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1[[WMG: The Malefactors are directly from Hell itself.]]²Torque, with such high pyschic energy, became a perfect counduit for the minions of hell to emerge onto the physical plane. Carnate, with it's horrible history, was the breaking point for the creatures to move in on the world.²* [[{{Comicbook/Doom}} Where does this put him on the 10.0 scale of badness?]]²* [[TheHitchikersGuideToTheGalaxy 42]]²²[[WMG: The Suffering is set in another area affected by [[Franchise/SilentHill Silent Hill]] ]]²²Come on, it's true. You know in your heart it is. I wonder if there is a fanfic crossover with Silent Hill... Probably not. Hopefully not.²* At the very least, there's one crossing over with WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom.²²[[WMG: Torque is the product of [[Franchise/SilentHill Silent Hill's]] cult attempting to birth a god to bring their paradise to Earth.]]²* Everywhere he goes after he has become full of pain and suffering(something the cult's avatar needs as seen with Alessa) after his wife and kids get murdered, Torque starts causing the Silent Hill's Otherworld to slowly seep through, the holes where they Malefactors emerge are the points of intrusion onto reality and the Otherworld would slowly grow out from their as the Malefactors make every suffer more. Torque's transformations are him manifesting his power as the God of the cult, normal people do not believe in him so they only see a berserker raging through the monsters. Until he confronts his [[spoiler: own desire for domination and suffering in the form of Blackmoore]] Torque had incomplete control of his power.²²[[WMG: Torque is a powerful Persona user.]]²* The Malefactors are servants of some force who fears that Torque will on day ruin whatever plans he has for the real world. The transformations are incomplete persona uses, where Torque cannot separate himself from his Persona. [[spoiler: Blackmoore is his Shadow, and by finally defeating him in Ties That Bind, Torque can fully control his Persona power.]]²²[[WMG: Torque's hallucinations are "real" on the same level of existence the Malefactors exist on]]²Clem and Dr. Killjoy both reference the berserker furies in which Torque tears apart his foes with his bare hands, and neither see him physically turning into a monster. On the other hand, Torque can clearly do a GroundPound in the second game when he's a monster, and that shouldn't be possible no matter ''how'' much adrenaline he's hopped up on. As a compromise, I'd argue that the ''Tabletopgame/LittleFears'' rules for damaging monsters apply to this game as well: if you think something will kill the monster, [[ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve it really will]], and if he thinks he's creating a shockwave and knocking a Malefactor over, then by golly, the Malefactor will fall to that nonexistent shockwave. This could also be why so many [=NPCs=] die against the Malefactors--in their hearts, they're too afraid to really believe bullets can kill these twisted freaks, so said freaks are barely affected by or [[ImmuneToBullets not affected at all]] by their attacks.²** So that's why the light hurts Malefactors. The ManChild guard believed they do!²** This fits with the Good playthrough's explanation of Torque's transformation, too: he only thinks he's turning into a horrible monster with a blade for an arm, but that blade is able to rip them apart.²²[[WMG: Doctor Killjoy Was Torque's Biological Father, And/Or He Killed Torque's Mother]]²While you're playing the second game, there's a bit where Doctor Killjoy (this troper cannot currently remember if it was a phone call, or the doctor popping in on a tv set) talks about Torque, and more importantly, Torque's mother. He wraps up this little revelation by saying, "Yes, I knew your mother." Now, there are only two ways this can be taken: one is that the Doc is talking in the biblical sense, meaning that he may be Torque's father (this could easily explain Torque's connection to the Malfactors, since it would mean that he was probably conceived ON THE FREAKIN' ISLAND THAT THEY CALL HOME). However, there's an equally disturbing possibility: this could mean that the Doc was responsible for killing Torque's mother. This would mean that the doctor was responsible for Torque becoming an orphan. Meaning that the doc was the one who ultimately turned Torque into whatever he is now. And if either one is the case (or both), then no wonder the doc is so fixated on Torque's development, since Torque is, in reality, the Doctor's own creation, whether due to biology, or the Doctor's actions.²²[[WMG: Malefactors are involuntarily summoned by Torque]]²One possible interpretation is that Torque is a kind of empathic psychic (A Prime, to borrow the Foundation's term) whose powers manifest in the creation of Malefactors wherever he goes. It's possible that characters such as Truman are also afflicted with this condition, judging from how genre-savvy and philosophical he is about them while everyone else is terrified. What's more, this power only manifests when a person who has it crosses the DespairEventHorizon, triggering an initial uprising of Malefactors. Those Malefactors then have a chance of causing more [[TitleDrop Suffering]] which in turn has a probability of causing more latent Prime subjects to awaken their powers. Usually the Malefactors (Which are inherently self-destructive, like the very misanthropic horror they represent) kill their Prime originator, causing them to cease existing, but in Torque's case he is such a badass that they can't seem to lay him low, despite the fact that the longer he lives the stronger and more numerous they become. Of course Torque has been so distracted by his own personal demons thus far he hasn't even considered this yet, so a [[SequelHook hypothetical third game would have him realize this.]]²²[[WMG: None of the monsters in the first game exist]]²Torque just wanted to break out of prison. He got a shank and went to friggin' town. All the monsters? Just guards and prisoners who got in his way. His allies buy into the monster delusion so he won't kill them. The ghosts who speak to him are just his conscience battling it out.²²* In which case, how the hell did he get out in the first place if there was no monster outbreak to let him out of his cell? How did all the other inmates break out? What killed them and the other guards if not the monsters? Why does Torque see attacking inmates and guards as attacking inmates and guards when, by the logic of this entry, they should be seen as monsters? Several of Torque's allies are guards, so why would the guards-hallucinated-as-monsters attack ''them'', especially in the case of Luther, who isn't fighting back. What were Torque's allies doing before he met them if the monsters weren't real? Why is Clem still on the beach if there are no monsters to stop him from rafting away? In fact, why would Torque's allies look any different from the hullucinated monsters, especially since at least three of them introduce themselves by actually threatening to kill him- and in the case of Jimmy, throwing sticks of dynamite at him?²²[[WMG: Torque is [[{{Manhunt}} Danny Lamb]]'s patient for the Pickman Project.]]²²[[WMG: The Slayers represent shanking deaths, not decapitation.]]²InUniverse notes state there are no recorded incidents of anyone ever being decapitated on Carnate. However, where there is a prison, there are bound to be cases of people being stabbed to death, throat-slit or otherwise murdered with improvised daggers (or "shanks"). These deaths are the foundation for the Slayers.²* Presumably, at least one of these "shankings" was taken UpToEleven and wound up a decapitation anyways.²²[[WMG: Torgue is really an untrained [[VideoGame/{{Shadow Hearts}} Harmonixer]]. ]]²Soaking up Malice through over the course of his remarkably crappy life, someone or something used a young untrained Harmonixer as a conduit for Malice. Everywhere he sets foot pours Malice into the soil, giving life to old sins. The giant holes the Malefactors crawl out of are similar to the "windows" Lady creates in From The New World. Blackmoore serves a similar function as Fox Face did in ''Shadow Hearts'', only rather than being the embodiment of a killing curse, he is a sort of "program" left by the one pulling Torque's strings to steer him along the path that benefits this entities goals. This seems to involve with generating more Malice, as one of the major actions Blackmoore does is tear apart Torque's family. Ties That Bind is Torque fighting against the "programming" using the inner strength he developed in the first game(the last bose sequence was him fighting one of the sort of spirits that Harmonixers subdue to change into, this is what allows his psycho form in Ties That Bind to upgrade itself so drastically.). ²²A Third game would probably involve going to kick the ass of whatever person/thing set all the above in motion.²----²<<|WildMassGuessing|>>


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