version plays like a [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare Shakespearean]] performance.˛** A bit of a GeniusBonus - The translation "a day after the fair", replacing "too late" actually stems from an [[ archaic expression]] meaning exactly that.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}:˛** Allah Gold asks the Ratio Tile "Is you make the ghost?" while on the Space General's airship. While the Ratio denies this, it could be foreshadowing Obi-Wan's eventual becoming into a Force ghost in the canon films. Alternatively, it could be a reference to [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels that ship used by a crew of resistance fighters he would later hunt down as Reaches.]] It ''did'' include a few Hopeless Situations, after all. Though Ratio was not among them. (This would've truly been an example of this trope if this had been the case. [[HilariousInHindsight This translation was made years before]] ''[[HilariousInHindsight Rebels]]''.)˛** Space General also makes a reference to Ratio Tile dying to settle an unspecified struggle. This could be a reference to Obi-Wan's death in Film/ANewHope.˛** Similarly, Ratio Tile's declaration that he "was old" may be referencing the achronological release order of the ''Star Wars'' films by acknowledging that Film/ANewHope takes place much later in Obi-Wan's life.˛** When D tells Allah Gold about Reaching The Man Cloth Space, Gold jumps to the conclusion that "In fact he can come back from the brink of death," which is what Gold/Reaches himself does at the end of the film.˛* FountainOfYouth: Ratio Tile possibly discovered something like this, as he talks about him being old in the past tense.˛* FunWithSubtitles: The English subtitles contain the original, untranslated script.˛* GenderFlip: Particularly Reach the Master and Blow the Skin seem to be female in this version, judging by the former's voice and the latter being referred to as Senator's wife.˛* GeniusBruiser: The West seems to be this, since D tells Allah that he must "study the square" in order to understand the The Dark World.˛* GeometricMagic: Speaker D implies that this is how the Dark World works.˛* TheGhost:˛** The Good Elephant. [[JustifiedTrope Of course, he didn't actually exist in the original film.]]˛** There's also the mysterious Academic Association that gets a mentioned a few times.˛* GlorySeeker: The members of the Presbyterian Church, according to both D and Gold.˛-->'''Speaker D''': They are just a flock of to fish for fame its person. Even act as rivals with the Senate.˛-->'''Allah Gold''': [[YouCanSayThatAgain You can say that again]].˛* GoForTheEye: Ratio the Tile instructs R2 to destroy the last Airship Robot by "beat[ing] it the in-between eye".˛* GoKartingWithBowser: Bizarrely, the Presbyterian Church seems to have been in email contact with the West up until Text How Big attempts to kill The D, judging by his line "The west ages is already on doing not reply".˛** Also "Ratio Prosperous drive with The."˛* GoodIsBadAndBadIsGood:˛** This exchange.˛-->'''Ratio Tile:''' The peaceful is willing to, D the superior is a bad person!\˛'''Allah Gold:''' To me hero's is just bad person![[note]]Allah is probably actually saying that ''Hero's Ground'' (another name for Hopeless Situation Warriors) are just as bad as Speaker D, but it's funnier this way.[[/note]]\˛'''Ratio Tile:''' [[YoureInsane Friend you are crazy!]]˛** The Presbyterian Church seems to believe this, as they punish Allah Gold for his track record of "long peace" by denying him a title.˛* GratuitousGerman: The Pudding would be aller strong and big than anyone.˛* GreyAndGrayMorality: For all their heroism, the Hopeless Situation Warriors perform some rather unsavory actions for the sake of their goals, and the villains are either {{Well Intentioned Extremist}}s at best, like The D, or have redeeming qualities, like how Space General is a BenevolentBoss.˛* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: When confronting The, who is "a big", Ratio Tile surprisingly reveals that he and Allah Gold are "for the big." However, they still proceed to fight him regardless. Alternatively, one could interpret this as meaning that the Hopeless Situation Warriors exist for ''dealing with'' the Big. They are the solution ''for'' the problem.˛* HenpeckedHusband: The Gets the Rice blames Allah Gold personally for the war, telling him it "represented your mistake."˛* HeroicBastard: Allah Gold and The Gets the Rice's children are this, as Allah Gold mentions early on of thinking of nothing but getting married to The Gets the Rice, indicating that she had gotten pregnant out of wedlock in this version.˛* HeroicSelfDeprecation: While reporting to the D that he had killed the Abruption Doctrine leaders, Allah Gold describes himself as a barbarian despite having just ended the war, [[ThirdPersonPerson while referring to presumably himself in the third person.]]˛* HoistByHisOwnPetard: The Hopeless Situation Warriors send Allah Gold to know The D at fuck, hoping that they can undermine him. It backfires ''stupendously'' as Allah Gold becomes The D's apprentice and annihilates their entire encampment.˛* HonorBeforeReason: When Allah Gold says that Ratio Tile owes him seven times, Ratio reminds him that it's actually ''nine'' times (although the preceding events don't count for some reason).˛** Perhaps Ratio Tile was [[NeverLiveItDown so embarrassed]] [[MyGreatestFailure by getting knocked out of the fight with The]] that he was willing to owe Allah Gold two more favors just to get him to drop it? ˛* HopeBringer: Could be the reason the Hopeless Situation Warriors got their name; a bunch of lightsaber-wielding space wizards backed by the Presbyterian Church who are called into action when [[DarkestHour all hope seems lost.]]˛* HoneyTrap: A suprising male version of this trope -- the Presbyterian Church sends Allah for the D to "know him at fuck".˛* HonorableElephant: The Good Elephant, considering his moniker.˛* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: When confronting Space General again, Ratio Tile claims everybody is good.[[note]]Although he could have meant "everyone's good, just keep doing what you're doing"[[/note]] He also has no problem with letting Allah Gold -- who thinks that the best way to put an end to war is to have less freedom and start more wars -- participate in peace negotiations.˛** Before his second fight with the Space General, he says he has “contacted good” after speaking with the [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver silver, red-wearing]] landing delegation.˛** Allah Gold isn't much better. He's convinced that "[[ObviouslyEvil Speaker D]] is not a bad person" and that "[[GoodIsBadAndBadIsGood Heroes is just bad person.]]"˛* HoverTank: The Republic military apparently possesses an "air tank", which one of the Hopeless Situation Elders is upset to learn won't be sent into battle.˛** Alternatively, "air tank" might refer to [[ exactly what it refers to in our world]], which is not nearly as cool, but much funnier.˛* HulkSpeak: Ratio Tile expresses how civilised he is.˛-->'''Ratio Tile:''' "Looking me am a civilization person."˛* HumanSacrifice: The seems to have something of a fixation on this, telling Allah Gold and Ratio Tile to "dedicate their bodies," before he fights them, and calling Allah Gold a "sacrifice article," before threatening to dismember him.˛* HypocriticalHumor: A super battle droid calls Reach the Man a "stupid robot" before said robot defeats him and another droid of the same model rather embarrassingly by spraying oil in their faces and lighting them on fire.˛* IceCreamKoan: This gem that leaves Allah Gold and most likely the audience utterly baffled:˛-->'''Speaker D:''' Allah Gold, if a person wants to comprehend, then he must the square who study it the square, but a little bit much more than only concerning. If you like to be a leads more astutely, that you must accept this more great power. But want the caution hopeless situation, Allah Gold. You only ask for help me then can become the the knowledge of the dark of the study hopeless, in the fire of water.\˛'''Allah Gold:''' [[FlatWhat You say what?]]˛** Much of the dialogue comes across like this, notably when Ratio Tile and Vanquish Is find the bodies of the younglings slaughtered by West of Reaches... And immediately dive into a philosophical debate about whether children can exist. ˛* IHaveManyNames: A few characters.˛** Obi-Wan is alternately called "The Willing to Compares" and "Ratio the Tile." The opening scroll also calls him "Ratio Prosperous".˛** Anakin is usually referred to as Allah Gold, or sometimes simply Gold. After his turn to the Black Influence, he is referred to as The Peaceful Is Willing To by the Hopeless Situation Warriors, or Reaching the West of [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Reaches]] by The Speaker D. Several times, The Plum Of calls him simply Line.˛* IHaveTheHighGround: Ironically, given the source material, inverted. "The geography that I stands compares you superior!" basically means "YOU have the high ground!"˛* ImmediateSelfContradiction:˛** Allah Gold creates one when asking to join the Parliament of the Presbyterian Church.˛-->"Let me enter the Parliament, do not let me."˛** Allah Gold seems very conflicted about his impending fatherhood, since he dismissively tells The Plum Of "I do not need the child's help," then immediately proclaims proudly that "Our baby blesses god'sly."˛** The D remarks that Allah Gold is “affirmative to have doubted.” He also uses the phrase "a little bit much more."˛** After the D encounters an injured Allah Gold, he tells the Shock Troopseses to "Grasp the person right away." They dutifully reply "Is, follow instructions!", but then just scamper away without doing anything.˛** But the ultimate example of this might come from The Plum Of's medical examination.˛-->'''Medical Droid:''' [[FalseReassurance "Check result, she complete health]] but we can't explain why she quick dead."˛* InvasionOfTheBabySnatchers: Allah Gold's premonition seemingly depicts The Plum Of tearfully begging for her baby to be returned, which gives the impression that Gold turns to the Dark World just to prevent a child abduction.˛* ItsWhatIDo: When The Speaker D warns Ratio tile and Allah Gold that The is "a big", he reassures the Speaker that he and Allah are "for the big."˛* LameComeback: Not that the original insult was all that witty, but Space General's comeback is just bad.˛-->'''Allah Gold:''' "Space General, you and not equal to I think severe."\˛'''Space General:''' "Smelly boy."˛** When Text How Big tells the D he failed, his reply is “Not. Not... you just failed”. [[Film/RevengeOfTheSith (Though in fairness, this is pretty close to the real line.)]]˛* LargeAndInCharge: The villains often talk about their desire to become "strong and big." Clearly, size equals authority and power in this universe.˛* LighterAndSofter: Even leaving aside the fact that many scenes are rendered hilarious by the translations, the overall tone is lighter. Among other things, the conflict is severely watered down. Everyone agrees that Allah Gold is a good fit for the council, the Sith are barely even implied to exist, and most of the characters are polite and compassionate, even the villains from the original movie (with the exception of The, who dies after one scene). The only element that's really darker than the original is Ratio Tile's [[PrecisionFStrike swearing]].˛* LikeIsLikeAComma: Many characters talk like this:˛** "Like, reach the man, good good good let us counter-attacking."˛** "Like, this time do not calculate in fact."˛** "The Presbyterian Church like, enjoys you not."˛** "Like, record, you owe me a."˛* ALongTimeAgoInAGalaxyFarFarAway: Subverted, suprisingly enough. The opening lines are translated fairly accurately, [[UnreliableNarrator but they turn out to be wrong,]] as the D clearly states that they are in the Milky Way.˛* LoveDodecahedron: Allah Gold's love life is... confusing, to say the least. He loves The Plum Of and she returns his feelings, but The Speaker D convinces him to cheat on her with him. He also seems to believe that she's also cheating, presumably with Ratio Tile. Confusingly, he takes offense to this despite wanting to make out with Ratio himself.˛* MeaningfulName: Ratio suddenly begins referring to Allah Gold as "The Peaceful is Willing To" only after his fall to the Dark World. Appropriate, given that Gold has proven himself to be willing to do [[IDidWhatIHadToDo quite]] [[WouldHurtAChild a lot]] in order to [[WellIntentionedExtremist preserve peace.]]˛* MediumAwareness: Allah Gold is apparently aware that he's a character in a movie, [[Film/ThePhantomMenace as he remembers the scene were he sent The Plum Of her necklace.]] [[LampshadeHanging Either that, or Hayden Christensen just broke character to lampshade]] [[TheOtherDarrin that he wasn't actually in that movie.]]˛* TheMenFirst: Twice Space General offers himself up to distract Ratio (and Gold the first time) so that his underlings won't be forced to fight them. The first time, on his airship, he urges the crew to flee after his bodyguards are dispatched, and the second time comes when he tells his troops to let him handle Ratio alone.˛* {{Metaphorgotten}}: It's hard to know what exactly Ratio Tile was attempting to convey with his statement that "The front is a lemon avenue flying straightly." When you're trying to crash land a burning airship, it's not really the time to toss out an IceCreamKoan.˛** Maybe [[CoolAirship airship]] landing pads are called 'lemon avenues' on this planet, and Ratio Tile was giving Allah Gold directions.˛* MistreatmentInducedBetrayal: According to Speaker D, the Presbyterian Church enjoys Allah Gold not, which motivates him to join the West.˛* MoodWhiplash: This can happen in the dub, whenever a serious, silent scene is interrupted by a ridiculous, poorly traslated line. For instance, the dramatic scene where Drop is executed is followed by the line [[HoYay "You make out quite good."]]˛* {{Motifs}}: References to geometry keep popping up. One of the main characters has the first name Ratio, another's nickname is Line, and D talks about studying squares.˛* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: After helping The Speaker D kill Text How Big, Allah Gold experiences a brief pang of conscience:˛-->'''Allah Gold:''' I did what?˛* NationsAsPeople: Space General seems to think the Republic is a living entity, and that Ratio Tile and Allah Gold are its bodyguards. That, or he's being metaphorical and flowery.˛* NewJobAsThePlotDemands:˛** D is cited as holding at least 6 different positions throughout the movie, being called both the Speaker and Prime Minister of the Senate (and at one point declares himself no more than a ''member'' of the Senate, but Text How Big calls his bluff), as well as being the Governor of the city of Coruscant (but only the city), as well as being Emperor of the West (long before he actually becomes Emperor in the real movie) and at the end he forms the Empire of the First Choice. Later on, his troopseses refer to him by the title of "Big King".˛** Allah Gold also does this. He starts out as a Hopeless Situation Warrior. Then Speaker D inducts him into an unspecified military as a private (though he also describes it as a civilian office). This also makes Gold eligible to become an Elder. The Parliament accepts this, but does not grant him the title in retaliation for his "long peace". Then he becomes a South Host as Reaching the West of Reaches.˛* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: Ratio Tile explains that Allah Gold has been denied a title because the Hopeless Situation Parliament does not like his history of "long peace".˛* NoNonsenseNemesis: When informed that Ratio Tile and Allah Gold have landed in his airship, Space General immediately orders his troops to kill them, even though his troops merely wanted to ''hinder'' them.˛* NoPartyGiven: Averted. Characters identify themselves as Republicans more than once.˛* NonDubbedGrunts: The dub reverts to the actual ''Revenge of the Sith'' voice track for most interjections during fight scenes and the like.˛* NonIndicativeName:˛** The leaders of the Hopeless Situation are called the Presbyterian Church, but don't seem to believe in original sin or predestination, if you go by Ratio Tile's declaration that "everybody is good."˛*** Given the above, and Ratio Tile's comment that "Apparently I depraved", they don't believe in total depravity either.˛*** They may not even be Christian, given that their faith "is not to believe in a certain person."˛*** If they are Christian, their version of the Nicene Creed must use the phrase "Good of Good".˛** Also applies to the title of the movie itself. At no point does anyone from the West do any swimming, and the one person who does (Ratio Tile) doesn't do the backstroke.˛* NonSequitur: Happens constantly, due to the poor translation.˛* NoodleIncident:˛** Apparently, there was some kind of fair the day before the movie began. For some reason, it's very important that it's now the day afterwards. [[FridgeBrilliance Maybe that's where the good elephant comes from?]]˛** Whatever Space General did to establish his reputation as "very deceitful" is never elaborated on. [[spoiler: Unless it was in reference to the fact he's a fallen Hopeless Situation Warrior: that certainly would count as treachery.]]˛** The Gets The Rice at one point tells Allah Gold that she "''was'' pregnant," with accompanying dramatic music, implying [[TragicStillbirth a very dark plot twist]], but the rest of the film proceeds to depict a relatively normal pregnancy culminating in the birth of two healthy babies.˛** When summarizing a combat report that Allah Gold missed, Ratio mentions that he's apparently depraved. He doesn't elaborate and changes the subject quickly.˛** Allah Gold apparently made some unspecified mistake in the past, which The Gets the Rice blames for starting the war.˛** At one point, it's mentioned that, when Allah Gold was a child, Ratio Tile "did" his teacher. This is never brought up again or elaborated on.˛* {{Novelization}}: [[ Two]] [[ fan-made ones,]] both found on Website/FanFictionDotNet.˛* NumberOfTheBeast: One of Speaker D's lines references it when he orders the destruction of the Hopeless Situation Warriors.˛-->'''Speaker D:''' The dynasty opens fire: 66, 60:00˛* ObligatorySwearing: Particularly bad since the original film had no swearing in the first place. Here however, Ratio the Tile drops the F-bomb more than once.˛* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: It's too bad we never get to see The Good Elephant flying his airship.˛* OlderThanTheyLook: The Space General may be older than he appears, even as a cyborg. He refers to himself as "old man" when telling his troops that he'll fight Ratio Tile alone.˛* OldWindbag: The Hopeless Situation Elders of the Presbyterian Church are this to Allah Gold. Shortly after organizing a strategy for an important battle, Allah Gold's first thought is, "Is really boring."˛* OverlyLongGag: An unintentional example. Having the Jedi be referred to as "Hopeless Situations" is funny at first, but the word "Jedi" is said ''a lot'' in this movie, so it really can get grating after a while.˛* ParrotExposition: After [[spoiler:The Plum Of [[DeathbyChildbirth dies in childbirth]],]] this exchange between a medical droid and Ratio Tile:˛-->'''Droid:''' Check result, she complete health but we can't explain why she quick dead.\˛'''Ratio Tile:''' Does she die quickly?\˛'''Droid:''' We must proceed the surgical operation right away, talent extrication child.\˛'''Ratio Tile:''' Child?˛* {{Planetville}}: In contrast to the real movies, this is Averted here. Vanquish Is manages to escape The D's notice simply by leaving the country.˛* {{Pluralses}}: Not only that, but ''Pluralseses'' also make an appearance.˛** Allah Gold talks about how he does not like "politicseses".˛** He later speaks to Vanquish Is about the "dreamses" he's been having.˛** At one point, Text How Big talks about the "troopseses".˛** At the very end of the movie, the droids are referred to as "childses."˛** The unexpected -es suffixing pops up in non-plural words as well. The Pudding commands Allah Gold, "Doing you needses must its matter", and Text How Big feels Allah Gold "cans not handles" the task of spying on the D.˛* ThePowerOfHate: Though the Sith from the original are known to fuel hatred into strength, D seems to take it a step further here: he declares to the Senate that "My power has always been to have no like!"˛* PowerOfTheVoid: Speaker D claims to have a "great void", but it may not be the most reliable source of power, seeing as how he claims in the same scene that it was weak during his fight with Text How Big.˛* ProductPlacement: Subverted. The original movie did not have any products from outside the Star Wars universe. This movie referred to D as "Big King" ... the name of a sandwich from Burger King, who was promoting the original movie. Subverted as, at the time, the sandwich of that name was discontinued.˛* RagingStiffie: It sure must be pretty embarrassing for Allah Gold when The Pudding tells him that he's "already at full cock".˛* ReadingTheStageDirectionsOutLoud: Space General's "{{Beat}}, we are great and black influences" might be an example of this.˛* RedLightDistrict: Space General may be hiding out in one. When Ratio Tile goes to find him, he's given directions by Commanding Officer to "the pimping mainland".˛* RefugeInAudacity: There's no Order 66 in this version. Speaker D just flat-out tells Commanding Officer, as well as the other Republic Troopseses, to kill the Hopeless Situation Warriors.˛* ReligionIsMagic: The Force doesn't exist. There's only The Wish Power. Let alone the fact that the Jedi Council is translated as the Presbyterian Church.˛* TheRepublic: The Gram Republic, which the Speaker D turns into the Empire of the First Choice following him becoming disabled and sick.˛* TheReveal:˛** Space General was once a Hopeless Situation Warrior, and may even have served with Ratio Tile.˛** D being the governor of the city is treated as this.˛* RightHandVersusLeftHand: Speaker D apparently had to beat the Republic's Intelligence Bureau to the telephone in order to figure out where the Space General was hiding.˛* {{Robosexual}}: Senator seems to be this, as evidenced by his sudden declaration that Blow the Skin "is my wife" in the penultimate scene, something that even Blow the Skin seems shocked about.˛* SatanIsGood: Allah Gold wants to hold tight a devil to win the war.˛** To be fair, 'devil' could have been referring to the Space General.˛* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Turns "I have the high ground" into "The geography that I stands compares you superior." Which also has the ''opposite'' meaning of the original line.˛* SeriousBusiness: The D and Ratio Tile both say that Allah Gold's exasperation might lead him to the dark world.˛* ShoutOut:˛** Accidentally [[BorrowedCatchphrase borrows a turn of phrase]] from [[Series/DoctorWho another staple]] of the ScienceFiction genre:˛-->"Exterminate them!"˛** D likens the power of the Black Influence to "many [[{{Franchise/Superman}} Supermans"]].˛** "You are a sacrifice article that I cut up rough now" ''could'' be related to Creator/ChristopherLee's portrayal of [[Film/TheWickerMan1973 Lord Summerisle]].˛* SirSwearsALot: Ratio Tile, who apparently loves to use the word "fuck" a lot.˛* SpaceJews: The Hopeless Situation Warriors might be this, depending on how you read Ratio Tile's statement that "Our faith believes in our religion, but is not to believe in a certain person."˛* SpaceX: Two characters have 'space' added to their names; Space General and Reaching the Man Cloth Space.˛* SpellMyNameWithAThe: Most of the characters at one point or another; Allah Gold and Ratio Tile, for example, are often shortened to "the Gold" and "the Ratio", respectively, while Speaker D is commonly referred to simply as "the D". Possibly ''the'' most triumphant example, however, is Count Dooku, who was renamed to simply "The" (although Ratio Tile also addresses him as "Drop" once).˛* SpiritualSequel: ''Episo pe II,'' an equally bad RecursiveTranslation of ''Film/AttackOfTheClones.'' [[HilariousInHindsight It even translates "Anakin" and "Obi-Wan" into "Gold" and "Ratio."]] It's not clear if its actual subtitles are poorly translated, but the plot synopsis on the back certainly is. [[ This Opening Scroll - read out by Stuart Ashen - demonstrates this nicely.]]˛-->Imprbity trade the federal strike\˛against the mape of the starthe\˛empressten years, day that own the \˛not of the commonrunowner line\˛peaceful anner the gold grow upped,\˛and become a hero juedy warrior, but\˛should be student of ao ratio king-\˛kano the ratio have aiready promoted\˛to be the teacher.˛˛--> Two warrior were returned jte aegos amudala\˛the rece by call to reach to\˛pull the impress at the same time,\˛becaust her life suffer the political the\˛separtion the numeator the threat,\˛nape star is in the federal parliament\˛of congressman representative\˛scheme parties person assassinate\˛amydala reach to pull the impress.˛˛--> However be their relation to have the\˛clash with power, two choice of right\˛human [[{{Pluralses}} faceses]] is not lonely figure\˛loudly presonal destiny, still\˛prospect... that have whole the\˛intergalactic republic...˛** It also misspells Creator/GeorgeLucas as [[TypoOnTheCover "George Luces"]], and the DVD menu calls the movie ''Star Wars Episode II: The Phantom Menace'', while showing clips [[Film/ThePhantomMenace from the wrong film.]]˛** [[ fegelein08]] [[FollowTheLeader has created "Backstroke"-style translations of ]]''[[FollowTheLeader all]]'' [[FollowTheLeader the other Star Wars movies,]] complete with OriginalFlavour MST-like commentary InTheStyleOf Jeremy Winterson's original blog posts.˛*** ''[[ The First Gathers: Ghost The Threat]]''.˛*** ''[[ The Second Gathers: The Duplicate Offensive]]''.˛*** ''[[ The Fourth Gathers: The Novelty Desire]]''.˛*** ''[[ The Fifth Gathers: The Counterattack Collection]]''.˛*** ''[[ The Sixth Gathers: Hopeless Situation Return]]''.˛*** ''[[ The Seventh Gathers: Flies are a Sober Force]]''.˛* StartXToStopX: Allah Gold suggests that "less freedom with more wars" [[TheWarToEndAllWars will make it easier to end war.]]˛* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: Everyone. Besides {{Pluralses}}, they also add verb tenses to prepositions ("Toing have the patience."), turn gerunds into present participles ("You died at the time of livinging the child."), and place seemingly random words into past tense ("A line have beened distorted by the Dark World. You the trained boy noed longer is already.").˛* SuddenNameChange: Presumably, the translation wasn't done all in one go. This is evidenced by characters' names changing between scenes. At one point, Anakin will be called 'Allah Gold', but later on everyone will call him 'The Peaceful is Willng To', for example.˛* ThenLetMeBeEvil: A possible interpretation of Allah Gold's fall to the Dark World, judging from him suffering under NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished and HenpeckedHusband.˛* ThisIsGonnaSuck: When trying to fly into The Space General's airship, only to notice the rapidly closing gate, Ratio the Tile says "I feel far from good."˛* ToiletHumour: "The good elephant in airship dropped what things?" [[FartsOnFire It's implied that the elephant's gases caused an explosion which made the entire ship break apart.]]˛* TooLongDidntDub: This happens very frequently, with only the first part of a line being translated and the rest omitted. For example, a line from the original about the Jedi needing to take control of the Senate is simply translated, "The Hopeless Situation Presbyterian Church." (equivalent to just saying, "The Jedi Council".) Some lines, such as Qui-Gon's name, were removed completely.˛* TranslationTrainWreck: Doesn't even ''begin'' to cover it. Let's see what some of the names were translated to:˛** Jedi Council -> [[ReligionIsMagic Presbyterian Church]]˛** Jedi Knight -> Hopeless Situation Warrior / Hero's Ground˛** The Dark Side -> The Dark World / The Black Influence / The Evil Augury˛** Sith -> West˛** Sith Lord -> South Host / Big / West Emperor / Governor of the City˛** Separatists -> Abruption Doctrine˛** Anakin Skywalker -> Allah Gold / The Peaceful Is Willing To / Line˛** Obi-Wan Kenobi -> Ratio Tile / The Willing to Compares˛** Count Dooku -> [[SpellMyNameWithAThe The]] / Drop˛** General Grievous -> Space General˛** Chancellor Palpatine -> The Speaker D / The Pudding / Prime Minister˛** Padmé Amidala -> The Gets the Rice / The Plum Of˛** Yoda -> Vanquish Is / Particularly Reach the Master˛** Mace Windu -> Text How Big˛** C-3PO -> Blow the Skin˛** R2-D2 -> R2 / Reach the Man˛** Chewbacca -> Drag Along˛** Bail Organa -> Senator˛** Commander Cody -> Commanding Officer˛** Darth Vader -> Reaching the West of Reaches˛** Luke Skywalker -> See Me˛** The Galactic Empire -> The Empire of the First Choice˛** The Force -> Original Dint / Wish Power˛** Buzz Droid -> Airship Robot˛** Clone Trooper -> Republic Troops / Troopseses˛* TranslationYes: Obi-Wan's line "Don't try it!" along with Captain Antilles' line "Yes, your highness?" simply become "Is".˛* TyopOnTheCover: The [[ setup menu]] on the DVD suggests that instead of a TranslationTrainwreck, the "languange" of the subtitles is "Englsih", not English.˛* UnexplainedRecovery: Ratio Tile seems pretty fine for somebody who - if the Space General is to be believed - has already died.˛* UnfortunateNames: Everyone and everything related to the Jedi, who are translated as "Hopeless Situations," giving us names like "Hopeless Situation Warrior", "Hopeless Situation Parliament" and "Hopeless Situation Presbyterian".˛* TheUnreveal: If you're waiting to see how Qui-Gon's name is translated, prepare yourself for disappointment. The translators apparently thought his name was to difficult to translate, so they removed it completely.˛* VillainRespect: Space General is generally pleasant when conversing with his foes, he repeatedly refers to Allah Gold and Ratio Tile as "sir"˛* VocalDissonance: Compared to the original ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'' actors, the voices in the dubbed version go a couple different ways. Some are remarkably accurate imitations (Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padmé, Dooku, Mace Windu). Others are way off, but clearly intended to fall under RuleOfFunny. Palpatine/D has a flat American accent, Yoda/Vanquish Is has a raspy woman's voice, and Grievous/Space General sounds like an evil [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Comic Book Guy]].˛* WarIsGlorious[=/=]WarIsHell: Allah Gold seems to think that "less freedom with more wars" is a good thing and also seems to treat battles as a game. Then again, he also seems to believe that [[StartXToStopX starting more wars will make it easier to end war]], makes reference twice to wanting to end war itself as a concept, has a history of "long peace", and is involved with peace negotiations, so where exactly he stands on this subject is rather confusing.˛* WarWasBeginning: Rather bluntly expressed in the opening crawl translation as "The war came!"˛* WellIntentionedExtremist: As mentioned above, Allah Gold seems to want to abolish the concept of war in its entirety, but ends up becoming a West to do it.˛* WhamLine: "Did you heard the tragedy that Reach the Man?" For context, Reach the Man (Darth Plagueis) [[TheMole is also the alternate name of R2 in this version.]] Fittingly, ominous music kicks in following this line.˛* WhatTheHellHero: One interpretation of Allah Gold's line about D being governor of the city. He may be reprimanding him for his use of the dark power, by reminding him of his responsibilities as governor.˛* WordSaladPhilosophy: Many, many mangled sayings come off as this.˛* WordSaladTitle: Due to being mangled in the translation, of course.˛* WorthyOpponent: Space General refers to Ratio Tile formally as “Section Ratio General” and says he's “really a day of brave.”˛** Given that "Is" is the affirmative answer, Ratio Tile acknowledges Allah Gold's ability when Gold accuses him of underrating it.˛* YouCanSayThatAgain:˛** Allah Gold says this word-for-word to The Pudding.˛** "He cans say that again that system is very," said Text How Big when deciding to send Ratio Tile after the Space General.˛* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: The D tells Gold that he has "completed [his] usage." [[SubvertedTrope Though he doesn't kill him after this. He just gives him a new mission.]]˛* YoureInsane: "Friend, you are crazy!" said by Ratio Tile to Allah Gold after Gold expresses that he thinks hero's is just bad person.˛* YourCheatingHeart:˛** The Gets the Rice accuses Allah Gold of having an affair, but he denies it.˛** Of course, an earlier scene had D telling Allah Gold, "This will be an unprecedented affair."˛** D also stated that his tutor (implied to be Reach the Man) told him about an affair concerning the Dark World.˛* YouOweMe: Allah Gold to Ratio Tile after the former rescues the latter on the Space General's airship. Incidentally, the Ratio (whether out of sheer generosity or by a Freudian slip) manages to get himself deeper into debt:˛-->'''Allah Gold:''' Like, record, you owe me a. You owed seven times.\˛'''Ratio Tile:''' [[WritersCannotDoMath Is nine times, in fact.]] Like, this time do not calculate. [[AndAnotherThing In fact]].˛˛----˛˛-->''TV Tropeseses, the Wish Power are together with you.''


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