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1--> ''"As long as man has been, and before man, there has been other species in space, struggling to overrule the other. One race, however, is not interested in it's power to rule, but instead it's lust to see who is deserving, or rather to spectate the elite veteran species in the games of the gladiators. The testing grounds are known as the [[TitleDrop Arenas]]."''²--> -- '''OpeningNarration'''²²--> ''"Every gladiator is a force captured to kill. All you must ask yourself, which one are you?"''²--> -- '''Opening text of some episodes.'''²²''[[ Arenas]]'' is a WebVideo series based on the [[Creator/IdSoftware Idverse]], especially in ''VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena'', created by ''Tritin Multimedia'', and directed by Joe Goss, in 2008. It follows the story of VideoGame/{{Doom}}, the character, although not in his classic ''SpaceMarine'' suit, as he's selected by the Vadrigar and taken to the Quake tournament.²²The characters appearing in this series are VideoGame/{{Doom}}, [[VideoGame/{{Quake}} Ranger]], [[VideoGame/QuakeII Grunt]], [[VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena Mynx, Sarge, Visor, Gorre and Xaero]].²²The episodes can be watched [[ here]].²²There were currently plans for a second season. Sadly, [[WhatCouldHaveBeen it won't happen]] because [[WordOfGod the project budget couldn't be achieved]].²----²!This FanFic provides examples of:²* ActionGirl: Mynx.²* ADayInTheLimelight:²** The introduction of both Ranger and Grunt, in "Warriors of Slipgate". There's no Doom in here.²** Also, the story of Sarge. In "Last Stand", Doom and Visor are talking about him in the resting area, while Sarge's regenerating. Cue flashback scenes about Sarge and Visor's previous fights in the Human-Strogg war.²** The [=S2E1=] reel finally shows [[spoiler:Bitterman]].²* AmuletOfConcentratedAwesome: [[spoiler:Ranger gives his amulet to Doom in "The Amulet", so he can teleport. He explains that it's done from the same technology the Vadrigar used for their teleporters]].²* AnAxeToGrind: Ranger pulls out his axe [[spoiler:in order to defeat Grunt in both parts of "Warriors of Slipgate"]].²* AscendedExtra: Pretty much the entirety of the cast, which in the source, were just selectable characters for the player.²* AscendedFanfic:²** The mods Defrag and Clan Arena have their own episodes in both "[=DeFrag=]" and "The Amulet".²** The third-party map Wicked gets two episodes in the limelight in both "Scrimmage" and "The Amulet".²* ATeamFiring: Doom wastes a lot of ammunition. Few shots actually hit the opponent. Case in point: "Doom's Deathmatch Birth", his first frag against Visor.²* BigBad: [[spoiler:The Vadrigar]].²* BigDamnHeroes:²** [[spoiler:Sarge appears to save Doom]] in "Worthy".²** In "REBELLION!", [[spoiler:Doom]] uses [[spoiler:Ranger's rune]] in order to access the operations area of [[spoiler:the Vadrigar]]. Then, [[spoiler:he summons each one of the warriors]]. When they can't defeat [[spoiler:the Vadrigar]], [[spoiler:Doom]] goes again to said room and [[spoiler:summons Gorre, who takes care of the Vadrigar]]. Cue the SequelHook.²* ChainsawGood: Doom uses one in "Chosen By The Vadrigar". And, of course, there's the Gauntlet.²* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: Visor [[spoiler:as both him and as Gorre]], justified as he's a Strogg.²* DeathIsNotPermanent²* DemonicPossession: In "Chosen By The Vadrigar", after Doom's rescue, [[spoiler:he gets to hear the plans of his superiors]], his eyes turns red and he rebels. It seems like something possessed him. [[TheUnreveal Which thing? We don't know]].²* TheFaceless: Visor [[spoiler:as both him and as Gorre]].²* FlippingTheBird: From Doom to his superior in "Chosen By The Vadrigar".²* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Doom, frequently.²* GoryDiscretionShot: [[spoiler:Visor eats the dust off-screen after being defeated by Xaero. He's later turned into Gorre]].²* GunFu: Although in the source material only the Gauntlet served as a melee weapon, here the warriors use all of the available weapons (all of them ranged, except the aforementioned Gauntlet) as melee weapons at some point.²* LightsOffSomebodyDies: In the beginning of "Chosen By The Vadrigar", Doom is watching a movie, then the lights goes off and many of his companions bite the dust.²* MythologyGag: Considering the Idverse as a whole, there're plenty of these:²** Some shots can be teleported and the jumppads can send the projectiles up, as a nod to VideoGame/QuakeIV's multiplayer, which allows this.²** [[spoiler:The final part of Sarge's flashback]] in "Last Stand" is a throwback to the intro cutscene of VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena, where Sarge is decimating thousands of monsters with his chaingun.²** [[spoiler:The aftermath of the match between Doom and Xaero]] in "REBELLION!" it's a throwback to the ending of the same game.²** The amulet Ranger gives to Doom in "The Amulet" has the shape of the VideoGame/{{Quake}} logo.²** At one point in "Chosen by the Vadrigar", Doom accesses a computer screen to see how many things came through the teleporter. Upon viewing the data for Phobos, the map screen that appears between levels in episode 1 of ''Doom'' shows up on the screen.²** The [=S2E1=] reel "The Search for [[spoiler:Bitterman]]" has a lot of nods to ''VideoGame/EnemyTerritoryQuakeWars'' and ''VideoGame/QuakeIV''.²* NeckLift: Xaero in "[=DeFrag=]" and [[spoiler:Gorre in "Worthy"]] both of them does this to Doom.²* NostalgiaLevel: "Chosen By The Vadrigar" takes place in a remixed version of the first map of VideoGame/{{Doom}}. Fans of the game may recognize many stages, aside of those which came with the game itself:²** "Doom's Deathmatch Birth" takes place in Temple of Retribution. (q3dm7)²** "No Backing Down" takes place in Proving Grounds. (q3tourney2)²** "Warriors of Slipgate" (both parts) takes place in The Longest Yard. (q3dm17)²** "Scrimmage" takes place in Wicked. (q3jdm8)²** "REBELLION!" takes place in The Camping Grounds. (q3dm6)²%%²%% ** "DeFrag" takes place in . ()²%% ** The Clan Arena part of "The Amulet" takes place in . ()²%% ** "Worthy" takes place in . ()²%% These ones should be completed. I don't know which map those are.²%%²* OhCrap: The first Cacodemon in "Chosen by the Vadrigar"'s green eye opens as far as it can upon hearing Doom revving the chainsaw. Hard to think a demon which is basically just a red ball of flesh would be capable of expressing this, but it does.²* QuadDamage²* RocketJump: As a Quake-inspired Fanfic, this was expected. At least one warrior do this in each episode, outside of "Chosen By The Vadrigar" and "Last Stand", for obvious reasons.²* ScheduleSlip:²** "REBELLION!" was going to be uploaded in May 1st. 2009. It ended up showing almost two months later.²* SequelHook:²--> '''Vadrigar''': ''[[spoiler:You may have me pissed now, but our war hasn't even started. You may end me, but they won't kill me]].''²* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Mynx is the only woman in the first season.²* SNKBoss: A rare non-videogame example played in-universe. Xaero can teleport while the other warriors can't, and has even more stamina and strength than any of the other warriors.²* TakeMyHand: In "No Backing Down", before Sarge [[spoiler:falls to the pit]], Doom takes his hand. [[spoiler:By virtue of the DemonicPossession, he later releases his hand, with Sarge falling to the pit]].²* TalkingIsAFreeAction: Doom, most of the time.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Doom's companions in the pilot episode.²* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Although the hand-to-hand combat seems out of place in a fanfic based on an old-school FirstPersonShooter, there're plenty of moments where the warriors do throws and holds to their opponents.²----


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