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2[[caption-width-right:300:"HOPEFULY 1 DAY I WILL WORK 4 DISNEY."]]
4''[[ Jerry Jackson]]'' is a series about a 13-year-old boy who makes UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash cartoons and who thinks his cartoons are awesome.
6The series is made by Creator/DavidFirth.
8!!Tropes in Jerry Jackson series:
9* AbusiveParents
10* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Technically, as the recurring Jackson family (minus Jerry's mom) are all depicted as having purple skin, while Jon and his mom have yellow skin, Jerry's mom and Merrick have white skin, and so on. Given that the series is presented as Flash animations of Jerry's life, this could all be artistic license, but we've never met Jerry in his alleged reality.
11* ArtEvolution: Mostly averted, as Jerry doesn't really improve as a Flash animator, but there are some differences from late 2000s Website/YouTube episodes compared to early Newgrounds ones. Examples include more static character movements (including legs moving even when no one's walking), and better-ish talking animations and angry emotions for Jerry. Also, his mother does abruptly grow much larger in size by later episodes (and consequently becomes topless like Jon's mom.)
12* BrokenAesop: PlayedForLaughs in a lot of the episodes.
13* CensorBox: In the ''Super Mario'' parody episode it's present as a part of HypocriticalHumor.
14* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Numerous characters are introduced as Jerry's friends or brothers, but never re-appear. Prominent examples include Collin (the title "Big Nose Man" of that episode), Jerry's psychopathic friend Steven from "Life & Death", and Jon's replacement "New Jon" from the "Scunthorpe Festival" episode
15** Certain early characters were phased out in later episodes, particularly Jerry's dog Ben and his friend Merrick.
16*** At the trope's extreme, the Linkin Park episode features Jerry giving a shout out to his friends Andi and Jon. We always see Jon, but Andi was never featured in the series before or since.
17* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Episodes that debuted on Newgrounds in the early years had square dimensions, before going to full wide screen on Website/YouTube.
18* FrenchJerk: Jerry sometimes makes fun of his friend Jon for being French and the stereotypes therein, even though his nationality is not overtly obvious.
19* HypocriticalHumor: Some of the episodes feature it prominently.
20* IntentionalEngrishForFunny: A variation. Nearly all of the on-screen text is misspelled or not exactly accurate with Jerry's spoken dialogue, but rather than mistranslation, it's presented as (more or less) a result of Jerry's limited Flash animation ability.
21** Occasional dialogue of Jerry's will be spoken incorrectly or with great effort for the amusement factor, like when he said that he made the Linkin Park cartoon for "oo" to watch, or asked Mr. George Bush ("Jorge U U Bush") was his next "strantangy" for war was.
22* ItsBeenDone: Averted in the Super Mario episode, as Jerry assumes that his idea to make a Flash parody cartoon of Super Mario Bros. is [[ totally original]], and so brilliant that he will win an Oscar (and Jon agrees with him.) The episode ends with Jerry teasing that he'll be working on a parody of The Matrix next, as again, it's something [[ no one has thought of before.]] By 2006? Of course not!
23* NoFourthWall: Jerry often breaks from the episode to talk the audience, often to explain why he made the cartoon.
24* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: The Chocolate Man, who's real name is Denzel.
25* OopNorth: Jerry apparently lives in Scunthorpe, England.
26* RefugeInAudacity
27* ShirtlessScene: Any time Jerry or Jon's mom is featured in later episodes. Why they're depicted as topless all the time is anyone's guess, but given how Jerry draws them, it's definitely not FanService.
28* SmallNameBigEgo: Jerry Jackson thinks his works are the greatest, and that Disney is sure to hire him.
29* SpecialGuest: A poorly drawn caricature of rapper Nelly in is directly credited as a "special guest star" in "The Races We Have", while other episodes feature Jerry interacting with Linkin Park and Bruce Willis. Of course, Jerry voices them all.
30* SoUnfunnyItsFunny: Many jokes made on this series do this deliberately.
31* StealthParody: Originally began as this, complete with dedicated [[ Newgrounds]] and [[ deviantART]] accounts. Although Firth has in fact sneaked in hints of his involvement, it took a while before Firth openly acknowledged Jerry Jackson as one of his creations.
32* StylisticSuck: Deliberately badly drawn animation and sound with almost every word misspelled.
33** The whole series is basically a jab at badly made Flash cartoons.
34* TakeThat: A lot of episodes take a stab at political correctness and other things.
35* UnexpectedlyDarkEpisode: Much of the "Life & Death" episode deals with Jerry and his new friend Steven, a murderous psychopath who gets no comeuppance.
36* VocalEvolution: David Firth gives Jerry a higher pitched voice in some episodes ("My Friends" is a good example), and he attempts to vary the pitch for certain characters in some also, though Jerry's usual delivery never wavers. The inconsistency could be intentional, given the StylisticSuck on display.