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1[[WMG: The "It's dangerous to go alone" meme will be referenced in-game or as part of the game's advertising.]]˛It's kind of a given opportunity since there's a heavy emphasis is on multi-player dungeons where players have to cooperate to solve it.˛* Confirmed! It's heard in the American overview trailer.˛* It also shows up in the demo code distribution where they give you two extra codes to give to your friends.˛˛[[WMG: None of the game's "Links" is actually ''The'' Link.]]˛It isn't just the other two player characters, but all three of them are impersonating the Hero. Of course, where the real Link is remains unanswered.˛* Possibly with Princess Zelda, which would explain her conspicuous absent in this game. If this WMG is true, this would technically [[ArtifactTitle make Tri Force Heroes the first Zelda game to neither feature Zelda or Link]].˛* Jossed, a [[ recent twitter post by Nintendo of America]] confirms that Green Link is 'The' Link, specifically the Link from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds A Link Between Worlds]]'', wearing a [[PaperThinDisguise disguise]].˛˛[[WMG: The Links have an AmbiguousGender.]]˛They can be interpreted as being either male or female, hence why they're okay with crossdressing.˛* Looks to be deconfirmed, as the game refers to them as males. And one is the hero from A Link Between Worlds, who was explicitly male. I suppose they're just confident in their masculinity.˛** They could still be genderfluid and just use masculine pronouns. Really, it's impossible to say one way or the other outside of one's own personal headcanons.˛˛[[WMG: [[AscendedMeme The game will at one point joke about the lack of a purple Link]]]]˛* Confirmed. An unused dopple is found in the main hub.˛˛[[WMG: Toys/{{amiibo}} will be used to unlock costumes for Link, such as Mario's overalls to jump or Ness' outfit to absorb projectiles]]˛˛Although, these would either be unlockable in-game (Similar to [[VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker the amiibo costumes]]), or be identical in stats to the normally available costumes.˛˛* Josses as of the game's release. Whether or not the feature will be added later has not been announced.˛˛[[WMG: The entire game is Link on one really long, really bad LSD trip.]]˛Or Zelda. Or Ganondorf. Or the player.˛˛[[WMG: This game is set in the same timeline as Zelda U (either that or another planned Zelda game)]]˛The reason this hasn't been confirmed yet? [[spoiler: It would be a spoiler. And a neat twist]]˛* It takes place after the events of ''A Link Between Worlds''. Until we know more about Zelda U, it seems unlikely.˛˛[[WMG: The "Link" we control is actually a doppel, and his actual body is hidden somewhere, possibly the {{Hammerspace}} bag or his house back in Hyrule.]]˛The reason he looks around seven years younger than he should if this really was several years after ALBW and the same person is that it's not his real body. He penpalled with the Doppel Master to learn how to make/use doppels to disguise himself, and went to Hytopia to thank him in person. Unfortunately, his "thank you" wound up getting him tangled in the dramatic fashion problems of the kingdom.˛* Also, Link might had found the Four Sword, which he used as a focus of some kind to make his Doppel, which then created the three in Hytopia at the same time for Blue, Red and Purple Link. Unfortunately, the one which would had been Purple Link TurnedOutWrong, which is why it was abandoned - and when with the other Dopples, (either the ones made by him, or the other Dopples Links) his hair also changes colour.˛** Plus, the Guide is not able to just open the way to the dungeons, but can send Links to other Hytopias in other Universes, almost akin to the Link Cable mentioned in the Pokémon series. Upon entering, they take the form of the eldest working Dopple not in use - Blue if that's not in use, otherwise Red. If there was a fourth Link, they'd be Purple if it wasn't for what was immentioned above.˛˛[[WMG: The Stylish Woman is Link's mother]]˛She says she's so proud of him after you manage to break Styla's curse, which is an odd thing to say to someone you don't know that well and aren't related to. Her teasing behavior would make more sense since parents tease their kids like that all the time, and she would be a good reason why Link would be in Hytopia to begin with -- the game itself kind of acts as though Link is going to stay there after his adventure is over. He could have been sent away to Hyrule for his apprenticeship to the blacksmith, or he was living with his father, who died some time ago.


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