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1[[WMG: It will be better for Senpai to end up with Yandere Chan if he's female.]]²Even if Senpai's parents are ok with her sexuality, can you seriously tell me every rival family will be okay with it or be okay with their relationship being public? Japan is pretty strict about that kinda of things, even if a few of the rivals have accepting parents. They will probably have to keep their relationship hidden. With Yandere Chan she will clearly take care of any bullies and has parents who will accept their relationship. Not to mention if Senpai's family didn't accept her, Yandere Chan could easily give her a home if needed, incase senpai is disowned or worse.²²[[WMG: Shiroma Torayoshi is going to be just like our favorite info broker, Izaya Orihara.]]²Let's see...perpetually smiling, eccentric, unclear intentions, puppeteers other people into fighting to get dirt on them...doesn't that sound like our dear [[LightNovel/{{Durarara}} Izaya?]]²²[[WMG: The metal detectors will later be developed into a very interesting mechanical sequence.]]²At the moment, the metal detectors have a very simplified role to test their functions: Yan-chan walks under them with a weapon, the Pepper-spray penalty occurs, GameOver. However, in the final system, they will be replaced with an alarm which sounds whenever a metal item is passed under them. As the security cameras will be in place and the entire school would be on watch, it is likely that a teacher will be placed next to the detectors (and the dishes next to them for students to place their metal items) and a security camera will be monitoring them. Under normal circumstances, being caught in one renders Yan-Chan expelled when she would be caught with a weapon by the teachers. However, I have a distinct feeling the system can be tampered with, by sneaking metal items or weapons into the other students' bags. Sneaking in weapons would get them expelled, giving another possible elimination method if prepared carefully (their bags would also be monitored to prevent tampering, so you would then have to delete the camera footage). However, a more interesting method would be to sneak several benign metal items in to set off the scanner frequently, making the teachers less reactive to the alarms as a whole, and presumably moving them close, but farther away. This could let Yan-chan sneak in weapons and hide them elsewhere in the building, provided she deletes the footage from the cameras and stores them where no-one would look whatsoever. This would presumably be introduced by one student getting the alarm by accident for forgetting to take his phone out of his bag before scanning occurs, earning him mild annoyance from the staff.²* Speaking as someone in retail, that would work. If they see enough false positives, they may just end up waving people by, or at least the ones that look 'good' and only check the ones that look 'suspicious', i.e. the delinquents.²²[[WMG:The Occult Club is a cult]] ²Oka Ruto is not only obsessed about the occult, she throws her beliefs down her club members' throats in such an intensity she is a cult leader in anything but name. Though the Student Council might want to shut down her club, and maybe had tried before, she has the victim card on her side. If she isn't the catalyst to religious studies, she's a victim of religious suppression. A religious ritual that went horribly wrong got Oka suspended; the participants are not allowed by Oka to explain the ritual to anyone but members of the Occult Club she has befriended.²²[[WMG:Mida Rana is pregnant]]²Yanderedev has made it clear multiple times that he wants the players to feel bad about every student/rival that they kill. Multiple polls have shown that the majority of players plan on killing Mida Rana because of her ephebophile tendencies, and so far there is nothing suggesting that she is a good person underneath her questionably-legal hobby. However, the note you can leave on a locker has "pregnancy" as an option to talk about, implying that someone will be pregnant. Since Mida is the only character confirmed to have had sex, she will be the rival who turns out to be pregnant, all so that Yanderedev can deliver a PlayerPunch to anyone who wants to kill what the fandom agrees is the most unlikable character.²²[[WMG:Oka Ruto is not the only one who believes the rumors about the Basu sisters.]]²You know how only a fool would believe that Inkyu is a vampire and Sakyu is a succubus? Well, [[TheDitz Midori Gurin is a fool]]...²²[[WMG:If Inkyu Basu is a FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire, Midori Gurin is her blood donor.]]²Think about it. Inkyu and Midori both spend most of their time on the roof within sight of each other. Only a fool would believe that Inkyu is a vampire. Midori is a fool. Inkyu might have even picked Midori [[BatmanGambit specifically because Inkyu predicted]] that regardless of whether Midori [[SecretKeeper can]] or CannotKeepASecret, [[CassandraTruth nobody]] ([[ContagiousCassandraTruth except Oka Ruto]]) [[CassandraTruth would believe Midori]] if she [[SayingTooMuch said too much]].²²[[WMG:Some of the rivals aren't interested in Senpai. But Yan-chan doesn't know that.]] ²Considering [[ClingyJealousGirl Yan-chan]], would it be too much of a stretch to think that she'd assume every girl Senpai talks to [[MistakenForRomance wants him]]? Besides, we already know Hanako doesn't have "feelings" for him.²* Yan-chan may not ''care'' about that. An obstacle is an obstacle, regardless of reason.²** Hanako doesn't have romantic feelings for her big bro (or sis), but she's still a rival because she wants him to not attach himself to any girl.²** Megami is the only character who isn't given a "blushing" alternate image on the website (it's labeled "gentle" instead). It may be that she isn't actually attracted to him, but her character speech suggests she is aware that there is a messed-up individual on Senpai's trail. However, she is a rich, talented, popular, and attractive young woman, so Senpai will likely fall for her.²²[[WMG:The Mission Mode alternate universe was created by Senpai [[RetGone meeting the same fate as FUN Girl]].]]²It's one way of explaining why he isn't around in Mission Mode, and why Yan-chan is a ProfessionalKiller instead of a {{Yandere}}.²* Interesting theory. However, the very first iteration of Mission Mode still had Senpai in it. He was removed because it made no sense to have him (plus his aura and ability to cause insta-GameOver made the mode annoying to play).²²[[WMG:The boy you'll be able to matchmake Megami with is Kaga Kusha]]²He wants to marry into her family to have a chance of inheriting her fortune to fuel his plans for world domination.²* I maintain that you're right, but it won't be a conventional matchmake. More like a kidnapping.²²[[WMG:Nemesis is actually the ghost in the bathroom, possessing people.]]²[[quoteright:75:]]²[[quoteright:75:]]²The ghost girl (see the picture on the top) that I propose is Nemesis turned her knife into a SoulJar that [[WeaponWieldsYou enables her to possess whoever wields it]]. The [[RedEyesTakeWarning red-eyed]], raven-haired girl (see the picture on the bottom) that we know as Nemesis is the ghost girl's primary WillingChanneler.²²Whoever holds Nemesis's knife [[PowersViaPossession gains the ability to]] [[ExtremeMeleeRevenge overpower Yan-chan]] [[DesperationAttack via an adrenaline rush]]. But Nemesis-chan has to be careful not to [[PossessionBurnout over-use her host's adrenaline]]. [[MightyGlacier She doesn't run]] because she's saving her host's strength for the NoHoldsBarredBeatdown.²²->'''Midori''': What if Yan-chan held the knife?²²If any enemy (including Yan-chan) ever gets hold of Nemesis's knife, the enemy will be [[PsychicAssistedSuicide forced to commit suicide]].²²->'''Midori''': What happens when Nemesis disguises herself?²²Notice that in the game, there are never two of whichever student Nemesis disguised herself as. As an example, there's never Nemesis!Saki and Normal!Saki walking around at the same time. Either the WillingChanneler [[MuggedForDisguise temporarily incapacitated the student]] that [[MasterOfDisguise she disguised herself as]] or she arranged for that student to [[WeaponWieldsYou hold the knife and get possessed]]. In the latter situation, Nemesis takes over a body other than the one she usually possesses and is associated with, thus [[MetaphoricallyTrue metaphorically "disguising" herself]].²* WordOfGod says Nemesis knocked out whatever girl she decided to impersonate before school started.²²[[WMG:Kuu Dere is another yandere who hasn't met her Senpai yet.]]²For one thing, she shares a voice actress with Yan-chan in her spinoff game. [=YandereDev=] has also stated that in the future, she and Robot-chan will have the Apathetic persona, which means they won't react to murder at all. Perhaps unlike Ayano, who pretends to be normal, Kuu doesn't try to hide her empty personality.²²[[WMG:[[HotForStudent Mida]] [[MrsRobinson Rana's]] PantyShot will be the [[AntiFrustrationFeature easiest to obtain]] in the entire game.]]²Here's why…²* Mida Rana is [[CustomUniformOfSexy the only classroom teacher who wears a]] DangerouslyShortSkirt. The other teachers wear pants.²* Furthermore, Mida might not object to any attempts to photograph her panties. She might be flattered that EvenTheGirlsWantHer.²** This has been heavily suggested to be the case by the developer. However, he also said Mida would chide Yan-chan for getting caught and tell her to be more discreet.²* Mida might even go so far as to pose for Yan-chan and [[InvokedTrope deliberately]] [[PantyShot flash the camera]].²²Of course, that being said, [[WhatAnIdiot it would still be a bad idea to...]]²* Photograph other girls' panties while Mida Rana is watching.²* Photograph Mida Rana's panties while anyone else (especially Senpai) is watching.²²[[WMG:Alternatively, you ''can't'' [[PantyShot photograph Mida Rana's panties]] because she's GoingCommando.]]²[[DontExplainTheJoke After all,]] you [[RefugeInAudacity can't photograph something]] if it [[CrossingTheLineTwice isn't there in the first place]]... Although, since explicit detail would push the game all the way into the most restrictive video game rating, it's very likely that [[ImpliedTrope all the player would see]] is [[CensorShadow a shadow that can't be switched off with the rest of the optional panty-censoring shadows]], and Info-chan's [[BigWhat astonished reaction]].²* Despite the joke "deep thought" [=YandereDev=] posted to Twitter in February 2017, [=YandereDev=] has made it very clear that Mida is wearing panties.²²[[WMG:The computer girl, Megami, is not speaking to Ayano (you), she's speaking to Info-chan.]]²With the revelation that Megami wants to do something about Info-chan, and the Headmaster having a reason to keep Info-chan in the school, her speech makes sense if it's directed towards Info or Ayano.²²[[WMG:You'll be able to subject a rival to a RasputinianDeath.]]²For instance, you could throw a bucket of water at a girl, get a bucket of gasoline, splash her with gasoline at the locker room and set her on fire, then drown her when she runs to the bath to put herself out. On earlier rivals, like Osana or Amai, this would just be VideoGameCrueltyPotential (or a way to complete multiple challenges at once). On later rivals like Asu Rito, however, it would be pretty much necessary if you wanted to eliminate them with a certain method (come on, do you ''really'' think you're going to drown someone as tough as Asu or Osoro in the fountain?!?).²²[[WMG:Mida Rana's special elimination method will be to get her fired and possibly arrested.]]²Her inappropriate behavior is prime blackmail material and likely illegal in Japan as well. It might even be a BreatherLevel as RealityEnsues.²* Assuming the cops don't just nod and say [[Recap/SouthParkS10E10MissTeacherBangsABoy "Nice..."]]²²[[WMG:[=SaikouCorp=] electronics are tapped, and that is why Megami Saiko knows all about Yan-chan.]]²Notably, your phone has a SAIKOU brand on it. Megami is the only one who knows that there is a Yandere afoot. While she [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim could just report you anonymously]], doing so would be ruinous to her company. Even if you were a complete pacifist, she would know unsavory things about you, such as the panty shots and your pattern of manipulating others for the sake of matchmaking.²²[[WMG:Amai Odayaka's reason for being absent for the first week]]²Shortly before school started, Amai Odayaka got sick with a highly contagious food-borne illness. Since she didn't want to infect the entire cooking club and thus lose her status as president of it, she stayed out of school until she was absolutely certain that all germs were out of her system.²²[[WMG:Megami Saiko doesn't actually love Senpai.]]²With the update of the Characters page on the ''Yandere Simulator'' homepage, we can now see all of the rivals, among other characters. But if you take a look at Megami (the Student Council President)'s profile, unlike the other rivals, who all have a "blushing" variant, hers only says "gentle".²²So what if Megami's a rival because Senpai falls in love with her while Megami's just trying to protect Senpai from a common threat to the entire school — namely Yandere-chan -+ and Senpai mistakes that for love?²²[[WMG:There will be different endings depending on the club you were in the longest.]]²For example, if you were in the gardening club, it would go on to say that Yandere-chan became a landscape architect.²* That sounds more like [[ModularEpilogue an attachment to one of the "main" endings]].²²[[WMG:The Info Club's club activities include browsing Doxbin[[labelnote:†]](a website on the Deep Web that catalogues all in-depth personal information about millions of people throughout the world)[[/labelnote]] and other such websites in the Deep Web for, well, info.]]²That's how Info-chan gets all her information on all the students at school. It also explains why Info-chan is shown doing nothing other than using a computer in the Info Club room.²²[[WMG:The Journalist will finally snap and become a WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds SerialKiller.]]²After having his life ruined by Ryoba, failing to bring her to justice, and now having to flee her — while worrying about her potentially targeting his daughter for RevengeByProxy on top of it — he'll finally lose it and decide to take {{Revenge}} outside of the law, becoming a KnightTemplar obsessed with ridding the world of {{Yandere}}s — starting with Ryoba and Yandere-chan, thus making him an AntiVillain antagonist in a future game.²²[[WMG:Info-chan is the Headmaster's daughter.]]²It would certainly help explain why she gets her own club of one, and how she's exempt from most of the school rules.²* To add credibility to this, as of the March 15th (2016) build, she has a freakin' security camera outside the Info Club's window, currently the only one in the school. This is highly unusual placement, unless [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections she used personal status as a means to get it installed]].²** This is not plausible anymore, since the addition of the newer Headmaster Tape explains that he got blackmailed into letting Info-chan enter school and stay in her clubroom at all times. When he tried to spy on her with the aforementioned camera, he was threatened and instructed to not do it again. One would think that the headmaster would recognize the "shadow with a red wig" as his daughter, if she was.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan has a [[Series/{{Dexter}} Dark Passenger]].]] ²This is why [[MurderMakesYouCrazy she loses sanity when killing other people]], and why she kills in the first place. It also explains her "Yandere Vision".²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan will most likely go on a killing spree if the "SNAP" option is selected.]]²She will suffer a huge mental breakdown and kill everyone she sees, [[IfICantHaveYou including Senpai]]. She may even [[DrivenToSuicide commit suicide]], since she can't live with a rejection from Senpai.²²[[WMG:Info-chan is using Yandere-chan as a pawn and is the BiggerBad of the game.]] ²It sort of seems that Info-chan might be using Yandere-chan for something bigger than helping the girl out with her love life. Since she is assisting the title character in the killings she commits for little to no reason other than a few [[PantyShot upskirt photos]] and the like, it could be that Info-chan is setting the protagonist up for a big fall later on in the game as the big reveal. Like revealing that she had Yandere-chan kill off the rest of the girls because she wanted Senpai but didn't want to get busted for committing homicide, so she had planned for the protagonist to: commit the killings, send the evidence she collected to give to the cops secretly, and after having Yandere-chan carted off to jail, Info-chan would be able to make her move on Senpai with nobody the wiser.²* This is supported by an [[ image]] the dev uploaded to his Twitter, explicitly stating it's concept art for one of the MultipleEndings. It appears to depict a final showdown between Info-chan and Yandere-chan.²* To make sure that Yandere-chan doesn't tell the police about how she helped her once she gets arrested, Info-chan might actually be planning to kill Yandere-chan herself and stage it as self-defense, making it look like Yandere attacked her after she uncovered evidence of Yandere-chan's crimes and/or targeted her as her next "competition" for Senpai's heart. Doing this gets rid of the loose end Yandere-chan represents and gets all the attention on herself and her tell-all story (which she plans to be her big break that'll put her on the map as a journalist). She looks like a hero when she has actually been milking the tragedy for '''''all''''' the benefits it presented her.²* [[ Scrapped,]] at least in part.²²[[WMG:Akademi High School is a school for troubled kids.]]²This would explain why the teachers are so good at overpowering an armed Yandere-chan; they've been trained for it because it's part of the environment they work in. ²* That is also a good reason for why so many Akademi students have blackmail-able issues with drug addiction, (implied) sexual abuse, pregnancy, and [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers otakudom]]. ²** Kinda makes you wonder what our Senpai did to get sent to Akademi, huh?²*** Which adds the question: what if, in a twist ending, [[spoiler:Senpai is the other Yandere, and they get to kiss while standing in a pool of blood?]]²*** The last one is Jossed. There will be no yanderes for Yan-chan.²* If that's the case, it's pretty freakin' rich for an Alternative School.²** That's because Akademi High School is a school for troubled ''rich'' kids. Sort of like those [[LuxuryPrisonSuite minimum security prisons]] for celebrities and white-collar criminals.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan will suffer small, but permanent consequences with every kill she makes.]]²Her maximum sanity will get slightly lower each time, and/or she'll get some kind of permanent HUD damage, such as cracks at the edge of the screen that never go away. The idea is to drive home the point that each murder is an irreversible act. ²* That means that if you manage to clear out the entire school, Yan-chan will be forever locked in a permanent insane state.²** Regrettably, that's probably too difficult for one person to program. However, WordOfGod has said that Senpai ''will'' have a hidden "Sanity" stat – people dying around him will take a toll on him by the end of the game, affecting the ending. His little sister being killed will hit him ''hard''.²²[[WMG:Info-chan is either a demon, or some other kind of supernatural entity.]]²She never actually appears in the game itself, does seemingly impossible favors, and knows a lot about all the students that Yandere chan doesn't. She also states in the old intro that her specialty is finding people's darkest secrets. Red eyes and red hair in her original design complement the image. Perhaps she is a [[HornyDevils succubus]], seeing that guys flock to her for panty shots.²* It wouldn't be a stretch since the game already has supernatural elements in the form of the Phantom Girl in the bathroom and the [[EldritchAbomination Perfectly Normal Thing]] in the Occult Club room.²²[[WMG:There will be no happy endings.]]²When you finally get to Senpai, Info-chan or someone else will kill you, expose you, or otherwise ruin you.²* It'll be possible to just play matchmaker and get all the rivals to date someone else. I doubt that'll have a negative ending.²* [=YandereDev=] has said that in every ending Yandere-chan will "get" Senpai "one way or another". Senpai doesn't really have to be willing (or even alive) for her to have him, right?²** He ''does'' have to be alive, at the very least. If a yandere's target dies, the yandere will kill herself without a second thought because she no longer has anything to live for. See [[ "Promo Concept"]] for a demonstration.²²[[WMG:The game will have no ending. Ever.]]²What I mean is that every single week/day, there will be a new rival to replace Osana. You will always have to find ways to get rid of them. There will be never-ending suitors for Senpai. Maybe even boys too.²* The game is planned to have a "Story Mode" with ten predetermined fully-fleshed rivals. It will probably also have an "Endless Mode" which is just about what is described here.²²[[WMG:The Phantom Girl is possessing Osana Najimi.]]²It's to get back at Yandere-chan because Yandere's mother killed the Phantom Girl. Now the Phantom Girl wants to ruin Yandere's life.²* Current plans for the game include an unlockable "1989 Mode" where you play as Ryoba and kill the Phantom Girl, as well as a possible DLC (Kickstarter dependent) where the Phantom Girl either possesses one of the girls or manifests directly to woo Senpai, just to get back at you.²²[[WMG:Mida Rana's special elimination...]]²...will either involve setting her up with another male student and then submitting evidence of an illicit relationship to the guidance counselor, resulting in the arrest of Mida and immediate expulsion of the student. Or telling a male student who owes you a favor that your friend was molested by the teacher but feels too ashamed to tell anyone else, and ask him to lie and tell the counselor that he was the one molested.²* Seems legit. By that point, there are three weeks left in-game. Even if Mida gets acquitted, it'll likely take longer than that. (Plus it's doubtful Aka Demi would want her back.)²²[[WMG:There will be more Phantom Girls.]]²Why? Because the more people Yandere-chan kills, the more girls will be mad, and they will make it harder for Yandere-chan to confess her love to Senpai. Maybe the new Phantom Girls (and possibly the old one) will even start possessing students.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan's mother and father will be in the full game.]]²Yandere-chan will ask her mother about how to get rid of suitors and will ask their father how to get a guy to like you. Maybe the mother will also give out weapons to Yandere-chan. The mother will also take care of the prisoners in the basement and you'll have to make sure your dad never finds them.²* Jossed because of [[ this]]. They're out of the country during the timeframe of the game.²* However, they ''are'' "in the game" in the broadest sense that they exist and the game acknowledges their absence.²²[[WMG:There will be multiplayer in the final release.]]²It's unlikely, but some players ''have'' requested there being a multiplayer. Maybe the Developer will be able to get more help and create a multiplayer.²²[[WMG:In multiplayer, you'll be able to play as your parents and others.]]²Another add on to another WMG. As your dad, you can convince other students that Yandere-chan is trustworthy. You can also tell them things that were supposedly from other people. Like, "Hey! Yandere-chan wanted me to tell you that you're awesome!" or "Kokona hates you. She said so herself."²²As your mother, you can kill students, sweep up blood, have a change of clothes in your purse, and can kill teachers. If your father isn't playable, then your mother will be in the basement when Yandere's at school if there's prisoners there. She'll have to distract the father from finding the people down there.²²As another classmate, you can spread rumors, increase skills, kill students, basically anything that Yandere-chan can do. Same thing goes for Yandere's secret twin, if the developer ever adds that. Also for the classmate, maybe you'll be able to be a rival to Yandere-chan and try and get Senpai for yourself. Or, you could be Osana Najimi herself.²²As the Phantom Girl, you can haunt and scare Yandere-chan so that she drops whatever she's holding. You can also possess students for a short while to have them gossip about others. You can also drown them and add them to your ghost group to haunt Yandere-chan.²* You won't be able to play as your parents because they're going to be away for a while. See [[ here.]]²** Well, if the teased "1989 Mode" DLC ever happens, you'll get to play as Ryoba in a significantly stripped down single-week campaign (that'll be much harder than the main game due to the lack of Info-chan).²²[[WMG:If you don't kill anyone or do anything to hurt others, Info-chan will be mad and you'll get a new ending.]]²That is, if you only have your classmates date one another so that no one is hurt, Info-chan will be pissed that you didn't kill anyone or just one person (Osana Najimi, the only one who would not be paired off because there's only 12 students). There would be a new ending because of all of this. There would be a cutscene with a picture similar to [[ this]] where Info-chan tries to kill Yandere-chan to finally make some more drama in the school.²* One theory on /v/ suggests that at the end of a non-lethal playthrough, the [[spoiler:Rival Yandere]] will be willing to commit a suicide disguised as a murder just to frame Yandere-chan.²** Unless the StudentCouncilPresident is crazier than she appears, there's no longer going to be a [[spoiler:Second Yandere]], at least not in the main campaign.²* There's far more than 12 students – the final game is planned to have around 90, and the builds from Summer 2016 have 34 including Yan-chan and Info-chan.²²[[WMG:The game will have no ending once you get to be with Senpai.]]²You'll have to continually get rid of students who still like Senpai. They'll be trying to kill you because they've been directed to by Info-chan. You have to avoid them and keep on pairing them with different people because they always break up with their boy/girlfriends in favor of Senpai.²* Although the Dev has said that he would like to include an "Endless" mode, the game as-planned is a ten-week campaign.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan is desperately looking for the love she can't find at home.]]²So she hopes that a knight in shining armor can fulfill her romantic fantasies that her parents don't show. This is assuming that the parents aren't in love and never even try to show it. Yandere-chan doesn't want to be like that, so she wants to find the perfect guy to settle down with and move away from her parents and their dull lives.²* [[EmotionlessGirl Yan-chan doesn't feel anything]]… or didn't until she met Senpai. So why would she care about that?²* Her parents might not be in love – well, Ryoba sure as hell is, but Mr. Aishi is heavily implied to have StockholmSyndrome from being held captive for years – but they both seem to love and care about Yan-chan in their own ways.²²[[WMG:In the full release, you'll be able to bribe students with money.]]²Your mom, understanding your position because she's been there before, will lend you a bit of money each day to bribe students to not say anything, or to spread a rumor. Your dad might lend you money too if he doesn't know what you're doing or if he doesn't find you hiding people in the basement.²* Your parents are away, so they won't be able to give you money. See [[ here.]]²** That doesn't completely invalidate the WMG itself, just the details. WordOfGod is that, [[ if there is a town, Yandere-chan could earn money over the weekend]], but he gives no details as to what this money could be used for. Bribery is still a potential option.²²[[WMG:Info-chan is sent by someone else.]]²The girl your mom killed is possessing Info-chan and is trying to get you to do dirty things so that you'll be caught.²²Alternatively, Info-chan is sent by your mother to help you. Your mother was in your position before and understands your position. She wants you to get the man of your dreams and be as happy as she is. However, your mom doesn't want you to know she sent Info-chan because then you'll start asking why and your mom doesn't want you to know her dirty secret.²* Seems unlikely since your parents are off somewhere else.²²[[WMG:In future updates, you'll be able to get suspended from the game.]]²To make it harder to do things. If you have one less day to get rid of all the rivals for Senpai, then that's a pretty huge setback. What you'll get suspended for, however, is anyone's guess.²* It could be an alternative to expulsion for less heinous breaches of the school rules, such as loitering in the wrong classroom.[[note]]Currently, doing this gets you expelled.[[/note]] Severe things like being covered in blood, carrying weapons, and [[TooDumbToLive committing murder in plain sight]] will still get you expelled, though.²* Following from this idea, detentions could be this mechanic implemented on a smaller scale. You would lose lunchtimes or afternoons, as opposed to entire days, and would be given them for even more minor breaches such as tardiness or truancy.²** Supported with the addition of Genka Kunihito, the guidance counsellor. Her job, according to the Dev, will be to mete out punishment to rivals (and Yan-chan) for minor infractions.²*** This actually is what happens as of October 2018. You can now be suspended from 1 to 5 days.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan knows how her parents ended up together, and by extension, that her mother killed a girl to be with her father.]]²It's been revealed that her mother was also a {{Yandere}} who killed a girl in the bathroom who was a rival for her father's attention. There's a chance that Yandere-chan actually knows about this, and it influences her decision to MurderTheHypotenuse. She may even see it as "romantic" to kill your love rivals for this reason. [[ The outdated intro]] suggests she doesn't know, but it could change in the final product.²* If she didn't know before, Basement Tape #1 ensures she knows now. She obviously would recognize her parents' voices.²²[[WMG:Info-chan would have a very [[DevelopersForesight unique response]] if you manage to take and send her her own PantyShot.]]²This implies that you'll be able to meet her in person, even if briefly.²* She might be more impressed than angry... but still refuse to sell it to her customers.²** She already has a unique response if you manage to mod/glitch your way into the Info Club room: she yells at you to GetOut and the game resets.²²[[WMG:Your parents will come back after 10 weeks and will help you or hurt you.]]²Your mom either understands where you're coming from or [[EvilParentsWantGoodKids doesn't want you to be like her]]. Your father is either creeped out or thinks that if it's for love, then it's necessary. ²* Ryoba muses aloud in the 10th Basement Tape that she hopes Ayano will have found a boyfriend by the time they return and heavily implies that she knows Ayano takes after her and seems pleased by this. Mr. Aishi openly hopes this ''isn't'' the case, so he would be creeped out if Senpai is tied up in the basement when they come back.²²[[WMG:Yandere is a shapeshifter.]]²But it's limited. That's why you can change your hairstyle.²* Dev has stated that there will be a proper customizer later, and this is a placeholder, so this is disproven. ²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan is a sporty girl.]]²That's why she can run forever and drag several dead bodies over campus in one day. She's just ''that'' good. Maybe athletic sports are a hobby for her.²* This is supported by the fact that she owns a pair of spats.²* Her "hobby", such as it is, is acting like a normal girl despite feeling nothing.²** Wich has the nice side effect of improving her capabilities, and then even more by studying and formally training in the sports club.²²[[WMG:At least one (possibly more) of the rivals will be an AssholeVictim.]]²Most likely of the BitchInSheepsClothing variety in order to establish why they could still be a threat.²* Kinda confirmed. The StudentCouncilPresident may be meaner than the other rivals. The originally-intended final rival [[spoiler:was another yandere, just like you. In fact, it was Info-chan]].²* Osana Najimi has a {{tsundere}} personality, which would certainly make her come off as an asshole.²* Kizana Sunobu, the Drama Club President (Rival #3) definitely counts. Her personality is described by the creator as "himedere" – that is, [[ItsAllAboutMe stuck-up]]. Even her name reflects this; it translates to "Snobby Snob".²* Mida Rana is pretty much a sexual predator. There's obnoxious and then there's ruining people's lives.²²[[WMG:Info-chan is blackmailing several people.]]²Your parents, the police, the media, etc. She's doing it so they won't get in the way of Yandere-chan's goal. That's why your parents are away. That's why the police and media don't investigate further into the mysteries around the school. Info-chan runs it all.²* Jossed in part by the Journalist's Tapes. The reason why the cops don't investigate further into the school is twofold: First, [[spoiler:because Akademi's headmaster traditionally bribed the police chief to turn a blind eye]]. Second, [[spoiler:because the one time the cops ''couldn't'' turn a blind eye – when Ryoba murdered the Phantom Girl – they botched the investigation so badly that Ryoba was acquitted. Keep in mind this is a country and legal system where the conviction rate is over '''95%''']]. Anyone would be loathe to set foot on the campus after that, especially in a place like Japan where honour is such a big deal.²²[[WMG:Senpai is gay.]]²He'll still go out with girls, but only because he's too nice to turn them down.²* Or, you know, [[BiTheWay he could be bisexual]].²** It will almost certainly be possible for Senpai to be female. Since Yandere-chan can only be female, this is technically confirmed.²²[[WMG:Info-chan will get mad at you for killing every person in the school.]]²You'll have a rooftop battle in the rain with her. See [[ here]] for why I thought of this.²* See above. The Dev changed his mind for what he wants to do with Info-chan.²²[[WMG:In the full version of the game, you won't be able to compliment everybody.]]²Apparently there's going to be about 100 students or so. If you don't waste your time killing everyone, you can probably talk to everyone and give them all compliments. If you're able to do that, you can get your reputation pretty high in one day. This will be limited in some way so that this isn't the case.²* Dev has cut the reputation points compliments get you from two to one (but you can still get two per if you up your Seduction and/or wear the proper panties).²* He's already narrowed the window during which you can actually talk to [=NPCs=] – talking to them at an inopportune time[[labelnote:*]](first thing in the morning before they reach their lockers, on their way to class, ''in'' class [where they'll flat-out tell you to go away], plus Kokona has additional no-go times when she's on her way to a scripted event)[[/labelnote]] results in them telling you, "Sorry, I can't talk right now." Plus, non-club members leave campus ~90 minutes before the day ends. Since the in-game clock moves [=5×=] faster than reality, chances are you simply don't have enough time to compliment everyone in one day.²* You'll almost certainly not be able to compliment the Delinquents, since it's probable their requirements will be opposite everyone else's (they'll only talk to you if your reputation is low, etc.).²²[[WMG:In the final version of the game, there will be pregnancy and more!]]²It's because when you get to put a note in someone's locker, there are several things to talk about: Anime, manga, the Internet, video games, my feelings, bullying, low grades, pregnancy, drug addiction, and domestic abuse. The last five will be a new feature in the game. You can manipulate a girl who's already in a relationship to have sex with her boyfriend. If you do it enough times, she'll be pregnant and there will be no way for her to get out of the relationship because she needs a man to help her with the baby. Or, you can spread a rumor that someone's pregnant and get people to [[SlutShaming slut-shame]] them. Drug addiction will also be in the game. You could call in a favor from Info-chan to get someone hooked on drugs. Spread a rumor about that and then Senpai won't like them. Senpai also won't like someone with low grades, so you could get info from Info-chan on who has low grades and have people bully a person for that.²²[[WMG:The game ''will'' have a DownerEnding.]]²Why? Because you'll have to at least kill one of the rivals. Why is that? You'll have to kill [[spoiler:the other {{Yandere}} because they will kill you if you don't do anything. That other {{Yandere}} is Info-chan]], and once she's gone, the police and the media will be able to get a closer look into the school. Once they do, they'll find out what you did and you'll be arrested and expelled.²* Actually, [[ you can confront the final rival in a non-violent manner.]] ²* Honestly, winning in itself is a DownerEnding for everyone but Yan-chan. She ''is'' a VillainProtagonist, after all.²** Not necessarily true if you don't kill any of your rivals. If most rivals are taken out via {{MatchmakerQuest}}ing, Senpai will come to believe no girl will ever love him. In that case, Yan-chan's confession will probably make him very happy.²²[[WMG:Imouto will be a BreatherBoss.]]²Imouto is the 8th rival because she serves as a cooldown from the previous two bosses who were both adults. Imouto will be a little kid and much easier to eliminate.²* She lives with Senpai and it's been hinted by the dev that Senpai will be affected depending on the method that you choose to deal with her.²* With the scrapping of [[spoiler:Info-chan (a.k.a. the other yandere)]] as your final rival and the shifting of the StudentCouncilPresident to that slot, Imouto-chan is now the ninth rival. Considering the week right before her will be the Delinquents' Boss, whom WordOfGod states to be ''the'' strongest character in the game, this WMG may very well be true.²** But that doesn't seem to be the case. Dev has stated that she would be close to Senpai at all times, and that she will go to him instead of the normal reactions,giving you a game over.²²[[WMG:In the end, Senpai will see you kill the last rival.]]²So it'll be a DownerEnding.²* ''If'' you kill her. [[ You don't have to.]]²²[[WMG:At least some of the rivals will be able to defend themselves.]]²Those who can will be the captain of the Swim Team, the Substitute Teacher, the School Nurse, and [[spoiler:the other {{Yandere}}]].²* Unknown about any of those. However, it's all but certain that the Delinquents' Boss, the eighth rival who is said to be the strongest character in the entire game, ''will'' be able to.²** At least against a mindslave(link somewhere above).²²[[WMG:The final rival will be able to do ''exactly'' everything you can do.]]²Meaning, if you have level 2 Language skill, so does she. If you have level 4 P.E. skill, so does she.²* Probably Jossed, as the final rival is no longer [[spoiler:a second yandere]], but is instead the StudentCouncilPresident. Given her position, most likely all her stats are maxed out.²²[[WMG:The final rival is also working for Info-chan.]]²Info-chan is using you both to get rid of the rivals so that she can have Senpai all for herself.²* [=YandereDev=] has stated that the original plot would've had the twist that Info-chan was a {{Yandere}} all along, and manipulating Yandere-chan to [[MurderTheHypotenuse eliminate all of the other rivals]] so she could have Senpai all for herself, being the final rival. This plan has since been scrapped.²* The final rival, as stated elsewhere, will be the StudentCouncilPresident. Her connection to Info-chan, if any, is unknown.²²[[WMG:There will be an IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy ending.]]²Yandere-chan will have a HeelRealization about what she has been doing and decide that Senpai doesn't deserve to deal with her after offing the 10th rival. This ending would be very hard to get, though.²* That's assuming that Yan-chan cares about anyone or anything. The more likely outcome would be [[ this.]]²²[[WMG:The game will have different endings with different personalities for Yandere-chan.]]²Basically, the whole game has a MultipleChoicePast thing going on. If you're a murderer, Yandere-chan will be crazy at the end of the game. If you were just [[TheMatchmaker a matchmaker]], then she will be sweet and innocent. So on and so forth.²* Based on what the creator has said, the endings ''are'' elimination-dependent, but it controls how ''Senpai'' reacts, not Yan-chan.²* The creator has also said that Yandere-chan's personality depends on the player's actions.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan is the Beast Titan or has his powers.]]²You know, the one from ''Manga/AttackOnTitan''. I'm suggesting this because [[spoiler:with the click of a button, you can turn people into titans. Just like the Beast Titan can]].²* You ''do'' realize that these are only joke modes available in debug mode – something that will probably ''not'' be available in the final game – yes?²** Well, the Dev has said that the various {{Easter Egg}}s might still be in the final game, either as unlockables or as cheat codes – he's put a lot of work into coding them, so it'd be a waste to leave them out of the end product. Plus, fans love them.²²[[WMG:Senpai's Imouto is very popular.]]²Just guessing. The dev did say that the last rivals would be popular girls.²* [[GodNeverSaidThat He actually said]] each rival will be progressively tougher to beat. Popularity can be one reason for that, but not the only one – the Delinquent Leader is likely very ''un''popular (he's implied that she'll have just gotten out of a stint in juvie during her week), but is the rival right before Imouto-chan. This is almost certainly due to her extreme physical strength, and possibly an UnexpectedGameplayChange (you have to have low reputation for the delinquents to acknowledge you). Imouto-chan might be popular, or she may be tough because she constantly clings to Senpai, making it difficult to get her alone.²²[[WMG:Senpai is secretly the BigBad.]]²He knows that all the girls of Akademi are slaughtering each other for him and [[LetsYouAndHimFight he likes it]]. Perhaps he is a SocialDarwinist who would only date the lone survivor who was ruthless and intelligent enough to wipe out all her competition.²* It would be funny if at the end, Yandere-chan (after murdering everybody) wins Senpai's affection, only to realize that he's [[EvenEvilHasStandards more monstrous than her]].²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan ''will'' become more insane the more you eliminate rivals.]]²She'll start to think that everyone is a rival. If you kill every single rival, she'll completely snap and will never be the same again, no matter how many times she laughs.²* I don't know about Yan-chan, but ''Senpai'' will,especially if they see their childhood friend/sister die in front of him.²²[[WMG:The school nurse knows Yandere-chan's mother.]]²She knows that the mother killed for love. The nurse will blackmail the mom and will get her out of the country so that the mother cannot help Yandere-chan. The nurse has also guessed that Yandere-chan is a yandere too, so the nurse has hidden her important items to make sure Yandere-chan doesn't get them. Also, the nurse and Info-chan are working together. The nurse might've heard that Yandere-chan is a yandere for Senpai from Info-chan.²* Ryoba is out of the country because she's hunting down the Journalist. This doesn't preclude the Nurse knowing about her and being wary of her, though.²²[[WMG:Senpai's little sister love interest will be adopted or otherwise unrelated to him by blood.]]²Partly to avoid the obvious {{Squick}} of full-blown sibling incest and partly to exploit the common NotBloodSiblings anime trope.²* Not likely, since how dark this game is. If the game can go to manipulating people, killing everyone, people getting a bad reputation while the villains go free, and AbusiveParents who use their kids for sex then BrotherSisterIncest won't be that bad.²** Alternatively, the trope could be parodied in a tongue-in-cheek way. Such as it being revealed she was adopted in the most blatant way imaginable.²* Not likely, since the Dev has since redesigned Imouto-chan's personality to take away the incestuous undertones, instead making her a ClingyJealousGirl who simply does not want her "onii-chan" to ever have a girlfriend.²²[[WMG:A sequel to the game will feature a court scenario like the one experienced by the disgraced journalist.]]²Rather than going on the offensive, Yandere-chan will have to be on the defensive and do her best to present the image of an innocent schoolgirl to the rest of the world while intimidating witnesses, bribing judges, and manipulating reporters. All while retaining her hold on Senpai.²²[[WMG:Looking at the silhouettes and the model [=YandereDev=] used in his videos, we can guess what the rivals look like.]]²In some of his videos, he's shown [[ images]] that are confirmed to be potential rivals. However, they are not named and are only in silhouette (presumably to tease). Some speculation:²* [[ This image]] shows a girl with trays and a tea kettle, which could easily be the Cooking Club President. She also looks like she's wearing an apron and a head wrapping. The posing may suggest she has some CuteClumsyGirl tendencies.²* The girl next to her appears to have curly hair, and is posed with her hand on her hip and, from what we see of the silhouette, the other closer to her face. It could be the Drama Club President or the StudentCouncilPresident. However, one could argue that the silhouette is holding a water bottle, which could mean she's the Captain of the Swim Team.²** It's the Drama Club President. She also has an alternate design – [[ here.]]²** The Swim Team Captain is to the right of the Drama Club President.²** [[ This]] is the Student Council President. She's already in the game, albeit via laptop screen and still partly silhouetted. [[ Here.]] ²* The girl [[ here]] was also teased [[ in the August 12th]] update. She has orange hair tied into long pigtails, pink stockings with white polka dots, and an aggressive stance. Unless Osana Najimi is due for a [[ArtEvolution redesign]], we can safely say that this is the little sister. Since she would know Osana, and likely be jealous of her, it would make total sense for her to copy her outfit choices and [[{{Tsundere}} behavior]].²** That ''is'' Osana. The "I Want My Senpai Back" video shows this new design, and she is clearly listed in the credits as Osana.²** Imouto-chan's final design (though not her in-game character model) has been officially revealed. [[ Here.]]²²[[WMG:Info-chan hates Osana because Info likes Senpai too]]²She's a ClingyJealousGirl like {{Yandere}}-chan, only more of a ManipulativeBitch than Yandere is. So Info will get rid of Osana with Yandere.²* Possibly Jossed. Info-chan ''was'' originally intended to be the other {{yandere}}, your final rival, but that idea was scrapped. She ''does'' still have some personal vendetta against Osana, but her reason for it is not known.²²[[WMG:In-universe, Yandere-chan's reason for pairing off rivals with other guys will be due to PragmaticVillainy, rather than being nice.]]²Of course, out-of-universe, there will definitely be players who go that route to try and be nice, but since WordOfGod claims that Yandere-chan is an EmotionlessGirl with a LackOfEmpathy, it is unlikely that the in-universe reason why she would do so is due to kindness. More likely, she'll simply see it as nothing more than another way of getting rivals to leave Senpai alone, no more or less valid than disposing of them lethally or in a more cruel way. The only advantages she'll recognize (if any) are that she won't have to dirty her hands and risk getting arrested.²²[[WMG:We will be able to go to Sisuta Town.]]²This is because Kokona Haruka mentions it when she's on the phone talking to someone. We will be able to go to there, take a picture of what she's doing, and possibly blackmail her or gossip about it.²²[[WMG:Oka Ruto likes Senpai because she believes that they are [[BecauseDestinySaysSo destined for each other]].]]²Oka's encounter events will be about her attempting to convert Senpai to whatever cultist belief her Occult Club is about, culminating in a pseudo wedding at Friday to mark that they'll be together even beyond death. Her DifficultySpike would be dealing with her more fanatic followers, a.k.a. the members of the Occult Club.²²It wouldn't be too far-fetched for a weird, outcast girl so heavily invested in the occult to come to a conclusion such as "We are soul mates", "We were [[ReincarnationRomance lovers in a previous life]]", or "My spirit guide told me that he's the one, hence why we should be together."²* WordOfGod has provided evidence for this: While he won't spoil how Oka and Senpai met, it might be more humorous due to how strange she is. Her superstitious nature may play a part in why she becomes a rival.²** Sure enough, the Rival Introduction video shows that Oka is convinced Senpai "cast a hex" on her. [[WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove Lust and romance are foreign concepts to her.]]²²[[WMG:At least one of the rivals will turn out to be a ClosetGeek.]]²Aside from things like "[[DomesticAbuse domestic violence]]", "drug abuse", and "pregnancy", the "leave a note" mechanic also mentions "anime", "manga", and "video games". It may be possible to find out that a rival is secretly an {{Otaku}} and use it against her.²²[[WMG:You will be able to play after you get a GameOver.]]²Not just because of SNAP though! Either that or maybe it's because of SNAP. I'm thinking this because right [[ here]] it says that you'll be able to sabotage Senpai's dates. That probably means that after a girl confesses their love to Senpai, you will be able to still keep playing the game and work from there.²²[[WMG:Kuudere Simulator takes place within Yandere-chan's mind, and is a prequel to Yandere Simulator.]]²Why else would Yandere-chan be emotionless? Why else would the game take place in a single room? I think that Kuudere-chan is how Yandere-chan viewed herself prior to meeting Senpai. Tsundere-chan was Yandere-chan's image of a normal girl. After Kuudere Simulator? Basically imagine Kuudere-chan and Tsundere-chan today, but in love with Senpai. That's how Yandere-chan currently views herself, and what she thinks a "normal" girl is like.²* Kuudere-chan also sounds EXACTLY like Yandere-chan.²* Aside from being an April Fools joke, Kuu Dere is now a character, so this is unlikely. ²²[[WMG:Yandere Dev is a yandere himself.]]²Thing about it. Yandere-chan is used as an avatar for himself in update videos, and he also kills Midori Gurin in a couple of videos. Not only that, he drowned Kokona Haruka twice for walking in front of the camera.²* I've always found his voice weirdly emotionless.²** Further supported by his TranquilFury when discussing the email problem, and also that his new AuthorAvatar killed Midori in the video regarding the gaming club.²** And according to his Twitter, he's even got a [[ Senpai.]] I didn't have the nerve to find out who it was, but he says he'll [[DrivenToSuicide off himself]] should "Senpai" [[ dislike his game.]]²*** It's [[spoiler:WebVideo/JonTron]].²* Eh, if any single word could describe him, it'd probably be "pervert" (who else would have come up with the idea for a game where upskirt pics are a core mechanic?).²** This is completely missing the point of its inclusion, as [=YanDev=] has complained about repeatedly. It was added specifically for an extra level of {{squick}} to remind people of what it is they are playing. [[FanDisservice This is not supposed to be a funny or sexy feature. It's supposed to show how depraved Info-chan is and how low Yan-chan is willing to stoop to achieve her goals.]] Despite all appearances of fluttering cherry petals and pop-sounding background music, you are playing the monster in a horror story. It's meant to be on par with Pyramid Head crotch-ramming the mannequins when you first run into him.²²[[WMG:The confrontation with the Rival Yandere will play out differently in different playthroughs]]²WordOfGod states that the final rival is "another yandere girl with all of your abilities". The "all of your abilities" bit may reflect that she either mirrors Yandere-chan's skills learned in class (PE, Chemistry, Psychology, etc), or the playstyle of the player (murder, sabotage, manipulation, matchmaker).²* But then if you're going through matchmaker, how would the rival yandere pull that off if Yandere-chan is only in love with Senpai?²** It is possible that as you get more popular due to a matchmaker playthrough, that the final Yandere's crush will actually be Yandere-chan herself and if you play as a pure matchmaker, she'll work against you by trying to matchmake Senpai (who started noticing you (in fact, matchmaker ending could have Senpai confessing to Yandere-chan instead of it being vice versa), but also has another crush); if not, she'll just try to straight-up murder or frame him and you have to prevent it, possibly framing yourself in the process.²* Unlikely to happen, as [=YandereDev=] has said that there is no Rival {{Yandere}} anymore. There's a slim chance that this idea might still be plausible with a different character.²²[[WMG:Alternatives for the use of money in the game]]²If [=YandereDev=] expands on the town and the idea that Yandere-chan can earn money on weekends, it could be used on various things. The player could buy certain types of panties with boni for parameters or effects. Or buy items in a convenience store, like over-the-counter calming pills that help keep Yandere-chan calm after committing murder, an energy drink that improves how many Study Points she can earn in one day in sporty activities, etc.²²[[WMG:Info-chan doesn't tell you about the Phantom Girl because she knows the Phantom Girl's past.]]²Everyone can see the Phantom Girl, but Info-chan knows too much about her and telling anything would lead to questions about the girl's reason for being there, which is because the Phantom Girl was murdered in that bathroom.²²[[WMG:There will be actual, animated cutscenes in-game.]]²The dev trailer (posted on October 1st 2015) showed what looked like an animatic.²* He certainly wants there to be. Whether there ''will'' be depends on time and funding.²** Since Yan-chan and Senpai are going to be customizable, 2D cutscenes with them would not be realistically possible. If there will be cutscenes, they'll have to use in-game models.²* As of June 2016, there ''is'' one — the culmination of a string of actions where you get the opportunity to Befriend or Betray your rival.²²[[WMG:One of the teachers at school will understand that you have a Senpai]]²It's because of what happened in [[ this video.]] She doesn't seem to be the {{yandere}} from the tapes, your mother, or any yandere at all because she didn't get with her Senpai and isn't all that emotional about it. Any yandere in her position would've snapped by now. Even so, she'll still keep quiet about your bad deeds so that you can get with your obsession.²²[[WMG:At least one of the MultipleEndings will feature Yan-chan kidnapping Senpai and keeping him in her basement.]]²It's revealed in Basement Tape #1 that Ryoba kidnapped Yan-chan's father and kept him tied up in her basement, and it's mentioned that ''her'' mother did the same. So far, it appears to be a family tradition...²²[[WMG:There will be a Week 11 BonusBoss named (Something) [[MeaningfulName Rasputin]].]]²* Nika would make a good first name for her.²* She's probably a NewTransferStudent from Russia.²* Her shtick is that 1. she doesn't believe in that dumb cherry tree rumor, and she will confess to Senpai ''Monday afternoon'' if you don't do something. 2. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis She.]] ''[[RasputinianDeath Won't.]]'' ''[[MadeOfIron FREAKIN'.]]'' '''''[[WhyWontYouDie DIE.]]''''' Poison her? She survives and stops leaving her food unattended. Throw her off the roof? She survives and stops trusting notes in her lockers. Electrocute her? She survives and stops trying to turn the lights back on in the bathroom. [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Carve her up with a katana and throw her body into an incinerator?]] She [[UnexplainedRecovery survives]] and learns kung-fu. Bully her relentlessly? She has an iron will against suicide, and will play herself up as TheWoobie to win Senpai's love. Kidnap her and torture her to insanity? She escapes and informs the police. Matchmake her? She has no other crushes. You would have to continually stall for time until Friday, when a way to put this frumious bandersnatch down for good finally opens up.²* If her backstory doesn't start her off in Japan already, her [[EstablishingCharacterMoment intro cutscene]] might start with her traveling (either in a plane flying over, or a ship sailing in) the Okhotsk Sea[[note]]the sea in between Japan and the easternmost portion of Russia[[/note]]. The vessel is almost at Japan [[RuleOfDrama when suddenly]], it [[IncendiaryExponent catches on fire]] and [[AbandonShip sinks into the sea]]. She [[SuperNotDrowningSkills extracts herself from the flooded wreckage]] and [[{{Determinator}} swims the rest of the way to Japan]].²²[[WMG:You will be able to torture a girl into obedience, short of death.]]²Essentially, you'll be able to reduce sanity to make them pliable, then apply some other method to make them not "show" the damage and increase loyalty. Proper application (increasing loyalty to 100% without reducing Sanity to 0%) will change their personality to something like "[[StockholmSyndrome Servant]]", where they will behave apparently normally, but follow your every command. This method won't be easy, since reducing Sanity to 0% will create the MurderSuicide scenario we've already seen.²²[[WMG:The Aishi bloodline is cursed.]]²The game already has ghosts and succubi wandering around. It's not out of the question that magic is the reason why ''all'' Aishi daughters mentioned are psychopaths.²* Supporting this is the fact that the Succubus in the Demon Realm looks and sounds just like Yandere-chan, and much like Ryōba, shares a voice actress and character model with her.²** The succubus is actually Sakyu Basu's unmodified model, which happens to be the exact same base as Ayano and every other female NPC.²²[[WMG:Certain rivals will spend most of their free time in their clubs, making them harder to kill.]]²Since, y'know, they'll be constantly surrounded by other people.²* Another thing could be that outside of class, they're always surrounded or in seeing distance with at least one other student, tying into the below theory.²²[[WMG:Rivals will be programmed so no matter what, someone is ''guaranteed'' to see their death.]]²* What would be the point of that? That just makes the game unwinnable. It may be ''difficult'' to get a rival alone (especially later on), but it should never be ''impossible''.²** No, that would not make the game unwinnable. Yan-chan can always chase down and silence (aka kill) [[LeaveNoWitnesses anyone who sees her killing the rival]], albeit at the risk of [[HereWeGoAgain starting a chain reaction]] of having to chase down and kill anyone who sees her killing the original witness.²** Besides, [[ this part of the January 2017 progress report]] (bookmarked about eight minutes in) partially Josses this theory. ''If'' left undisturbed, students' schedules will be organized to never let the rival out of anyone's sight. ''But'' Yan-chan can preemptively send/lure potential witnesses away from the soon-to-be crime scene by using a series of carefully orchestrated [[WeNeedADistraction distractions]]. (Or murder them before making her move on the Rival.)²²[[WMG:Tsundere-chan will also be added into the game.]]²She will be Kuu Dere's sister.²* Actually, the Dev has stated that Osana's redesign is "Tsundere-chan with more thought", so that part is correct. However, nothing about any relation to anyone else. Chances are the rivals (aside from Imouto-chan) have no siblings at the school.²²[[WMG:One of the rival's unique kills will involve hiding critical medicine.]]²The Dev has hinted at there being unique elimination methods for each rival (such as the Drama Club President dying while acting in a play, or Oka's perhaps involving the Phantom Girl). It may be possible to, after stalking a girl, find out that she's taking medicine [[IllGirl for an illness]], and removing it from her. That way, if she has an attack, she'll be unable to get help and die with very few traces. ²²[[WMG:The game will be a subtle {{Deconstruction}} of the {{Yandere}} trope, and the best ending will be achieved by getting rid of all the rivals passively.]]²* Probably. I mean, it's already pretty much a deconstruction, and he wants the game to be dark and serious when it's done, so... yeah. Considering he's made it clear you will be able to do a [[PacifistRun peaceful run]], well, how many games have the peaceful run be anything but the good end?²²[[WMG:Succubi will be a plot point in the game's story mode.]]²Throughout the game's development, succubi have been a recurring theme. One of the potential DLC rival ideas was a succubus, the final Seduction level is "Succubus", the BigBad in ''Yanvania'' is one, and there's two students who are rumored to be a vampire and a succubus. One could chalk this up to AuthorAppeal, seeing as [=YandereDev=] mentioned that one of his other game ideas was about a succubus, but this could potentially be {{Foreshadowing}} for the game proper. There's already a ghost, so succubi might not be too out of place.²* Maybe confirmed, maybe not. One of the girls at school is named "Sakyu Basu", she looks like the villain in ''Yanvania'', and there are rumors – mostly via Oka – that she is in fact a succubus. But she probably isn't, and Oka is just being nutty again. However, [[spoiler:there ''is'' a succubus hiding out in the Void (accessible by bloodying the Occult Club's ritual knife and inserting it into the skull). However, neither she nor anything else in the Void is likely to be a major plot point]].²²[[WMG:The Journalist will be the FinalBoss.]]²He will dodge Yandere-chan's mother long enough for her to get fed up, return to Japan, and murder his daughter in RevengeByProxy. A furious Journalist will return and become even more obsessed with proving she is a murderess, and if he succeeds, Yandere-chan's reputation will be irreparably damaged by guilt by association, ruining her chances with Senpai. Since her mother killing him would bring suspicion down on her, Yandere-chan must be the one to stop him. She can also betray her mother and voluntarily give him [[ChekhovsGun the basement tapes]], allowing him to defeat her and making herself out as a hero in the process.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan has [[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} Determination]].]] ²* Well, there's the ShoutOut, Yandere-chan definitely has the personality, and she's able to restart the day/the game if anything goes wrong.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan's mother will come to her aid at the end of the 10th week in the confrontation with the 10th rival.]] ²Since it's a known fact that the last rival will be able to harm Yan-chan physically, and that Yan-chan's parents are out of the country for ten weeks, it is theoretically possible that Ryoba can return to Japan at the end of the tenth week, just in time to protect her daughter from mortal danger posed by the final rival. Combining Ayano's cunning and ruthlessness with an adult's power and experience, watching Ryoba engage in a violent confrontation is a tantalizing prospect.²* This has been {{Jossed}}. Yanderedev [[WordOfGod said]] that she is out of country for 10 weeks. Also, she will only be playable in 1980s mode.²²[[WMG:There will be a GoodIsNotNice way to dispose of rivals]]²Take Kokona. She's got an abusive and implied to be incestuous father. In a sample example, in order to deal with her, you call the police and inform them of the goings-on (providing proof, of course). Kokona is rescued from her terrible life, but her plan to confess to Senpai is permanently scuttled as she's pulled from school to deal with the police and other family members.²* WordOfGod has said that each rival will have unique elimination methods. He could have just meant "ways to kill them", but something like this could be possible.²* Confirmed for Kokona herself, at the very least; Yandere-chan can blackmail the loan shark her father is in debt to to fix her problems and use that as leverage to get her to stop pursuing Senpai.²²[[WMG:Oka Ruto believes that the Basu sisters are supernatural because Info-chan is messing with her.]]²Info-chan doesn't like Oka Ruto, so she wants to humiliate her by having her obsess over stupid things. So she claimed the Basu sisters are a vampire and a succubus. Because Info-chan isn't known for being wrong, Oka trusts her claims, but Info-chan is telling everyone else who is curious on the matter that only a fool would believe those two are supernatural.²²[[WMG:One of the future items for the Senpai Shrine will be a lock of hair.]]²The description? "Senpai's hair looks [[LetsPlay/{{Markiplier}} great on my wall!]]"²* The lock of hair bit is confirmed, but the caption isn't the above.²²[[WMG:The Computer Girl is both the StudentCouncilPresident and the Headmaster's daughter. She will be different in that she's smarter in comparison to the other rivals.]]²The laptop she appears on just so happens to be in the Student Council room, which may suggest a connection. It may be how she is doing her duties as President while not attending school. If you look at her with Yandere Vision, she has a red outline, which means someone who is in some way dangerous (whether a witness or rival). WordOfGod says the rivals will not know of your existence. However, he also said that one of the rivals will be completely different from the rest, but he won't elaborate on how or why. It may be that she's the exception to the rule, and will know ahead of time that there's a {{Yandere}} and who it might be. Worth mentioning is that some fans speculate that "You're going to have a bad time" is a reference to [[spoiler:Sans]] from ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', who is only fought on the No Mercy route and is notoriously difficult to beat. According to the modeler who made her, she won't be hostile unless you make a "bad call". This may be a sign that she'll be more difficult to eliminate if you've been dealing with the other rivals in a violent way.²²She also mentions that her father is keeping her out of school, but he has a reason to tolerate someone's (Yan-chan's?) presence. It would make sense for her to say that if her father happens to be the Headmaster, who has already been established to be bribing the police and media to stay away from the school.²* The part about her being the Student Council President is confirmed, [[ if this tweet is any indication.]] As for the rest, we'll see.²** The part about being the Headmaster's daughter is Jossed.²* Adding on to this, she may not actually be attracted to Senpai, [[BecomingTheMask at least not at first]]. The reason why she begins to pursue him might be because she knows he's Yan-chan's target, and is willing to use herself as bait to bring her to justice, as well as distract her from anyone else she might kill.²** Probably true, if her website description and rival introduction are anything to go by.²²[[WMG:The Occult Club's [[BodyMotifs eye motif]] is {{Foreshadowing}} for Oka's DarkSecret.]]²Of the Occult Club members, Oka and Shin are the only two that don't have their right eyes covered (with allusions to EyeScream). Interestingly, however, a lock of hair frames hers. One of the Yokai Story issues also continues the motif ("A horror story about a young woman whose right eye is stolen by an evil spirit"). Reading the Yokai Story manga has similar effects to joining the Occult Club: your sanity will deplete slower. What we do know about her DarkSecret so far is that it may be the reason why she won't be at school until her week. All the [[EyeScream eye injury]] imagery might be foreshadowing on what exactly it is.²²[[WMG:There will be a time travel plot]]²If not at the main game, maybe it will be hinted at the sequel or DLC. Maybe even traveling back to the past, so Yandere's mom failed to kidnap her senpai, and Yandere-chan was never born?²* Dev has stated in his retrospective on Kokona that she could be a DLC rival and, should she be, she would have been in a time loop, so she would be [[CrazyPrepared nigh impossible to kill]]. As a result, this is more or less right.²²[[WMG:In the future update, the demon will be another reference to ''Undertale'']]²Specifically, it was Chara.²²[[WMG:Possible reasons for Website/{{Twitch}} to ban Yandere Simulator.]]²[=YandereDev=] has made a video that Twitch has banned the game from streaming on its site, but when he enquired on it, he recieved no reply, so this section dedicates to speculations, conspiracies and theories on why Twitch did that.²* Twitch has a thing against anime; the ban list is disproportionately filled with other games that are also {{Animesque}}.²%%* Yandere will be reacting to someone talking to Sempai, and Twitch doesn't want to get sued by Creator/TheFineBrothers.²* Twitch finally got back to [=YandereDev=]. Turns out it's mainly because the game is incomplete.²²[[WMG:Info-chan is using Yandere-chan's obsession with Senpai as a means of subtly training her in the art of assassination, and is possibly working for the Agency from {{VideoGame/Hitman}}.]]²I mean, considering Yandere-chan is taking her crush on Senpai to levels causing her to become a psychotic killer ([[{{Yandere}} clue's in her name, lads]]), it's not ''that'' far-fetched that Info-chan would do this, especially if she is working for the Agency.²* This actually happened in [[AlternateUniverse Mission Mode]], where Ayano isn't a Yandere, but an assasin. So, as a result, this is true, kinda.²²[[WMG:Doing a PacifistRun will get you a GoldenEnding which will involve [[spoiler:confronting Yandere-chan's mother.]]]]²If you play the role as Yandere straight, using murder and manipulation to win over Senpai, Ryoba will be [[SoProudOfYou pleased to see her daughter follow in her footsteps as part of a bad or neutral ending.]] However, if Ayano goes the [[EarnYourHappyEnding peaceful route,]] [[PairTheSpares sets up her rivals with other guys,]] and [[EverybodyLives wins Senpai over]] [[ThouShaltNotKill without harming anyone,]] Ryoba will [[EvilCannotComprehendGood think her daughter]] [[InTheBlood is rejecting her heritage]] and [[OffingTheOffspring will go after]] [[WhyCouldntYouBeDifferent Yandere-chan]] and [[IHaveYourWife Senpai.]] However this confrontation plays out, I can see a couple possible endings for it:²# Yandere-chan not only rejects her mother, but turns her in to the police for her crimes. (Possibly involving The Journalist in some way, giving the poor guy [[ThrowTheDogABone a chance to finally]] [[ClearMyName clear his name]] by Yan-chan giving the basement tapes to him.)²# [[PapaWolf Upon seeing his daughter threatened,]] Yandere-chan's father will throw off his StockholmSyndrome and take Ryoba down in a major TheDogBitesBack moment. \²However it turns out, I'm guessing it will be possible for Ryoba's KarmaHoudiniWarranty to finally expire.²²[[WMG:Alternatively, doing a PacifistRun will result in the Bad Ending]]²* It's a Bad Ending for Yandere-chan at least (even though it might be the GoldenEnding for everyone else). ²* It could be another reference to ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}''. In that game, you are encouraged to play pacifist and will get a 'Bad Ending' if you're killing everyone. In ''Yandere Sim'', you are expected to be a VillainProtagonist. If you're trying to defy the expectation, you will have a bad time.²²[[WMG:Killing every student at school in one day...]]²* Will give a reference, if not an outright recreation of a certain scene in {{VideoGame/Undertale}}. You know, that one. [[spoiler:'''99999999999999999999999999'''.]]²* [=YandereDev=] has stated that the consequence of killing a class's worth of students in one day will result in the Headmaster ordering a school shutdown, which will be a GameOver.²** He's also said that killing ''every'' student in one day will give a special ending.²²[[WMG:If the ghost becomes your rival (like in a DLC), she will be the hardest rival.]]²You can't kill a ghost, you can't drug a ghost, ghosts don't have fingerprints, and she'll have very little incriminating behaviour for you to exploit (while she probably can destroy your reputation far easier). I have no idea how you'll be able to beat her, but it will probably be non-traditional and difficult.²²[[WMG:Senpai's sister's behavior in-game will be influenced by how you dealt with Osana at the start of the game.]]²WordOfGod confirms that Osana, Senpai, and his sister all played together as children. With that in mind, it's not too difficult to make a connection between the sister's clinginess and something happening to Osana earlier on. If she was dealt with in a particularly violent or cruel way, the sister will become grief-stricken and attach herself to Senpai even further, out of subconscious fear that something could happen to him too. If, however, Osana is dealt with in a peaceful way, her dialogue and behavior will be more relaxed. She'd still be clingy no matter what, but the exact reasons differ. It also fits in with [=YandereDev=] saying he wants us to feel shame/guilt for eliminating the rivals, since showing a character late in the game actively grieve for the "tutorial" rival would bring it home that killing them is a horrible thing.²²[[WMG:If you kill one of the Basu sisters and the other one witnesses it, they will call you a "dirty sister-killer".]]²Because ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' references.²** Not in yet, but you will have a [[UnstoppableRage bad time]] if you do so.²²[[WMG:One peaceful resolution for Senpai's sister will be to befriend her.]]²Supposedly, Senpai's little sister isn't romantically interested in him, she just wants his attention and is really clingy, and ultimately is going to ask him not to take a girlfriend. With this in mind, one method of eliminating her without violence might be to go out of your way to become a CoolBigSis to her, so that she starts to want you around more, and so doesn't mind the idea of her brother dating you. The main flaw being, of course, that this might draw Senpai's attention earlier than expected, but it wouldn't be impossible for his sister to root for you in secret.²²[[WMG:There will be another SerialKiller.]]²They will constantly kill students, which will make the school atmosphere drop gradually, forcing the player to hunt them down before the school is forced to close.²²[[WMG:[[spoiler:The three demons in the Occult Club represent Yandere-chan's Mother, Senpai, and The Journalist.]]]]²The [[spoiler:Succubus]] represents [[spoiler:Yandere-chan's Mother]] because she seems to be the most like her in terms of appearance and personality. Meanwhile, [[spoiler:The Horror]] represents [[spoiler:The Journalist]], as they had their life ruined by [[spoiler:Yandere-chan's Mother]] after the court case, and the [[spoiler:Horror's]] missing arms represent the way that [[spoiler:The Journalist]] feels after the case. Lastly, the [[spoiler:Fiend]] represents [[spoiler:Senpai]], as they both wear a boy's jacket, and the [[spoiler:Fiend]] talks about how you are "Not worthy of (its) time", which is a representation of how Yandere-chan worries that [[spoiler:Senpai]] might feel about her. ²²[[WMG:The Aishi family line have some demon blood in their genes.]]²Along with naturally being Yanderes, the Aishi Family Line's Yandereism goes back many generations by the WordOfGod. If we take into account Yandere Vision, which lets Yan-Chan see exactly where Senpai is at, where her rival or anyone she has enough information of is, and can even tell what their relationship to her is based on the color that outlines them. We could also go as far to say that most of the Aishi Family also shares this ability. Not to mention that a recent change in ''Yandere Simulator'' has made Yandere's eyes go from [[EmptyEyes empty]] to [[RedEyesTakeWarning blazing red]] when Yandere Vision is active. ²²And with the [[spoiler:Totally Normal Update, when entering the room with the three demons, the gaping mouthed one will mention how it's been wrongly accused of a crime and punished for it, desiring vengeance on those who did it and stating that its "descendants must feel what [it has] felt". Granted, should you kill all the Occult Club members with the Ritual Knife, drag them into the summoning circle, and dismember them, its voice will reemerge stating "vengeance at last" before Yandere-chan floats with white eyes and ten hands spewing from the ground around her to murder everything that comes close, being able to move around and hurt anything that isn't Senpai. In other words, that gaping demon could be Yandere-chan's ancestor!]]²²[[WMG:In the full game, there will be other ways to [[spoiler:contact the demons.]]]]²Considering you have to kill every member of the Occult club currently to get [[spoiler:the demons]] to do your bidding, thus shutting the club down from lack of members, it makes sense.²* It doesn't have to be the Occult club members you kill for it, they're just the easiest targets since they're right where they need to be instead of you having to drag them across the school.²²[[WMG:In the full game, there will be a post-game epilogue that reflects your choices during gameplay.]]²²[[WMG:In the full release, each murder you commit will do irreversible damage to your Sanity Meter.]]²²[[WMG:The Journalist will be able to die in the final game.]]²Whether your mother finishes him off remains to be seen.²²[[WMG:If an Aishi woman adopted her husband's surname, their child would not carry the yandere gene/curse.]]²²[[WMG:For as long as the curse persists, Aishi women will neither bear sons nor multiple children.]]²Something needs to keep the clan from spreading too far, and there doesn't seem to be any indication that Yandere-chan has any uncles or aunts. So they currently have a SingleLineOfDescent.²²[[WMG:SNAP mode will entail Yandere-chan's Sanity Meter becoming max depleted (heartbeat in red); she will fly into an insane rage and kill the confessing rival. Then, she will either kill Senpai and herself, or she will take Senpai to her home and force him to be with her whether he likes it or not.]]²²[[WMG:Mr. Aishi's maiden name is Ichiro Sato.]]²If you notice, there's a bit of a GenerationXerox thing between the game and the backstory. Both involve a {{Yandere}} girl of the Aishi clan murdering for the sake of a boy, one of the main players is a journalist (journalist to be in one case), and said {{Yandere}} has a name connected to death (Ayano having the first half of the word {{Yandere}} in her name, and Ryoba being a type of saw). Senpai's CanonName is Taro Yamada, a rough Japanese equivalent to John Smith[=/=]Doe. That said, Ichiro Sato is also a rough Japanese version of John Smith[=/=]Doe.²** Taro Yamada is just a placeholder for the time being, which is ''why'' it's the Japanese equivalent of John Doe (a person with an unknown name).²*** Can't really rule out the possibility of it becoming his official name. One of the reasons why John Smith or John Doe are used as psuedonyms is that they're generic names, and Senpai does have a generic design reminiscent of typical {{Everyman}} Harem protagonists.²²[[WMG:Senpai's canon, permanent name will be Sen Pai.]]²* Probably not. If his name's not Taro Yamada (Japanese for John Smith), then it's likely going to be customizable by the player.²* Also, with his sister's name being Hanako Yamada, his surname will probably match hers.²²[[WMG:Each of the Deadhand (or whatever) abilities will be available to Yandere-chan.]]²From the [[BlatantLies Totally Normal]] update, Yandere-Chan could perform a ritual and end up given... ''powers''? However, the text that preceded the granting of power is the same text font as one of the beings in the other world. Each of the beings in the other world will eventually be able to give their powers to Yandere-chan.²* It appears as though this will be the case eventually, given [[spoiler:the demons']] dialogue. For example, [[spoiler:the Fiend]] says, "Do you wish to borrow my power? You are not worthy. Come back when you have proven you can wield my power.", suggesting that there will be a task you will be able to perform in order to get his supernatural ability.²** On the way to being confirmed: There is now a way to get the Fiend's ability: [[spoiler:heat up the ritual knife with a blow torch, then stick it back in the skull. The Fiend will power it up and cause any student stabbed with it to burn to death. Drag these burned corpses into the ritual circle (like you would the severed limbs for the Horror), and after you've cooked and dragged enough students, the Fiend will be satisfied and give you his flame powers.]] Now we just need a way to get the Succubus's ability (whatever it is) for this to be 100% confirmed.²²[[WMG:One of the delinquents will be named [[Anime/JojosBizarreAdventure Josuke]].]]²One of them even has the hair.²* Now that the delinquents are fully implemented, this is Jossed. ²** Unless the 1980s delinquents have him as a member.²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan's father works for Saikou]]²²The president of Saikou (Megami Saikou's father) is the employer and former classmate of Yan-chan's parents. In one of the basement tapes, Ryoba mentioned she told her husband's boss that they would be leaving the country.²²Being a former classmate when Phantom Girl was killed, and seeing how terrified Ryoba's husband is of her, he put two and two together and figured out that Ryoba was Phantom Girl's killer. And then he sees a picture of Ayano on her father's desk, with the same eyes her mother once had...²²This explains why Megami is not allowed to attend school, and why Megami knows a dangerous killer is at the school.²²[[WMG:The Succubus Demon will be an InstantWinCondition.]]²If Yandere-chan can enlist the help of the Succubus Demon, she can win Senpai's heart. Chances are, this would be a joke ending.²* Alternatively, it will be a DifficultButAwesome ending, requiring the most effort of any path to unlock the Succubus powers. In exchange, Senpai will be guaranteed to be completely happy with you regardless of if/how you dispatched other rivals because he'll be that infatuated with you (basically meaning guaranteed GoldenEnding, and potentially sooner than 10 weeks).²²[[WMG:The reason why Mr. Aishi was looking at the tapes in Basement Tape 10 was because he was planning on escaping Ryoba.]]²It's made explicit that, before she walked in, he was looking at the tapes. However, a reason why was never given. While Ryoba interpreted it as him "being nostalgic for the good old days", he could be gathering them up so that he could present them to the police. It would be plenty of evidence that incriminates Ryoba both for murder and kidnapping, and if she gets apprehended, he'll be free. Why now? Well, he's starting to notice that their daughter is right around the same age that Aishi girls start stalking and murdering. Ryoba also makes it very clear that she wants Yan-chan to find "love". He might feel that the sooner Ryoba doesn't have an influence in her life, the better the chances that Yan-chan won't end up a violent stalker. Unfortunately, Ryoba decided to track down the Journalist before he could send the tapes to the police.²²[[WMG:The result of the fight between The Journalist and Ryoba Aishi will be determined by how the player chooses to dispose of their rivals.]]²This is the proposed theory: the more peaceful Yan-chan is against her rivals for Senpai, the more likely it is that in the ending, The Journalist either kills or manages to escape Ryoba. Conversely, the more violent Yan-chan becomes against her romantic rivals, the more likely it is that in the ending, Ryoba kills The Journalist. It would make sense, because The Journalist could potentially win (as of now, all we know is that Ryoba is searching for The Journalist during the ten weeks over which the game proper takes place), or potentially Mr. Aishi could have an effect on her as well. Perhaps if Yan-chan plays it out completely straight, matchmaking all of her rivals with other people, Mr. Aishi will convince Ryoba not to kill The Journalist. If Yan-chan plays through the game with roughly an equal amount of violence and peace, The Journalist will survive, but Ryoba may kidnap him or subject him to torture. If Yan-chan goes completely violent, Ryoba gets what she wants and kills The Journalist.²²[[WMG:A future elimination method will be strangulation.]]²Not with your bare hands, of course, that would be too easy and possibly a GameBreaker. Maybe the school stores jump ropes in the gym and/or has rope as a drama prop.²²[[WMG:The Cooking Club President's Suitor is a Photography Club member.]]²The images [=YandereDev=] has used for the Photography Club are highly evocative of ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo'', in posing, color scheme, and gender dynamics. When asked, he confirmed it was intentional, which suggests that they might be [[{{Expy}} expies]] of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and human!Scooby. What's one of the most famous traits of Mystery Inc.? Why, two members having [[BigEater large appetites]], of course. And what better love interest for a chef than [[ThroughHisStomach someone who appreciates good cooking]]?²²[[WMG:At least one member of the Science Club will be a reference to a popular scientist/mad scientist.]]²* Possibly the robot member, since it makes sense for a bunch of science geeks to name their creation after a scientist. However, it's arguably more likely that her name will be a [[PunnyName pun]], or just Robot-chan.²²[[WMG:Eventually, cameras will be set up around the school so if you want to eliminate a rival, you will need to take care to avoid surveillance.]] ²A lot of real-life schools have cameras to monitor hallway activity, and considering ''Yandere Simulator'' aspires to be a stealth game…²* Japan is not as paranoid a society (in that way) as America or Britain. Any CCTV cameras are likely to be controlled by Info-chan. There ''will'' be surveillance, but it's in the form of the Photography Club. The more School Atmosphere drops, the more they turn into walking sentries.²** Also, it's been implied that Megami Saiko will be able to get CCTV cameras set up.²** This does happen if you kill a council member.²²[[WMG:There will be another yandere at the school, but not as a rival.]]²They'll be going after a different senpai altogether, and you could only discover who they and the other senpai are through Info-chan. For the most part, she wouldn't pose a threat to you unless you either try to seduce or kill her senpai, in which case she will be quick to discover and hunt you down. This could also lead to a few possibilities. ²* She could kill a rival if you attempt to matchmake them with her senpai.²* It could be easier to frame her for murders as police discover and connect them with her own crimes.²* Similar to the first scenario, you could gossip with her and convince her that someone is after her senpai, causing her to go after them. Do this too many times, and she'll eventually catch on and come after you. ²* You could find evidence and reveal her murders, gaining you reputation.²²[[WMG:Himedere-Chan will eventually be added to the game.]]²Since Kuu's already in the game, and Osana is Tsundere-Chan "With more thought", this seems likely.²* Dev said long ago that the Drama Club President has a "himedere" personality. However, her look is said to be similar to test rival Kokona Haruka. No word on if Himedere-chan will appear in the game.²²[[WMG:In the future, being knocked unconscious by a delinquent will not result in an automatic game-over.]]²Maybe it'll cut to a black screen, then you'll wake up either in the nurse's office, headmaster's office, or counselor's office, this depending on whether delinquents will knock you out for things other than visible murder or carrying a body. You could wake up in the nurse's office from being treated, then have an objective to report to the headmaster's office for discipline or to the counselor's office to talk about what exactly got you knocked out.²* Any knockdown is a game over. However, getting beaten up by the delinquents does ''not'' result in them getting you comatose, unless they see you killing. ²²[[WMG:Budo is the Delinquent Rival's second crush. They will have a DatingCatwoman style dynamic.]]²Budo's crush information has been changed to "?????" in one build. However, [=YandereDev=] jossed the theory that his crush was Oka or Kokona by mentioning that said crush isn't in the game yet. If you look at the FAQ, the response to who would win a fight between Budo and the Rival was "I know who would win, but I wouldn't like to reveal it. There's a chance that you might be able to find out for yourself within the game...", implying that there's going to be at least one scene between the two. It also makes sense that a tough girl would be interested in an equally tough love interest. However, it might be more difficult to actually get them to start dating since one's a trained Martial Artist and club leader, and the other is a delinquent. It'll be just as much a challenge to get them to finally accept their feelings as it is to kill the Rival.²²[[WMG:Akademi High School only contains seniors.]]²Basically, the town this takes place in is ballooning in population faster than the school system can keep up with. A new school had been built for the middle schoolers, who were at Akademi Junior High School, and consequently the seniors were moved to what was renamed as Akademi High School, while the two lower grades remained at the original high school, now with more room. This troper thought of this theory as a way to get around the whole underage issue (a majority of the seniors would be eighteen, which would clear it in [[SoCalization all of]] America). As for the plausibility, well, this troper went to a school system where the ''ninth'' graders had their own school after events pretty much similar to the scenario above happened, so why couldn't the seniors in a game?²* That's idiotic. If everyone is a senior, then why would Yan-chan have a crush on "Senpai"? In a school setting, ''sempai'' means upperclassman. It is not used for same-grade classmates, ever. [[labelnote:Exceptions]]If Yan-chan and "Taro" were both in a sport and he outranked her, she might use the term at practice. Or if he had to repeat a grade for whatever reason, she might use it out of habit. Neither of those are plausible in the context of the game at this point.[[/labelnote]]²²[[WMG:Osana's ease of elimination will be in part due to Info-chan's personal distaste of her.]]²Aside from her relative anonymity compared to the other rivals, Info-chan has some personal vendetta against Osana, so to make eliminating her easier, she's going to reduce her prices and even offer some freebies for the sake of screwing her over. Plus it serves as the tutorial.²²[[WMG:Info-chan hates Osana because she knows her identity.]]²Info-chan has some sort of vendetta against Osana, but what exactly could Osana have done to get Info-chan to try and aim Yandere-Chan at her? Probably at some point, Osana saw Info-chan. Now, Osana might not have put 2 and 2 together, so Osana isn't going around blabbing to everyone, but she's a loose end that Info-chan wants dealt with. Thing is, she can't tell Yandere-chan her reasons because it risks spreading the information further, so she can't deny her any of her services, lest she raise suspicion.²²[[WMG:The Phantom Girl is the 1989 Occult Club President.]]²For those of you who don't know, [=YandereDev=] confirmed that there have been two Occult Clubs in Akademi's history: one that was active in 1989 but disbanded within a season, and the current one founded by Oka. He's also agreed with the notion of Oka's ghost being visible after death. Who wants to bet that Ryoba is responsible for the old club being disbanded, and that the President found a way to stick around after death?²²[[WMG:There ''will'' be another {{Yandere}} that'll be your rival. However, she will be a threat in a DLC and be... well, [[LethalJokeCharacter Midori]].]]²The video for the Gaming Club update shows a [[BewareTheSillyOnes new, disturbing aspect of Midori's personality]]. It turns out that if you call her club "background decoration", she will try to kill you. Even if it was stopped, it has some disturbing implications about her the more you think about it. Midori has also already been considered for a DLC rival who will be more savvy (due to her constantly asking questions), and she's been consistently portrayed as a ButtMonkey ever since her first appearance. Maybe in said potential DLC, she will end up falling in love with Senpai because ''he'' doesn't think she's stupid. However, she also snaps after being kicked around one times too many, and becomes AxCrazy. It would be interesting to see how an Aishi woman (an EmotionlessGirl who only lives to love her Senpai and will do horrible things to have them) and a more traditional {{Yandere}} (a cute girl who [[BewareTheNiceOnes snaps]] for reasons [[LoveMakesYouCrazy involving love]]) contrast in comparison. It would also be a fun opportunity for fandom references, since Midori is an AudienceSurrogate.²* Dev has stated in his retrospective on Midori that if she is added as DLC, she would be impossible to kill because of her hundreds of clones and her master knowledge of the game, so maybe not a Yandere or anything like that.²²[[WMG:Towards the end of the game, Info-chan will be KilledOffForReal, most likely by the [[spoiler:Student Council President]]]]²This would work from a plot standpoint, as the [[spoiler:Student Council President]] takes a loathing to "vulgar creatures" and wants them all to die. Yandere-chan definitely fits the bill, what with her possibly having become a monster by this point. And Info-chan is the one helping Yandere-chan every step of the way. What's a [[spoiler:Student Council President]] with a vendetta against such "vulgar creatures" as Yandere-chan to do? Take the one thing providing her with the knowledge of practically everything to do with Akademi High's students (that of course being Info-chan), and taking her out of the picture. This would also be interesting from a gameplay standpoint, seeing as you will no longer be able to trade panty shots for intel, assistance, or schemes.²²[[WMG:The demons will make a small reference to Burning Love once the characters will have full dialogues.]]²It will be just some small, funny, and cute moment. For example, Lust Demon will mention "a mortal that fell desperately in love with Flame Demon" and maybe tease him for it, to which Flame Demon will reply with something like "LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain".²²[[WMG:Oka Ruto's reason for liking Senpai]]²The full version will likely include a minor scene upon Oka's appearance, where she gets mocked by some students for her weird hobby and goal of her club. Maybe with her books scattered around. Senpai will pop up and defend her, pick the books up for her, and say that she shouldn't listen to them, since having a goal is great and she should be proud of herself. Oka's entire reason for liking Senpai is BecauseYouWereNiceToMe.²* The Rival Introduction Video has her believing that he put a hex on her to make her have feelings for him. Not exactly jossed, but we now know more about why she likes him.²²[[WMG:The Lust Demon is Yandere-chan's ancestor]]²According to ''Burning Love'', almost every demon WasOnceAMan until they made a pact to become a demon. The Lust Demon looks and sounds like Yandere-chan, having the same hairstyle, body model, and voice actress. The exact same similarities apply to Yandere-chan's mother. It's possible that the Lust Demon is a distant ancestor of the Aishi family, and she may have made a deal to become a demon in order to eliminate a romantic rival. Whether or not all of her descendants inherit some demonic traits is unsure, but it's possible[[note]]the AmbiguouslyHuman trope listed on Yandere-chan's character folder brings up this possibility, and it suggests that her being able to summon demons when the rest of the Occult Club can't is evidence of this demon heritage; of course, it's unlikely that the Occult Club was ever willing to make human sacrifices like Yandere-chan has to in order to summon demons, so that might be the reason[[/note]].²²[[WMG:In the future, Evil students will take longer to psychologically break via torture as a result of being TooKinkyToTorture.]]²Pretty self-explanatory. Since they are enough of a NightmareFetishist to actively encourage murder, they might have somewhat of a different reaction to being tortured. As a result, it would take extra time to push them to the brink. Their dialogue might also be different (such as actively offering tips or laughing at Yan-chan's "sloppy job").²* Makes sense, but probably not worth taking the time to program.²** Evil has been replaced with "Spiteful", so this is likely Jossed.²²[[WMG:There will be an ending where Senpai [[BewareTheNiceOnes snaps]], and tries to attack Yandere-chan unsuccessfully.]]²WordOfGod says Senpai will have his own hidden SanityMeter, which will affect how he behaves in the ending. One possible ending with him at low sanity and most of the rivals killed might have him find out who killed them and why. At which point, he decides to track down Yan-chan and [[{{Revenge}} bring her to justice personally]], possibly lethally. He might even invite her to the Cherry Tree personally to do it, as a way of both getting her alone and getting karmic justice. One of two things might happen here. It might result in a MutualKill, which, to Yan-chan's sick mind, [[TogetherInDeath is her getting what she wanted]]. Alternatively, she might be able to tranquilize him anyways during the ensuing fight, and keep him [[DespairEventHorizon mindbroken]] in the basement.²²WordOfGod has already said that Senpai would be able to rip the mask off Yan-chan if he sees her kill while wearing it, so Senpai taking action to bring the killer to justice wouldn't be that weird. And, well, he said he didn't like the idea of a male yandere, but [[ExactWords he didn't give his opinion on male yangire]].²** As of the January 2017 videos, large parts of this have been confirmed. [=YandereDev=] heavily implies that if Senpai finds out who killed Osana and Hanako while having low sanity, it wouldn't end well. Cue Senpai LimpAndLivid while holding a knife.²²[[WMG:The ending conditions will be:]]²## Ending A: Only eliminate rivals through matchmaking.²## Ending B: Only eliminate rivals through general non-lethal methods.²## Ending C: LeaveNoWitnesses.²## Ending D: Fulfill none of the other conditions.²## Ending E: Only eliminate rivals through lethal methods.²## Ending F: Kill all students in one day.²## Ending X: Convince the Lust Demon [[InstantWinCondition to help you]].²* The problem with ending A and E is the current game seemed to imply you couldn't win by constantly using the same method. Senpai would feel cursed if all rivals are dead or he would have a low self-esteem if all rivals are matchmaked with someone else and thought he was destined to be alone. Those endings would be a version of game over where he rejected you anyway. ²** Senpai would feel very upset and awful, but that doesn't really make it flat-out ''impossible'' to win. Besides, do you really think that Yandere-chan actually gives a damn about how Senpai feels? I mean, she'll keep pursuing him as long as he doesn't reject her flat-out, but otherwise, Senpai can be a total mess who is in no stable position to be in a relationship and she probably won't care.²** [=YandereDev=] has loosely described what the endings will be like. [[ See here.]]²* In some videos, a graph has been shown with the exact conditions of the endings, with some parts censored out. So, most likely we will have a lot more endings than this.²²[[WMG:The Cooking Club President's MeaningfulName has a double meaning hinting at her DarkSecret.]]²According to [[WordOfSaintPaul Druelbozo]], her name is a pun off "sweet muffin" in Japanese (likely "Amai Mafin"). [=YandereDev=] hasn't confirmed it personally, but it does fit with the PunnyName pattern many students have so far. "Amai" does mean "sweet" in the sense of how something tastes, but it can also be used to describe someone as naive, simple, or shortsighted in a negative sense ([[ see here]]). Since she's been hinted to be a NiceGirl thus far, it could allude to something bad happening to her in the past [[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished because of it]].²²[[WMG:Oka's week will be a dead-serious depiction of mental health issues in Japan.]]²Thus far, Oka is a candidate for having an AmbiguousDisorder; she shows very little interest in anything that isn't paranormal, regularly stays up late to look at websites and watch horror movies, outright stalks two of her classmates to prove that they're monsters, [[ShrinkingViolet has poor social skills]], is implied to have anxiety and paranoia, and appears to have abandonment issues, based off of what she says when Yan-chan leaves her club. It's possible that the game's story mode will show that what the player would initially assume is just weirdness [[RealityEnsues are actually signs that Oka is unwell]]. Japan in the real world has a serious stigma against the topic of mental health, which wouldn't help her any. It's possible that the reason why she isn't at school before her week is related to this (such as [[{{Hikikomori}} refusing to leave her home]] due to anxiety). ²²[[WMG:Yandere-chan will be able to step outside during the night time.]]²The latest video as of May 30th 2016 shows [[ THIS]] hinting at something.²²[[WMG:The Basu sisters are actually half-sisters and/or {{Half Human Hybrid}}s.]]²Assuming that the rumours are true, how is Sakyu a succubus while Inkyu is a vampire? Wouldn't both of them be of the same species (unless Inkyu was turned into a vampire and is no longer a succubus)? Perhaps they have a human mother but their fathers are of different species, with Sakyu's father being an [[HornyDevils incubus]] and Inkyu's father being a [[VampiresAreSexGods vampire]].²* Alternatively, Sakyu was originally a vampire, but made a DealWithTheDevil to become a demon, if the Flame Demon's backstory in ''Burning Love'' is true. Or the Basu sisters were both human until Sakyu became a demon and Inkyu was turned into a vampire.²²[[WMG:Someone in the Gaming Club is a ShipperOnDeck for Mai Waifu/Oka Ruto.]]²If you look closely at the monitor, you'll see that the stealth game in the clubroom depicts Oka stalking Mai Waifu. Perhaps whoever programmed it wanted to depict Oka as a StalkerWithACrush.²²[[WMG:In order to befriend Oka, you have to help her convince the student body that Sakyu and Inkyu are monsters.]]²* Or maybe just give her substantial evidence that the rumours are true. Substantial enough for her, anyway.²²[[WMG:Though [[spoiler:Kokona isn't actually being abused physically/sexually by her father,]] one of your future rivals' DarkSecret will be abusive in nature.]]²²[[WMG:SNAP mode will differ based on what week you're on and how rivals have been eliminated.]]²²[[WMG:The reason for why there are so many people in the Occult Club who seem to be [[EyeScream missing an eye]] is...]]²* Some of them are offering body parts in order to perform the demonic rituals. Obviously, it's not working, but they don't know that they aren't making the correct sacrifices. Yandere-chan needs hands to pull it off, but they've just been using eyes.²* Info-chan called in some favours from a few of her criminal contacts because they were meddling in her evil schemes.²* An incident with the delinquents cost them a few eyes.²* They all had a bunch of embarrassing accidents and/or {{Noodle Incident}}s that they don't want to admit the truth about.²* Exactly the reasons that they give. Supana really does have medical reasons for wearing an eyepatch, Kokuma really did lose her eye to a wild animal, etc. The rumours are just bogus.²²[[WMG:The proposed Midori DLC will involve her BreakingTheFourthWall.]]²Specifically, she'll be able to use the debug menu to alter her stats as needed. Try to ruin her reputation? She'll just edit her reputation up again. Try to kill her? She'll enter Falcon Mode and MIDORI PUNCH!!! you.²* [=YandereDev=] [[ has said]] that Midori will never break the fourth wall in the game itself despite that being her schtick in the development videos.²** Her BreakingTheFourthWall is now a possibility, as her idle animation has her sending E-mails on her phone to a game developer who is almost certainly [=YandereDev=]. You can hear her talking about her E-mails if you stand close to her.²²[[WMG:Yan-chan knows how to do things like operate a circular saw and tailor a school uniform because Ryoba taught her.]]²Well, Ryoba definitely knows that Yan-chan has the [[InTheBlood yandere gene]] and wants her to find love the same way she did. So why not teach her skills that would be useful in a future murder? For example, knowing how to tailor would be useful if her clothes get bloody and she has to steal some that don't fit exactly. And the saw? Well, you already know how that's useful. Sure, she'd say it would be "for a hobby" or to help Yan-chan with mundane problems, but still. Mr. Aishi must be aghast.²* This is actually supported by a [[ blog post]]. One of [=YandereDev=]'s ideas to fix the problem [[BrokenBase some people have]] with the skirt based inventory is to have Yan-chan with a specially tailored two-layered skirt with multiple pockets hidden. The justifying lore is that this is what ''Ryoba'' used during her schooldays, and gave it to Yan-chan. So, we know that Ryoba might canonically know how to sew, and that she'd be willing to provide Yan-chan with things that would be helpful for her own love life.²²[[WMG:The Science Club already has a murderer in it, regardless of whether or not Yandere-chan joins it.]]²Which is why their vacuum robot is programmed to clean up bloodstains without Yandere-chan seeming to reprogram it to do so.²* Unlikely given that the robot is actually programmed to go after any spilled liquid, up to and including blood.²²[[WMG:There will be a NonstandardGameOver when you go home [[DevelopersForesight while a delinquent is still chasing you]].]]²If you try, the end-of-day text reveals that while you were stalking Senpai, the delinquent you pissed off was following ''you''. Eventually, the entire gang jumps you once you return to your own home. Cue "Comatose" GameOver.²²[[WMG:Once Midori has a routine, she'll become the Gaming Club President.]]²Well, it would explain a lot, wouldn't it? In the update videos, she seems to have a strong dedication to the club. Her [[BerserkButton reaction]] to the club being called "background decoration" would be ([[DisproportionateRetribution somewhat]]) justified if she established and/or ran it. It would also explain why the poster for it is awkwardly attached to the wall instead of the bulletin board.²* Jossed, Midori isn't the Gaming Club President.²²[[WMG:Info-chan is a government agent.]]²That's why her very much illegal activities are ignored. The headmaster is also an agent, and/or may even be her handler.²²[[WMG:The axe will eventually be a tool able to be used for dismemberment.]]²²[[WMG:The Delinquent Rival's DarkSecret is that she is an otaku.]]²Sure, she's most likely got a rep for being a BAMF, but imagine what would happen if word got out that she loved anime and games. Her reputation would most likely be tarnished and she may even be kicked out of her gang for being too "soft" or "geeky". In support to this WMG, showing Senpai her more approachable, fangirly, nerdy side may be the way she would win his heart.²²[[WMG:The Basement Tapes will chronicle Ryoba's Senpai's/husband's descent into StockholmSyndrome[=/=]Battered Person Syndrome over the years up to the present.]]²²[[WMG:The April Fool's VN ''Burning Love'' will become canon and a new demon/team of demons will be introduced: Sakura (the player character) and the Flame Demon.]]²After Sakura successfully wooed the Flame Demon, she made a contract with him and gave up her humanity to become a demon so she and the Flame Demon could be together for eternity.²²[[WMG:In the future, to successfully kidnap, torture, and mindbreak a student into killing your current rival, you'll need a favor from Info-chan.]]²The favor in question? A forged doctor's note that gets you out of class scot-free for at least three days.²²[[WMG:The Student Council President will have countermeasures against every single elimination method.]]²As the FinalBoss, the Student Council President will be the toughest rival to eliminate because unlike other rivals, she does things that work against Yandere-chan's tactics, especially if [[spoiler:she does turn out to be the Journalist's daughter, which would give her reason to be suspicious of Yandere-chan]]:²* She'll deliberately stay away from areas where she can be ambushed.²* Because she's so popular, it will be much harder to damage her reputation.²* Either she's very reluctant to warm up to people or she's very suspicious of Yandere-chan, so it will be very hard to befriend her (you may need to be in the Student Council for several weeks in order to befriend her).²** Perhaps you have to be on the "true pacifist" route and have dealt with all the other rivals peacefully to befriend her. Otherwise she'll sense your evil intent right away.²* And if you just try and straight up kill her, she'll pull out a knife and defend herself. She won't be as tough to defeat as the Delinquent Leader, but she will still be a very tough opponent who can kill you if you're unprepared.²* She might even adapt to whatever elimination methods were used on the previous rivals, making it very hard to rely on your usual tactics.²²[[WMG:Megami's speech is directed at...]]²* Yandere-chan herself.²* Info-chan.²* The delinquents.²* Musume Ronshaku and the bullies.²²[[WMG:By the time her week starts, the Delinquent Rival has reconsidered her life and her reasons for being a delinquent. As a result, she's trying to get out of that lifestyle.]]²[=YandereDev=]'s said "Senpai could never love a delinquent." So how could the Delinquent Rival win him over? Well, notice he specifically said "delinquent". It's entirely possible that through stalking her, watching her Senpai-related events, and going through her "Befriend/Betray" arc makes it clear that her getting suspended for so long was a wake-up call for her. As a result, she's thinking about no longer being a delinquent. The only reason why she's still with the gang is because she has to keep up her reputation as the strongest in school. Senpai realizes this, and wants to help her, hence why she ends up your rival. Her Befriend/Betray questline might be about helping her get her life back on track by dealing with the things that made her a delinquent in the first place (in typical Yan-chan fashion), and making the rest of the school realize that she's not the troublemaker she was previously.²²[[WMG:Ryoba's father and/or mother will make an appearance in the Basement Tapes.]]²If it is Ryoba's father, he will give her Senpai some depressing advice such as "Don't try to fight them.", or "It's useless to resist." If it is Ryoba's mother, she will gush about her amorous days of breaking down Ryoba's father and getting to assist her daughter doing the same.²²[[WMG:Senpai is clued in on Yan-chan's true nature.]]²As a plot twist late in the game, it'll be revealed that Senpai somehow knows that there's something wrong with the girl from 2-1, but unsure of the specifics. For whatever reason, Info-chan may have vaguely dropped a few hints his way, along the lines of "Watch out for Aishi-san. She will seem normal, but she does not have your best interests at heart." This might partly explain why Senpai freaks out so quickly in her presence over things that he'd brush off otherwise: he knows that there's something off about her, but doesn't know the details or to what extent.²²[[WMG:Budo (and possibly the other martial artists) will be extra dangerous if you harm a loved one in front of him/them.]]²They already know how to defend themselves and now they're rocking a massive boost from adrenaline. Combine this with their training, and Yandere-Chan will have an even more difficult fight on her hands. If the coding gets too complex to implement in multiple characters, Budo will be the one to get it.²²[[WMG:The Delinquent Rival will save Senpai in some way, which is why he becomes attracted to her.]]²Or he somehow saves her from something (a student could try and frame her, and Senpai proves her innocence, keeping her from going to actual jail or back to a reformatory).²²[[WMG:Budo will be the Delinquent Rival's second love interest.]]²They're both tough cookies, and they could teach each other their fighting styles.²²[[WMG:The traditional GoldenEnding will be inverted.]]²With a VillainProtagonist, what did you expect? For example, in a traditional GoldenEnding, [[spoiler:The Journalist]] would survive, his daughter would continue to live happily without him being a nervous wreck or a drunk, Mr. Aishi would be freed of his wife, and Senpai would be with another girl/with Yandere-chan happily. However, since Yandere-chan is a VillainProtagonist, the GoldenEnding of Yandere Simulator will end up with [[spoiler:The Journalist]] and his daughter either dead or kidnapped, Mr. Aishi will still be stuck with his wife, Senpai will be with Yandere-chan whether he likes it or not, and all Yandere-chan's rivals eliminated. And (at least from traditional views) TheBadGuyWins.²* Thing is, though, Yandere Dev has implied that the GoldenEnding would be achieved by eliminating all rivals non-lethally...²²[[WMG:Osana and Senpai are FriendsWithBenefits.]]²They've been having a sexual relationship with each other for a long time now, but Osana wants a RelationshipUpgrade. Senpai [[ObliviousToLove doesn't realize]] that Osana actually likes him ''that'' way and just thinks that she's a close childhood friend who happens to ''really'' enjoy being screwed senseless by him. This already established relationship is part of why he's willing to accept her love confession easily.²²[[WMG:The Swim Team Captain is a WakeUpCallBoss.]]²She's the [[FourIsDeath fourth rival]] in a game set in Japan. She's also a PassionateSportsGirl type. Chances are good that her week will be a DifficultySpike. Because she's so athletic, she may be the player's introduction to the idea that rivals are capable of self-defense. It's also possible that she's more difficult to eliminate using methods like gossip because her [[PluckyGirl perpetual positivity and energy]] prevents her from backing down too easily.²* Now that the "rival video" has officially been released, one part of this is jossed, but the rest could still be true: the sports team captain is no longer the fourth rival (and she's no longer a swim team captain; now that she's been released she's been changed to "sports" in general). She's the ''fifth'' rival; Oka Ruto is now the fourth.²** That does make sense, since FourIsDeath.²²[[WMG:The final week of the game's story mode will be a role reversal.]]²Yan-chan finally decides to confess to Senpai, and starts making a move. However, the Student Council President comes out of hiding to deal with you personally. As a result, she throws everything you're capable of at you. ''Everything.'' She will tarnish your reputation, she will try to get you expelled, she may even try to kill you if you're nasty enough. All in the name of getting rid of a vile creature like yourself. The goal isn't just elimination (or maybe not elimination at all), but surviving long enough with your reputation and school career intact. It would be satisfying to get to play a week where the tables are turned, and Yan-chan has to avoid the same tactics she's tried on other people. It would also be a way to put some of the Info-chan rival concepts into the final game.²* If this isn't the plan for Megami, I'd definitely like to see it as DLC. Perhaps the 'rival' in this case is Nemesis?²²[[WMG:The Student Council President will be the GoodCounterpart to Info-chan.]]²That is to say, she'll be to the other rivals what Info-chan is to Yandere-chan. Perhaps it would be revealed that she was playing the VoiceWithAnInternetConnection to them, discreetly guiding them to surviving or even [[MatchmakerCrush helping them to confess their feelings to Senpai]]. Maybe she doesn't even have a crush on Senpai at all; she's engineering situations to weed out Yandere-chan and only steps in as the FinalBoss when no one else can do the job. Or she might have some other complicated reasons for doing what she does, similar to how Info-chan's motives for working with Yandere-chan are unclear and vague. Since it's likely that she's the final rival of the game, this possibility is another parallel she has with Info-chan, who was [[WhatCouldHaveBeen intended]] to be the final rival. Also of note is her [[KnightOfCerebus darker]] [[AmbiguouslyEvil characterization]] compared to every other rival, similar to how [[GreaterScopeVillain Info-chan]] is generally depicted more seriously than most of the other characters, who are usually parodies of an anime character archetype and/or have over-the-top elements to them. Another point of similarity is that both were popular contenders for speculation about the daughter of the Journalist.²²[[WMG:There will be dream sequences in between weeks]]²At the end of each week, Yandere-chan will have a dream or nightmare about Senpai. These could hint at the next week's rival, they could deliver some [[TearJerker emotional moments here and there]], and they could even deliver some added NightmareFuel to the player.²²[[WMG:Megami Saiko and Info-chan are the same person.]]²Think about it; right when you enter school, you're in contact with Info-Chan who communicates only through cellphone, has loads of computers to her disposal, has a video camera lodged outside of her room and is said to lead a double life as a student and can get access to things very few people her age can get access too. Her room is also barricaded shut and incapable of being entered.²²Now let's look at Megami Saikou. For the first 9 weeks of school, she isn't showing up to class (appearing only through video chat from another computer) and refuses to disclose the reasons why, and knows very well that there's a Yandere on campus. She's also an Heiress to a large company who, according to the character bio on the game's website, will add on security cameras, school guards, and a zero tolerance policy on acting suspicious.²²What if Megami and Info-chan are the same person? While it's questionable for how Info-chan managed to pull a few strings, it's not hard to imagine that Megami is more capable of getting the level of access to things Info-chan does, and setting herself up at school at a place she can't be touched from and can still see things from as well as a video camera. With the addition of the Student Council, it also makes sense as to the rumors about Shiromi getting information about other students and stalking them; she's giving that info to Megami to use as Info-Chan!²²It also makes sense for Megami's complaints of wanting to be at school rather than hiding away. As Info-Chan, she can remain at school with no fear of being hurt by Yandere-Chan and she can still keep an eye on the Students. She can also get somewhat of a feel for how Yandere-Chan works, using Yandere-Chan's requests to work out how she tends to take care of rivals and dispose of them.²²When she finally appears in game, she will be removing her persona as Info-Chan and attend school as normal with everyone Yandere-chan who, while having to deal with Megami's metal detectors and security cameras, will also have to deal with being without her biggest resource: Info-Chan. She will also remove things that will combat the normal methods Yandere-Chan used to murder people, like closing down certain clubs for having items Yandere-chan has used as weapons. ²²Finally, this is abit fitting metaverse wise. Originally, Info-Chan was meant to be the final rival who turns your murder methods against you, but now Megami, who was number 9 before, is taking her place both as a rival and placewise. ²²The reason she doesn't do anything sensible like calling the police on you or handing them proof is because her actions as Info-Chan could lead to her getting in trouble herself, not to mention she has an example in the Journalist, who was right in that Yan's mom was a murderer...but was laughed out of the courtroom and nationally disgraced. She wouldn't want to become a repeat performance or sound crazy in the meantime especially since she's the Student Council President. ²²Just for a final note, this also gives a good idea for a special elimination method for Megami. Simply put, it would require revealing her status as Info-chan. [=YandereDev=] said that Info-chan's reputation is -999, and not to mention what Info-chan is willing to do is enough to pull an expulsion on her.²* Hoo boy. This requires a bullet list to rebut.²** Both characters are listed on the website's Character Page.²** They have different voice actresses.²** They don't look remotely alike (Info-chan has short red hair; Megami has long silver hair).²** Why would Megami risk her, her family's, and her company's reputation by doing what Info-chan does? She's a smart girl; she'd certainly understand the risk of being discovered outweighed any benefits.²** During the period of development when Info-chan was set to be the final rival, Megami was ''already a designated rival''. Specifically, she was the penultimate rival. When Info-chan lost her secondary purpose, Osoro (the Delinquents' Boss) was slotted into the #8 slot while Hanako and Megami were pushed back.²*** Hello, OP of the WMG here with some ideas for those rebuttals. ²*** Just because they're both listed on the characters page as separate characters does not mean that they still can't be the same character. Take a look at the TwoAliasesOneCharacter trope, it could be in play for Info-Chan and Megami. ²*** Just because they have different voice actresses doesn't mean they can't change their pitch and/or tone of voice to sound different. Not to mention Info-chan almost exclusively talks through electronic devices, so it'd be easy for her to use some software to edit her voice. A character example is in the Umineko series [[spoiler:where Shannon and Kannon are the same person and yet have different voice actors]].²*** Info-chan's character page lists "Nobody knows what her face looks like, nobody knows her real name". It's not hard to imagine that the images of Info-chan that are available are not her real appearance and they're just there to connect an appearance to the name "Info-chan". Besides, it's also plausible to make use of wigs or accessories to change one's appearance.²*** As for why Megami would risk her and her family's reputation by playing Info-chan, it could be because she is well aware of Yandere-chan's nature. Going by that logic, she would be aware that a direct assault on Yandere-chan (whether by reputation or physical attacks) won't phase her and trying to implicate her without any evidence would ruin her reputation because she sounds nuts. By playing Info-chan, Megami can gather evidence on Yandere-chan, learn how she works and kills so that when Megami comes to the school, she can deal with her personally or try to implicate her. Not to mention Info-chan's character description lists that "Nobody knows how she got a dangerous amount of power or influence over a short span of time", which implies that "Info-chan" hasn't existed for very long at Akademi High and getting that much power/influence is easy for Megami to accomplish given her [[TheAce status]].²*** That doesn't mean that characterization couldn't have changed for Megami and Info-Chan in the meantime. For example, Yandere-Chan started out as a girl who was conflicted about resorting to murder at the very beginning, but by now she's simply an empty shell who felt emotion the first time she met Senpai. Info-Chan started out as being the girl who wanted murder to happen at the school to sell newspapers from her club and changed into being a mysterious broker that can easily pull favors and that nobody at school likes. Therefore, Megami's character could've been changed from just being a "generic MarySue class president" into something more fleshed out.²²[[WMG:Kizana's unique elimination method will involve ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet''.]]²At the climax of ''Romeo & Juliet'', the eponymous protagonists take their own lives, with Juliet stabbing herself with a dagger. Perhaps Yan-chan can "accidentally" swap out the prop dagger with a real dagger...²* This is supported by a WordOfGod statement that each rival will have unique elimination methods, with an implication that Kizana's would involve FatalMethodActing.²** Someone who spends a lot of time in drama would be able to tell a prop dagger from a real one. Even if she didn't, one nip of pain would cause her to stop what she was doing, if she planned on a collapsible dagger. The old under the arm bit would just have her nicked a bit at worst. The easiest way to kill her would be to poison Juliet's sleeping potion. The actors playing Juliet's family would come out to weep and mourn over her, not realizing that Kizana really is dead. Of course, being in a position to poison the sleeping potion would mean joining the Drama Club in order to get near the props. Perhaps Ayano can eliminate the actor who plays Friar Laurence and due to a shortage of boys in drama they recast Ayano as Sister Laurence, a nun who just wants the fighting to stop. (Yeah, I know nuns can't perform marriages, but they'll just have to go with it.) Perfect opportunity to swap the potion (probably just plain water) with a quick acting poison.²²[[WMG:The elderly man in Yandere Simulator's Characters page is Ryoba Aishi's father/Ayano's grandfather.]]²²[[WMG:Not only is Megami Saiko the "Best Goddess", she has a dark twist to her personality. She will quite literally be a psycho.]]²* Do you mean psychotic or psychopathic?²²[[WMG:The unique Club Leader Rival Eliminations will only be accessible if you are a part of their club.]]²²[[WMG:Megami Saiko will turn out to be extremely possessive and would practically kidnap Senpai on plain sight.]]²It's confirmed that even if you eliminate your rivals via matchmaking, Megami will still implement security cameras, guards, and a zero-tolerance policy towards suspicious behavior. Why, if there's no evidence that anything bad is happening? It's official that Senpai will lament that no girl will be interested in him if the rivals are matchmaked away, and Megami will know that a stalker is sabotaging his love life... but she'll use that in her favor. She'll play on the fear he'll get from being told he has a stalker but she'll "keep him safe"; Megami will make Senpai dependant on her for security, and Megami implemented the cameras just to have Senpai in her constant watch, not only for safekeeping but also to ogle on him. The whole school will be her StalkerShrine. The non-tolerance is to prevent Senpai from having any other female interaction (he'll only be allowed to interact with her) and the guards are a constant reminder to people that "Senpai's hers". If Yan-chan can't eliminate her on time, Senpai's feelings for Megami will be akin to StockholmSyndrome: she's the one that keeps him safe and secure, and when she confesses, his fear over never being loved will move him into accepting her out of both [[IOweYouMyLife gratitude]] and [[DesperatelyCravesAffection desperation]].²²[[WMG:Oka Ruto's special elimination will involve successfully summoning a demon.]]²Either the ritual will involve a sacrifice which will unwittingly be her, or the demon will kill her once summoned.²²[[WMG:The old man in ''Yandere Simulator'''s Characters page is Megami Saiko's grandfather.]]²He is going to be training his granddaughter to take over the business, since her father will be too busy running it to teach her himself, possibly even training her in hand to hand combat. He might even be very stern and be similar to Mion and Shion's grandmother from ''Higurashi'', punishing her severely when she messes something up, and Yandere-chan will try and get her into trouble with her grandfather, to make Megami into a nervous wreck from fear of punishment, so she will lose interest in Senpai or will be taken out of school, or even go insane.²²[[WMG:The Mysterious Tapes are not for the Journalist's daughter, but for someone else.]]²In Mysterious Tape number 7, he refers to his daughter as "our only daughter" and "my daughter", not "you" like if the tapes were directed at her.²* That tape was recorded WAY before he decided to leave them for his daughter to find. It was likely that he never planned to show it to her until Ryoba caught him, so that he decided to do so while recording the last tape. He even directly address her as "you" in that one.²²[[WMG:The old man in ''Yandere Simulator'''s Characters page is blackmailing Osana for compensated dating.]]²Since Kokona will not be a rival in the final game, someone very well might have to fill in that part, since it is in the notes you can leave to talk to someone about, only instead of her being swayed by the amount of cash being offered, the old man is blackmailing her, by threatening to hurt her or Senpai. ²²[[WMG:You'll be able to eliminate Amai by framing her.]]²If you poison something she cooks, everyone will think it was her fault. While her personality makes her above suspicion to those who know her, it can be assumed she did it by mistake. Of course, if Amai thought she had killed someone even by accident, she might be DrivenToSuicide.²²[[WMG:If you dispatch all your rivals violently up to the tenth week, Senpai will push Megami away for fear that he caused those girls to get murdered.]]²²[[WMG:The Dark Secrets]]²* Osana Najimi: This will be the toughest to figure out. She and Senpai have known each other since childhood, so it would mean having to sniff out something she never even told Senpai about. Perhaps she's responsible for the death/disappearance of Senpai's childhood pet and never told him. It will be the fact that she lied about it all this time that upsets him the most, though. Or more likely, it will be connected to why Info-chan doesn't like her. It's been hinted that she will get a phone call from someone stalking her and threatening someone she cares about. (Perhaps Senpai is the person she cares about.) Who this person is is yet another WMG. Since driving a rival to murder will be an option, each dark secret will come with someone the rival hates enough to murder. Whoever Osana is on the phone with is probably that person for her.²** It has been revealed the person on the phone is a stalker. (Any bet that he looks like Yandere-Kun?) He could know her dark secret and be threatening her with it. In another twist, maybe he's threatening to harm himself. Osana speaks harshly, but she doesn't really want anyone hurt because of her, not even a creepy stalker. ²* Amai Odayaka: Also tough. Too goody-goody to really do anything bad. Perhaps she has a psychological disorder like kleptomania that she tries to make up for by giving people food. An eating disorder would also be appropriate. A porn addiction (yaoi possibly) would be a shocker. If it was simple compulsion, Amai would have no one to blame but herself. Maybe someone knows about an addiction or shoplifting incident and has threatened to tell on her if not paid off. It could be a bully likes to make cutting remarks about her weight that drives Amai to binge and purge. Either scenario could end up with someone's head on a plate with their mouth sewn shut. ²* Kizana Sunobu: She might be a hair's breadth from being a yandere herself, only more self-absorbed. Perhaps someone who was prettier, more popular, or a better actress than her literally broke a leg due to Kizana. She might not fall for Yan-Chan's tricks and traps so easily and may [[StockShoujoBullyingTactics even have a few of her own]] if crossed. The person Kizana tried to get rid of might be back in school, perhaps suffering a bit of EasyAmnesia about the incident. Ayano can convince her that this person has to die before their memory returns and they tell everyone Kizana was the one who hurt her. Tokuko Kitagawa could also be a target.²* Oka Ruto: Being a wannabe witch is no secret. Gotta be even darker. Maybe either [[SelfHarm self harms]] or is physically abused at home. Would explain why she covers up so much. It has been hinted that she's not mentally healthy. Perhaps schizophrenic. It's possible that she hasn't been at school because the abuse or self harm was something that couldn't be easily covered up. (Broken bone, black eye, facial wound, etc.)A compulsion like sef harm might be hard to blame on someone else. If she's schizophrenic to begin with, she could be convinced that just about anyone is a demon in disguise and has to die or that a human sacrifice in necessary for some ritual. If she's abused at home, she could be talked into killing her abusive parent/guardian. ²* Asu Rito: Maybe too competitive. She doesn't seem cruel enough to eliminate rivals like Kizana, but maybe she took other desperate measures like taking steroids. Or maybe her grades are really terrible but her teachers are bribed to tweak them so she can stay in the club. Or took desperate measures to improve grades like cheating on tests. Another possibility is TrappedByGamblingDebts. Like a lot of athletes, she may have had too much faith in her team. Or maybe someone betting against her is pressuring her to take a dive. Maybe she'll ask Ayano to steal an answer sheet for her if they become friends. The player will then have the opportunity to tell on her and get her expelled, which will work better after Asu has the answer sheet. Ayano could also get her out of debt as she did for Kokona and then have the option of asking her to leave Senpai alone or killing/kidnapping her when her guard's down. (Even a strong person can be taken down by surprise.) She could also be talked into killing the bookie or child of a bookie that's been causing her trouble. Same with a dealer if she's on steroids. She might be tempted to pull a [[CripplingTheCompetition Tonya Harding]], but it goes a bit too far and veers into O.J. Simpson territory.²* Muja Kina: Munchausen by Proxy seems about right for her. Or being an [[ angel of death,]] though considering how clumsy Muja is, it may have been an accident. She might not be old enough to know about Ayano's mother as per an above guess. (Though the regular nurse might be.) And having her know Ayano's a yandere would have her come off as [[HiddenDepths smarter than she looks]]. If it's Munchausen by Proxy, Ayano may very well have an opportunity to save Senpai's life. It could be a former co-worker knows she killed someone; whether by accident, driven by Munchausen or requested euthanasia. Or maybe a student related to a former patient has suspicions. Either way, someone knows and is holding it over her head.²* Mida Rana: Well, she seduces her students. That's pretty dark. Maybe at her last job she "seduced" a young man whose consent was more than a little questionable. Even if you take age into account. (Japanese age of consent laws tend to be on the low side anyway.) Maybe the last boy she seduced took the relationship more seriously than she did. She got tired of him and broke it off, leaving a heartbroken boy to commit suicide. And that boy has a very upset family member.²* Osoro Shidesu: She's a well-known delinquent. No secret there. Someone mentioned being an Otaku is her secret. Her parents are probably very permissive or not around much. Maybe there's alcoholism or drug use at her home. A serious crime that could land Osoro in foster care if it were revealed. It's also possible that Osoro and/or her friends are the children of Mr. Ronshaku's thugs. Would explain why they tolerate Musume. Another possibility would be that she wants to quit the thug life, which would earn the enmity of other delinquents. Perhaps Senpai has been tutoring her to help her get her grades up and was the first person to treat Osoro like she could be a decent person if she wanted to be. If this is so, you can befriend her by showing her how to use make-up to cover her scar. Though the fanmade trailer has no bearing on the game, it does present an interesting WMG. Maybe the little girl Osoro sits next to on the subway is her sister and the salaryman is her father. Dad works a lot, so Osoro has to look after her sister, putting her in an Film/AngelsWithDirtyFaces scenario where she wonders if she's being a good role model for her sister. She could be easily talked into killing an abusive/neglectful parent. If she does have a sister, anyone causing her harm is dead meat if Ayano gift wraps them for her. ²* Hanako Yamada: Same problem as Osana. She's too much of an open book to Senpai. Maybe her clinginess to Onii-chan isn't so innocent. Maybe she has some indecent photos of her brother or has written M rated {{real person fic}} about the two of them. (Bad M rated. The kind a 15 year old virgin comes up with.) WordOfGod says she doesn't lust after Senpai (he has changed his mind before, though), but maybe there was a scandal at her last school that she somehow managed to keep from him. Maybe she's been in a romantic entanglement that would cause Senpai to say "So, I can't have a girlfriend but you can (fill in the blank) all you want? Forget it!" Whoever she was in a romantic entanglement with or whoever snitched on them might be a tempting target for an emotional young girl.²* Megami Saiko: Perhaps connected to the Phantom Girl in the fountain. Maybe Megami had a twin sister at some point and couldn't stand the idea of someone being equal to her. Or maybe the dark secret isn't about her, but about her father. You don't get that high up without stepping on a few people along the way.²** Partially Jossed. The "Phantom Girl in the fountain" is just a glitch of the laptop [[spoiler:Megami's]] threat comes through.²** Whatever her dark secret is, you can bet it will be darker than dark. The other girls (the ones who are minors) will probably just get put in foster care or sent to rehab or a detention center or perhaps just be a social pariah if their secret is revealed. (If Muja killed anyone, it was probably on accident.) We're talking someone getting sent to prison here.²*** And who will she be driven to murder? Ayano Aishi, making this task extremely difficult. You will have to call the police to report an assault, then goad Megami into attacking you violently. You can't be armed because then she can plead self-defense. You better hope the cops get there before Megami finishes you off. Are you willing to bleed for Senpai?²²[[WMG:Osana Najimi must die.]]²Or at least be horribly maimed or socially ruined. Info-chan "would be happy if something bad happened to Osana-chan" and she wants Ayano to "make her suffer". If you do a pacifist run on Osana and either befriend her or match her with someone else, you might either get a game over or Info-chan will just refuse to help you any more. Playing the rest of the game without Info-chan's help will be difficult but not impossible. ²* Possibly Jossed by the text Ayano gets from Info-Chan if she sabotages things so that Senpai rejects Osana's confession. Info-Chan admits she wasn't perfectly honest with Ayano. Possibly, she really has nothing against Osana, she just knew Ayano was in a desperate situation and was willing to do some quid pro quo.²²[[WMG:There's a significant connection between the Pain Demon and Oka.]]²Interestingly, Oka is frequently connected to that particular demon in various official works. [[ MOM0KI's animation]] shows her sacrificing Kuu to get his powers, Druelbozo's [[ picture]] shows her with Pain Demon arms in the background, and the Halloween 2016 ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' homage bases her attacks around his abilities, as opposed to the other two. This could simply be because the Pain Demon's abilities are the only ones that have been revealed in-depth thus far, in addition to Oka being the Occult Club leader, but this could be {{Foreshadowing}} to a later {{Reveal}}. Keeping in mind that demons [[WasOnceAMan were once normal humans]], perhaps she's a distant ancestor?²²[[WMG:There will be a surprise rival in Midori]]²At the start of an 11th week, which might be unlocked through certain means or a hidden code, Midori will suddenly become Yandere-chan's rival. Why? Well, Midori is portrayed as an airhead, so she could have just up and decided that she likes Senpai and, being a complete wild card, could confess to him at any time. Anywhere! She might confront him at the schoolgate in the morning. And best way to avoid this to happen could be to have Midori removed; lethally or otherwise.²* Even worse, she may be ObfuscatingStupidity in canon.²²[[WMG:Osana has a sister who looks a little like Rival-chan.]]²If you look closely at a [[ certain point]] in the Early November Progress Update, you'll notice what appears to be the layout of a house. According to the narration, it has something to do with Osana's elimination method. A further examination lists one of the rooms as "Sister's Room." This ''could'' be Senpai's house, since we know he has a sister. However, since it has to do with her elimination method, it could also be Osana's. Meaning that, if it is hers, she has a sister. WordOfGod says that if the Rivals had siblings, they wouldn't attend Akademi, implicitly not ruling out the idea entirely. He's also implied that Rival-chan's model will be in the game as an NPC, and the two being sisters would be a nice nod to Rival-chan being Osana's original appearance.²²[[WMG:Senpai will never be addressed by name.]]²This is working under the idea that "Yamada" is his permanent, non-customizable surname. Senpai will be referred to as "Senpai" (by Yan-chan and the rivals who are his underclassmen save for his sister), "that boy" or "Yamada-kun" by everyone except Yan-chan, Senpai's sister, and the teachers, "Onii-chan" or "Big Brother/Sister" by Hanako, and "Yamada-san" by the teachers/possibly other rivals for formality.²²[[WMG:So long as the Aishi line breeds Yanderes, they will all be heterosexual.]]²Think of Yandere-ism as a sort of disease, passed on by breeding. You can't very well pass on a breeding disease with a same sex partner. If Yandere-ism is a sort of curse with certain powers and the basic drive to spread and multiply, it would be in the curse's/disease's best interest for the carrier to be heterosexual. Sexual orientation is not something that can be consciously controlled or manipulated, but if some magical, otherworldly hokey-pokey got into the mix...²* What about female Senpai?²** Female Senpai, though being on the Character's page, isn't ''totally'' canon yet, and Dev may also be adding a Yandere-kun (also unlikely) so there is a chance that if your "ideal lover" is female, you may be forced to play male.²²[[WMG:If Yan-Chan joins the drama club, she'll be cast as Lady Capulet]]²Because it would be ironic to cast her as someone who loves Juliet and hates Romeo. (Lady Capulet and Romeo have no scenes together, so no awkward aura complications.) Yan-Chan will be scolded by Kizana for being [[DullSurprise flat and unemotional]] while delivering the lines. However, she will deliver the line "I would the fool were married to her grave." with perhaps more conviction than necessary.²* Alternatively, Yandere-chan will be cast as Lady Montague.²²[[WMG:The "vulgar creatures" Megami refers to are the Aishi family.]]²It's not too difficult to see why someone would want to kill off an entire clan of lovesick sociopaths. However, this begs the question of how Megami could figure out their dark family secret.²²[[WMG:Nemesis is officially canon, and will make an appearance in Story Mode in a different context.]]²Because how cool would it be to have canon!Ayano being stalked by Nemesis in an official week? Maybe she's a friend of Osoro's, or, if you're nasty enough, Megami decides to hire her services as a hitwoman. Failing that, she could also be a DLC threat.²²[[WMG:Hanako's other suitor]]²Going by how Hanako is described, her suitor will likely require features that remind her a lot of her older brother. Likely the default black-hair-and-hairstyle version, as accomodating the customization of Senpai for one suitor could be difficult to achieve. Either that or her suitor will end up being the typical [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys Bad Boy]] image that will excite her.²* I had a thought, and yes, I know you'll hate me for it. If the Photography Club is a shout out to Scooby Doo, then it stands to reason that there will be a shout out to our favorite trope-Hanako's suitor will be Sukubi's younger relative, [[TheScrappy Sakarapi Dubidu]]. (He'd probably be changed to Sukubi's brother or cousin instead of nephew, but he'd be in the same grade as Hanako)²²[[WMG:Let's play Fill In The Blanks!]]²* Did Yandere-chan learn the truth about _____? I'm guessing this refers to her parents, but could be about Info-Chan or Megami.²* Did Yandere-chan decide to punish _____? Well, she probably sees everything she does as acceptable punishment for someone daring to love her Senpai. Who specifically would she punish? Perhaps her mother for what she did to her father. ²** Maybe Info-chan if she finds out she was lying to her in some way?²* Did Yandere-chan choose to delete the _____? I would say the basement tapes, but those old school cassette tapes are erased or destroyed, not "deleted", a word used more for computer generated works. Could refer to security footage if that becomes part of gameplay.²* Did Yandere-chan reject _____'s offer? I'm guessing the demons could be taking on a larger role. But, perhaps it's Info-chan. ²* Did Yandere-chan discover the _____? Basement tapes seems a bit too easy. Yeah, another question that will affect the ending is about finding the basement tapes, so it's gotta be something else. Something big, probably.²²[[WMG:If his sanity is pushed too far and certain conditions are met, Senpai will become a Yandere...]]²...For ''YOU''. Either Yan-chan will be delighted and this will serve as a twisted GoldenEnding of sorts, or she'll be ''really'' disturbed and freaked out when the shoe is on the other foot, and the {{Irony}} and LaserGuidedKarma will be ''delicious''. And creepy as hell.²²[[WMG:Eliminating all rivals the same way will lead to a bad ending.]]²Since Senpai's behavior will change depending how the rivals are dealt with, eliminating all rivals the same way will lead, depending which method was used, to a bad ending. for example: if all rivals are dealt with by sabotage, he probably will reject Yan-chan instantly, as he's started to hate women and has just had enough of horrible dates. If all rivals are murdered, he will reject her because he believes [[CartwrightCurse he's cursed]] since every love interest he's had has died and he doesn't want her added to that list.²²[[WMG:The Aishi family is descended from [[Franchise/EvilliousChronicles Kayo Sudou]].]]²Ayano has some tailoring skills and Ryuba made a special skirt for her daughter. Could they be descended from a woman who killed the women she thought her crush was courting? Of course, this would mean Kayo somehow managed to do the deed with Kai (probably not consensual) before killing him. It would also mean her execution would be put off until she had her baby. ("Pleading her belly" was a common way for a woman to get a stay of execution in the old days.) The child could've been adopted into the Aishi family and took their name. Kayo got her scissors and advice on marriage from her mother, so maybe the yandere habit goes back even further in the bloodline. ²²[[WMG:[=YandereDev=] didn't really want to send emails to Twitch.]]²He raised the idea of people sending hateful emails to Twitch in his word to game developers, but quickly dismissed the idea. Because he KNOWS how annoying/distracting email spams can be, and he's not quite willing to inflict that on someone else.²²[[WMG:The identity of the pregnant rival is Amai Odayaka]]²Why? So because then she would [[IncrediblyLamePun have a bun in the oven]]... okay, rather lame reasoning, but I'd figure it made sense.²²[[WMG:FUN GIRL is/was Megami's sister.]]²In her first appearance, FUN GIRL mentioned that she had a sister, and that her father in this world "invented many things." The Saiko Corporation did just that: invent many things. Note that FUN GIRL and Megami also both have white/silver hair. Sure, it could be because of what happened to her, but it may have been her natural hair color when she existed. ²²[[WMG:The Photography club's names.]]²The club leader is Faredo Jonesu. He's dating fellow club member Dafini Bereiku. Also in the club is a {{Meganekko}} named Berema Dinakari, a BigEater named Norabiro Rojiresu (His friends call him "Kusunda" because of his unkempt hair and starts of a goatee) and a very strange student named Sakubi Dubidu who talks unintelligibly and tends to freak out easily. He and Kusunda are best buds anyway. Sakubi has a younger brother named Sakarapi, but no one likes to talk about him. Faredu and Berema have heroic personalities. Dafini is a social butterfly. Kusunda and Sakubi both have the cowardly personality and have to be bribed with food to do anything remotely dangerous. Sakubi is particularly fond of Pocky to the point that everyone in Photography Club calls them Sakubi Snacks.²²Also, you can gain their trust not only by joining their club but by doing tasks for them. Faredo will need help finding his ascot. Dafini has a lavender hair band that's gone missing. Sakubi wants you to help him find his dog tags. (His cousin Yabadu is overseas in the military.) Kusunda misplaced a box of specially flavored Pocky that he was going to give Sakubi for his birthday. Berema can't find her glasses and is BlindWithoutEm. (In a show of "Whoa, technology!" she'll bump into walls and other students if she doesn't have her glasses on.) ²²One of the male delinquents will have the name Aka Nishin. Faredo will initially blame him for the strange goings on simply on the basis that Aka used to bully Faredo when they were little. If he becomes convinced that it's Yan-Chan behind it all, he'll set a trap for her. Since Senpai and/or the current rival are Yan-Chan's only real interests, the trap will require Sakubi and/or Kusunda to disguise themselves as one of or both of them. (He won't risk the life of his girlfriend or even Berema.) If Yan-Chan tries to chase after Sakubi and/or Kusunda, [[ScoobyDoobyDoors the hallway will suddenly be filled with doors that are all somehow connected to each other]] and groovy late 60's/early 70's music will start playing. At some point, they may run into the drama club and use the costumes to try to trick Yan-Chan into thinking they're barbers or waiters or dance instructors and she's their next customer. Yan-Chan will have the option of playing along, or just killing them.²* Confirmed, in part. The Photography Club leader's name is Fureddo Jonzu. It stands to reason the other members will have ShoutOut names.²** Been rethinking it a little. There is a plant called daphne (a sort of ornamental shrub) that's called "dafune" in Japanese. The Greek nymph of the same name also has her name translated as Dafune, so that will probably be the {{Expy}} Daphne's name. "Gashagasha" is a Japanese slang term meaning "messy". Perhaps the Shaggy {{Expy}} could be called "Gasha-Kun" by his friends. It even sounds a bit like a back formation of Shaggy. Still think Velma would be Berema and Scooby would be Sakubi. (He probably won't lick anyone's face, though.)²²[[WMG:In the Matchmaking route, Budo's crush will be Asu]]²BirdsOfAFeather, right? They're both strong, energetic, positive types, and one can easily see them bonding by exercising together or Budo teaching Asu martial arts.²²[[WMG:Osana's unique elimination method...]]²* You'll be able to manipulate the situation with her abusive ex-boyfriend and engineer a scenario that results in him snapping and killing her in an IfICantHaveYou moment.²²[[WMG:Megami is a {{Yandere}} of a different color.]]²* Specifically, she's going to invoke the EntitledToHaveYou trope: She finds out Senpai's being stalked, and takes all sorts of measures to protect him, and thinks that means he ''has'' to fall for her. She might not take it well when he rejects her, and I'm guessing the unique elimination method will involve Yandere-chan 'defending' Senpai.²²[[WMG:Osoro's suspension will turn out to be a case of NotMeThisTime.]]²Maybe she was framed, maybe she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe everyone just assumed she was the one causing trouble due to her reputation and past offenses. Either way, she didn't actually commit the crime that led to her getting suspended... but the only person that believes her is Senpai. ("That boy... he was the only one who...") Hell, maybe he even tried to vouch for her! This will be a part of the reason Osoro falls in love with him.²* [[ The Delinquent Backstory video]] implies Genka suspended her for a minor offense to get her out of the school for ten weeks to reform the delinquents.²²[[WMG:Senpai will try to pull the BoyfriendBluff at some point.]]²He'll begin to suspect/realize he has a stalker, and in attempt to throw them off, he'll ask one of the rivals (probably Osoro, given her reputation) to pretend to be his girlfriend. Then, of course, the fake girlfriend will fall for him for real. Unfortunately, this won't be enough to throw off Yan-chan.²²[[WMG:Kaga knows he's in a video game.]]²Kaga put his genius to the test and discovered the real truth about the universe. [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall The world he inhabits is but the universe created for the purposes of a video game.]] [[GoMadFromTheRevelation He went a little mad from the revelation.]] However, Kaga also discovered that this universe was not yet finished. Kaga realized the only way to save the world (or at least the students and faculty of Akademi) was to stop its completion. So, he made several clones of Midori that he routinely sends out to hinder the game developer.²²[[WMG:Osoro was the martial arts club's previous leader]]²When she was beaten by Budo, she was humiliated and chose to become a delinquent to learn dirtier fighting styles in hopes of beating him, so she can get her pride back, and Budo dislikes delinquents, not just because they are rule-breakers, but because he feels they took his crush away and twisted her into one of them. ²²[[WMG:The headmaster is evil]]²The Journalist says in his tapes that "There are a lot of unsavory rumors about the school's headmaster, but none have been proven to be true", and Megami Saikou says that Yandere-chan is only there because she serves a purpose. That purpose is to be TheScapegoat if the headmaster's crimes are discovered. He knows Yandere-chan's true nature, which is why he is never seen in the school, and is deliberately protecting Yandere-chan by forbidding the police from being at school for more than six hours. He did the same thing regarding Ryoba as well.²²[[WMG:Osana's befriending arc will involve getting revenge on her abusive ex]]²If you send her a note about domestic abuse and not shove her to fake her suicide, she will show her dere side and tearfully confirm that her ex-boyfriend is an abusive prick and it's up to Yandere-chan to be a WifeBasherBasher, with Osana promising to not confess to Senpai if it's complete.²²[[WMG:Osana and her suitor (not ex) will have BelligerentSexualTension]]²While it is implied that Osana's ex-boyfriend is abusive (with the main theme of her arc likely DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale), her suitor will start out as a sterotypical meek Loser Protoganist (like [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji]] or [[Manga/UruseiYatsura Ataru]]) that seems like the sterotypical ButtMonkey love interest to said Tsundere suitor might (thanks to Yandere-chan's influence) basically become a male {{Tsundere}} (or at least prentend to be one thanks to a {{Jerkass}} facade) without crossing the abuse line. This especially makes sense since Osana's esentially an {{Expy}} of [[VideoGame/HuniePop Audrey Bellerose]], who you can only romance if you're a {{Jerkass}} like her.²²[[WMG:Kaga is not Megami's suitor]]²At first, he might seem like her suitor, with him stalking her when she is in school, but what if this is a trap by [=YandereDev=] and her real suitor shows his affection in a not-so-obvious way, like, for example, looking at her from time to time. If the player thinks Kaga is Megami's suitor, they would waste time for the wrong guy.²* Alternatively Megami's Friendship Quest involves Ayano helping her to get rid of "that creepy guy stalking her"²* Alternatively alternatively, Kaga has the Evil personality and Ayano will basically 'matchmake' by helping him kidnap her.²²[[WMG: If Yandere Simulator had been a perfectly normal romance anime, with Ayano either non-existent or not as significant a threat, the "winning" girl would be Osana.]]²Let's examine the details. Osana is [[FirstGirlWins the first girl established as a love interest]], a [[HeroesWantRedheads redhead]], knows Senpai since childhood, is a reasonably normal girl, and is one of the few girls Hanako would be willing to let her big brother date. While many of the girls could also work as main love interests (Oka, Asu, and Amai being examples), Osana has more "main character" traits, in a sense. An anime with a character like Osana in the lead would also lead to humorous {{Tsundere}} antics (such as a reaction to Muja's InnocentInnuendo). On the characterization side of things, Osana would be, of course, the first girl to actually make a move. Again, they've also known each other for a long time, so while Osana is... blunt, to put it simply, she might actually understand how Senpai's brain works the best.²²[[WMG: Midori Gurin is important to several plans involving Megami Saikou, Kaga Kusha, and Ayano Aishi.]]²To be specific, the clones of Midori are part of a collaborative experiment between Megami and Kaga to find a cure for the yandere gene that Ayano and Ryoba have. Megami knows that there is a dangerous person in the school, both in the past and the present. Kaga wants to be CEO of Saikou Corp, which Megami is heir to. Megami and Kaga strike up a deal that if Kaga can find a way to nullify the yandere gene, he can be CEO. Kaga creates several identical clones with a lesser version of the yandere gene, like the Journalist's wife probably had. The clones promptly pick [=YandereDev=] as their Senpai. Kaga lets them roam around while he tries to find a cure for the gene. Kaga might or might not know about the senpai gene. [=YandereDev=] has stated that Midori wouldn't be all that important, but this would mostly be taking place in the background.²²[[WMG: In the full game, Oka will be portrayed as a {{Foil}} to Ayano.]]²They have a surprising amount in common. Both have stalker tendencies (Ayano towards Senpai, Oka towards the Basu sisters), have dark hair, and are socially isolated in their own way. In addition, Oka could very well be a case of AmbiguousDisorder, based off her behavior. WordOfGod also says Oka was one of the few people who even noticed Ayano before the game started, due to her being seemingly outcast and friendless like she was. This is supported by ''[=YandereTale=]'', in which Oka talks at length about how she saw Ayano and wanted to be friends with her for that reason. It could be that the game's Story Mode will use Oka as a {{Foil}}, or even an outright GoodCounterpart. While Oka is weird, spooky, possibly unstable, and a stalker in her own right, she still cares about those around her and is ultimately harmless, in contrast to Ayano's {{Yandere}} personality.²²[[WMG: In the full game, Hanako will be a BreatherLevel.]]²That's not to say she'll be ''easy'', but she comes right after Osoro (the strongest student in school), and right before Megami (the untouchable goddess). Hanako, meanwhile, is a harmless fourteen-year-old girl. Perhaps her week will give the player a bit of a break -- maybe she'll be easier to physically overpower, and/or setting her up with someone else or convincing her to back off will take much less hassle.²²[[WMG: Who is behind the arm?]]²Unfortunately, Wiki/TVTropes does not allow hotlinks to images. But, there is an illustration (Featured on his blog and one of the videos) of Ayano about to stab Osana, but an arm reaches from off screen as if to stop her.//²All we know for sure is that she'll be an obstacle during Osana's week. Probably will be a female student due to the design of the sleeve. Perhaps Dafune or Berema will be introduced. Maybe Rival-Chan will be revealed to be a sister/cousin/really good friend of Osana and will hang around her a lot. Maybe it's the Journalist's daughter, if you don't prescribe to the theory that she's Info-Chan. After Yandere-Dav's remarks on the elimination of Osana through sabotage, it's possible this is a good friend of Osana's. Perhaps Ayano gets information on her whereabouts by listening to Osana chat with this friend. Osana mentioned having a friend who couldn't come to the movies with her. Could be the friend got the tickets for Osana and suggested she ask Senpai out. It's also possible she's in the upper left hand corner of the first 20 seconds of "Yandere Simulator's Update Schedule". She could be a hall monitor who takes her responsibilities a bit too seriously, to the point of bringing in pepper spray. She's also the one in the screenshot of the black leggings with white racing stripes. Then again, Dev mentioned in his blog that Japanese schools don't have hall monitors. Still banking on this girl being the one behind the arm. Maybe her parents make her carry pepper spray so she doesn't get raped, but she won't hesitate to use it on a murderer.²* OK, some things were Jossed. We now know everyone in student council has pepper spray. Not sure if the girl behind the arm is meant to be student council as they wear different uniforms. ²** It has been revealed. The person behind the arm is Rival-Chan, now given the name Raibaru Fumetsu. She is a good friend of Osana's and will break your arm if you try to hurt her. Yandere Dev is looking for things to do during Osana's interactions with Taro. Perhaps she could be visiting clubs and trying to find new interests now that she's no longer in martial arts.²²[[WMG: The Journalist never left Japan at all and has set Ryoba on a wild goose chase to America so he can catch proof of Yandere-Chan being a yandere.]]²This WMG focuses on a few factors. Namely, the tapes being left all over school and the factor he decided to try and get some proof on Ryoba once more. ²²First off, the tapes. Why would he leave them all around the school? Sure, he mentions having a daughter and leaving them behind for her, but are we given any proof from Yandere Dev that the daughter actually exists in game? Or that they even go to Yandere-chan's school? Heck, why would he enroll his daughter at a school where he was made a national laughingstock, and where she could soak up some bullying because of that? ²²To answer these questions, the troper who made the WMG believes that the answers aren't what most people think they are. First off, no one in their right mind would send their children to somewhere they faced national acclaim. It's plausible that the Journalist's daughter wouldn't be enrolled at Akademi to avoid being bullied. If we go with this line of reasoning, it also makes the Journalist's act of leaving behind the tapes give way to new questions, such as "why would he leave them behind if there isn't someone there to get them" and given he definitely was seen by Ryoba, "why would he try to go against the person responsible for ruining his life again". He does express majorly regretting going after her once, so why would he do it once more? Why would he leave the tapes at the scene of his greatest failure and where his worst enemy could find them and place information on them that outright hints his whereabouts?²²For these questions, their answer seems simple. He wants them to be found. He wanted to be found by Ryoba. He wanted to get her on the hunt again only to lead her astray so he can try once more to gather evidence on her. How he would get evidence doesn't matter. He could break into her house, try to get some records from the school. Heck, he may even be an unseen antagonist to Yandere-chan, only he's much sneakier than before and thus won't be caught so easily. Given the new video of Yandere-chan's life, it doesn't seem implausible that he somehow gathered evidence on Ryoba (such as psychological and medical records) before her murders and saw that Yandere-chan had the same qualities Ryoba had as a child. Therefore, he would try to go after Yandere-chan as revenge against Ryoba.²²As for why he's doing this, despite the earlier notion of "why would he try again", it would be easier on him to collect evidence with her out of the picture (temporarily) and his motive could simply be for revenge. He wants vengeance on the one who ruined his life, and he's willing to hurt/implicate Ryoba's daughter just to get to her.²²[[WMG: Megami's friendship task will involve bringing down the Yakuza]]²It would make sense - Megami is a high-profile target, who more than likely knows the Yakuza want to either kill her or her father, or kidnap her and hold her for ransom from her father. This may be her true motivation towards the zero-tolerance policy and security cameras being instated regardless of how Yandere-chan has been eliminating prior rivals. Also, it would be rather fitting, considering the Yakuza contact can essentially provide the easiest possible elimination method for Megami. So if Megami's friendship task involved dealing with the Yakuza, it would fit her character as well as make for an interesting and fun task. Also, the friendship task for Kokona in the debug builds seems to imply a good portion of them will involve dealing with people who have wronged the rivals or their families. A mission to take down the Yakuza could be a good culmination of these tasks.²²[[WMG: Mida isn't as... [[ReallyGetsAround prolific]] as she'd like everyone to believe.]]²WordOfGod has provided some information on where he got the inspiration for her: Noriko Kashiwagi from ''VideoGame/Persona4'', and Mitsuka Yoshimine from ''Anime/DearS''. Both characters are definitely just as perverted as Mida, but they're also portrayed as [[ChristmasCake older women]] who are desperate to be seen as desirable, even to their students. This could be a hint that Mida actually hasn't slept with as many people as her description implies, and that most students find her obnoxious. Why would Senpai get with her, then? Well, after losing various potential love interests in some way or another over the past few weeks, he's just ''that'' desperate for affection. ²²[[WMG: The cherry tree is genetically engineered to have a LovePotion effect.]]²One of the variables listed in the ending spreadsheet is "learning the secret of the cherry tree". I'm thinking that this is related to the reason why a LoveConfession under the tree is always successful. Perhaps the tree is genetically engineered to release pheromones that have an aphrodisiac effect. This could explain why Senpai will always accept Yandere-chan's confession no matter his mental state or what horrible things she did to get rid of her rivals.²²[[WMG: Osana's suitor in the matchmaking elimination will be Budo]]²It's a bit of a tradition in anime for the dedicated martial artist to have a girlfriend (occasionally, [[Manga/DragonBallZ wife]]) who's a bit of a nagging tsundere.²* Adding on to this from what we've seen in the build videos, it appears that Osana's being threatened by somebody. By matchmaking her with Budo, Osana will have somebody to protect her from them.²²[[WMG: Megami will have supernatural powers or something that protects her from the Demons Yandere-chan can make a pact with.]]²Let's be honest here. Megami is built up to be abit of a MarySue and TheAce who is absolutely prettier, stronger, and practically perfect in every way compared to you. Given that she has good martial arts to deal with physical threats and her popularity easily protects her from social threats, it would make sense if she had something protecting her from supernatural threats as well. Either she knows how to counteract the demons at the school, or she has some sort of figurative (or literal) guardian angel protecting her from the demon's attacks, be it by [[KillItWithFire fire]], [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge 10 angry arms]] or whatever the Lust Demon may do does.²²[[WMG: Senpai is the oldest student in the school, or at least older then all of your rivals (excluding Muja Kina and Mida Rana)]]²That's why they all call him "Senpai".²²[[WMG: The final game will be NintendoHard.]]²Yandere Dev's insistence that murder should not be easy? That's just the tip of the iceberg.²²[[WMG: Osana's stalker/ex is also a Yandere.]]²His yandere-ness could be relevant to her rival-specific elimination method. Perhaps an IfICantHaveYou?²²[[WMG: Osana has sleeping problems.]]²This comes from Osana's pool elimination as well as her "Rejection" elimination. If you look at the animation for the pool elimination, Osana at first seems to be happily sunbathing before falling asleep in the chair, giving you an opening to tie the weight. In her "Rejection" elimination [[spoiler:Osana specifically makes it a point to take a nap before meeting with Senpai, letting Ayano screw with her phone's alarm so that she oversleeps and misses the date]]. [=YandereDev=]'s commentary in the video for the later suggests that you will be able to find out if Osana is [[spoiler:going to take a nap before her date]]. It could be a result of stress from her DarkSecret, a disorder, or she's just a sleepy person.²²[[WMG: The Gaming Club will be the only one immune to potentially shutting down.]]²As it was never meant to exist in the first place, and is running illegally.²²[[WMG: Kokona will play a role in Hanako's week.]]²If [=YandereDev=] decides to implement the 'Driving Your Rivals to Murder' mechanic, Kokona will become the scapegoat for Hanako to murder, by Yandere-chan making Kokona look bad and/or like she's planning on seducing Senpai, then playing on Hanako's insecurities and clinginess to get her to kill Kokona to make sure she never takes away her brother. I feel that'd be a nice ShoutOut to how she was the guinea pig.²* And before you ask, but what about Kokona being a DLC rival? She can't be if she's dead: a) there's no guarantee yet that Dev will do that, and b)the DLC will likely not be canon.²²[[WMG: There's going to be a bonus level.]]²Simply put, the objective of that level is to actually get Senpai, whether by buttering him up enough to get him to accept Yandere-chan's love confession or straight up kidnapping him [[spoiler:like Ryoba did to her Senpai.]] Whether it's HarderThanHard or a BreatherLevel depends on what you choose.²²[[WMG: All of the Rivals will come back in the final week. Exactly how depends on how you defeated them.]]²* Did you kill them? Prepare to be haunted. Stay away from where they died, or areas were they spent time, or you may meet an unpleasant fate.²* Did you ruin their reputation or sabotage their relationship with Senpai? Megami will play off their resentment, or the fear that there's somebody dangerous going after Senpai, and recruit them. They'll pitch in to help her in some way, like Osoro becoming her strongman, or Amai helping to put a pleasant face on her new administration.²* Did you befriend them, or set them up with someone else? They'll be willing to do favors to help you deal with the extra pressure, though they won't do anything illegal.²* Did you get them to kill someone? Their stories about your involvement will be "mysteriously" leaked, which can harshly damage your reputation.²²[[WMG: One of the endings will show Mr. Aishi crossing the DespairEventHorizon.]]²If he comes back to find that his daughter has forced someone to become her lover and left a long trail of bodies in her wake, he'll decide the best course of action is to [[PaterFamilicide burn down the house with everybody still inside.]]²²[[WMG: What makes Megami so hard to take out.]]²Simply put, this is kinda based on trying to read the text on the screen of Yandere Dev's video, as seen [[ here]]. Going counter-clockwise...²²* 1: It almost definitely says "Megami is surrounded by bodyguards at all times."²* 2: "????? ??? ? ???? ??????? ??"²* 3: "???????? ???? ??? ???????? ("students"?) ????? ????? ???????"²* 4: The Student Council patrolling the hallways.²²[[WMG: There will be a WhamEpisode after Week 9.]]²It is said that Megami will implement increased security measures once she becomes the rival, even if Yandere-chan hasn't killed anyone and has eliminated all the previous rivals peacefully. I'm guessing something happens at the school to force Megami to make a move. ²²Perhaps someone will get killed or injured without Yandere-chan's involvement (one of the student council members, Info-chan, or even Senpai himself, though he'll probably survive since Yandere-chan gets him in most of the endings), and Megami is given reason to suspect Yandere-chan. Finding the true culprit will be one of the prerequisites to getting a non-violent elimination for Megami.²²[[WMG: You'll need to join the student council to eliminate Megami in a non-violent manner]]²Given the difficulty of joining the student council, and that Megami is the most difficult rival to eliminate, this seems like a likely prerequisite. It's likely she'll only trust you enough to befriend her if you're in the student council.²²[[WMG: Info-chan is the one who tipped off Megami about Yandere-chan.]]²If Info-chan is the journalist's daughter, she might be playing both sides in a big revenge plot. With her abilities in gathering information, it's likely she has enough dirt on Megami or her family to blackmail her into avoiding direct action against Yandere-chan (unless someone in the student council is killed, then all bets are off). ²²Even if Info-chan isn't a direct rival anymore, if this theory is true, there will probably be a way to discover Info-chan's double dealing and get even. The "Did Yandere-chan decide to punish _____?" might be referring to Info-chan in this scenario.²²[[WMG: If the 'Driving Your Rivals To Murder' mechanic is implemented, Kuroko will be Megami's victim.]]²Yandere-chan just needs to make it look like Kuroko's planning a coup d'etat to take back the presidency that was once hers and that 'she wants back'. Whether she really does or not doesn't matter.²²[[WMG: Megamis' suitor for the Matchmaking elimination method will be female, regardless of what gender Senpai is]]²They will also likely be one of the 4 Student Council members.²* My money's on Aoi. She's the one with a confirmed history with Megami, and is certainly loyal enough to [[spoiler:lose an eye on her behalf]].²²[[WMG: If you join the Student Council, you have to go to school an hour early.]]²The Council is already inside the school when the rest of the students show up, and if you're part of the council you'll probably be expected to come early too.²²[[WMG: Ryoba buried her victims around the sakura tree]]²Like Ayano, Ryoba also had to deal with 10 rivals. Considering the fact that she was always seen with a mop and bucket, Ryoba most certainly eliminated all of her rivals lethally, failing to dispose of only one victim. The others were buried on school grounds in a place where no one would search for them, near the sakura tree. Her reasoning for this spot was possibly part of a demented declaration of her love or the tree was not there yet and Ryoba just wanted to use the dirt mounds to make her job easier. Spider-lilies, the flowers that grow around the hill, represent death and grew over the bodies, Yandere-Dev did mention the flowers had a purpose for being there.²²[[WMG: Potential end-game behavior for Senpai]] ²* Majority rivals killed: Senpai becomes an empty shell of a person and Ayano takes his silence as consent (Already confirmed at time of writing)²* Majority rivals framed: Senpai will be paranoid that people around him are criminals and be too scared to even think about reject Ayanoa²** Alternatively, he's relieved at her confession because he finally has a "nice, normal girl" interested in him²* Majority rivals rejected: Senpai will be more concerned with reputation and Ayano's behavior, creating harsher penalties for bad conduct²* Majority rivals commit suicide (or staged suicide): Senpai will fear that Ayano will kill herself if he rejects her, so he accepts before she can even finish talking²* Majority rivals matched: Senpai will fear that he is boring or that there is AlwaysSomeoneBetter and will very quickly and eagerly accept Ayano's confession because he is desperate for affection or believes that no one else will ever love him.²** Alternatively, Ayano's confession will be broken into two parts, giving her normal confession before Senpai tells her that she will grow bored of him eventually, resulting in additional heartfelt lines.²* Majority rivals die "accidentally": Senpai becomes more aware of surroundings, will accept Ayano's confession "normally", for lack of better term, and try to keep a watchful eye on her²* Majority rivals befriended: Similar to matched, Senpai fears that people will eventually loose interest resulting in Ayano giving an extra heartfelt confession²* Majority rivals betrayed/kidnapped/end up missing: Senpai will believe he is cursed and will attempt to reject Ayano to protect her, resulting in Ayano rebutting with confidence that she'll be fine, or is willing to overcome danger to be with him, possibly including a line of DramaticIrony that alludes to the fact that she is the reason so many students are missing.²* Assuming the WMG that Ayano is Megami's target in the driving rival to murder scenario: Ayano wakes up in the hospital to see Senpai. He wants to know why Megami would snap and try to kill someone. Ayano tells him that she was just telling Megami that she liked him when Megami just flipped out and tried to kill her. Ayano will claim she tried to calm Megami down but nothing worked, and that she's now embarrassed that Senpai has to find out her feelings for him this way. Senpai just can't turn down someone who was beaten nearly to death for him. Any previous murders will be strongly suspected to be Megami's doing.²²[[WMG: Being caught armed won't be immediate grounds for expulsion when Genka Kunahito is fully implemented.]]²You'll be able to say, as you do to other students, that you simply found it and want to put it somewhere safe. Kunahito will want to know exactly where you found it. You may choose a random location. She'll tell you it wasn't a very good idea to pick it up because now it's contaminated with your prints and they can't tell who else touched it. You'll apologized and she'll assume the lesson is learned. She will say that even though you mishandled the situation, she admires that your heart was in the right place. Your reputation may go up a notch. You won't be expelled, but you will lose that particular weapon for good. Also, Kunahito will suspect you're up to something if you're caught armed again.²* Somewhat confirmed. Being caught doing any rule breaking, including having a weapon, will get you sent to Kunahito where you can choose a method of explaining your actions. If you aren't a habitual troublemaker, she may believe that you just found a weapon laying around and wanted to put it somewhere safe. Second offences get stricter punishments.²²[[WMG: What will trigger Yan-Chan's new animation?]]²In the screen grab, Yan-Chan is half-lidded, knock-kneed and clutching her heart. Senpai is not looking at her at all, possibly focused on his book. Has he temporarily noticed her then gone back to his book? This animation may make it difficult for the player to get away from Senpai on being noticed. Or maybe she just has acid reflux. ²* Seems like the animation is just to make Yan-Chan look even creepier than usual.²²[[WMG: What kind of help does Horuda need?]]²Yan-Chan could help her down from the roof, but she probably won't like her method. The growing skirt glitch was fixed, so it can't be that. Maybe she wants someone to talk to, knowing she'll be replaced once the "Mysterious Obstacle" is implemented. Serious note, in the screenshot, she's still wearing her indoor shoes while Yan-Chan is wearing outdoor shoes. Could be Hotaru is upset because the bullies took her shoes and hid them.²* Apparently, it's a way to dispose of a rival by making Horuda think it's that girl's fault she's being bullied. A sort of shortcut method of getting a mind slave. Stolen shoes still isn't a far fetched bullying method. ²²[[WMG: If you do a Pacifist Run, it will break the Yandere curse]]²Since Ayano [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments did her best to do the right thing and not hurt anyone despite this going against her murderous nature,]] the curse placed upon her family will be broken and her daughter will not be a Yandere.²²[[WMG: Ryoba's reaction to Ayano opting to [[TheMatchmaker hook rivals up with other boys]] rather than killing them.]]²I'd bet [[EvilCannotComprehendGood she'll be totally dumbfounded]] as to why her daughter didn't go {{Yandere}}, and have a VillainousBreakdown because of this. Furthermore, EvenEvilHasStandards, as Ayano opted to give the Journalist her mother's basement tapes, causing Ryoba to [[OffingTheOffspring think of killing]] [[WouldHurtAChild her own daughter]] after she exposed her crimes. Ayano's father steps in protect Ayano from her mother, but he gets killed in the process, giving the Journalist ammo to take down Ryoba.²* Honestly, I think as long the ends justify the means she would be okay with it. Bet her reaction was more along the lines of WhyDidntIThinkOfThat?²²[[WMG: In the Golden Ending you won't end with Sempai]]²Yandere-chan relationship with Sempai is inexistent: If you can call "Stalking someone" a relationship... you'll better go to see a doctor. The Golden Ending will have her new friends helping her. In a twist, they won't help to win Sempai's heart, but to love herself. To find herself confortable with herself, with the world around her.²²In this end, whe won't end with Sempai, but with a possible future with Budo Masuta.²²[[WMG: Taiso is NOT Asu Rito's mother, secretly or otherwise.]]²Due to their similar appearance and Taiso's bio saying she's noticeably awkward around a certain student, some might think Asu is a child Taiso gave up for adoption. When would she have time to be pregnant? You can't exactly hide a pregnancy in a bathing suit nor will you be winning any gold medals with 20 extra pounds on your gut. If she got pregnant before she was 15, Asu would be much older. If she got pregnant after she was 31, either she'd be much older or Asu would be much younger. The time line just doesn't add up. Taiso doesn't look older than a very healthy 45 at the most.²²However, Taiso could have a sister who had to give up a baby or a brother who's kind of a deadbeat dad. That would explain the resemblance and awkwardness. Keep in mind, nothing says that the student she's awkward around is Asu....²²[[WMG: The pool will eventually have a lifeguard on duty.]]²It's a little too easy to kill someone at the pool just now. The Dev wants to make it hard to get away with murder. The life guard duties will rotate between Kyoshi Taiso, the as yet to be implemented boy's P.E. teacher, Asu Rito and the rest of the sports club. To kill someone at the pool you have to kill, cripple, detain or distract the lifeguard first. The P.E. teachers will be between difficult or impossible to eliminate. Asu and most of the sports club members will be between middling or difficult to eliminate. There will be one or two club members who fit the DumbJock stereotype and will be easy to middling to eliminate. Also, if Ayano breaks a rule in the pool area (running, pushing, brandishing a knife) with a lifeguard on duty, they'll blow a whistle. If she breaks the rules three times, she'll be made to leave the pool area. Just to make things more difficult, the entrance to the pool is locked until 4 PM unless needed for a class. The key can be stolen or Ayano can put points in physical to climb a fence to sabotage the pool. Or she can do a prank that will non-lethally sabotage the pool. (Throwing detergent in it, for example.)²²The lifeguard duty schedule is not public knowledge. If Ayano wants a look at it, she has to either steal it from the teachers' lounge or join the sports club, which might put her in a position of being a lifeguard....hmmm...that would be fun....²²* Well, the sports club is here. Even though one's a JerkJock, they all seem fairly average as intelligence goes. ²²[[WMG: All clubs are going to have five members.]]²So far, all clubs shown have had five members. The as yet implemented photography club will have five members. Even delinquents and bullies each have five to a squad. The Dev seems fond of the FiveManBand trope. This would make Ayano TheSixthRanger and perhaps a SixthRangerTraitor.²²[[WMG: The "Mr. Saikou" Shuyona addresses when "the deal's off" isn't Megami's father.]]²It's Megami's grandfather, Saisho Saikou. Finally, the wheelchair guy has a name! He's the one who gave Shuyona his job and built the school for Megami's itinerant aunt. He's the one who made a deal (details TBA) with the headmaster, only for the headmaster to call it off after he apprehends Ayano.²²[[WMG: Robot-Chan will be part of a new elimination method.]]²You'll have to join the science club to have access to her. Once there, you can reprogram her to kill someone, but you can only use her once, as afterwards Robot-Chan will be [[RealityEnsues dismantled for being too dangerous to have around humans.]]²²[[WMG: Kencho Saiko is left handed.]]²He wears his wristwatch on his right hand. Most people wear their watch on their left hand because they don't use that hand so often and it's easier to put on with the right hand. If Kencho wears his watch on his right hand, it may be because he's a southpaw.²²[[WMG: Kencho Saiko will be an accomplice to a possible elimination method for Megami.]]²Sibling rivalry? His father's only son? Distaste for his sister? Ayano definitely wouldn't be above manipulating or being cohorts with him to take out his sister. She gets Senpai, he gets his father's praise and be the next head of Saiko Corp. Sure, Kencho and Megami are said to not see each other often, but he'd ''definitely'' have a better shot at taking Megami out, with them being brother and sister.²²[[WMG: Ayano’s presence in Akademi is an experiment conducted by the Saikous, with Ryoba cooperating with them]]²The Aishis have been empty yanderes for centuries, with Ryoba being notable for being the first Aishi to have a history with Akademi High. Headmaster Kocho Shuyona’s tapes reveal that Saisho Saikou, Megami’s grandfather, was behind Akademi’s creation in order to train future Saikou Corp employees, as well as prepare Megami’s aunt to take up the responsibility for inheriting the company as it’s CEO. Fun Girl reveals that she’s the sister of Megami’s aunt and father, who was erased from existence by Saisho when she was close to exposing his true nature. Considering that the Saikou family is behind Akademi’s creation and capable of manipulating the headmaster, here’s my theory: Ryoba has spoken to Megami’s father before, according to WordOfGod. We know that Ayano’s mother is trying to manipulate her daughter into becoming a yandere like her. Since she could possibly work for Saikou Corp, she is doing this to plant the idea in her head of using murder and manipulation to get rid of her rivals, so that the Saikous can begin their experiment on her when she enters Akademi High. Megami clearly knows about Ayano’s condition and true nature, so it’s possible that her family could have found about this after hearing about Ryoba’s trial, and the researching her family history, and according to WordOfGod, not all of the Aishis have succeeded in getting away with their crimes. Therefore, the Saikous plan on using the school as grounds for all future Aishis to murder students, to test how physically capable they are, how smart and manipulative they are, and how good they are at getting away with it. The Saikous are trying to use the Aishis as living weapons of homicide in order to perpetuate their own schemes, and use them to eliminate any threats to the company.²²There’s also the unknown reason why Mida Rana, the sultry substitute teacher, is allowed to work at teach at Akademi with the way she dresses. Considering how the Saikous want to test Ayano’s physical strength as well, keep in mind that all of Akademi’s faculty must go through extensive training. Given Mida’s history of seducing teenage boys, this would put in her in a situation where Ayano would deem her a rival for earning Senpai’s love. Ayano could easily manipulate her peers to ensure that she doesn’t have to encounter the faculty, but if she intends to kill Mida, this means that she ''has to'' be strong enough to kill a faculty member, which would make an ideal PsychoForHire for Saikou Corp. There’s also Info-chan, who could potentially be involved as well, since she’s the one who convinces her to go after Osana, and provides resources for her to dispose of her rivals, as well as the fact that the Saikous would probably accommodate her for assisting them in their experiment. There’s also the MeaningfulName for the Saikous; their surname means “the best” in Japanese, but phonetically, it sounds like the word, “''psycho''”.²²[[WMG:Osoro's alternative crush is one of the delinquent boys.]]²The delinquent backstory video shows that even before they became delinquents themselves, Osoro's underlings practically worshipped her, following her around and slowly beginning to imitate her. It wouldn't be too surprising if at least one of the boys has a crush on her, but is too intimidated by her or scared of rejection to admit it... and that's where you can step in.²²[[WMG:Midori is a physical incarnation of Wadj-wer.]]²Because of Green²²[[WMG: Who are the Bullies crushing on?]]²* Budo? He's pretty hot. That could be the door to the martial arts club room.²* Male P.E. Teacher? There could be a new character among the faculty. ²* Shuyona? The girls have very weird taste if this is so.²* Senpai? The girls are all dead if this is so.²** None of the above! It's....Gema Taku! This would be almost as weird as Shuyona, but they don't pay attention to him until he gets a make-over.²²[[WMG: The fire extinguisher the video game club is looking at is both blessing and curse.]]²You can use it as a weapon by cracking someone over the head with it or play a prank that leaves someone covered in foam. If you start a fire (or set someone on fire) within five feet of an extinguisher and someone (teacher or heroic persona most likely) is nearby, your fire will go out before it can do damage. A person, however, might have severe burns and be out of the game for a few days due to being hospitalized.²** Seems like they're just playing a game in the style of ''Pokemon Go''. Still, a functioning fire extinguisher would be neat.²*** Change of plans! The extinguisher can now be used as a weapon. ²²[[WMG: How it would be possible to use being sent to the counselor to your advantage]]²If you were to get sent to the counselor for every possible misdeed you could, but every time were able to get out gracefully by apologizing, coming up with a plausible excuse or blaming the delinquents, you would unlock achievement: Dimwit. The Dimwit achievement would mean Kunahito sees Ayano not as a bad kid, but sort of dimwitted and tripping into trouble. If anyone is murdered or goes missing, Ayano will slip beneath Kunahito's suspicions because she thinks of her as not that evil and too dim to pull it off anyway. She may even protect Ayano from being questioned by the police, but will question her herself. If she's covered in blood, Kunahito will assume Ayano got it on her trying to help the deceased. If she's found with a weapon or even if her prints are on a weapon, Kunahito will assume Ayano foolishly mishandled evidence. If she's visibly insane, Kunahito will assume the horror of seeing someone murdered has broken Ayano's fragile mind. Nothing short of photographic evidence will convince her otherwise. Her questioning will go "Aishi-San, don't worry about a thing. I know you couldn't do something this horrible. But, if you know anything at all, please tell me." If you opt out of the mini-game, Kunahito won't even be mad. She'll just assume Ayano is too traumatized to speak. The mini-game will give you a choice of people to blame the murder on, including the current rival. If you say it was someone that it couldn't possibly be, Kunahito will gently but firmly tell Ayano that she's mistaken. She'll let her go, telling herself she should've known better than to ask questions of a dimwit like Ayano anyway. If you say it was someone who otherwise has shaky evidence of being a killer (you may be able to plant some evidence on them) they won't be arrested, but their reputation is shot.²²[[WMG: Selene_2005 is Senpai]]²Senpai does have a strong sense of justice. Could he have perhaps been pondering the nature of evil and how to destroy it? Has Ayano had a meaningful conversation with Senpai and not known it?²²[[WMG: Selene_2005 is not in Japan.]]²The crime statistics Selene lists are not what you typically see in Japan. For its size, Tokyo is one of the world's least crime ridden cities. Could Selene be an American? This could bode ill for Ryoba should they cross paths. So far, all we know about Selene is they live with their mother (could be a highly intelligent minor) likes video games, deep philosophic discussion and justice. Might be a girl from the name, but no guarantee.²²[[WMG: The "Intimidate" feature was made specifically to work-around one of the difficulty points for Raibaru]]²In Raibaru's video, one of her features is that no student will dare talk to her, even if Ayano befriends them and requests them to do so. The "Intimidate" ability (gained by joining the Delinquents) might be able bypass this and allow Ayano to "convince" someone she's talking to into talking to Raibaru.²²[[WMG: It will be possible to non-lethally eliminate somebody by poisoning them in a way that causes them to be hospitalized for a period of time]]²Of course, Ayano would need a high chemistry stat to be able to do this.²²[[WMG:Snap Mode deletes your save.]]²Going with the idea that Snap Mode is Ayano going on a killing spree that includes offing Senpai and herself, this would mean that the game is over since Ayano both has nothing to live for and [[WeCannotGoOnWithoutYou she is the protagonist of the story.]] This may just be a result of just being leftover in the game over screen for the past several years, but it seems interesting that Snap Mode is always available as an option in the gameover screen. This means that the player can choose to snap at anytime they reach a gameover, which effectively means deleting your save/restarting the game from the beginning.²²[[WMG:The bug involving Raibaru's strange reaction to Osana's corpse will become an AscendedGlitch]]²If Yan-chan manages to somehow kill Osana without Ribaru noticing, and she sees the corpse of her best friend, she’d lose her mind, and try to “save” the already dead Osana. Giving you the opportunity to frame her for Osana’s murder. Because A. She’s literally dragging the body around and B. She was the closest person to Osana. Who would have a better chance to kill her without Osana being suspicious? Then if Ribaru tries to deny it, it’ll just make her look even crazier, having the police take her away and getting rid of both a rival and a potential future witness in one swoop.²²[[WMG:A future easter egg will turn other students' heads into security cameras]]²Since we've seen students with surveillance cameras for heads as a visual demonstration of their metaphorical function as "living security cameras" in multiple development videos.²²[[WMG:Yan-chan's club membership status will affect the ending the players get]]²If Yan-chan is in a club at the end of the game, her membership will have an impact on the ending. For example, if the Light Music Club is still active at the end of the game, the Strawberry Thieves will get a recording contract. Should Yan-chan be a member, it'll mean she's part of an up-and-coming band.²²[[WMG:Aoi used to be a delinquent]]²And Megami had something to do with her reformation. [[ReformedButNotTamed Her behavior is still very delingquent-esque, however]].²* Maybe she was friends with Osoro during that time?²²[[WMG:The finished game will have difficulty settings]]²Self-explanatory, really.²²[[WMG:Yan-chan will have a can of peppery spray if she joins the Student Council]]²Which might open up some new possibilities for eliminations.²²[[WMG: Megami's an Aishi too.]]²Specifically, her mother is also from the Aishi line, and used manipulation and seduction to get Mr. Saikou. That's why her name hasn't been revealed, and it's also why someone from Saikou Corp is interested in Ayano. It's her, keeping an eye on her relative (I'm guessing cousin or niece.) This would also be a neat way to reintroduce the idea of the final rival being another Yandere-if Megami is from the Aishi line, then she's got the potential to be a Yandere too.²²[[WMG: If [=YandereDev=] decided Yandere-chan can join the bullies...]]²Pro: Easier to seduce and manipulate people into doing things for them, easier to destroy someone's reputation, lack of reputation penalties for bullying. Con: Harder for Yandere-chan to do things herself, as, because of her popularity, people are more aware of her, with the field of view equivalent to the Student Council's. Possibly also lose the chance to do anything during cleaning time, as that's when the bullies gossip. Plus, she'd probably have to do tasks to join them much like joining the delinquents.²²[[WMG: What's under the cherry tree?]]²There is some kind of underground chamber under the cherry tree. If you go there, you get a cheeky note from the Dev saying you're naughty for peeking at something that isn't finished. Something is going to be here. Perhaps it's a tomb where Ryoba hid the bodies. In the finished game, you'd come here to find skeletons dressed in decayed uniforms.


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