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1[[WMG: This is another [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]]-induced reality.]]²Shinji creates himself to be Kamui and Kaworu as Fuuma.²²[[WMG: ''X'' will actually get finished some day.]]²Because it is their destiny.²²[[WMG: Arashi will actually have a HeroicSacrifice for Sorata.]]²Even though it didn't happen that way in the anime, it'd be pretty sweet of her to do that for him.²²[[WMG: If/When the Akihabara kekkai is destroyed...]]²All the otakus will rejoice because it's like they're in an anime.²** Only to enter in depresion when they realize a big source of anime has disapeared... I mean the ones outside of the district that survived of course...²²[[WMG: Kyogo Monou is Kamui's father]]²Not only would explain the resemblance between Kamui and Fuuma, but also at this point all that is missing on the checklist is incest XD²²[[WMG: Hokuto will be the Sun Card]]²She fits and given that not only dragons of heaven and earth get cards she has posibilities.²²[[WMG: Fuuma will be the Judgment Card]]²He is still missing a card remember?²²[[WMG: The world card will be represented... by the World]]²Because the World has been mentioned so many times it could get it's own character sheet at this point...²²[[WMG: Seishirou Sakurazuka is Shion from No. 6]]²The signs are all there²** Both have names starting with S²** Both have a name related to plant life²** Shion's eyes change colour, Seishirou loses an eye²** Shion has a snake scar, Seishirou acts like a snake²** Nezumi and Subaru have a lot in common, for example, they both have dark hair and they both have eyes.²** Asano Atsuko said that she got the inspiration for No. 6 from many sources, and I bet I can guess what one of them was ;)²²[[WMG: "Other Kamui" inside Fuuma is Kamui's Horcrux]]²Horrifying death of Fuuma's mother created enough of dark energy for a splinter of Kamui's soul to become a Horcrux inside Fuuma's psyche!²²[[WMG: Seishirou Sakurazuka is Kamui's father]]²²Come to think of it:²- Seishiro had a loved one who had a sister - and killed this sister²- Kamui had a loved one who had a sister and was predestined to kill her... before his and his Twin-Star fates were exchanged!²²----²[[index]]²* WildMassGuessing.²[[/index]]


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