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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:Our "heroes", [[MoralityChain Daniel]] and [[NominalHero Abigail]].]]˛˛->''Yes... urgent message to the king. "She wasn't buried deep enough."''˛˛''[[ BACK]]'' is another webcomic written by loveable scamp Creator/KCGreen (''Webcomic/{{Gunshow}}'') and drawn by his friend [[Webcomic/{{Nedroid}} Anthony Clark]] which follows the adventures of Abigail on her quest to end the world.˛˛''"Wait, what?"''˛˛The comic keeps KC's typical charm and humour and combines it with Anthony's clean art. The comic chronicles Abigail's journey from town to town, with the end goal of reaching King Dang's castle. A young druid called Daniel started following her after she saved his town, serving as a guide for Abigail. He hopes to convince her to save the world rather than end it but has a hard time dealing with Abigail's attitude. ˛˛Needs some wiki magic help with typing and indexing.˛˛!! ''BACK'' contains examples of˛* AccidentalMarriage: Due to a combination of factors, including a ticket and an explanation of what love is, [[spoiler:Daniel and Abigail]] accidentally end up married in [[LasVegas Daggum]].˛* AerithAndBob: Burpo, Dang, Darn, Frick, Sippus... Daniel and Abigail.˛* AbnormalAmmo: Abigail uses stomach medicine in her revolver to beat the Tummy Boys.˛* AbusiveParents: The Head Southern Witch acts like an emotionally abusive one to Abigail. She barely cares about giving Abigail a name but uses it to guilt-trip Abigail when she starts to doubt the "end of the world" plan.˛* AccidentalMisnaming: Abigail refers to the Tummy Boys as the Stomach Men, the Gut Friends, and the Tummies.˛* AfterTheEnd: The world of Back seems to have gone through a particularly nasty but survivable one as the only civilization is run by the [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen kind, just ruler]] King Dang and his QuirkyMinibossSquad of enforcers.˛* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Most of the world's inhabitants are semi round/oval shaped humanoids of light shades of green, purple or blue.˛* AmbiguouslyHuman: While normal humans are around, most of the world's beings are close but not quite, as described above.˛** Also applies in-universe to some creatures that are close to the aforementioned beings, are a bit ''off''. Most of King Dang's agents are plain weird, not to mention the clown and [[spoiler: Abigail. She sort of gets more of a pass for being undead though.]]˛* AnArmAndALeg: [[spoiler: Try being fast, Dead Man, when ''your feet have been lopped off''.]]˛* TheAntichrist: Abigail, in a way. She's supposed to bring about the end of the world, and she seems pretty much invincible. There's also a secret society set out to stop her.˛** Though by now, [[spoiler:the Society of Clocks has concluded that Abigail will not so much destroy the world as more press the reset button and begin a new age]], which still fits the Antichrist pattern.˛** She occasionally shows hints of potential to become an AntiAntiChrist.˛* ApocalypseHow: The world of BACK seems to be set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and references to some sort of sanity-eroding 'Crack' are made.˛** Abigail's goal is to start another one when she reaches King Dang's castle. She doesn't know how, but believes that the solution will be self evident when she arrives.˛* ArcVillain: The story progresses by Abigail (and Daniel) making her way through different settlements towards the capital. In each of these, she usually faces Dang's horrible, despicable enforcers.˛** Krud has the Tummy Boys who tyrannize the local population with brutal taxes and violence. ˛** Cripes has Pee Boy, who has hoarded all the water by himself (literally), with the locals dying of thirst. Additionally, the [[spoiler: Clown is genuine threat to be dealt in between]].˛** Accursed has the Dead Man, who is [[KnightOfCerebus a far more powerful adversary]], on top of [[spoiler: being a not particularly vile person, who finally forces Abigail to question herself. While violence is used to deal with him, he turns out to be a fairly reasonable person. The fact that diplomacy is ''not'' used is something that begins to bug Abigail.]]˛** King Dang is technically the BigBad, but largely just serves as the boss, who doesnt really do a lot to the main story. However, he does more directly play the role of main antagonist in the Princess Darn storyline.˛** Blasted has some sort of zombie-like inhabitants who lurk and threaten Abigail and Daniel from the Shadows. [[spoiler: Spectacularly subverted when its revealed that they are [[BigGood The Society of Clocks.]]]]˛** Shoot basically has a parody of one. The whole "town" is pretty much a bus stop, and the issue at hand is the obstructive tollman.˛** Daggum has Crannie, a bombastic presenter who puts Abigail in a series of death traps on top of dueling her by herself. [[spoiler: She continues what the Dead Man on Accursed did, and strongly questions Abigail on her resolve.]]˛** Odious is seemingly ruled from the shadows by the mysterious Queenie and her mafia-church-gang group. [[spoiler: Unlike most of the previous ArcVillains, Queenie is powerful enough to openly defy Dang.]]˛* BackFromTheDead: Abigail, apparently.˛* BarehandedBladeBlock: Abigail stops a ''guillotine'' this way.˛* BedsheetGhost: Some townsfolk try to scare the Tummy Boys out of town with this. Guess how well it goes.˛* BerserkButton: The clown is not pleased when Daniel steals his clothes for Abigail after her set gets melted off.˛** Do not suggest that Frick's numbers are wrong.˛** The Head Witch screams at Abigail and ''throws a car'' at the implication that the people of the world are "nice". ˛** Hurting or threatening Daniel seems to have become one for Abigail.˛* BigBad: King Dang, the despotic ruler of the world. He's is more of the GreaterScopeVillain for the main plot, as the various {{Arc Villain}}s tend to be his subordinates, but he himself doesn't directly interact with Abigail and Daniel.˛** [[spoiler: However, as explored later, Dang's actual hold on the world is pretty feeble, maintained with the aforementioned superpowered individuals in the outer cities, while in the inner ones he has an internal power struggle with Queenie, who in turn is in direct contact with Frick, who is ''supposed'' to be Dang's [[TheDragon dragon]] but is in fact TheMole for the Society of Clocks. On top of it all, the Head Witch is working on covert with King Dang for an unknown purpose, and is implied to be TheManBehindTheMan.]]˛* BigGood:[[spoiler: The Society of Clocks, which oversees the wellbeing of the world and has contacted and directed both Princess Darn and Abigail.]]˛* BigRedButton: Parodied; when Crannie calls for Sherlock to push the "red" button on the controls for the stage, he's confused because literally every button on the console is red... [[ except for one]], a blue button that is ''labeled'' with the word "red".˛* BlandNameProduct: ''[[ Peppo Bismol]]''˛* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Abigail's views are a little... ''warped'' on account of her being undead. For example, she only ends up helping Daniel against the Tummy boys ''because she's thirsty''.˛* BookcasePassage: Princess Darn has one.˛* BottomlessMagazines: Abigail has never loaded anything except things that [[UniversalAmmunition aren't new, unused bullets]] into her revolver on-page.˛* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: Crannie's obstacle course contains ([[NoodleImplements among other things]]), buzz saws, chain saws, buzz chains, and saw saws.˛* BreakingSpeech: Crannie lays it thick on Abigail, calling her out on her indecision and lack of an actual goal, despite that fact that her presence threatens the world. It nearly works if not for the fact that Crannie just had to [[NiceJobFixingItVillain bring Daniel]] [[BerserkButton into the equation too.]]˛* BrickJoke: The aptly named town of Krud becomes this [[spoiler:with the reveal that the world looks like a person and all the towns are on the back. Considering that Krud is the town furthest south and "crud" can be used as a MincedOath replacement for crap...]]˛* BrokenBridge: The toll gate at Shoot. Daniel initially tries to climb over it, causing ''another'' gate to come down and whack him on the head. A ChainOfDeals for two dollars ensues. [[spoiler: Eventually Abigail gets so fed up with the whole thing that she just knocks the toll booth over.]]˛* BrokenPedestal: Daniel was in a bit of a CrisisOfFaith, lacking a sense of purpose in his daily life. Thus, when Abigail came along and kicked asses all around, he felt inspired, began to hero-worship her, and followed her on her journey. It doesn't take him too long to realize that Abigail often relies more on her instincts and luck than any genius, is a bit of a {{Jerkass}} rather than a hero, and lacks a life purpose herself [[note]]That's why she's willing to end the world, because someone gave her a thing to do[[/note]]. Notably, he sticks with her nonetheless, and because of Daniel, Abigail begins [[CharacterDevelopment questioning herself and her actions and taking more initiative]], which arguably leads to Daniel's respect for her [[RebuiltPedestal returning stronger than before]].˛* BulletCatch: Abigail can perform these, notably without using any fancy tricks to do so. She just grabbed the bullet between her fingers...˛* BulletsDoNotWorkThatWay: ...and then immediately loaded the bullet she caught into her own gun and shot it back.˛* CallBack: When the Clown attacks Abigail in Cripes, she states "Daniel, there is a clown". Upon reaching Daggum, several chapters later...˛-->'''Abigail:''' "Daniel... There are clowns..."˛* CasualDangerDialog: Abigail asks Daniel to open a bottle for her while he has a gun to his head.˛* CeilingCling: [[spoiler: In order to escape King Dang, Princess Darn does clings to the underside of her bed canopy. ''For [[{{Determinator}} five days]]''.]]˛* CerebusSyndrome: While the series never really looses its comedic side, after arriving to Accursed, the issue at hand is philosophically questioned and the following opponents are more dangerous and visceral (especially Queenie).˛* ChainOfDeals: Parodied. Daniel and Abigail have to go through the whole rigmarole in order to pay the toll to gain passage to Daggum through Shoot. It's as frustrating and annoying to them as one would think, and Abigail eventually decides to CutTheKnot.˛* CloseCallHairCut: Abigail gets one in Odious when Teenie throws a knife at her.˛* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Several spoilerific examples, due to the quirky nature of the comic.˛* CrapSackWorld: Early on its played for laughs, but as the series advances, the incredibly deplorable state of the outer cities becomes more apparent and is taken seriously. The presence of Dang's downright sadistic enforcers makes it more glaring.˛* {{Cult}}: The Society Of Clocks, who claim to feel the "biological urges or the world", and have tasked themselves with stopping any and all threats to the planet. [[spoiler: They're actually the good guys in all of this, and help Abigail along the way, believing she's not going to literally end the world, but "reset" it, and in doing so save [[GeniusLoci the living planet]] from whatever King Dang is doing to it.]]˛* CurbStompBattle: The fight against Crannie is the first in which Abigail stands no chance at all, what with Crannie being ''[[UpToEleven stronger than]] [[SuperStrength Abigail]]'' and an extremely skilled and experienced arena fighter. Though she only gets warm; what ''really'' gets to Abigail is when Crannie begins to [[BreakThemByTalking take all her achievements, motivations and intentions apart]].˛* CurseCutShort: In once instance, [[ King Dang is interrupted by the next panel]].˛* DeathCourse: The obstacle course on [[ShowWithinAShow Crannie's Challenge]], which seems to be 50% deadly traps, and 50% NoodleImplements. Most telling of all however is the fact that ''Crannie herself doesn't know where it ends''.˛* DeathFakedForYou: [[spoiler: Abigail [[AmbiguousSituation probably]] wasn't killed and resurrected by the Witches, she was only made to look dead long enough that King Dang would be convinced and bury her right at the Witches' doorstep. She was actually [[NotQuiteDead half-awake for the entire ride in her casket from Goodness to Krud]].]]˛* DisproportionateRetribution: Several examples including:˛** The Tummy Boys threatening to attack a bartender that can't pay his taxes.˛** A clown following and attacking Abigail over his clothes being taken.˛** The Dead Man sentencing a woman to a beheading for not following her script.˛** A car with its alarm going off being thrown high into the air for bumping into one of the witches.˛* DoubleMeaningTitle: The comic starts with Abigail being brought back from the dead, yes, but the ''other'' reason for the name is that [[spoiler:the entire kingdom is built on a humanoid's back... or at least something that resembles it.]]˛* DumbassNoMore: Abigail was never dumb per se, but she's prone to act on instinct. In Odious however, when she has a run-in with Queenie's Boys, she manages to talk her way out of the situation and at the same time get herself and her allies some information they need.˛--> '''Mattie''': Nice thinkin', Cowgirl! You talked yourself right out of that fight.˛--> '''Daniel''': Wow, yeah, Abigail! When'd you cook that up?˛--> '''Abigail''': ''*visibly proud*'' I've had thoughts.˛* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In chapter 7, the leader of the Society of Clocks refers to "Mr. Nook", husband of "Cranny"; when the story reaches Daggum three chapters later, ''Knook'' is a woman (though she still seems to be the lover of ''Crannie'').˛* EnemyCivilWar: Not ''quite'', but [[spoiler: Dang's hold of the inner world politics is surprisingly weak, with Queenie and Crannie each having influence that threatens his rule on certain areas, not to mention that Frick works closely with Queenie behind Dang's back... who himself is covertly working with the Head Witch.]] Worsened as [[spoiler: Queenie]] begins to more openly (and successfully) defy Dang.˛* EvenEvilHasStandards: Frick is shown to be somewhat disturbed by King Dang's explanation of what you should do to a "tick". [[spoiler: And later on, ''King Dang himself'' is seen to be considerably disturbed by Queenie abducting Princess Darn to "have some fun with her".]]˛* EvilVsEvil: King Dang and those under his employ come off as amoral jackasses who have no problem jerking their subjects around and exploiting them, but Abigail seems little better when she [[spoiler:is willing to shoot two babies because they might be threat]] and with her stated goal of ending the world. That said, [[AmnesiacHero Abigail literally has no idea who she is or how the world works]], so she's going completely on raw instinct, and she doesn't actually want to end the world, it's just the only goal she's been given in life.˛** With Abigail not knowing right from wrong, that still leaves the Head Witch of South, who works decidedly against the king, but is a cackling, self-serving {{Jerkass}} herself. And she's definitely more keen on the end of the world than Abigail herself is; she initiated the whole matter in the first place.˛* {{Expy}}: [[spoiler:"Damned" Heat]] is blue, has spiked hair, a face with a snout, wears red sneakers and has super speed, much like [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog a certain hedgehog.]]˛* ExtremeOmnivore: Well, roasted lizards when you can't find anything else are one thing, but Abigail doesn't mind swallowing a mug of sand, either... no, Abigail, ''poker'' chips are not the edible sort of chips...˛* FadeAroundTheEyes: Does this with, of all things, a telephone. [[ The strip]] where King Dang learns that Abigail is alive and has a violent mood swing ends with a shot zooming in on his cat-shaped telephone, as everything goes dark except for its eyes.˛* {{Fartillery}}: The Tummy Boys are experts at this mode of attack, creating acidic blasts and concussive shock waves with ease.˛* FatAndSkinny: The Tummy Boys, Burpo and Sippus.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}: Some of Burpo's dialogue seems to hint that the current government is a wild west style tyranny is for [[WellIntentionedExtremist a very good reason]].˛* TheFriendNoOneLikes: Among the villains, ''no one'' likes Sherlock Holmes; as a result he's constantly sent out to do tasks to simply ''get him out of the way''.˛* GassHole: The Tummy Boys, Burpo and Sippus have this down to an art. Bonus points for being absolutely massive tools.˛* GoshDangItToHeck: Not really in dialogue, but places and certain characters use soft-swears as names.˛** One of Queenie's boys, Teenie, seems to be [[SirSwearsALot constantly spewing soft oaths]].˛-->"Why we gotta come all the way up this time to this crap-snackin, ''butt town!!!''"˛** Also, Daniel at occasions:˛-->"How the ''hey'' did this get up here?"˛* GreatDetective: Chapter Seven introduces one. It's [[spoiler:just flat out Sherlock Holmes. Except he's kind of [[BumblingSidekick an idiot]].]]˛* TheGuardsMustBeCrazy: One of King Dang's guards is successfully distracted by a mouse handpuppet. [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight A mouse handpuppet that's refinancing the mortgage on his mouse house.]]˛* TheGunslinger: Abigail woke up knowing literally nothing except how to fire a gun, but she can fire it pretty well.˛* HairTriggerTemper: Abigail is prone to this, starting to shoot furiously with her revolver when she feels provoked.˛* HellHotel: The hotel in Blasted. It's abandoned, dusty, and overgrown, with rotten food in the kitchen, and ghostlike figures haunting the place. [[FromBadToWorse And then Abigail disappears...]] [[spoiler:It turns out to be inhabited by the Society of Clocks, who (once they've stopped seeing Abigail as a threat) are actually quite clement.]]˛* TheHero: Abigail is the main protagonist but she comes off as more of a Nominal due to her attitude and intent.˛* HideYourLesbians: Knook and Crannie are clearly in love, but it's never stated outright.˛* HollywoodHacking: Subverted when [[spoiler: Knook tries to hack the controls to the shooting gallery/obstacle course. Not only is it ''incredibly slow'', it then fails completely thanks to the firewall, so much so that ''the laptop itself becomes a target in the show''. Which [[ImprobableAimingskills Abigail manages to hit]].]] ˛* HypercompetentSidekick: Frick is one to King Dang.˛* ILied: King Dang's new order about taxes needing to be paid at the end of the week, is simply a scroll with this on it.˛* InterfaceScrew: Daniel hanging upside down [[ flips the comic upside down before he even opens his eyes.]]˛* JerkAss: Due to her callous attitude and utter conviction that she doesn't need anyone's help (and a certain tendency to [[DeadpanSnarker snark]] at Daniel's misfortunes), Abigail comes off as mean, arrogant and petulant. How much this is a result of her apparent memory loss due to being undead and how much is her actual personality is not known.˛** The Tummy Boys also get mention for threatening dismemberment and almost carrying out an execution just because the townsfolk couldn't pay the taxes [[InsaneTrollLogic which Burpo had just shortened the deadline for]].˛** "Damned" Heat as well, who wanted to have someone beheaded for no reason whatsoever, just to carry out his idea of a thrilling theater play.˛* LargeHam: King Dang. One of the notes accompanying his concept sketches at the end of the physical book version is "Very animated dude".˛** Crannie too. It comes with being a game host and entertainer in a Las-Vegas expy.˛* LaughablyEvil: King Dang may be a funny little short green man, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a tyrannical ruler [[spoiler: attempting to suck the world dry of life.]]˛* LighterAndSofter: Compared to a lot of KC Green's other works, ''BACK'' is surprisingly restrained, feeling more PG-13 at most.˛* LikeIsLikeAComma: Mattie, though it's not her usual speech pattern, lapses into that when she's nervous.˛--> "[...] and like, we also feel that now, okay get this, we feel that the cowboy lady is actually, like, cool."˛* MadnessMantra: The Clown's "Those are ''my'' clothes!"˛* MakeAnExampleOfThem: The Tummy Boys try to make an example of the Bartender for not paying his taxes (the same taxes that had suddenly been due that day) by cutting off an arm. Daniel tries to intervene, but this merely makes ''him'' their new target instead.˛* MakingASplash: Peeboy is a giant sponge-like member of King Dang's enforcers and can seemingly use the water in himself to sustain severed limbs and retain his amorphous form. He also seems to leak much less than a normal sponge should for how engorged he is.˛* MeaningfulName: [[spoiler: It's all taking place on someone's ''back''.]]˛* MinionWithAnFInEvil: Sherlock Holmes is on King Dang's payroll, but he's far from the most competent of his minions, and despite being told to distract Abigail instead himself gets distracted by the enormous amounts of poker chips she had picked up off the ground and tried to eat.˛* MonsterClown: Whilst not quite as monstrous as other examples, the Clown. He's strong enough to both crack rock and punt Abigail halfway across town, and is filled with murderous, unfathomable rage because... [[DisproportionateRetribution Daniel and Abigail stole his clothes]]. [[spoiler:He used to be the postal worker in Accursed, before he snapped and stole the town clown’s clothes.]]˛* TheMole: Knook, the close friend / lover of a King Dang goon ([[PunnyName Crannie]]), is secretly a member of the Society of Clocks, who are trying to help Abigail get to Goodness without being caught. [[spoiler:Frick, the king's right-hand man, reveals in Chapter 11 that he's also a mole on behalf of the Society.]]˛* MoralityChain: Daniel is one to Abigail... albeit a very ''loose'' one, taking her from "evil" to "less evil". [[spoiler: Thanks to his influence, [[ she even starts to question the prophecy a little]].]] In many regards, it's not so much that he ''chains'' her to morality than that he ''explains'' basic morals to her, as Abigail just doesn't know them.˛* MultiArmedAndDangerous: Crannie, who has four arms. A [[ throwaway comment]] by Knook reveals that she [[spoiler: grew the fourth arm after drinking the [[SuperSerum mysterious chemical.]]]]˛* NewspaperThinDisguise: Whilst trailing Queenie's boys, Princess Darn uses a newspaper with an eye-slot cut in it.˛* NiceJobBreakingItHero: To help Abigail on the obstacle course she has to pass, Daniel tries to manipulate the controls, but since he just wildly smashes buttons at random, he ends up making the situation [[ much more perilous]] for Abgail. And then he starts fighting with Sherlock, right ''on'' the console.˛* NonIndicativeName: [[spoiler:The Dead Man isn't actually dead.]]˛* NonStandardCharacterDesign: [[spoiler:Abigail looks pretty different compared to other people under her cloak.]]˛** From what we've seen so far, anyone working for King Dang possesses some rather strange physical oddities.˛* NoSell: As Princess Darn soon finds out, [[spoiler:King Dang. Her attempt at stabbing him and punching him ends with a broken knife and a broken hand.]]˛* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Sure, King Dang seems like the greatest moron alive, but [[spoiler:he apparently [[NighInvulnerability can't be physically harmed]] by traditional means like knives or punches, ''walks'' straight through walls with no hindrance whatsoever, and he has this nice SuperSerum to his use]]. Also, what he managed to make of the country speaks for itself.˛* OffingTheOffspring: [[spoiler:It's implied King Dang does this to any princess who gets too close to discovering what he's up to. Later subverted, as it's revealed that they're all being held as political prisoners. [[EvenEvilHasStandards He's horrified by the thought of any of them actually being hurt]].]]˛* OffWithHisHead: How Mrs. K is almost executed.˛* OrcusOnHisThrone: Dang doesn't really move from the capital, and even there his operations are restricted to inner politics [[spoiler:(which he is loosing, ''hard'')]] and issues in his castle with Princess Darn. Even as he hears of Abigail making her way to the capital to literally bring about the end of the world, he doesn't make any direct move against her. She in turn plows through her sheriffs and her advance towards the capital is so far unstoppable. [[spoiler: Somewhat justified, as if such news got out the panic would be catastrophic, while Dang himself might not be a match for Abigail. Not to mention the inner city politics keep him weak in the scheme of things.]]˛* PerpetualSmiler: One of Queenie's boys is always smiling.˛* PlummetPerspective: Whilst [[spoiler:fighting with Crannie in the rafters]], a falling sandbag demonstrates just how far up she and Abigail are.˛-->''[[ "Cool!"]]''˛* PunctuatedForEmphasis: ''[[ WATCH! OUT! FOR! THE! NOSE!!!]]''˛* RainbowSpeak: One of the brothers at Shoot lapses briefly into it whilst parodying ChainOfDeals/[[FetchQuest Fetch Quests]]. ˛--> "You'd need to find a '''knife''' to cut off the crusts, to do it right. [...] But I did see a punk in the '''abandoned pharmacy''' using a '''knife''' to carve words into the walls of the '''[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment abandoned pharmacy]]'''." ˛* RealityEnsues: [[spoiler: "Damned" Heat has revealed his true identity, along with the truth behind Accursed, and orders the townfolk to attack Abigail! ...The townsfolk proceed to stand around talking in a confused jumble as they try and make sense of what just happened.]]˛--> "What?! You all betray me?"˛--> "What's to betray? We were only acting!"˛* RebelliousPrincess: Princess Darn, [[spoiler:all of them,]] fighting in secrecy to depose King Dang.˛* ReverseMole: Knook, who is secretly a member of the Society of Clocks despite working for the sheriff of Daggum. [[spoiler:Much later on, Frick reveals that he is also part of the Society, while simultaneously being King Dang's most trusted lieutenant.]]˛* RoomFullOfCrazy: [[ "SHE IS COMING END OF THE WORLD SHE IS COMING END OF THE WORLD"]]˛* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Princess Darn has been working for a long time to find out and stop whatever plans King Dang has been up to, [[spoiler:as part of an ongoing conspiracy enacted by every princess in the kingdom's history.]] Zig-zagged with Dang himself, as while he is not exactly doing nothing, he is generally idiotic and his storylines mostly revolves around both Princess Darn and [[spoiler: Queenie]] outmaneuvering him. ˛* RunningGag: Abigail's "bad hair".˛** Also: "Daniel... there are clowns." After the clown encounter in Cripes, Abigail [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes really dislikes clowns]] -- to such a degree that, contrary to her usual LiteralMinded understanding, she calls people clowns not because they really are clowns or to insult them, but simply because she [[MonsterClown finds them threatening]] and they're dressing funny.˛* ScrewDestiny: [[spoiler:Queenie's motivation is revealed to be this. Despite being (formerly) part of the Society of Clocks, she doesn't ''want'' the world to end, and became disillusioned with the Society's insistence that YouCantFightFate.]]˛-->'''[[spoiler:Queenie:]]''' "[[spoiler:I will ''not'' roll over and let the world decide what's best for me. ''We're'' the ones who till the fields and build great cities and monuments! ''We're'' the ones who are ''ALIVE!'']]"˛* SeriousBusiness: For Frick, dealing with numbers is no laughing matter.˛* SharpDressedWoman: Crannie wears a blue tails suit, matching silk hat, and white gloves for her shows.˛* ShipTease: Abigail says she doesn't love Daniel. Within that [[ very same update]], they get married.˛** [[spoiler: Knook is seen [[ blushing]] around Crannie, and Crannie bids Knook farewell by [[ kissing her forehead]].]]˛* ShootTheTV: King Dang is so upset by [[spoiler: Princess Darn's "escape" from her locked room that he destroys the monitors to his surveillance equipment,]] proceeding to spend the next few strips with [=TVs=] stuck on his arms and legs. Upon finding another TV, he headbutts it and has ''that'' stuck on his face too.˛* ShoutOut: Among Accursed's townfolk, one can be seen dressed as [[SpiderMan Spider-Man]], and Mr. S resembles [[TheSimpsons Ned Flanders]].˛** A sperm whale [[ coming into existence mid-air]] and then falling down to the ground? C'mon, [[Literature/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy1 where have we heard that one before?]]˛** Later on there's a nod to Red Bull, when Sherlock Holmes is seen taking part in an [[ "Energy Drink Stunt Challenge"]].˛** When out gambling, Sherlock uses [[WebVideo.GameGrumps Arin Hanson]]'s patented Fortress of Solitude method when playing roulette.˛** The [[UsefulNotes/McDonalds Hamburglar]] is one of the targets in the shooting gallery.˛** One of the hazards in the [[DeathCourse obstacle course]] resembles a [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros thwomp]].˛* SirSwearsALot: Teenie.˛* SkilledButNaive: A lot of Abigail's character boils down to this. She's extremely strong, a crack shoot, has so far defeated any obstacles she's come across, catches bullets mid-air, hunts down gigantic whales... and doesn't know what sleep is, or [[LiteralMinded idioms]], or weddings, or love, or why the end of the world should be considered a bad thing, or [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking how to open bottles]].˛* TheSleepless: Abigail. [[spoiler: Subverted later on, however. She's not actually undead, so she still needs to sleep, but her lost memories apparently included the very ''concept'' of sleep so she didn't know she still needed it.]]˛* TheStarscream: [[spoiler: Queenie, the sheriff of Odious, is actively conspiring to overthrow King Dang.]]˛* StockPunishment: After her change of role to "Town Moron", Mrs. K is next seen in these.˛* SuperSerum: The strange chemical that King Dang gives out to his enforcers, which does anything from [[spoiler: turning the Clown into a whale, to healing Princess Darn's broken arm]].˛* SuperStrength: Abigail can hit very hard, launching people ''miles'' into the air with a kick and stopping a bullet through sheer brute strength.˛** [[spoiler:The Clown takes this to hulklike levels. He can crack rocks with his bare hands and punts Abigail through buildings.]]˛** Even the goofy King Dang can effortlessly break through a stone wall.˛** [[spoiler: [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass The witch is EVEN STRONGER, slamming the ground and tossing a car into the moon.]] ]]˛** [[spoiler: From what's been seen, it looks like anyone who comes into contact with the strange chemicals being carted around the castle will get this.]]˛** [[TheBrute Meanie]] is strong enough to throw a man across an entire town. He also manages to kick a door off its hinges and across the room with enough force to flatten Abigail against the wall.˛* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: While Crannie [[spoiler:muses on Knook's apparent betrayal, she also admits that there are a few things she's keeping from Knook as well.]] She then tells Abigail [[SuddenlyShouting very clearly]] that their relationship is great despite that, even though Abigail doesn't know who Knook is.˛* TakeANumber: The wedding chapel in Daggum operates on this system. ˛* {{Teleportation}}: The Dead Man's power.[[spoiler:... is not this. It's actually SuperSpeed]].˛* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: PlayedForLaughs; Abigail catches two lizards, one of which is obviously female, identifiable by the bow on her head... [[ which remains a part of her and thus of the barbecue all the same]].˛* ThemeNaming: All the cities, towns, and villages in this world have MincedOaths as their names. ˛** There's Krud, Cripes, Accursed, Blasted, Shoot, Daggum, Odious and Goodness.˛** The characters King Dang, Princess Darn and Frick continue the trend.˛* TookALevelInKindness: After sleeping for the first time, Abigail lets her doubt about the world ending plan and loyalty to Daniel become more obvious.˛* TheUndead: Abigail was raised from the dead via ambiguous methods by the Witches. This has left her missing a few crucial details such as ''what sleep is''. [[spoiler: Made more ambiguous later on when we see that she was actually [[NotQuiteDead barely conscious all the way through her burial]], meaning that she might not have been killed and resurrected but only [[DeathFakedForYou made to look dead]] so King Dang would take his attention off of her.]]˛** The Dead Man is also this, and it's implied he also has seerlike abilities to see the future.[[spoiler: Subverted when it's revealed he's not actually dead, and is instead just a [[SuperSpeed very fast man.]] ]]˛* UniversalAmmunition: Abigail's revolver can fire a bullet she just caught in mid-air. That's the least bizarre thing it can shoot.˛* UnsoundEffect: [[ *GAVEL GAVEL GAVEL*]]˛* VisualPun: Frick is the king's right hand man. RIGHT HAND MAN.˛** "I never realized I needed a purpose. I just sat in mud, for pete's sake, ha ha!" "Yo." [[ "Hey Pete!"]]˛* TheUnsmile: [[spoiler:"Damned" Heat]] does a rather unsettling one [[ here]].˛* WeirdWest: The southern towns, though things get progressively more modern as the story travels north towards the capital city.˛* WhamEpisode:˛** Chapter 8 reveals several things: [[spoiler: Abigail was shipped down to the graveyard near Krud, at the orders of King Dang. The Head Southern Witch also had a hand in matters, and on the way Abigail and Daniel indirectly encountered one another. Also, Abigail ''can'' sleep.]]˛** Chapter 10: [[spoiler: the "world" is a ''person'' and everyone in the comic lives on her ''[[MeaningfulName back]]''. Suddenly everything about how the world is "dying," and King Dang extracting a weird liquid from deep underground, makes a lot more sense.]]˛** Chapter 11: [[spoiler:Frick is revealed to be TheMole for the Society of Clocks within Dang's court. Queenie, meanwhile, is Frick's sister and a renegade from the Society who wants to avert the end of the world, if only so she can [[TheStarscream usurp Dang]] and rule the planet herself.]]˛* WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove: Along with not knowing about concepts such as sleep, Abigail lacks an understanding of what love is. She does, however, understand "like".˛* WhatTheHellHero: Daniel ''tries'' to call out Abigail on her goal and her attitude towards people, but it bounces right off because she simply ''does not care'' -- and also, she didn't ask Daniel to come along, he urged her to take him with her, so he can hardly expect to pressure her with what he thinks she should do for his people.˛* WhyCouldntYouBeDifferent: The Head Southern Witch is immensely displeased by Abigail straying from her orders.˛-->'''Witch:''' I don't know where you get these ideas of empathy. Of free will! This is almost insulting! After all I've done for you!˛* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: After the fight with the MonsterCown in Cripes (the first enemy to give her serious trouble), Abigail develops a mild phobia of clowns. This leaves her very uncomfortable in Daggum, which is populated almost entirely by clowns.˛----


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