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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛%%[[caption-width-right:350:Put character names from left to right here.]]˛˛''[[ Griefer Belt]]'' is a {{webcomic}} by [[AwesomeMcCoolName Kales de Wild]].˛˛Synopsis copied from the about page:˛˛''Griefer Belt'' is a {{slice of life}} series about [[{{Gayngster}} queer criminals]] [[VillainProtagonist in the black market]].˛˛[[ColdSniper Scott]] works for a black market company that deals in harvesting and [[OrganTheft trading human organs]]. His boss and partner (in crime), [[HandsomeLech Lars Van Allen]], is heir to the organization but [[UpperClassTwit lacks certain abilities]] to properly run a business.˛˛Can also [[ be found]] on Website/TapasMedia.˛˛----˛˛!! ''Griefer Belt'' provides examples of the following tropes:˛˛* AffablyEvil: Scott and Addie are pretty chill people. Almost makes you forget that they're both full-time employees of a black market company and regularly kill people.˛* BadGuyBar: The bar the gang goes to in chapter one. Based on the fact the guys running it have beef with Lars, and the [[CrapsackWorld general state of the world]], it's likely they're no saints either.˛%%* CastFullOfGay -ZCE˛* CrapsackWorld: There's a lot of contract killing and organ harvesting going on.˛* CreatorCameo: The creator, along with their friends, friends' {{Original Character}}s, and Patreon backers, often appear as extras and crowd fillers.˛* ExcessiveEvilEyeshadow: Lars and Scott in chapter 2.˛* FateWorseThanDeath: At one point, Lars knocks out one of their marks and aims to butcher him alive for a cannibal customer, noting that it's good that their mark's pulse is calm since "the meat is better on the palate when he's not scared". Considering that Lars makes a point of telling Scott that the neighbors are out before they begin, he's probably not expecting their victim to stay unconscious the whole way through.˛* TheFamilyThatSlaysTogether: The Belt is a family business, run by the Van Allans.˛* {{Gayngster}}: Only Lars and Scott confirmed so far, but the comic sells itself as [[CastFullOfGay being about queer criminals]], so there will likely be many more.˛* {{Guyliner}}: All part of the uniform, apparently.˛* IAmAHumanitarian: Mr. Cowen, the Belt's best customer.˛* LegitimateBusinessmensSocialClub: The Belt uses a thrift shop as its front. WordOfGod states that's how they get rid of items they "[[RobbingTheDead find on the job]]".˛* NiceJobFixingItVillain: At the start of chapter 2, Lars and Scott free a hostage they didn't know would be there. Lars does tell her to send a tip afterwards (the hostage's father is stated to be a mob boss).˛* OrganTheft: The Belt's primary source of income.˛* ProfessionalKiller: The Griefers working for The Belt get their money by taking hits and selling organs. More than likely, others in the same field will probably show up.˛* PunchClockVillain: Scott and Addie don't seem to share Lars' enthusiasm for murder, but they'll still do it.˛* SliceOfLife: What the comic is advertised as, albeit with people involved in black market details.˛* VillainProtagonist: The employees of The Belt -- [[PowerTrio Lars, Scott, and Addie]] -- are our "heroes" in the story. They make black market deals for a living.˛----


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