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1[[WMG: Ranch in the farther future of this series will attain Super Saiyan 4]]²In the farther future of What if Raditz Turned Good, and obviously not at this moment in the story due to the Tournament of Power, Ranch's next step in becoming stronger will be learning Super Saiyan 4 from Vegeta. Why would this be considering Vegeta's troubled history with Ranch and her dad? Well firstly, with an older Ranch knowing what she wants with her life, she could decide to want to go Super Saiyan 4 knowing that she'd never get the opportunity to learn Super Saiyan Blue. Secondly is the fact that, as Dragon Ball R&R confirmed, she still has her tail. The more analytical Ranch would note Vegeta's transformation requiring the tail and believe this could give her an advantage or start in learning the form.²* [[TakeAThirdOption Maybe perhaps she'll somehow stumble upon some other form]] that ''combines'' both Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan Blue - a Super Saiyan 4.5.²²[[WMG: Should the movies get adapted[[note]]not counting ''Battle of Gods'' and ''Resurrection of F'', which technically were adapted in the form of their corresponding ''Super'' arcs[[/note]]...]]²The following changes will happen[[note]]feel free to add your own[[/note]]:²* ''Garlic Jr'': Will not be adapted period[[note]]since it can't occur after the start of ''Z''[[/note]].²* ''Cooler's Revenge'': Roughly the same as is, except with Raditz taking Goku's spot[[note]]this would actually line-up with where it's supposed to be in canon, since Goku being able to go Super Saiyan puts this clearly after the Namek saga, but there's no point where only Goku is on Earth; it should either be Vegeta in Goku's place or both Goku and Vegeta should be present[[/note]].²* ''Cooler 2:'' Either the movie will happen off-screen, and instead, it'll focus on Raditz and Trunks training (to explain away the latter's absence), or instead, Raditz, Vegeta, and Goku will take out Metal Cooler before he catches them.²* ''Broly: The Second Coming:'' Raditz will be the one to reawaken Broly, as it will be revealed that Raditz visited Goku on days whenever the latter sibling cried, and Broly remembers Raditz not doing anything to stop it (assuming that Broly's backstory isn't changed).²* ''Fusion Reborn:'' Either an alternate fusion between Goku and Raditz will be used in place of Gogeta, or instead, Raditz will fuse with ''Vegeta'', creating a new fusion.


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