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1[[WMG: Minazuki Karen is a [[Main/{{HalfHumanHybrid}} half human, half Coco and Nuts's species]].]]²One of Karen's parents (for convenience, let's say her father) is originally from the Kingdom of Palmier, one of the rare residents who can take human forms like Coco and Nuts. He was helping Coco search for the Dream Collet, but he got sidetracked when he met and fell in love with a human woman. They married and had a daughter, Karen. Mr. Minazuki wanted Karen to have a normal life, which she wouldn't if she discovered her father's true nature. So, before she was old enough to remember his mascot animal form, he and Mrs. Minazuki went permanently "on tour," intentionally overcrowding their schedule so Karen would only see them one day a year (during which he could hide his secret easily), when normally they should be able to leave enough days free to make time for trips home to their daughter.²²²Because of her biological connection to Palmier, Karen displays a few odd traits. Like Coco (as Kouji) did early on, she successfully calls forth a butterfly ''before'' she is able to become Cure Aqua. Later, she produces a sword from the Aqua Ribbon, a technique which no other Cures have duplicated. Karen has no ''physical'' transformation, but Masukomi-ka has noted that she undergoes a ''drastic'' personality shift, similar to Coco's, when among friends. And like Coco and Nuts in their human forms, Karen appears to draw female admirers like [[Main/{{SchmuckBait}} moths to a pitcher plant]].²²This is also why Nozomi (who has a natural tendency to find things from Palmier) was so certain Karen was the right choice for the Pretty Cure of Intelligence.²²Sub-theories:²²[[WMG: Karen is related to Coco]]²Perhaps she's his cousin or niece. Thus, her similarities to Coco in particular.²²[[WMG:Cure Aqua is a LegacyCharacter]]²Mrs. Minazuki assisted Mr. Minazuki as the previous Cure Aqua in a situation paralleling Coco and Nozomi.²²[[WMG: [[Anime/YesPrettyCure5 Komachi and Madoka]] are [[Manga/TokyoMewMew Retasu's]] daughters.]]²Their UncannyFamilyResemblance will last forever.²** But ''Manga/TokyoMewMew'' is set in 2002 and ''Anime/PrettyCure'' ran in real time up until ''[=GoGo=]'', where it was retconned to running in ComicBookTime. How does that work? At all?²*** Said retcon was introduced while Komachi was part of the main cast. Clearly, that happened specifically to ''make'' it work.²²[[WMG: Milk's actual goal was to become a female [[Anime/SailorMoon Tuxedo Mask]] for The Yes Pretty Cure....]]²..That is why she didn't reveal herself at first. She was mostly like waiting until Enteral went down for good to reveal her true identity. Too bad for Milk, Cure Dream's hope to thank Milky Rose cause her to reveal her mascot form after a battle where she used her Blizzard attack.


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