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1General {{Wild Mass Guess}}ing for the Franchise/{{Pokemon}} [[SeriesFranchise franchise]]. This includes theories that span multiple generations and [[SpinOff multiple]] {{Canon}}. ²²Before adding a new guess, first make sure that it does not belong to one of the more specific Pokémon WMG pages listed on WMG/{{Pokemon}}. ²²''Please add new entries to the bottom of the page''.²----²²[[WMG: Missingno. is the physical manifestation of real world animals that no longer exist in the Pokémon world]]²As most of us know, there are many mentions and appearances of real world animals in the Pokémon world. Knowing that, would it be farfetched to assume that Pokémon and real world animals have a relationship similar to that of animals and dinosaurs. Most animals became extinct long ago, though a few roam around. Here's my theory: in whatever event made animals pseudo-extinct, created Missingno. out of the spirits and ghost of dead animals.²²[[WMG: Humans are a species of Pokemon]] ²This sums it up: [[ Humans are Pokemon.]]²²[[WMG: All Pokemon, not just Porygon, are made from data.]]²Evidence: ²²* [=TMs=] and [=HMs=] are CD-like items. [=CDs=] typically contain data, and the idea of teaching a biological entity moves using data is much less plausible than the idea of teaching virtual entities using data.²* Pokemon can apparently be stored in computers and transmitted through the internet. While this may be some kind of teleporter network, there do not appear to be teleporters anywhere near the various [=PCs=]. ²* Porygon is suspiciously similar to most other Pokemon for being a virtually created Pokemon. ²* Poke Balls can apparently store any Pokemon, regardless of mass. If we assume that Pokemon are virtual, then this makes more sense. After all, data does not actually have mass. ²* Pokemon breeding is more or less a mystery. Since data can be copied nearly instantly depending on the machine, it's possible that eggs are generated nearly instantaneously.²* No matter how powerful a Pokemon attack is, it never kills the Pokemon it's used on. This could be explained as some sort of program. ²²So it's quite possible that Porygon isn't the only virtual Pokemon, only the first man-made virtual Pokemon. Expanding on this further, Porygon may have been created by modifying the "data" of one or more existing Pokemon species. As for Missingno? An ''in-story'' glitch Pokemon caused by Porygon's creators not knowing what they were doing at first.²* Evidence: [=MissingNo=].'s number is 000. they didn't start with 001 until they succeeded.²* So starting with Porygon, they know how to make pokemon. That's why the number of pokemon available jumped from the original 151 to 252 soon after it's invention!²** All those "Pokémon are actually virtual data" examples apply just because ''it's a videogame'', but they don't really make sense from an in-world point of view. Many Pokédex entries point out how they exist in a biological sense (evident in many types, like Water or Grass; Tropious is able to produce fruit. The humans eat that fruit. Are they eating virtual data? How does Squirtle create virtual water?). If they can be created by humans, then all humans should be able to create their own freely, without the need to walk around and throw Pokéballs at them. And most of all...if they are virtual, this means there's some kind of electrically-powered machine that constantly keeps them alive...[[FridgeHorror oh crap]].²*** Then, as an alternative: '''Pokemon are the result of a world with molecular nanotechnology.'''²*** Pokemon are so powerful because they are either the result of altering data of real animals, or completely new creatures that have been designed from the ground up. Possibly both.²*** Whenever a Pokemon is caught into a Pokeball, the Pokemon is actually analyzed and demolished at a molecular level, so that the Pokeball actually only contains data, not a physical Pokemon. Conversely, a Pokemon does not "get out" of its pokeball; instead, it is rebuilt in real time, starting from the data that are saved into the pokeball.²*** What [=TM=]s and [=HM=]s is to modify the data that are stored into a pokeball. When the Pokemon is recreated, it knows new moves because its data have been altered. Thus, it has technically become a different specimen of its species.²*** Pokemon are not literally transmitted through the Internet; instead, only their data is. What happens during a transmission is that a Pokemon's molecules are disassembled and analyzed, and they presumably turn into atmospheric gases. Then the data are transmitted, and when the Pokemon is "recovered" at a different location, local atmospheric gases are assembled into organic compounds that build an identical Pokemon.²*** Pokemon regularly die in battles: the whole "fainted" business is only a facade to prevent kids from experiencing useless traumas, because Pokemon can be recovered from earlier backups, which Pokemon centers refer to as "healing Pokemon".²*** [=MissingNo=] and other glitch Pokemon exist because the software that controls molecular nanotechnology is buggy. When it malfunctions, it modifies the environment that surrounds the Pokemon in unpredictable ways.²²[[WMG: Pokemon don't reproduce sexually.]]²Instead, Arceus creates the eggs.²²* In Solaceon town, an NPC wonders if someone might be leaving the eggs there, so I kinda pictured that some ninja sneaks into the daycare when no one is looking and puts an egg down next to the female Pokemon, and then leaves without saying a word, much to the Pokemon's confusion. I don't know where the ninja gets the eggs from though...²** So Arceus is really just a giant Poke-stork and not a god like we all thought before? The place Cynthia takes us in HGSS isn't really Arceus creating something, but just picking up said Pokemon from the mystical Poke-baby factory in the sky? I guess that makes sense.²²[[WMG: The [=TMs=] and [=HMs=] are how-to [=DVDs=].]]²The trainer simply lets a Pokemon watch the DVD. Now, if someone more well-versed with DVD technology could help me explain the [=TMs'=] one-use nature...²* It could be related to Flexplay technology, in which the DVD player literally burns away the DVD, making it unusable after one use.²* This fits pretty well with the Teachy TV key item in Fire Red and Leaf Green...²* [[ExplosiveInstrumentation They explode after use?]]²* They are shot out of the player like a projectile, careful not to hit any living being or fragile object.²²[[WMG: An evolution will be made for Pikachu that you can only get by refraining from evolving it into Raichu and instead leveling it to 100.]]²This is what Ash's Pikachu will become at the end of the series.²* Of course, if you own a Light Ball, it only makes sense to do this. According to Serebii, the Max ATK and SP ATK of a Level 100 Pikachu with a hindering nature are 376 and 358, respectively. In contrast, a Level 100 Raichu with a beneficial nature tops out at 306 for both. You actually get weaker by evolving in this case, since the Light Ball only works for Pikachu.²²[[WMG: Pokemon is set in the future.]]²The reason Pikachu and other Pokemon are referred to things like "mouse Pokemon" or "bird Pokemon" is because they are what evolved out of those animals. People know about them in the same way we know about dinosaurs. The reason the technology isn't super advanced is because some kind of war set humans back, but some advanced systems still exist (such as the PC system). The way peace and unity was brought to the world was by getting everyone's mind off of humanity. By making people's lives revolve entirely around Pokemon, nobody cared really cared about ''their'' civilization anymore. People are taught from an early age that their entire existence revolves around Pokemon, which is why no one in the game seems to care about humanity and just about Pokemon.²* Oh, great, now I'm wondering how Team Plasma fits into this...²* Doesn't make sense. If Pokémon are evolved animals (which would have had to take TENS OF MILLIONS OF YEARS), why haven't humans evolved?²²[[WMG: Poke Mart is a communist organization that runs the Pokemon world and created all the Pokemon.]]²Okay, think about it. There's a Poke Mart in every important town or city, and who would benefit the most from people battling their little monsters and such? Who provides the majority of trainer items? Poke Mart. Also note the seeming lack of actual government in the Pokeverse. The truth must be that there is someone regulating everything. And who better than the shop that provides all of a trainer's needs? The reason Pokemon Centers are free is to throw trainers off their trail. Further proof is the Pokegear in HG/SS. Do not try to tell me the red theme is NOT a communist theme. The stores that sell herbs and such are just there because Pokemart doesn't see any point in marketing to a small villages like those.²On to creation of Pokemon. As the central government of the world, they decide what people know. Why do you think that no one knew about Johto Pokemon until three years after Kanto, even though Elm had been there for a while? Same thing goes for Hoenn and Sinnoh. Birch and Rowan are colleagues of Oak, and have been in their respective regions. So why didn't Oak know about these region's Pokemon? It's because Pokemart has to create new Pokemon every so often to keep trainers' attention. Also, ten-year-olds are gullible, so Poke Mart can easily control them. The fossil Pokemon are just set up by Poke Mart for archaeologists to find. They created all the mythology themselves. Team Rocket wanted to take over and set up a capitalistic system. Poke Mart knew and decided to see what would happen if a child defeated them. The other groups were just idiots that Poke Mart let roam free, because they had a new candidate for league champ running around prepared to stop them. The people don't care that you're using super powerful legends because they've been brainwashed. In the Johto storyline, Red is isolated because he is the ultimate communist, and Pokemart was afraid he might lead a march against them, so they ordered him to stay there until he was beaten. That trainer would be their next pawn.²And on a related note-²* [[Franchise/AceAttorney OBJECTION!]] You're talking about an [[MegaCorp all-powerful chain store]] engaged in [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney anti-competitive business practices]] in a universe where there's very little visible government. Why would that be communist as opposed to ultra-capitalistic? The stores accept normal currency, give away nothing for free excluding free-with-purchase promotions, and they way you describe it, are only interested in profit, to the point of [[ artificially inflating the demand for their products by releasing dangerous genetically engineered creations into the wild]]. [[StrawCharacter Communism does not work that way.]] Capitalism is what you're describing.²* The Pokemarts being government run is implied in XD, where they will readily stock an item with a single-person market (Pokeballs) after being told to so so by someone in authority.²** In that case we're looking at a [[ Keynesianist]] world.²²[[WMG: The Pokemon world is a post-[[TheSingularity Singularity]] society.]]²They have [[CreatingLife Artificial Lifeforms]], TeleportersAndTransporters, and the ability to turn living creatures into digital data. This shows a tech level ''far'' above our own. There are several explanations that could fit into this:²* The MadeOfIron nature of human protagonists - They're cyborgs or augmented.²* The money is not money - It's a form of energy credit or social credit based on their deeds.²* Humans still dominate in a world of super-powered creatures.²* The stores never run out of supplies - They have [[Franchise/StarTrek replicators]] and the money you pay is energy credits/social credit/accounting units.²* The fact that little kids wander freely - The world is very safe and the kids are MadeOfIron.²* The GhibliHills nature of a lot of the world - Power is from fusion or orbital solar.²²[[WMG: People do know how Pokemon breed. They just don't tell you about it.]]²Think about it. Your character is only 10 in all of the games. Perhaps there's an almost extreme level of discretion used with telling kids about sex in the Pokemon world. Either that or the process is actually [[NightmareFuel quite horrifying and the less you know about it, the better.]] However, the latter wouldn't explain why a somewhat quaint-seeming old couple continues the daycare business unless they're desensitized to the process or get some sick kick out of it.²* This isn't just normal sex we're talking about. Regular sex is (for the most part) two (fairly) equal-sized [[strike:people]] animals doing the deed. In this world, there's the quite reasonable possibility of [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction a 47-foot-long, 877 lb. male Wailord breeding with a 2-foot-tall, 24 lb female Skitty]], which is something even adults would be disturbed by.²²[[WMG: The player character is one of the most dedicated trainers around.]]²Sure, all the [=NPC=]s you see only seem to want to talk about Pokemon, but let's take a closer look. In Gold and Silver, whenever a Pokemon trainer calls you, it's usually to tell you about how they "''Almost'' caught a Ratatta" or "Finally managed to beat a Zubat" and such. Furthermore, Pokemon training is hard work, and not everyone is willing to go through the trouble of LevelGrinding. In addition, it's safe to say that the majority of trainers don't go too far from home, so their training options are limited. ²Where am I going with this? Simply put, in the pokemon world, spending an hour or two a day training is considered to be dedicated. Now enter a young trainer who never gets tired no matter how much walking he/she does, and to whom pokemon training itself is a game. By the pokemon world's standards, ''you'' are the '''ultimate''' {{Determinator}}. Any trainer could be just as powerful as you, but they simply don't put in quite so much effort. The only exception is your rival, who is driven by the urge to best ''you'', the freakishly devoted trainer.²* This troper has thought for a while that most trainers are just local people with a love of Pokemon (or type of Pokemon, or fishing) who like to battle on the weekends; as their Pokemon are just pets most of the time, they can't really afford to keep or catch six or dedicate their lives to beating the Elite Four.²* Personal headcanon. Explains why you so rarely meet other trainers with more then two or three Pokémon.²²[[WMG: The reason why Poke Balls don't work sometimes is because the Pokemon doesn't want to get caught.]]²The Poke Ball tempts the Pokemon to get caught, but the Pokemon resists. OlympusMons ''especially'' don't want to get caught, hence their lower catch rate. When the Pokemon is caught, it's because it gave up on trying to escape you. Yes, that would make the Master Ball unethical. And it is. [[FridgeBrilliance It is for precisely that reason that they are so rare, and important people only give it to you because they trust you with it and that you'll treat the Pokemon you catch with it well.]]²²[[WMG: The Pokemon you 'Release' in the Boxes... aren't actually released.]]²Unless you count ReleasedToElsewhere, that is. When stored, the balls and their contents are turned into data; the 'Release' command deletes that data.²[[FridgeHorror Which means you murdered them...]]²²[[WMG: Non-Porygon Pokemon can be duplicated, but doing so causes the effects of [[Franchise/GhostInTheShell Ghost Dubbing]].]]²Porygon's Pokédex entry states it has some form of DRM to prevent copying, but why would other Pokemon, who can be stored as data all the same, be unable to be copied? Simple; they ''can'' be copied, it's just that copying will kill the original. Porygon, having no ghost, is an exception, and needs DRM. Scientist are willing to clone fossils because the original is clearly already dead and/or creating a biological clone (which starts at level 5, just like a newborn) is safer than duplicating the computer data.²²[[WMG: Pokeballs are a LotusEaterMachine for Pokemon.]]²This is why they become tamer after being captured; they have blissful dreams in the balls.²²[[WMG:The Pokemon nation is a communist meritocracy.]]²The only ads on the radio are by government operations, and all but a handful of stores belong to the same network that determines if they will sell something based on government classifications (gym badges), indicating a government operation. The police are all allowed to attack anyone who is out at night on sight. The government employs a known mafia leader. People are ranked on how well they are able to command the bloodthirsty hordes of monsters that lurk in every piece of tall grass, cave, and pond, with the most adept being the only visible authority figures.²* I can see how that may be a meritocracy, but how would it be Communist?²** Mayby the OP meant to say totalitarian.²²[[WMG: The Gym Leaders are shoguns who rule over their towns.]]²²They are the most powerful, and keep their people isolated. Those without Pokemon are not worthy enough to enter their area; they take advantage of the destroyed roads and use them as tests to make sure a bunch of their people do not escape and to make sure only the strong enter. Perhaps they don't want strong people, but since many Gym Leaders happily accept challenges, maybe they just want people to battle them so they can train, gain new experiences and make sure they stay stronger than their populace. When you defeat them and get a badge, you have liberated the town and helped free the region from the dictatorships. Defeating the Elite Four means that you defeated the regime... or did you? The final, strongest trainer you face in the end is the ''true'' leader of the organization. These can apply to any region or game, really.²* Except that in later games, you're usually either [[NPCRoadblock NPC roadblocked]], or there's some [[ExcusePlot arbitrary excuse]] for the [[BrokenBridge bridge to be broken]].²²[[WMG: '''''Pokemon''''' is set in a post-scarcity socialist welfare state.]]²²* Due to the harnessing of powerful Pokemon, energy, food, and labor are plentiful.²* Pokemon training, breeding, and contests are encouraged to give people something to do if they don't want to have jobs, which are purely optional, but in high demand due to their scarcity and their value as status symbols. The currency is the equivalent of arcade prize tokens, won only through Pokemon-related competitions and exchangeable only for Pokemon-related goods and novelty items created with scarcity in mind, so as to create artificial competition. Everything else is provided by the state.²* Team Rocket, et al. steal things because they are capitalists or simply fail to grasp the nature of the economy, and the government indulges them because they're harmless as long as they remain nonviolent. Team Rocket's "foreign support" is actually instigated by jealous capitalist rival societies. ²** [[FridgeLogic Wait]], [[ArtisticLicenseEconomics So stealing is now]] [[StrawCharacter capitalism]]?²** Alternatively they steal just because even in a socialist utopia, it's still (ostensibly) easier to take things than do work to get them, even when it comes to hobbies rather than livelihood. For example, stealing pokemon rather than catching and training them, stealing money to buy potions, etc. There will always be criminals even in a near-perfect society; this applies to the below as well. But they are rarer, with only a few gangs of criminals (and mostly they are more like extremist ideological groups than Team Rocket's brand of crime), and very little violence outside of pokemon battles (for instance, the ease with with many child pokemon trainers can wander around the world almost completely unmolested).²* Violent crime is unheard of because people can express their aggression through Pokemon battles, and wild Pokemon are incapable of seriously harming humans, making it safe for kids to travel alone. ²** Violent crime appears often in Pokemon, mostly in past tense or to be speculated.²* Alternatively, it's similar to our world except there aren't any of the real-life problems. (Junichi Masuda stated this in an interview several years ago.) Cars, and other forms of transport do exist like in real life; they're just not being shown, because they're actively being discouraged. That and also [[LawofConservationofDetail the story is shown from the Trainers' points of views.]] Maybe Trainers are required to use Trainer designated routes at least once each, and everyone else are also encouraged to do so too. Trainer's Routes are designated environmental sanctuaries in the form of national/state parks with building/development heavily restricted. They're also well-patrolled so that kids can use those routes too. And because there are quite a number of them, most people live in the cities [[FridgeBrilliance (which is becoming more the case in our world)]]. The cities in turn also rarely have cars and the like, due to extensive pedestrianized areas, high environmental tax, and in some cases, extensive and high-quality public transport. [[note]]There is the Subway network for the whole of Unova, and some other cities also got in-game public transport as well. And perhaps bigger cities like Safferon/Celadon and Lumiose Cities (which are essentially Poke-Tokyo and Poke-Paris) also has extensive in-city subways as well.[[/note]]²²[[WMG: Every Trainer in the same class look like every other one...]]²²* ...because that's not their real appearance. Trainers do exams to be in a certain class (Youngster, Bug Catcher, Lass, Psychic...) and receive [[LatexPerfection a bodysuit which gives them that look.]]²** How about they think of themselves as a certain "class" and so that's why they're given certain sprites?²*** Yeah they probably also dress similarly due to their conscious identification with their subcultures. Think about how groups such as goths, hipsters, flappers, french aristocracy in the 18th century, etc. all look very similar. They would look subtly different, only that would be too tedious to render in game. You can think of many of the gym leaders as being in these classes- for instance, Whitney is a Beauty, Sabrina is a Psychic or Medium. You can imagine that in the world of pokemon, all of them are like gym leaders, looking like the character model for their class but with slight differences. Hell, the player characters are basically all Youngsters.²** Maybe it’s the player character not bothering to remember all of their faces. ²²[[WMG: Almost no one gets starters at age ten in the games.]]²There are trainers younger than ten and new trainers older then ten. You also almost always get your starter out of causality; In RBYFRLG, you're ''eleven''. In GSCHGSS, Elm gives you a mon to go run an errand. In RSE, it's a thank you gift for saving Birch. In DP, you and your friend go to look for a Gyarados but get attacked and use them for self protection. The "ten year old" rule only applies to Pokémon Platinum and the anime, and manga that ran with the idea. ²* It's possible. The main character in B/W is sixteen when he/she and his/her friends are given their starters.²** The plausibility intensifies as the main character in XY is seventeen when he/she and his/her friends are given their starters.²²[[WMG: The journeys happened differently in two universes.]]²BW has basically confirmed the fact that there are two parallel universes. It's not just rebooting or different Pokemon appear for some reason. Here's the theory part: The first games ([=FireRed=], [=HeartGold=], Ruby, Diamond) happen in White. In Black, though, other games happen ([=LeafGreen=], [=SoulSilver=], Sapphire, and Pearl). The protagonists' events differ in each world (maybe they do so and so, maybe they have this Pokemon, etc). Heck, maybe even they have different protagonists (let's say in the Black continuity, Red is Blue's rival and saved Kanto, but in White, Leaf did). ²* It'd make more sense to have Pearl in place of Platinum, and have Yellow, Crystal, Platinum, and "Grey" take place in a third universe (perhaps one created [[MergedReality by making a better world.]])²** [=HeartGold=] and [=SoulSilver=] both have Red possessing a Pikachu, implying Pokemon Yellow is canon and Leaf [[RetGone never existed at all.]] Black and White both reference Giratina, implying Platinum is [[InSpiteOfANail canon in both.]] The only games that aren't accounted for are third gen and VideoGame/PokemonColosseum. It seems the timeline is more on the lines of²*** Yellow-Heart Gold-Ruby-Platinum-White²*** Yellow-Soul Silver-Sapphire-Platinum-Black²*** Yellow-Crystal-Emerald-Platinum-"Grey"²Diamond and Pearl could be divergent from the Red and Blue timelines²*** Red having a Pikachu doesn't ''necessarily'' mean that Yellow is canon. He could have just caught it in Viridian Forest instead of starting with it.²*** But it would make sense. Pikachu is his strongest Pokemon, and with your rivals(and likely yourself), their starter is their powerhouse. Plus, it would explain why he has the Kanto starters(you can only capture them in-game when you play Pokemon Yellow.)²** What? How did BW confirm that there are parallel universes?²*** Two obscure but very revealing lines. Talk to everyone on the second floors of the buildings in the Black version's Opelucid City. Someone will mention "another world". A guy in Black City's Pokemon Center also talks about White Forest despite there being no such place in Black.²²[[WMG: The 'rules' for Pokemon and human interaction were set up at the beginning.]]²Right. In the Headscratchers page, numerous people have asked why Pokemon obey their trainers. Here's my theory: Arceus set up rules for partnerships between Pokemon and humans, essentially following the Trainer role. Pokeballs? Well, Arceus (or maybe one of the other Legendaries under its command, I dunno which one would fit) showed humans how to turn Apricorns into the pre-pokeball catch method, and then they figured out how to make Pokeballs by the same method. This is also why the Legendaries can be caught in the games- they follow the 'rules' as well, although they don't use their full power on behalf of the trainer. This also explains why when you catch them, you don't trigger a disaster as in the second movie- the rules as they apply to Legendaries also means they can focus effort on doing their job, while still being with you. ²²[[WMG: Baby Pokemon are not supposed to exist in nature.]]²They are the result of what happens when humans start messing with things they REALLY shouldn't be messing with. Before humans started trying to make Pokemon breed, Pokemon didn't breed. Arceus simply created new Pokemon to prevent species from dying out (except in those cases where it was their time to go extinct). However, humans screwed with the balance of nature when somebody got the following thought into their heads: "Hey, if we put a male Pokemon and a female Pokemon together in an isolated space, what will happen?". The result was Pokemon Eggs, things that were never supposed to exist, and certain species, like Pikachu, mutated in their eggs and became entirely new species that were incapable of breeding as a result of their mutation. Have you noticed how, even in HeartGold and SoulSilver, that one chick STILL says that Professor Elm discovered that Pikachu is an evolved Pokemon? That's because he REALLY DID. He was the first person to breed two Pikachu in a controlled environment, producing a Pichu.²²Unfortunately, the so-called "Baby Pokemon" were so cute, people wanted more of them. This led to further experimentation by scientists, who created the alleged "Incenses"... which are actually horrible, species-specific drugs that cause Pokemon who wouldn't usually do so to mutate inside their Eggs as well.²* Explain wild Cleffa/Mantyke/Budew/Mime Jr.? Especially since 3 of those need an incense to breed in the daycare.²** Someone dropped some incense, which was later found and equipped by a wild female of the appropriate species.²** Going with the idea of dropped incense, it's possible that the incense also mutates the Pokemon holding it, and by the Diamond and Pearl games, there are enough mutated Pokemon to produce Baby Pokemon in the wild. As for Cleffa... the Pokemon may not have been aware of their ability to breed themselves. But once humans started making them do it, word spread through the grapevine and wild Pokemon began breeding on their own.²*** And they weren't breeding on their own before? Humans didn't catch Pokemon until much later, and breeding was implemented later on.²** Another idea is that the plants used for incense is an invasive, manmade species. If you check the other uses for incense, they can be used to power up moves. Possibly humans first engineered incense to help with powering up... and then discovered the secondary effects in breeding. Then the plants escaped the lab and started growing in the wild, causing local wildlife to start breeding baby Pokemon. Alternatively, the baby Pokemon areas and places heavily polluted with incense, possibly dropped by trainers grinding with their Pokemon holding on it.²²[[WMG: Baby Pokemon ''do'' exist in nature.]]²However, the way they breed is completely different from how Pokemon eggs are made²* In nature: Pokemon eggs are a rare method of breeding. They normally breed in a logical manner(mammalian Pokemon get preggers, reptilian Pokemon lay eggs, fish Pokemon externally fertilize, ect). For the most part, [[InterspeciesRelationship interspecies breeding]] doesn't happen.²* In day cares: In order to get eggs faster, the Day Care people give them drugs that speeds up the process. The result is that all Pokemon there lay eggs, and Pokemon are so flexible [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction size difference doesn't matter anymore.]]²²[[WMG: Red and Leaf truly are {{silent protagonist}}s.]]²May, Dawn, and Ethan/Lyra are just varying amounts of quiet. Red, however, was silent for almost all of his journey, and Leaf becomes quiet at around the halfway point of hers.²** Makes sense, and is basically canon if you count Red not saying anything when you meet him on Mt. Silver. You can't be sure with Leaf, Kris, Lyra, Gold/Ethan, May, Brendan, Dawn or Lucas.²*** Apparently, in RSE, you only talk in "Yes" and "No", if the characters' responses are anything to go by. So Brendan/May would count. Leaf could be a silent protagonist since she's in the same games as Red. In HGSS and [=DPPt=], you really don't talk much, so it's hard to tell, though that could be evidence in itself. ²*** What do you mean, Red and Leaf are silent? They both talk to Copycat, as do Ethan, Kris, and Lyra.²*** Who says they do? No one can figure out what's going on in that scene anyway. However, Red does talk in the non-canonical Super Smash Bros. Brawl.²*** There's also talking in the Union Room, and telling Primo what you think of him.²** Keep in mind, there are ways of communicating without talking. Answering yes and no would be as simple as nodding or shaking one's head. More complicated phrases could be relayed by writing, or sign language. Red and Leaf may be mutes, physically incapable of speech.²** They talk to their Pokemon, some of the in battle text is actually their speech. So no, they can't be mute.²²[[WMG: Third version is always canon. (''Yellow'' counts as the third version).]]²Following off the above. In the Generation II games and their remakes, what did Red have? Pikachu, unevolved (as it would be from Yellow) yet still at the highest level, indicating that it was likely his starter, and all three R/B starters at full evolution, as can only be legitimately gained in Yellow without trading[[note]]Please ignore [[GlitchEntity Missingno.]] and [[GoodBadBugs the Mew Glitch]] for the moment, as they are illusions of the FourthWall, nothing more[[/note]]. What events did the Generation II remakes add to the original story? The Unown rooms, Eusine, and the player character being somehow chosen by Suicune, among other things, plus even more Legendary involvement and the Kimono Girls' [[AscendedExtra ascension from nobodies]]. Not only that, but the newer generations [[MergingTheBranches work in]] the storylines of both of their [[OneGameForThePriceOfTwo earlier installments]] into the third version, with even more storyline beyond that. As for Generations [[DorkAge III]] and [[SugarWiki/SoCoolItsAwesome IV]], the "canon" remakes were clearly skipped, but would have been to ''Yellow'' and ''Crystal'' what the existing remakes were to the base installments.²** Basically confirmed, though ''Yellow'' is arguable. ''Emerald'' and ''Platinum'' change the story and add plot elements. The third games also combine the Pokemon from the first two.²*** ''Yellow'''s the fourth, not the [[NoExportForYou third]].²*** ''Yellow'', at the very least, influenced Red's canon team for all of his subsequent appearances, so it can't be entirely ruled out.²** So would that make ''Blue'' the canon version? That makes sense since it fixed a lot of stuff.²** Except that in ''HG/SS'', Steven states that he's the champion of Hoenn, not Wallace.²*** He WAS champion of Hoenn in ''Emerald'' before he quit and Wallace took the spot. ''(Heart)Gold'' and ''(Soul)Silver'' probably take place before Gen III, when he still was Champion.²*** WordOfGod says Generation III runs concurrent with Gen I (as does II with IV), so it's more likely that (as stated below), if ''Emerald'' is indeed meant to be the definitive version of ''Ruby/Sapphire'' (''OR/AS'' notwithstanding since we're then getting into {{Alternate Universe}}s), Steven simply challenged Wallace to the title of Champion and won it back between games. The anime implies a similar line of succession, as Wallace is Champion during ''D/P'' but Steven is Champion during ''X/Y''.²** Or, more likely, it takes place after ''Emerald''. ²** And then Cynthia referenced the battle with Giratina in ''B/W''. If that line appears in what's already being called "Gray" (you know it's coming, people), we can count this as confirmed.²** More Steven/Wallace discussion: It appears that former Champions keep the title of Champion, though they are replaced in the League by the new Champion. The exception to this rule is Red, since he was busy training in Sevii and eventually Johto.²*** If that was the case, Red and Cynthia would've kept their titles when fought in Gen II/IV and Gen V, to say nothing of the other former Champions who appear at the Battle Tree in ''Sun/Moon'' (like Blue). Granted, former Champions are invited to partake in the [[VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 Pokémon World Tournament]], but that's simply to acknowledge all of the previous Champions who had appeared up to that point.²²[[WMG: The Pokeworld is a CrapsaccharineWorld.]]²Think about it. There are so many cults and mafias running amuk with dangerous monsters at the palm of their hands. These Pokemon themselves are dangerous, as Pokedexes, move descriptions, and in-game events can show. Even certain regions, ala Orre, are depressing horrid places. Eleven year olds are allowed to carry around dangerous monsters which could kill them by accident, or if they do not trust you enough. These naive children can also accidentally harm others. Kids can run around on their own (though most don't until they're in their mid to late teens from the looks of it), with little protection from pedophiles, MindRape, etc. other then their Pokemon. Parents tend to neglect their children quite frequently, or pay little attention to them. VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite, VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl, and a few manga, basically confirm this. ²²[[WMG: The Pokemon Regions are actually puppet states or colonies of a larger power.]]²And the closest thing they have for a government is a police force.²* Well, the first part is somewhat true. The regions are a part of a country, [[FanNickname Pokepan]]. ²²[[WMG: If you hatch a Pokemon and you don't have a Poké Ball, you carry it until you buy more.]]²Or it walks with you.²* Confirmed several times in the anime. Togepi and Manaphy come to mind immediately.²** And eggs from the Day Care place give you free Pokeballs. Case in point: Phanpy.²²[[WMG: Most Legendaries aren't unique.]]²Let's examine the evidence:²* In Gen IV, you can get the legendary birds in HG/SS and Platinum.²* Not only can you find the Regis in Hoenn and Sinnoh, but other trainers are using them. And if Regis are created by Regigigas, there's probably more than one of it.²* Any legendary owned by another trainer couldn't be unique (except snaggable legendaries from the UsefulNotes/NintendoGameCube games.)²²[[WMG: The manufacturers of the Poke Balls [[TimeAbyss are from the universe before]] the main Pokemon universe.]]²Why else can you catch Pokemon like Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus? Eons ago, their universe suffered a cataclysm. They survived the end, and Arceus emerged from the ruins. They were scientists who knew how their universe worked, and thus could get Arceus and its brethren to be powerless against their tech.²²[[WMG: The reason why Game Freak never made a game set in the Orange Islands was to prevent the outbreak of a RobotWar.]]²Think about it. We've already got six games set in the Kanto/Johto region: RBY and GSC. If an Orange Islands game was added, we'd have an additional O. And that would spell '''CYBORGS'''.²* OhCrap.²²[[WMG: The player character is a criminal mastermind.]]²When he collects money from the people he beats, he is forcing them to pay him off. His reasons for battling Team Rocket are because he wants to muscle in on their territory. Defeating the villainous team of the game makes you the land's top crime lord. And the poor Prof. doesn't have a clue. And neither does the rest of the ignorant population.²²[[WMG: Team Rocket bribes the police to stay out of their business.]]²Would explain the lack of police. And when there are police, they're morons. Looker was just not as easily taken in.²* So, he's Too Dumb To Bribe, then? I like him already.²²[[WMG: Regular animals existed at some point, and might continue to exist.]]²Look at some of the species names of Pokémon. They must have gotten the names of the animals these are similar to from somewhere. Perhaps they live in a ''Literature/{{Leviathan}}''-esque world, and the Pokémon world would be similar to the Darwinists.²* Not to mention the fact that normal fish were shown in the episode where the St. Anne sunk, which Ash commented on.²²[[WMG: The world is more financially stable than we realize.]]²The reason why we only see the bizarre fringes of their society is because we're playing as a kid. Most kids aren't concerned about politics, the economy, what have you.²²[[WMG: All of the player characters are actually magical girls.]]²They spin whenever they change clothes, it's only natural.²* So then... Anything is possible when you make a PokéContract with [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Professor Kyuubey]]?²²[[WMG: The player characters and the pseudo-rivals are related.]]²Notice how you have a mom but no visible dad, but the pseudo-rivals have dads but no seen moms? Hmmm...²* Not true in the case of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, where both sets of parents are present and accounted for.²²[[WMG: The Pokedex isn't factual.]]²* It ''is'' a work in progress, after all. Notice how in Diamond and Pearl you can "see" Dialga/Palkia without actually running into one? I think the professor tells the Pokedex holders to write down information about Pokemon regardless of how likely it is to be true. Same goes for Pokemon species. When they update it to the National Dex, the main thing they're doing is upgrading memory. This also explains why Pokemon that are likely not native to the region the games are in are at the start of the Pokedex for that region; those were the first each group got a chance to document.²** By your logic, [[BadassAdorable Victini]] was discovered before the Unova starters.²²* This would make sense considering how many entries seem impossible to be true. Such as...²** Cubone's skull can't be his mother's skull. When two Marowaks breed, the baby Cubone is wearing a skull despite its mother still being alive. The Cubone skull doesn't even look that similar to the Marowak skull.²** When Spoink faints in the game, it doesn't die. In the anime, it stops hopping quite a few times, and seems fine.²** Haunter's entry says it saps its victim's life by licking it. The victim is said to shake until it dies. However, pokemon in neither the game nor anime die after getting licked by Haunter.²** Shedinja is said to steal the soul of anyone who looks at its back. Though if you use it in the game, its back is facing you, and you clearly get to keep your soul.²** One entry claims Kadabra used to be a human child with psychic powers. Unlikely, considering there's more than one, and it has a pre-evolution as well as an evolution. ²** Some entries are contradictory, such as Araquanid either drowning small Pokémon in its bubble or protecting them there.²** Several Dex entries claim certain Pokémon always feel the same emotions (Volteon being angry/sad in yellow, Primeape being angry, etc), which is unlikely in and of its own, but also often doesn't reflect the Pokémons' behavior in battles or Amie.²²[[WMG: Pokémon uses a post scarcity economy - Different logic than above]]²Thanks to the "store as data" revolution, common items can be duplicated with the click of a mouse (hence the lack of food production or real animals; most food, including dead meat, is easily duplicated). The few things that are still of value are Pokémon (because, as living beings, they can't be duplicated properly, a la [[Franchise/GhostInTheShell Ghost Dubbing]], while Porygon and Castform have DRM, see the above one with the subject I think '''I''' added), skills (such as Pokémon training skills, Police Officers, repairmen), creativity (hence why Silph, Devon, and the Pokétech companies exist), Knowledge with its application (Professors), and personality (hence the various attendants, radio hosts, teachers, presenters, and entertainers). As for Moomoo Milk's multiple production sites, LTIC RealLife Milk has micro-organisms that enhance the flavor. (Many of these are killed alongside the harmful ones during the quicker and thus cheaper super pasteurization, but are preserved in the slower and thus more expensive normal pasteurization. Microorganisms presumably can't be copied, due to being alive and being ''way'' too small to properly store as data (never mind that their DNA is still incredibly complex). The same is true for Slowpoke tails; as Slowpoke can regenerate their tails, part of the tail may still be alive as well, giving it flavor. Biological old-fashioned cloning is still valid, but still results in the equivalent of a new born.²²[[WMG: The Psychic Gym Leaders/Elite Four Members of each region have predicted that the player is TheChosenOne, and are taking steps to protect the player.]]²Think about it. Whiting out leaves the player unarmed and helpless in a variety of places, including the middle of forests and the open ocean, vulnerable to attacks from wild Pokemon, other Trainers, and the weather. But every time you white out, you wake up at the Pokemon Center. While it's possible that a kind wandering Trainer might take you there, the odds of it happening ''every time'', especially in places where there's little to nobody around, are quite slim - hence the following WMG:²²The Psychic Gym Leaders/Elite Four Members are susceptible to visions (or their Pokemon are) and they pass on the information gleaned from said visions to the Champion and the rest of the Elite Four, who acts on them. When the various bad guys formed teams and began to establish themselves, the Psychic/s had visions of the terrors they would wreak. At the same time, they saw the player as the only one who could finally end the teams, so they began to organize constant watches on the player so the player would be kept safe. Thus, if the player whites out, there will always be someone nearby who will get them back to the nearest Pokemon Center. They can't risk you dying prematurely, so they have to watch out for you.²²[[WMG: The Pokemon world is the real world.]]²Notice how they keep mentioning the real world countries, like AFRICAN elephant, CHINA, AMERICA. Also note that the "regions" are exactly that, regions. Not countries. Each "region" is stated to be based on a real life region, i.e. Kanto = [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Kanto]], Johto = Kansai, Hoenn = Kyuushu, Shinnoh/Sinnoh = Hokkaido, Isshu/Unova = New York/Jersey, Orre = Arizona. These places just have different names and are shaped differently in the Pokemon world, but the countries are the same.²* Despite the EarthDrift in more recent generations, this would seem to be case. Besides the various Gen I references (like Lt. Surge being "The Lightning ''American'', a Rocket scientist mentioning how Silph Co. has a branch in Tiksi, and Mew being discovered in a Guyanese jungle), some of Arcanine and Parasect's Pokédex entries have name dropped China and [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl the Meister on Route 226]] not only updates the Dex to store foreign language entries, but offers to trade you a German Magikarp. Even Australia has been mentioned at one point, I believe. There's also ''a lot'' of foreign languages that are spoken or mentioned, including French, Spanish, and even Norwegian--Looker, in particular, knows several languages judging by ''X/Y'' and ''Sun/Moon''. One of the major complications, however, is that Unova, Kalos, and Alola all feature the National Pokédex, not an ''International'' one. While Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh sharing a National Dex makes perfect sense (as they're all based on Japanese regions, with Kanto and Johto even sharing a border), this would imply that locales based on New York, France, and Hawaii are also lumped in. This could be an oversight or a simple matter of convenience in regards to Pokémon numerical classification, though; [[VideoGame/PokemonRanger Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia]] are part of a "Ranger Nation," suggesting those regions might have their own sovereignty, and the International Police have been in the games as far back as Generation I.²²[[WMG: Cherish Balls don't have the power limiter effect of other balls.]]²OK, think about this - Cyrus planned to use the Red Chain because Poke Balls reduce the natural power of the Pokemon they catch, so says his computer at least - so Dialga and Palkia wouldn't have been able to access their full abilities. Only event Pokemon can activate certain things like Celebi's time-traveling mini-quest. Event Pokemon all come in Cherish Balls. It would be a logical guess that Cherish Balls don't put that limit on the Pokemon inside them so they can do all those things.²²[[WMG: Pokemon aren't trying to escape capture, they are judging if you are worthy of them.]]²That's why legendaries are hard to catch. Master Ball? You must be worthy if you have the ultimate ball. Also a possible explanation for why you can't catch fainted Pokemon.²* This is pretty heavily hinted at in the game. But to expand on this WMG, Pokemon in the wild approach the trainer to test them or challenge themselves, while any children or Pokemon unwilling to do battle cower away or don't bother approaching trainers to begin with. In this way, only Pokemon who desire to battle will do so, and know full-well the risk of being captured.²²[[WMG: Mitsumi knew who Kaisei was before DPA started.]]²She has a Dusknoir. He's the only one who knows how to find Giratina. You find Reaper Cloths the same place you find Giratina. Selling those could be how he supports himself, too, despite being a lowly Ruin Maniac, as well as how he and Rowan met.²²[[WMG: Pokemon are real life animals, altered by nanomites, from the US Government. Pokemon started in the US and is set in the Future. Poke Earth is Earth.]]²Poke Earth mentions the real world multiple times, but has only once had a real life area, Kanto, itself having all its names and some of its geography changed. Real animals are also mentioned multiple times, but never seen. Pokemon are stored in a PC. BW Pokemon evolve in a way that look more like Digivolution than normal Pokemon Growth. This... doesn't add up, or does it?²²The US Government developed Nanotech, to restructure animals from the core, but also to make them digital, for easy storage. These animals are developed to be fearsome, killing machines. Obviously, some animals aren't as fierce as others, hence Pokemon like Emolga. The Nanotech became virus-like and spread. Why the US being the makers? Pokemon from New York/Unova evolve by breaking the monster down, restructuring them, then rebuilding them. Japanese Pokemon evolve in a more growth-like way. The Japanese Pokemon got less viral influence, which also explains the bizarre monster strength and leveling in BW in comparison to GR/GS/RS/DP.²²Eventually the Nanomachine Virus spread to the entire planet, and all animals were changed to Pokemon. This is where and when the claims of 'Enough electricity to render an elephant unconscious' comes from. Some of these Pokemon were incredibly powerful, and they altered geography and destroyed society at large.²²Eventually, humanity rebuilt, from the ground up, likely hundreds of years later. Not much of the past is remembered, only little things. Most things, like the humble Pokeball, needed to be rediscovered out of necessity. Eventually, humanity gets to the same level as in the 90's, developing things like the PC system, [=TMs=] and the electronic Pokeball. The Pokedex is back-engineered from old tech found. Those outlandish and cruel claims? Scientific research in the pas;, the Pokedex has a full scan function contingent upon capture to unlock the data. This is where the PC comes in...²²Also, anything mythical like Arceus or Dialga that has odd and wild claims? The Pokedex has knowledge of local myths. These pokemon are post devistation.²²[[WMG: There was a giant war in Asia before the start of R/B]]²²Let us look at the evidence. The people in Lt. Surge's gym note how he was like in the Army. It is also stated that he saved one of the trainer's lives during the war. Its indicated he has been in Vermillion for a while now. We can also see from official game artwork [[ of his time in the war, along with where he was deployed.]] All of this concludes that some war in Asia, perhaps the resumption of the Korean War started. He was in the American Army. If the plane entry is correct, he likely flew an A-10, as those are ground attack planes. The trainers in his Gym are some of his former buddies and veterans of the same war. The war only was concluded recently as Surge and his friends still speak of it in the near present tense. Surge, while shipped to Japan to await the invasion of the now occupied Korea and Russian Far East, caught a Pikachu which became his lifelong buddy. Judging by the artwork, it looks like the Korean war resumed, and that Surge was part of the amphibious landing behind Chinese/North Korean lines at Vladivostok. Japan is only just recovering from the devastation, and the lack of young adult males in both Unova and Japan is because many were killed during the war.²²[[WMG: There are gods higher than Arceus]]²This is solely based off of the term "Archeus," pronounced identical to Arceus, which is the astral plane that watches over all of creation. It is also, however, the ''lowest'' astral plane. I don't really know what sort of gods could be higher than Arceus, but notice that its Pokedex entries don't explicitly say that it created the universe, just that it "shaped" it -- meaning their might be another god that created the stuff he shaped it from, or something (Primal Chaos?).²²[[WMG: The games aren't actually giving you a PowerOfFriendship FantasticAesop on Pokemon, but something that actually makes sense.]]²Then what are they telling you? Think about this. In (Heart)Gold/(Soul)Silver, the rival character [[StopHavingFunGuys just wants to become stronger and have stronger Pokemon. He views the NPC enemies (Team Rocket) as weak and pathetic, and thinks you're an idiot and a weakling for not following his path]]. [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Sound familiar?]] That's right! The "friendship" speeches are actually telling you to keep it simple and have your favorite Pokemon in your party, instead of ridiculous things like four Gengars and two Snorlax, or a team of Legendaries, or hacked Sableyes with Wonder Guard. [[BrokenAesop Unless you find that fun]], but [[ who would find THAT fun?]]²²[[WMG: Pokemon don't die like humans do]]²²Except for wild Pokemon who are either preyed on and/or die of natural causes²²It explains why you never see a Pokemon die (the Marowak ghost being an exception) and why there are Pokemon burial places (Celestial Tower, Mt. Pyre, etc).²²When a Pokemon is "caught" they become linked to the trainer and the trainer's life force. Eventually, when the trainer dies (resetting the data anyone?), the Pokemon either die immediately or die over time via depression.²²It all depends on the person playing the game. Pokemon that were HM slaves or placed in the PC are easily forgotten and die instantly, while pokemon (like your Level 100 Blaziken you forgot to migrate) live on in your memory and therefore die when you forget them.²** Jossed as far as the games go. Alder's first Pokemon died of illness.²** Not to mention Trainers who actually ''outright state'' the deaths of their Pokemon as early as the ''first generation''...²²[[WMG: Storing a Pokemon in the PC isn't as inhumane as some think it is.]]²Going against the above WMG, being "stored in a box" on the PC isn't meant to be taken literally. The Pokemon are actually at the professor's lab and are taken care of. One hint towards the PC boxes NOT just being like literally put in a box and left there is that if an injured Pokemon is sent to the box, when you take it out, it will be fully healed without needing to use the Pokemon Centers.²* Which only happens in Gen II on. Everything (Pokerus not dying off) indicates that PC stored Pokemon are really in suspended animation.²²[[WMG: Every one of your Pokemon is a CombatSadomasochist.]]²Why would they constantly appear to you in the Poke-wilds? Why would they be willing to take so much pain from so many battles? Why would Pokemon get ''happier'' the more they're used in battle? Simple: ''they get off on it.'' This could also explain why some Pokemon just aren't used for battles, or why they "faint" in battle instead of outright dying.²* That means any Pokemon that evolves via happiness is TooKinkyToTorture.²²[[WMG: The Old Man who gives you tours in the first city (other than your hometown) is the protagonist from the previous game.]]²Think about it: He says he was quite the hot-shot trainer in his day, and he seems to know quite a bit about Pokemon. He is the default male protaganist from the previous generation of Pokemon who has retired from training and moved to the small town where you first visit, giving tours to the new trainers starting their journeys.²** Not possible. In Gold and Silver, you fight Red (the previous protagonist) at the end of the game. FRLG takes place at the same time as RSE, so Gold can't be the old man in either. [=DPPt=] takes place the same time as HGSS, so only three years after RSE and FRLG. So the previous protagonist wouldn't be so aged.²** [[FridgeHorror Perhaps Leaf became so depressed about always being in Red's shadow that she decided to distance herself from her old identity entirely, even going so far as to get a sex change operation. Desperate for any recognition, and remembering the old guy near the professor's lab at the start of her adventure, she got Celebi to take her back in time so she could grow old and mentor the next generation.]]²²[[WMG: Psychic types and Fighting types are the closest related to humans]]²* Besides looking the most like us (most Fighting types are humanood, and many Psychic types are), they seem to symbolize humanity. Intelligence (Psychic types) are what separate humans from animals in the real world, and our bodies (Fighting) are also something we have alone. So it's possible that humans, Psychic, and Fighting types all share a common ancestor and/or are genetically similar. This would make Psychic/Fighting types (like the Medicham family and Gallade), the closest to a complete human.²* On the other hand, humans themselves may be the 18th type of Pokemon, kind of like [[spoiler:how humans are the 18th angel in ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'']].²** Or they're what happens when you don't have a type. Meaning that, prior to Gen V, we may have been able to use the move Curse.²* Supposedly, the Fighting and Dark types represent honor and evil (more or less) respectively in Japan, even going so far as the Dark type actually being the Evil type, or something along those lines. Psychic types would appear to be representative of intelligence, but it's interesting to note that Psychic/Fighting/Dark also forms another rock-paper-scissors triangle that each represent something distinctly human. Honour, evil and intelligence.²²[[WMG: Pokemon Gyms have other, more central responsibilities that aren't discussed in-game.]]²For normal trainers, gyms are just a place to go to prove your strength, however gym trainers are members who are actually using the facilities to help strengthen their Pokemon. Gyms usually specialize by type, which is a detriment in battle against challengers, but helpful for meeting the specific needs of a particular type.²²The various puzzles help sort members by rank. Newer members, after passing more basic training, have to earn rank and show their work by defeating weak challengers so that older members aren't bothered in their training and have more time to heal their Pokemon as stronger challengers come.²²[[WMG: Pokeworld humans are an egg-laying species.]]²Just like everything else.²* {{Jossed}}, a woman was pregnant in "Time-Warp Heals All Wounds."²** Not Jossed, egg-laying creatures carry their eggs inside them for a while before laying. And if it's not true for the anime, maybe it's still true for the games -- maybe Mew giving birth was an accident of Mewtwo's origins/EarlyInstallmentWeirdness.²* [[LetsPlay/{{Chuggaaconroy}} I AM GOING TO ENJOY AN EGG]]. Makes sense, considering the presence of this WMG.²²[[WMG: Item Balls actually exist, and that how you store all your gear.]]²Back in the Kanto series of the anime, Ash caught a rice-ball in his Poke Ball, so there is a precedent for storing things besides Pokemon. Plus, you carry a ridiculous amount of gear in your backpack, this is how. Also, consider how Brock, and now Cilan, are able to carry picnic tables, even if they were foldable, that would take up a lot of room. Same for the Bikes in the games. This is also how [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Wes and Michael]] store their respective rides. With Item Balls.²²[[WMG: Pokemon hatched from eggs are always Level 5 because of superior breeding processes.]]²The Pokemon in the wild who are under Level 5 didn't get the care the mother (and father) got in the Day-Care Center, and didn't develop as well before they were far enough along to hatch.²* Actually, eggs hatch with the Pokemon at Level 1 ever since ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl''.²²[[WMG: The Pokemon Professors are evil and trying to take over the world through genetic engineering]]²This Troper was never a big Pokemon fan, and for years believed the plot of the series was similar to Jurrassic Park, where the professors had genetically bred Pokemon, with the intention of being ready to fight each other (and presumably other nations), and the main characters are basically trying to keep the population of the Pokemon under control.²²[[WMG: Pokemon who evolve through trading do so because they are excited!]]²We know emotions can trigger evolution, so maybe when certain Pokemon get traded, the excitement of having new friends and seeing new places gets them to evolve.²* This is {{fanon}} (maybe even WordOfDante) as stated in ''[[FanficRecs/PokemonGeneral ABeginnersGuideToPokemon]]''.²²[[WMG: The reason Marril are more common in Hoenn and Sinnoh is because they're [[ invasive species]] ]]²In the Johto based games, Marril are relatively rare, but in Hoenn they're everywhere there's fresh water. In Diamond and pearl however they were limited to the Great Marsh - until Platinum where they could be found just as easily on normal routes, with lots of water in them. Of course this can apply to any pokemon from previous generations that appear in the wild and in greater numbers than their debut generation, like the Ralts family in Sinnoh.²²[[WMG: Pokemon introduced in a region is not specifically from that region]]²Just because a pokemon is introduced in a region during a certain generation doesn't mean it's native to that region, Case in point: Snorlax, Chansey, and Sudowoodo. There are only two Snorlax in Kanto during Generation I, it's believed that these two Snorlax migrated to the Kanto region to find food, meanwhile it's pre-evolution Munchlax is found in Sinnoh. With Chansey, they're found in the wild in Sinnoh, whereas they are purely Safari Zone Pokemon in generation I, because they were imported from Sinnoh. Sudowoodo are found everywhere in Sinnoh, where they can blend in easily, meanwhile a solitary Sudowoodo in Johto obviously doesn't fit in with the area.²* Supported by those lines that had only one line in one generation and had two (or Three!) in the next. [[SomethingAboutARose Rosellia]], I'm staring at you.²* Sinnoh is an island presumably far away from Kanto. How would Snorlax and Sudowoodo migrate? I don't think they'd swim; Snorlax is certainly not the athletic type and Sudowoodo would just die.²** Snorlax can Surf. Sudowoodo could have been a transplant ([[SincerityMode no pun intended]]) or ship stowaway.²²[[WMG: Evolutionary release harmful radiation of some kind]]²Most of the Pokemon who evolve from a Stone lose the ability to learn new moves naturally. [[AsYouKnow but you already knew that.]]²²This is because the radiation from the Stone retards parts of the brain, preventing the Pokemon from learning new moves naturally. ²²Eevee is exempt from this because the radiation sets it's unstable DNA into a stable pattern. ²The radiation also causes an effect similar to The ComicBook/IncredibleHulk, making them stronger but less smart and/or nice, so perhaps it contains a type of gamma radiation?²²[[WMG: [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSApphire Norman]] is the father of all the Pokemon Protagonists]]²In every generation, except the third, the protagonist has a missing dad and Norman is the only one who is ever shown. He just really got around.²* If he really got around, does that mean that he's Ash's father too?²²[[WMG: [[NPCRoadblock NPC roadblocks]] are paid for.]]²There's some sort of company which employs people specifically for blocking travelling trainers. Gym leaders and the like pay for them (hourly, maybe). It's an easy job and they're paid plenty. Hence why there's so damn many.²²[[WMG: Big old Pokemon Multiverse theory.]]²I don't just mean the Unown and Giratina's reality, I mean the whole TheMultiverse she-bang. Okay, in VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite, it's all but outright stated that the two games takes place in parallel universes. Their single dividing point is the founders. The brother who stood for truth was victorious in the Black timeline, [[ScienceMarchesOn and thus Opecluid became advanced.]] The brother who stood for ideals was victorious in the White timeline, and thus Opecluid remains traditional.²²In both universes is a version of previous games. Heartgold and Ruby would take place in the same universe. After all, [[SingleSpecimenSpecies there's only one Kyogre and Groudon, and one of them is in Hoenn.]] Reflecting this, Soulsilver and Sapphire are from the other universe. Which one takes place in which Gen V game, I cannot define. But I can guess. Heartgold may be in White, since its legendary has a "tradition" and thus ideal theme. Both universes [[InSpiteOfANail share Pokemon Yellow as their Kanto-era,]] since Pokemon Trainer Red possesses a Pikachu in both games. Similarly, Platinum remains a constant in both realities, since Cynthia mentions the Gen IV protagonist. Somewhere, there's a third universe, where the events of Crystal, Emerald and the future Grey take place.²²What happened to Diamond/Pearl/Red/Blue? The first two may have never existed, or they seperated due to the course [[BigBad Cy]][[OmnicidalManiac rus]] took in life. Pokemon Blue and Red might as well be the same game. What happened to them? [[FridgeHorror Heh...]] Remember good old [[GlitchEntity Missingno?]] Well, there was [[EldritchAbomination A glitch. An aberration. Something that should not have existed, but somehow did.]] It [[OmnicidalManiac rose from the sea and destroyed all things.]] A lone survivor [[WellIntentionedExtremist did what he needed to in order to stop it,]] [[MultiversalConqueror and creation feared him for it.]] [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall A piece of the world is missing.]]²²The Pokemon animeverse diverged thousands of years before all this. Somewhere in Sinnoh, Arceus Itself pitied a king, giving him the Jewel of Life. Red never existed, so this reality adorned a different champion-Ash Ketchum. Team Rocket is more withdrawn. Where the many manga universes originate from, it is unclear. [[Manga/PokemonDiamondAndPearlAdventure One differentiated with Cyrus's lifecycle, and Charon's absolute lack]] [[MoralityPet of little Rotom.]] And finally, there's an alternate([[AfterTheEnd maybe]]) universe without the human race.²²[[PhysicalGod Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Arceus]] [[TheConstant don't have counterparts.]] Rather, they exist in every parallel universe. You see, Dialga and Palkia are the embodiments of time and space respectively, so they use avatars in the many universes. Giratina exists in its single universe, which looks different depending on who enters the universes. Giratina is, [[GoodIsNotNice in a way,]] the [[GuardianOfTheMultiverse protector of the bonds between universes.]] Arcues is the creator of it all, and [[TheGodsMustBeLazy spends most of its time sleeping.]] The sole exception is when someone extremely horrible is born.²²[[WMG: Glitch Pokemon originate [[TimeAbyss from before the universe existed.]] ]]²Before Arceus was born, there was only a void of swirling chaos. When time and space began, this chaos was splintered. Aspects of the chaos crashed into the early universe. Over the eons, these remnants gained sentience. These became glitch Pokemon. [[EldritchAbomination Their bizarre nature]] is attributed to their origin as beings of chaos. That's why they glitch out reality.²²[[WMG: Mew is from our universe ]]²²Which is how Arceus could be bolth a descendant of Mew and the creator of the pokemon universe. (Some) Pokemon world humans could have come from our universe as well, which is why they know about real world animals etc., or Mew or Arceus could have found ways to tell them about these things.²²[[WMG: Pokemon hide when they have sex.]]²This is the true reason why no-one knows where eggs come from. Pokemon don't want any human spying on them during sexy times, so they hide from people. They also check if there's some surveillance equipment. After all, [[InterruptedIntimacy you don't want scientists studying you during sexy times.]] Why should Pokemon be any different?²* This is adorable.²²[[WMG: Pokémon were originally Human Beings]]²Besides manmade ones, like Mewtwo and Porygon, Pokémon were originally Human Beings who were turned into their animal forms because of Arceus. This could clearly explain why Pokémon can perfectly understand Human speach.²²[[WMG: Pokeballs that can carry humans exist, but are severely restricted.]]²How restricted? Only [=EMTs=] and the like can use them, and only for moving severely injured people around.²* ...Then why wouldn't they just use Heal Balls on the injured person and then release it?²** Because, in the games at least, heal balls are 5 times more expensive than normal pokeballs and can only be used once. Therefore, for the sake of the hospital's budget, [=EMTs=] only use normal human pokeballs. Additionally, human heal pokeballs may not have been invented yet, since, for example, no "heal dusk" pokeballs or "ultra dive" pokeballs appear to exist for pokemon, let alone humans.²²[[WMG: Potions, Heal Balls, etc. are not magical.]]²They're basically field medicine. Very advanced field medicine, and they work by sealing wounds and such, but more serious injuries like severed limbs, severe breaks, spinal damage and so on need trained professionals to treat. Hence Pokemon Centres and hospitals.²²[[WMG: The political power of Gym Leaders varies per region ]]²Because why wouldn't it? And the regions in the spin-off games don't even have gyms.²²[[WMG: Eventually, when we get Pokemon games made for a handheld with an arbitrary excess of power and game card storage space, players will be allowed to re-encounter Pokemon they released.]]²Any Pokemon the player released would be kept in the Pokemon storage file, possibly with abbreviated data (like removing the "Met:" and relationship values) until space was needed for more Pokemon to be stored in the PC and it was overwritten (even encountering and KO'ing the Pokemon wouldn't delete/overwrite it). This would take a ''lot'' of Pokemon on this hypothetical future game card, so unless you released a ''lot'' of Pokemon and had fairly full PC boxes, they wouldn't be overwritten. Certain pokemon (Legendary Pokemon, and Pokemon that you had for a long time/used a lot in battle, or had high Friendship values) would be the last to be overwritten. A trainer would have a chance comparable to meeting a Shiny Pokemon to run into each Pokemon they had released, by mechanics such as replace-by-species, traveling in the "Met:" area, or (and this is by far the least likely) traveling in the area with Pokemon of the same species that has the highest level available while still being at a level equal to or lower than the released Pokemon (this last mechanism would likely only happen when Game Freak has done so many versions that they get bored of trying to design new, likable mechanics to leave in the game space and tried something like this [[ForTheLulz just for the heck of it]]).²²This would allow players to recapture Pokemon they may have regretted releasing (with either a 1:1, 0:1, or [[RandomNumberGod random]] chance of it still having the item it held the last time you saw it) while re-enforcing the idea that Pokemon are merely knocked out in battle and are actually released, rather than never knowing if you've ever met the same wild Pokemon twice and [[WMG/PoisonOakepilepticTrees released Pokemon are]] ReleasedToElsewhere. The mechanic could be interpreted as your Pokemon [[TearJerker wanting to return to you]] (and possibly [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments being accepted back into the team]]), your Pokemon wanting to [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments test your skill and help you along your path toward becoming a stronger trainer]], your Pokemon [[VideoGameCrueltyPunishment wanting to beat you for having mistreated it and the forcing it to leave the only home it had, you jerk]], [[ItsASmallWorldAfterAll random chance]], or any of the myriad other reasons for meeting a wild Pokemon that you once trained.²²[[WMG: The Pokemon games/anime/manga take place in a post apocalyptic world.]] ²Some nuclear incident or national disaster wiped out all animal life on earth. In order to save what little was left of the earths ecosystem, the remaining scientists used the remaining samples of DNA of the worlds animals to biogenetically engineer new creatures(pokemon) to support and recreate the ecosystem by giving them elemental powers. After awhile the pokemon got loose and began to populate, thus becoming wild. After time the ecosystem finally healed, and people began treating the pokemon the same as they had treated animals, but with benefits. And so the pokemon world was created.²Proof exists in the fact that some pokemon are called "mouse pokemon" (pikachu) or "fish pokemon" (magikarp and feebas) because those were the animals whose DNA was used to create them. It makes sense if you think about the fact that there are some plant life among other things that don't exist in our world, and that the role of animals is assumed by pokemon.²²[[WMG: You can't capture fainted Pokemon because it's against the rules.]]²Literally. Because, related to the above WMG that Pokemon are testing a new trainer's worthiness, Pokemon who are "captured" let that happen because they decide that they respect that trainer. If they don't want to be caught they pop back out and either flee or keep "testing" the trainer. Thus, to respect the wild Pokemon's autonomy, they can only be captured if they have energy left to struggle. If they've "fainted" then they're too weak to struggle if they don't want to be caught and thus it's against the rules because it doesn't let the Pokemon make a choice. Trainers that are caught attempting to capture fainted Pokemon can get their licenses revoked and usually their own Pokemon will stop them from attempting it in the first place. Also, Pokemon haven't necessarily fainted, in some cases they may be too weak to fight but they can still do things to help their trainer (like using HM moves).²²[[WMG: Pokemon die.]]²You just have the ability to resurrect them via revives and Centers. Which is why humans are beneficial to Pokemon - they give them the ability to live again and take revenge on the thing that just attacked them, in exchange for the Pokemon assisting in battle. In addition, a trainer provides the support for a Pokemon to get stronger. Fighting amongst Pokemon is always there, even without humans, but no Pokemon can become strong without risk of dying - unless there is a human to resurrect it constantly and give it the strength to continue. Unfortunately, this is rendered a little shaky given that the Japanese term is "near death", but who knows, it might be a euphemism considering that since they can easily be resurrected, it's a cheap death. However, Revives and Centers cannot resurrect Pokemon deaths by non-battle means (Alder's starter dying, etc.).²²[[WMG: Arceus is a JustForFun/TimeLord.]]²Because he can be.²²[[WMG: Making Pokemon battling illegal would destroy the economy of the game's universe.]]²The ethics have been brought up many times, it's even been referenced in the game and was the main plot point for Black and White. Capturing wild animals and making them fight each other has obvious ethical problems and everyone knows this, but nobody challenges this because it would destroy the economy. Think about it: in the game (and to a lesser but still noticable extent, the show) everything revolves around Pokemon battling and training. Most of the items you can buy are used for Pokemon training, capturing, and battling: Pokeballs, potions, antidotes, evolution stones, etc. If Pokemon battles were made illegal, hundreds of thousands of people, including scientists who develop the technology and people who sell and supply them, would lose their jobs.²* Basically true, I think. Silph Co. is all but government in Kanto.²²[[WMG: The reason the games are allways released in a pattern,]]²is because Satoshi Tajiri has autism, and it is very common for autistic people to do certain things in a pattern.²* Or because it's a business model that hasn't let Nintendo down yet. Nintendo's big on "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."²²[[WMG: Pokemon and animals both exist at the same time, but animals are nearly extinct]]²Pokemon are much stronger than most animals, and, as a consequence, animals are barely present in the wild (their rarity is why the main character does not see them in her/his travels, by the way). Humans, however, have kept at least some animal species alive in captivity, and, though animals are rare at best in the wild, most people in the pokemon world have either heard about them through stories, school, or media or actually have seen live animals in zoos or special reserves (or in theoretically in the wild). Humans also still raise animals for food, since pokemon are more dangerous and intelligent than most animals. Pokemon are still used as food, but a beef burger is cheaper than a tauros burger, for example.²²[[WMG: Some Pokemon anime/movie characters have counterparts in the game universe.]]²This has a base in the Japanese versions of the games. It's just that due to GameplayAndStorySegregation, we don't actually see them fully, we just see them as generic NPC Trainers. Would explain the presence of equivalents to [[spoiler:[[Anime/PokemonJirachiWishmaker Butler, Diane,]] [[Anime/PokemonRangerAndTheTempleOfTheSea Lizabeth]] and [[Anime/PokemonDestinyDeoxys Rebecca]] through various [[EasterEgg Easter Eggs]]]] in D/P/Pt. As for the ones involved in the [[Anime/PokemonZoroarkMasterOfIllusions movie-]][[Anime/PokemonTheMovieBlackAndWhite driven]] events which are [[NoExportForYou only released in Japan]] for now, they have clear Original Trainer ID numbers, so it's pretty likely that they exist (or once existed) in this world too, with their Pokemon being in possession of the player characters. It's up to you to imagine what they could all be doing (or have done in their lives).²²Note that this could extend to entire ''locations'' as well; the shiny Beasts have Crown (as in Crown City) as their OT in the Japanese distributions, and an equivalent to Eindoak exists within the Dream World. In the latter's case, though, whether it can be real or not... [[MindScrew that's another story]]. [[NoodleIncident And supposedly, only your Pokemon know it.]]² ²[[WMG: Pokemon have promoted MUCH better parenting skills]]²All from raising your Pokemon to be their best.²[[WMG: Oak already has full Pokédex]]²[[ He just likes to fucking with people]]²²[[WMG: The Pokeball system is actually SummonMagic.]]²When you catch a Pokemon, you are not actually putting it inside the Pokeball, but rather teleporting it somewhere else. When you send out a Pokemon, you are summoning it to wherever you are.²* There's a blurry line between magic and technology. Poké balls are around the so-advanced-it's-practically-magic part of the spectrum.²²[[WMG: The reason why Roserade cannot use Vine Whip/Power Whip despite what its Pokédex entry says]]²Roserade has vines hidden in its arms/bouquets, but prefers to use them as [[MundaneUtility extendable hands]] (I imagine it must be pretty hard to pick up objects and such with bunches of flowers attached to the ends of your hands). Since the species only uses its vines for hands (and to capture prey, which have to be smaller than them since Roserade are only 3 feet tall), they have not yet learned to use the vines in combat against larger Pokémon.²²[[WMG: The Sevii Islands are part of the Orange Islands]]²The OI are mostly named after citrus, right? '''Navel''' Rock. As for the rest of the SI, notice how I used the word "mostly." Also, they mostly have Kanto and Johto Pokémon — the OI season of the anime was between Kanto and Johto.²²[[WMG: The six-Pokémon limit is an attempt to prevent Pidgey/Rattata/Zigzagoon/Bidoof/etc. zerg rushes.]]²ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.²[[WMG:In the pokemon universe, there are four timelines.]]²As of generation 5 we know there are 2 alternate universes. Game Freak is holding back their multiverse. their multiverse have four known alternate universes. Three of which are divided by the creation of unova.²Timelines goes as follows:²* 1.Black universe: this universe contains the games Red, Fire Red, Gold, Heart Gold, Ruby, Diamond and Black.²* 2.White universe: this universe contains the games Green, Leaf Green, Silver, Soul Silver, Sapphire, Pearl and White.²* 3."Grey" universe: this universe contains the games Blue, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum and a "grey" version of Unova where that great battle with Reshiram and Rekrom ended in a draw.²* 4.The fouth timeline is the Mystery Dungeon world.²²** Between the White and Black universes, the protagonists go boy-girl-boy in one and girl-boy-girl in the other. The grey universe can go either way (except for chrystal in which is the canon protagonist).²*** the distortion world, battle frontiers, Looker, pokemon ranger games and orre games are canon to all three first timelines.²²[[WMG: There are many different timelines in the Pokémon universe.]]²²I know this has been done to death, but there are different timelines. Here is no. 1:²²Yellow -> Ruby -> HeartGold -> Platinum -> Black -? Black 2?²²No. 2:²²Yellow -> Sapphire -> SoulSilver -> Platinum -> White -> White 2?²²You see, there are many supporting facts about this, like how in HGSS, Red's team is from Pokémon you can find in Yellow. It makes sense how one legendary was at Hoenn, and the other at Johto. Platinum was part of canon as said by Cynthia in Black and White. And B2 and W2 came after Black and White.²²And now, the alternates. No. 3:²²FireRed/Red -> Emerald -> Gold/Crystal -> Diamond -> ?????²²No. 4:²²LeafGreen/Blue/Green -> Emerald -> Silver/Crystal -> Pearl -> ?????²²This somewhat makes sense. Because the legendaries from Hoenn aren't catchable in GSC, thus, Emerald happened instead. Let's just say that the PC from FRLG never caught the birds, Deoxys, and the legendary beast. Diamond and Pearl happened in Platinum's place. And I have no idea what happened after that.²²And now, the anime timeline.²²No. 5:²²Indigo -> Orange -> Johto -> Hoenn -> Battle Frontier -> Diamond and Pearl -> Black and White/Best Wishes - > BW2²²Makes sense.²²And then the manga timelines.²²And now the PMD timeline.²²No. 6:²²PMD RRT -> PMD EotS ²²Let's just say this happened.²²No. 7:²²PMD BRT -> PMD EotS²²This might have happened too.²²No. 8:²²PMD BRT -> PMD EoT²²More.²²PMD RRT -> PMD EoD²²And more.²²That's my theory of timelines.²²[[WMG: Pokemon have been forcefully stretched to have their height measured.]]²²And that's how an oddish is taller than bellosoom.²²[[WMG: A Celebi (or Dialga) aids you.]]²²So, you are at climax of the game. You battle the legendary or anything else, to make balance in the world... but you fail to defeat or catch it! You get thrown into Pokémon Center and go there again, like nothing happened... It was Celebi (or Dialga) aids you. It stopped time so nothing bad will happen... though you still keep EXP and NOT keep items if you used them. But hey! The crisis didn't happened, so go again and defeat/capture it.²²²Oh, and about Generation I (and II-III for Dialga) games. Who said it doesn't exist? You just don't encounter it per canon.²²(Obviously, this doesn't apply to Mystery Dungeon as bosses take note of that you take extra attempts to defeat them. ²I've heard that [[spoiler:Ghetsis]] in Black and White also takes note of that, so probably doesn't applies)²²[[WMG: Pokemon And Humans Have an Ancient Pact To Befriend and Protect Each Other]]²In ancient times, pokemon were considered an actual sapient race, with many tribes which lived in peaceful-ish coexistence with humans. Humans were a technological species, while pokemon focused on internal, personal growth, their powers. As Pokemon grew more powerful, they out stripped human technology, '''and''' renegade pokemon were leaving their society to live a more feral life, eventually completely forgetting their society, and the informal truce with humans, making life very dangerous for humans.²Due to this growing danger, Arceus formed a pact with humanity, pledging that his race would serve worthy humans as guardians, three tribes of each region, the starters, agreed to let their young be given to young humans so that the children can prove their worth, without having to personally fight wild pokemon and risk their lives.²Pokemon, though they've mostly forgotten this past, maintain a [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy proud warrior tradition]], meaning that defeat actually does mean friendship. When a trainer defeats a wild pokemon with his own trained pokemon bodyguards, the defeated pokemon is convinced of the trainer's worth, as displayed through the power of said bodyguards.²The other consequence of this proud warrior tradition is that pokemon love to fight each other. It's like getting a bunch of martial artists or other combat sportsmen in the same room, it's only a matter of time before they decide to spar. This is the actual reason for the copious trainer battles. It's not the trainer who wants to battle you, your pokemon and their pokemon want to battle each other, and will not allow their trainers to interrupt until one side has been proven superior, they refuse to return to their pokeballs unless a partner is taking their place. This actually means that N's entire goal in Black/White is refuted, because he is going against the desires of pokemon who love to spar.²Eventually both sides completely forgot this, but the tradition remained, and people began to develop technologies that make trainer more convenient, such as pokeballs and potions.²²[[WMG: All the Rhydon-Dragon Statues are Terminus in Pokemon form]]²²Like from ''Literature/TheHeroesOfOlympus''.²²Evidence:²²* They are associated everything important to the Pokemon league, Gyms included.²* There is an entire maze of them in the original Indigo Plateau. If you try and bypass the Badge check using Gameshark, or a PAR or Game Genie, the event will still run to check for badges, even if you're walking through a wall and the guard can not get you. This means something else, not the guard, probably that maze of statues. having enough power to keep you from entering if you do not have proof, and Terminus loves playing by the rules.²* They magically change names whenever you beat a Gym Leader. No time will pass from beating the Leader and having your name inscribed, which suggests an intelligent being is in control of the statues.²²[[WMG: Trainer Cards Have Other Uses Besides Identification]]²²Think about it. Trainer Cards show your money, so they could be used as credit cards. Also, to get to the player characters' data on the on the PC, they could use their trainer number to access it. Maybe they could even swipe the card to access it. Where could have Misty seen your badges? Yup, on the trainer card²²[[WMG: The real pokemon god is actually...]]²²Godchu.²²Think about, why would Arceus, the pokemon God, only be known by gen four? That's because he really ''did not'' exist. After Godchu's journey with Red from the first games, Godchu was having more fun pretending to be a Pikachu and bonding with this trainer, so didn't want to go back to being a mythical pokemon God. Therefore Godchu created Arceus by gen four to take over his duties in managing the world and all that. Then with the combine of the godly powers both pokemon had, they just fixed every being's memories to have "always believed Arceus was God".²²And if anyone was wondering why Godchu is the pokemon God... honestly, with a fandom nickname like Godchu, do you really need to ask?²²[[WMG: Pokemon takes place on Earth after the warfare-caused apocalypse, and the Pokemon creatures are the remnants of genetic engineering to create creatures for fighting.]]²As the war progressed and more people died, many Pokemon escaped and moved out into the wild. The lack of real world animals in the Pokemon world is the result of competition, a regular wolf could never compete with a wolf that breathed fire. A regular wolf could not prey on a rabbit with super speed or super strength. The war killed the majority of the human population, and the humans left ended up going back to a primitive form of society. However, they did find that Pokemon were useful for society in very aspects, and over thousands of years helped humans create a society that was even better. "Fossil" Pokemon in the games and anime were never really old fossils. They were just a few types of Pokemon species that fossilized ''very'' quickly. Pokemon are so easy to tame and train because they were genetically engineered to be that way. It was better to have Pokemon that were loyal to their trainers because it prevented enemies from stealing them, and it ensured that the Pokemon would do whatever it took to protect the trainer. "Wild" Pokemon aren't truly wild, just feral. Some Pokemon were engineered for direct combat while others were made for individuals and communities to keep around for protection, hence why some species are more docile than others and make great pets. They were also engineered to be able to understand complex speech while still not being as intelligent as humans, so commands could be easily given while at the same time ensuring that Pokemon would never try to overpower humans. Because of how many humans were killed and how much was destroyed, there's no knowledge that Pokemon were created by man rather than being natural creatures.²²[[WMG: The player character is always watching other trainers out of the corner of their eye]]²You're only supposed to batlle other trainers when your eyes meet. Instead, you battle whenever they happen to look your way. This only makes sense if the player is constantly watching other trainers. When they see you, you also see them, and because you want to battle and get stronger, you look them in the eye. You do this even when you don't want to battle, out of reflex. After you battle, most people won't look directly at you anymore because they don't want you to see how dissapointed they are that they lost. The reason breeders will is that they aren't really dissapointed when they lose as much as they're impressed with how well you've raised your Pokemon.²* Doesn't explain why the approach from back. Maybe all Trainers have third, mental eye on the back?²²[[WMG: Baby Pokemon are the result of birth defects]]²They are the result of something going wrong with the gestation of a normal pokemon that results in an under-developed mutation, hence why baby Pokemon are so weak. Fortunately, Pokemon's inherent evolution ability lets them fix the problems and resuem life as normal. Humans deliberately breed them like this because they think the baby forms are cute. Think about it, where do you breed Pokemon? At the Daycare center, where do you catch the adult forms of the baby Pokemon? In environments that actually suit them, which are usually nothing like the environment at the Daycare Center. Sometimes in order to get a Pokemon to mutate outside items have to be introduce, this is basically drugging up a pregnant woman so her baby will deform into a new form.²These defects can happen in the wild too but are the result of poor judgement on the parent's part or getting stuck outside their habitat in the wild while pregnant. It's possible the parents abandon defective babies which is why they're found without their adult forms in the wild.²** The abandoning part seems to be Jossed, you can find entire Marill line in Flocessy Ranch and in Unova Route 20 (via surfing).²[[WMG: Brock sealed his eyesight]]²As a result of the curse of Medusa everything Brock sees turns into stone. That's why he trains rock type Pokemon.²²[[WMG: You are only officially champion]]²As you are not able to take challengers, you are not technically champion, as you do not stop being champion after defeat. This could be because you are not old enough, and the previous champions are all adults, so they can do your duties.²** Iris is a Champion yet technically a teenager, so what about that? What if the system has you as a "champion candidate" that be relied on if the previous resigns or cannot continue. That way, it sorta justifies why someone like the Player Character can go about doing their thing since they're merely a "candidate" or "champion class".²²[[WMG: Not all fossil Pokemon were originally part rock type.]]²But the process of cloning an old Pokemon fossil altered the DNA, creating a part rock type Pokemon.²²[[WMG: Pokémon are {{Tulpa}}s]]²This is probably the best explanation for why and how new Pokémon get "discovered" and introduced while at the same time, apparently known about all along. Humanity in general has the ability to bring about new individuals and new species when certain requirements are brought about. The process is most evident in the Johto Safari Zone in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, where the placement of objects in the park affects what species can be caught, even if they're species that aren't supposed to appear anywhere in Jotho, like Gible for instance.²²This may also explain their powers and abilities as well, it isn't through some sort of complicated science, but only because people imagine that they can do these things.²²[[WMG: Cliches had been always deliberately avoided in creating Pokemon]]²²[[WMG: Flamethrower does about the same damage as Water Gun]]²However, the extra 55 base power comes from the after burn when the flame from the flamethrower hits the target.²²[[WMG: How Joys and Jennys came to be.]]²A rare genetic mutation.²²[[WMG: There will be a new Shadow Pokemon based game.]]²²Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness postgame showed most of the bosses that you face through the course of the game (Gonzap, Chobin, Lovrina, etc.) appearing in the Nintendo Hard Orre Colosseum. If you manage to defeat them, they all send you friendly emails... bar Ardos, who declares you Cipher's number one enemy, and saying he will resurrect Cipher one day. After nearly 8 years, we're still waiting. (I copied this directly from the "Sequel Hook" page.)²²[[WMG: There is a "Yes Town"/"No Town".]]²And that is where all trainers are engineered. It fits in with when you could only say "Yes" or "No" to someone in Pacifidlog Town when they ask where you're from.²²[[WMG: The Pokemon world has a higher oxygen level in the atmosphere than ours.]]²And all the lifeforms are adapted to it. Hence the presence of bugs larger than birds (or humans), and humans that are ’'way'' more athletic than any 10-year-old has a right to be.²²[[WMG: America is not TheArtifact]]²Unova and the [=US=] are both separate countries. The guy who mentioned wondering if Surge was from Unova simply mistook him for a Unovian, as the two places are rather similar. It's like mistaking a Canadian for an American.²** Wait, so [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Unova is Canada]]?²** Yeah, [[CanadaEh eh]]? Apparently, we annexed New York in the Pokéverse.²* Alternatively, Unova their version of New York. When the man was talking about Surge he wondered if he came from New York.²** Or possibly Unova is a state in America. New York exists but Unova exists as well.. Maybe it's far off from the others, like Hawaii? ²²[[WMG: The mother isn't as worried as she should be becaus she arranged most of the adventure]]²Some details (like enemy teams) are blips in her system²²[[WMG: The Pokédex never needed to be filled in.]]²Ever notice how after you catch a Pokémon, it immediately has a complete description available for you? The professors already have their information, and merely claim that they need the [[TheChosenMany young trainers']] help so they can fill it in, and thus the kids have GottaCatchEmAll, all in the name of [[CharacterDevelopment causing them to grow as a person]] and learn the ways of the world. Furthermore, the professors give young trainers modified Pokédexes, which contain myths instead of facts; this is intended to cause the children to realise [[GameplayAndStorySegregation that their Pokémon don't match the descriptions in the Pokédex]], sparking their curiosity. This will lead to the trainers doing research themselves to find out if it's right or not, starting them on the path [[PassingTheTorch to becoming the next generation of Pokémon Professors]]. And thus, all of the professors are secretly [[TheChessmaster benevolent chessmasters]].²²[[WMG: Pokemon don't die when hit with deadly attacks because the Poke Ball system sets up a field that mitigates all fatal hits]]²Given that Pokemon can die and you sometimes hear or read up on the Pokedex that it happens, why doesn't it happen to you? Probably because poke balls have a secondary function: A field that protects either combatant, wild or trainer, from taking a fatal hit and instead makes them only faint.²²[[WMG: The mushrooms you can sell for cash can be used for powerful drugs]]²Why else would they sell for so much? The FR/LG move tutor and Mushroom maniac in Black 2 are junkies, and the Pokemart is in on the whole thing. The Balm Mushroom is, of course, the most potent of the lot.²²[[WMG: When Ash finally wins in the Pokemon League, the trainer he defeats will be...]]²His father, who had been on his own journey for years. Needless to say, it will be a touching reunion and an epic battle.²²[[WMG: The Pokedex entries are actually written by the 10 year old trainers who own the Pokedex]]²That would explain why they are so inaccurate: these kids have no sense of scale or value.²²[[WMG: The reason why there are so many single mothers in the pokemon universe]]²Teenage trainers meet. Sometimes, they let their hormones get the better of their judgment, leading to sex. Protection (if they even have any in the pokemon universe) isn't 100% effective, so pregnancies may occur. The two may go their separate ways before the teenage girl even realizes she's pregnant, and she may not always be able to track her baby daddy down, and it is possible she at least convinces him to send back some money for child support. Thus, the young woman is now charged with raising the child on her own.²²[[WMG: The English version of the series is set in an alternative history setting where the USA has conquered Japan.]]²The first four regions are based on Japan according to WordOfGod. However, in the English translations, the appearances and geographical features remain the same, but almost all the humans' Japanese names have been changed to English ones. This is because America (or, in Pokemon terms, the continent where Unova is located) has taken over Japan, possibly as the result of a war involving Pokemon. Because of this, all citizens of Pokemon!Japan have been forced to change their names to more American ones and speak English, and Pokemon species names were also changed to English ones. (for example, an American Pokemon researcher may have seen what was originally called a Fushigidane and decided to give it the English name of Bulbasaur based on its appearance - a dinosaur-like animal with a bulb on his back). The Japanese tourist trainers encountered in X and Y have fled to Kalos (France) in order to escape the Americanised Pokemon!Japan and are merely posing as tourists so spies from Pokemon!America do not force them to return to Pokemon!Japan and give up their Kalos citizenship.²²[[WMG: At some point, Ash is going to have a team consisting of six electric rodents.]]²At which point, he'll become a member of the Elite Four, and the series will end.²* Specifically, he'll go to an anime-only region where the League has not been fully set up yet and are lacking a candidate for the job. Just so the writers don't have to ruffle any feathers by replacing an old Elite Four member.²²[[WMG: The Box system isn't what it seems]]²Instead of a computer system that converts the pokemon into data, the "boxes" are ranches and preserves for a particular trainer's pokemon. (Likely belonging to the regional professor). The pokemon are converted into data, but only to teleport between the terminals (Much like in the Anime). Items can be digitized and teleported independently of the pokemon. And the trainer would give them instructions on where the item goes.²* Basically The "Boxes" work like in the anime. The anime gives a more accurate depiction than the games, due to LawOfConservationOfDetail.²²[[WMG: The G3 champ ribbon will be modified]]²They already merged Contest and Tower Ribbons into two Ribbons, representing each of the two categories. And that will truly allow RS remakes.[[note]]G3 champ Ribbon is rather a weird case - it is received from either Ever Grande ''or'' Indigo Plateau. The Japanese games screw up it further, where it is called '''ホウエン チャンプリボン''' ''''[[NonindicativeName Hoenn]]'' [[NonindicativeName Champion Ribbon]]'' (G4 has two for defeating Cynthia and Red, G5 has none because of Ribbons elusivity in that Gen, and G6 has so far the Ribbon for Kalos HoF)[[/note]]²²[[WMG: Pokemon are the videogame equivalent of Kami]]²Japan's native religion, Shinto, worships natural divine forces called Kami. They're said to reside in many natural features, and often manifest assuming a physical form, such as an animal. Notice how Pokemon are either animals with "divine" powers (they can control the elements and have many supernatural powers), [[AnimateInanimateObject animated inanimate objects]] with a soul (called tsukomogami in Japanese) or {{Youkai}}. The humans in the Pokemon world are so obsessed with them that it's not much of a stretch to assume they actually revere them all as gods. This creates a parallel with Japanese people and the Kami. Despite what the local Sinnoh legends say, Arceus isn't what we'd call God. He's just one of the many Kami who simply happened to become more prominent in Pokemon folklore because of the creation myth (which might have a more recent origin than what it seems). There's possibly some other form of religion in the Pokemon world which is more akin to Christianity in that it's based around a single god. This might have influenced the Sinnoh region and its local folklore turning Arceus into something similar to a monotheistic god. The foreign building in Hearthome City looks like a western church, so this might be the case. ²²* tl;dr Pokemon aren't simply the counterpart of animals the Pokemon world. They're literally natural manifestations of the divine. Arceus isn't the only "god", they all are.²²[[WMG:Heatran isn't actually a legendary]]²All of the other legendaries have some sort of backstory, either directly tied into the plot or as their own side story, and they usually come in trios (or sometimes quartets--or at the very least, they have a {{Foil}}.) Heatran really has no legends surrounding it. Furthermore, most legendary Pokémon are genderless, and the few that have genders (Latios, Latias, Cresselia, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus) are all {{One Gender Race}}s, fitting with the fact that legendary Pokémon are supposed to be [[SingleSpecimenSpecies totally unique]] in-universe. Heatran can be either male or female. Eventually, Heatran will be {{retcon}}ned into a pseudolegendary (it has the 600 BST like the other pseudolgendaries) and the first and second stages of its evolutionary line will be discovered.²²[[WMG:The Next Wii U Pokemon game released will be a game with Shadow Pokemon that takes place in a region bordering Orre, with a unique set of 50 TM's for its region]]²²With TM's no longer able to be traded, it could open up some interesting possibilities, and the competetive battler nuts might just boost Wii U sales just for the strategic benefit. ²²[[WMG: Mew is of an alien race. Their mission: [[{{Precursors}} To populate the universe with Pokemon and Human life]].]]²Its already known that, Mew contains the DNA of all Pokemon, and many have speculated its the progenitor of all living Pokemon on the planet. But what if Mew [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens is alien in origin]] and upon arriving to this particular world, kick-started life, abiogenesis and evolution?²* Just as the ''monoliths'' are machines left behind by a race of aliens to populate the near-empty cosmos in ''2001: A Space Odyssey'', Mew's goal is to create beings independent of itself? So everyone can share this wonderful life it has, [[PiecesOfGod and experience existence together]]?²* Mew doesn't need technology to realise its mission and dream. It basically lives, forever. It contains everyone, [[ApocalypseHow so even if that world suffers a cataclysmic end]], it has a back-up of everyone to recreate again or on another planet. It can survive and [[AncientAstronauts travel through space]] to countless terrestrial bodies and seed life there. All it needs is a ''single strand of its own hair''.²* In Pokemon the 1st movie, Dr. Fuji and his scientists understood this much. From Mew's insanely complex DNA, they were able to retrieve Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and even Amber. [[PunyEarthlings They could not reverse-engineer the process to recreate life or Mew however]]. Mewtwo was able to accomplish this, being a proto-form of Mew.²* Perhaps the first living organism it created was the Tree of Beginning? From the movie? It does have a symbiotic connection with it after all.²* This is likely, given the large amount of extraterrestrial Pokémon known (Elgyem, Clefairy, Staryu).²²[[WMG: A theory about fainting.]]²Notice how, in the games, some people tell you to "let your Pokemon rest", then once you're done "resting" your Pokemon are back to full health? Basing my theory on this, Pokemon can heal by themselves, if they are given time.²Wild Pokemon are dragged to safety by other members of their species (or even another species, if they're feeling benevolent), then when they are done resting, they can battle again.²However, if so, how can Pokemon die? If they are damaged too much after fainting, they die for good, which is part of the reason humans started creating pokeballs and pokemon centers. They didn't want their Pokemon to die, and sometimes there wasn't enough time to rest, so they created those.²²[[WMG: Pokemon don't take over humans because ''they don't need to.'']]²Everything people do revolves around the titular critters: almost every bit of their culture, enterprises, and even religion appears to centred around Pokemon. They've got a sweet gig going on, and as such don't feel like attacking the human populace. That being said, it's still unwise to go out in the grass without Pokemon because it breaks the unspoken agreement(you glorify us, we help you out). As for how people event got Pokemon in the first place, it's because they want to be part of human society.²²[[WMG: Humans are the ultimate StoneWall.]]²Even the strongest human would be overpowered by the majority of Pokemon, yet in Pokemon we can bare powerful attacks-Team Rocket keeps surviving being blasted off, people get hit by attacks in the anime and only end up dazed...RuleOfFunny isn't even enough to justify it, given in the games Alder can just jump off a 10-foot cliff without his legs breaking and Lance's Dragonite blasting ''a fecking Hyper Beam'' at a Rocket Grunt does little more than push him aside. Humans, like Pokemon have stats, and we just happen to have REALLY high Defence and Special Defence stats. Also humans don't get status inflictions because we have an ability that prevents it. Humans were able to conquer the planet because we could resist Pokemon attacks long enough to develop the technology needed to subjugate [[ThePowerOfFriendship or form alliances]] with them. Sinnoh myths suggest Pokemon and humans were once the same species. One path, which led to Pokemon, chose overwhelming strength. The other, which led to us, chose incredible endurance. It's actually similar to RealLife where humans managed to become super-predators not just for our intelligence, but endurance. Though since Pokemon are magical creatures people had to become really hard to kill in order to keep a balance. Still, people don't have infinite HP and as such Pokemon are capable of harming or outright killing people-it just takes a lot of effort, or a bunch of Pokemon attacking you at once.²²[[WMG: Fossil Pokémon have their previous primary Type replaced with Rock due to the revival process.]]²Rather than just adding Rock to them, they simply had a Type they had before overridden as a part of the cloning procedure. Omanyte may have been Ground/Water, Kabuto Bug/Water, Aerodactyl either Normal/Flying or Dragon/Flying, Cradily Water/Grass, Anorith Water/Bug, Shieldon as Ground/Steel, Cranidos as pure Dragon or even Normal, Tirtouga may have been the only one to actually have the Rock/Water typing already, Archen likely shared its typing with Aerodactyl, Tyrunt may have been Dark/Dragon, and Amaura could have been Electric/Ice given its movepool. Instead of just having Rock type tacked on, the cloning procedure might have this side-effect either as a fault that simply can't be avoided. Alternatively, it may be a side effect of altering the DNA to allow these Pokemon to function in a new world with no ill effects. It mildly interferes with their original strengths, but it allows a stable base formula to ensure they all come about and remain completely healthy.²²[[WMG: The player in each and every game is actually a HumanoidAbomination or EldritchAbomination]]²The reason it never talks is because it can't, and doesn't have to anyway. It can express concepts to [=NPC=]s through telepathy, although said [=NPC=]s believe it's talking to them. This may or may not be accomplished through MindRape. The legendary Pokemon encountered throughout the game are testing their godly might against yours when they meet you, but because your Pokemon are supernaturally empowered by your will (which allows them to level up far beyond what an NPC could do with them), the legendary Pokemon inevitably falls to the player and obeys its whim because it's now too scared to defy the player. Red, of course, is one of the same Abominations as the current player, evidenced by his inability to speak and his unnaturally strong Pokemon, which are all close to Level 100 when the player fights him/it at the top of Mt. Silver in Heartgold and Soulsilver.²²[[WMG: The Pokémon world is as peaceful as it is because the Lake Trio forcibly brought out the best in humanity and Pokémon.]]²The InUniverse legends about the Lake Trio describe them as personifications or creators of various parts of the human mind (willpower for Azelf, emotions for Mesprit and knowledge for Uxie). What if they instead [[BrainwashingForTheGreaterGood manipulated the minds of people and Pokémon to suppress more vicious personality traits]]? Wild Pokémon are generally territorial, but ultimately cooperative and the biggest problem facing humanity seems to be theft. Scientific and engineering professions seem to be readily available and larger issues like malnutrition seem to be non-existent. Violence is usually related to isolated conflicts that never extend beyond the places where they started. Mesprit and Azelf could be working to suppress violent emotions or attitudes while Uxie could just be making people more curious about the world around them. Villains such as J or Zero are cases where the people in question aren't being affected the same way as most of the populace. Pokemon battles are a "release valve" for what aggressive tendencies the Lake Trio couldn't work out, which is why you get heartless trainers like Damien or Shamus in addition to people like Ash. Without Pokemon battles to distract them, people would be quicker to fight each other.²²[[WMG: Groudon caused Cinnabar's eruption.]]²Despite Groudon's ability causing sunny weather, Groudon is primarily based on land creation. Its strongest move is, of course, Fissure. Now, in Sootopolis during the Legendary Catastrophe, one of the [=NPCs=] theorizes that Groudon and Kyogre didn't fight because they hated each other, but rather because they couldn't control their own power.²²²Now, for convenience, let's assume the events of RSE happened slightly after those of FRLG; after all, even though most people assume them to be concurrent, there's absolutely nobody anywhere else in the world even acknowledging the events of RSE, even as having happened in the past; this probably means they take place at least partly after FRLG. Also after FRLG, Cinnabar erupts for an uncertain reason. Perhaps this was an aftershock from Groudon's sudden surge of uncontrollable power.²* To clarify, Gen I & III take place almost simultaneously (Ruby's adventure takes place just after Red leaves Pallet Town.) This theory is a pretty popular piece of headcanon.²²[[WMG: Mega Rayquaza is a disciple of [[LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemon Lord Helix]].]]²Not only did he cause complete anarchy in Ubers while he was allowed in it, he ended up creating a whole new "tier" that seems based around anarchy, with any established rules created by Smogon going flying out the window in it.²²[[WMG:Emetophilia is a common fetish in the Pokemon world.]]²And that's why Gastro Acid is classified as a Beauty move in all Pokemon Contests.²²[[WMG: Only people wishing to become Pokemon Masters actually ever go on Pokemon Journeys, and they are all given a year off classroom education to pursue this goal and gain experience.]]²This would handily explain a number of oddities about the Pokeverse: why the protagonists are so young, why the protagonists never age, why most trainers only carry one to three Pokemon, why a trainer can only carry six Pokemon at a time, how the regional Professor is able to care for all the Pokemon they are sent, why you're told to complete the Pokedex, why schooling is never an issue, and why the League itself exists. First, the protagonists are so young because becoming a Pokemon Master when there's over 700 Pokemon is a task that will take a very, very long time so they're given a head start ''and'' it's to show them how difficult the job is. The protagonists never age because we never see more than their one year of training to beat their regional Champion, as years in the Pokemon Universe are actually much longer than Earth years, though they also age at a slower rate to counterbalance (after all, the passage of four seasons may be a fraction of a year in the Pokeverse). People seeking to become Pokemon Masters can only carry six Pokemon at a time because it is just a convenience so that Pokemon Masters don't have to carry around dozens of Pokeballs until they get to a PC to transfer some back. They are automatically transferred, after all. Six is the limit because most trainers don't use more than three, so six is gratuitous. The regional Professor can hold and care for all those extra Pokemon because there's only ever a very small handful of people actually desiring to become a Pokemon Master at a time (in the games, no more than four as of Gen VI), so they don't actually have as many Pokemon to tend to as it seems. One is told to complete the Pokedex because being the Pokemon Master means you've caught them all, and the Pokedex is actually like a database for you to know what Pokemon you've seen and what you've caught as well as tell your Professor how well you've done. It's a tool to help you see how close you are to your goal, and to tell the Professor how determined you are to reach your goal by how many Pokemon are in your Pokedex. The League is NOT a test for Pokemon Masters, it's a test for the regional Champion, so it has to exist for another reason- to keep pushing you on to complete your goals by giving you something to collect along the way, something that in the end helps you grow stronger because you have to defeat a strong trainer to win it. Further, the League also exists to strengthen determination and confidence in ability. The reason schooling isn't an issue is because you're given a year off to do all of this and see if you really, truly want to become a Pokemon Master. This also handily explains why so few trainers ever actually leave town or stray far from town- because they're just trainers, not Masters-to-Be.²²[[WMG: A future held item to prevent ghosts from escaping will be called [[Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}} "Proton Pack"]]]]²[[WMG: The universe the Delta Episode meteor would have been sent to was the one in which the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team games take place]]²As of now, any previous games where mega evolution did not exist have been retconned as a different universe. However, let's say it expands beyond the two mega/no mega universes. What if there was a universe in which a Hoenn like the one in OR/AS exists where Zinnia did not destroy the device that sends the meteor to an alternate universe, and they followed through with this original plan? It winds up in the PMD universe, where the meteor eventually gets destroyed by their Rayquaza. Later on, it is discovered that a new dungeon was created by this meteor. What's in there? Deoxys.²²[[WMG: Religion is an Important Part of Pokénation Society.]]²Some nations are more secular than others, but Pokémon worship has a place in people's hearts. A region’s legendaries are seen as spirits of nature, fortune, protection, etc. Mew (a scientific oddity), totally unknown or artificial pokémon like Mewtwo aren't in the pantheon.²* Different regions hold their religions in different levels of regard. Kanto, for instance, is a highly urban, progressive, and business-oriented society, where there's little place for folklore. Here, legendaries are seen with a more scientific outlook, as rare and beautiful beasts of great power.²* Johto, with its old-world traditions, small towns, and abundance of religiously significant sites, is possibly the most spiritual of the regions. Great care is taken to conserve its religious sites. Places like Sprout Tower, the Tin Tower, the Burned Tower and the Ruins are always populated by monks, scientists, and civilians. Sinnoh also holds its religion close to its collective conscious, with a famous and often recorded folio of myths that are still read and enjoyed today.²* There are lesser-practiced or dead religions that idolize prehistoric pokémon, evidenced by the carvings found in the Ruins of Alph. Praise Helix!²²[[WMG: Red has serious social anxiety]]²His most famous trait is his silence. This might not be cool stoicism, but evidence of an anxiety disorder. What's the worst thing that can happen to someone afraid of human interaction? Worldwide fame. The attention that comes with being a regional champion shook Red into seclusion, leading to his Sevii Islands crusade and subsequent exile into Mt. Silver. People with people-problems often find solace in animals, which explains his intense love for pokémon. Also, this makes his friendship with the tough and outgoing Blue adorable.²²[[WMG: Shiny Pokemon are vampires]]²Why else would they [[Literature/{{Twilight}} sparkle]]?²²[[WMG: Shinies are so rare because they get eaten.]]²* Shinyism (?) is a rare birth defect in itself, but being sparkly and brightly colored also makes it harder for them to hide from predators.²²[[WMG: The Pokémon World seems so lighthearted all the time because we're viewing it from a child's perspective.]]²* Between rampant organized crime, eco-terrorism, hauntings, gladiatorial animal combat, attempted mass murder, and more, there's some dark and violent stuff in Pokémon, but a lot of it seems rather harmless. That's because we're only seeing what the player character, an innocent child. We know armed robbery is a thing, so surely murders and such happen too. There's no way Team Rocket's not out there breaking kneecaps. We just don't see it or hear about it because what ten-year-old kid is going to care about that stuff while on an adventure with his loving animal friends?²* I'd also consider that most villainous teams have a motive that they deem progressive, which means they have some moral standards. They're not going to sic a Houndoom on a child, but taking down his Pokémon should shoo the little bugger away.²²[[WMG: Team Rocket is still around.]]²* Team Rocket didn't break up. Just because they lost some non-fatal battles doesn't mean all of Team Rocket stops liking money. I imagined they said, "Oh boy, Gold sure showed us. I guess we've got to disband. Whatever you say! (Guys, he's gone, let's get back to work!)"²²[[WMG: Darker Pokémon games are on the way.]]²* Game Freak dipped their toes into appealing to older audiences back with Colosseum and now they're trying it again with Conquest and Pokkén Tournament. Apparently, the folks over at the Pokémon Company are well aware of their vast twenty-something-plus audience. It's only a matter of time before they cash in on that market in a big way. We'll never see a rated M game or anything, but I can see them doing another RPG with a more involved plot and more well-rounded characters, maybe even dive into some of the more popular fanon theories like the Great Pokémon War or Generation Zero.²²[[WMG: Having a last name is very uncommon in the Pokéworld.]]²Let's see who has a known last name in the games:²* Mr. Stone (first name unknown) and his son, Steven.²* All the professors - except for Andy from Art Academy - and their offspring.²* N and Ghetsis [[spoiler: Harmonia]].²Some professors (and Stone) are ''only'' known by their last names; and yet, every single other character still introduces themselves with their first name. In a series where the first regions were based on parts of Japan, this inconsistency with LastNameBasis is slightly odd.²²But look at who does ''not'' have last names. Andy is "merely" a professor in art (most appreciate art, but a scientist's breakthrough is more likely to change the world forever). Colress... Somehow, I'm unsure if he is a legal researcher due to certain events in his game. Otherwise, it's all Trainers, Gym Leaders, Champions et.c. - they hold society up, but it's rare that they do much else.²²What I propose is that Pokéworld last names work a bit like honorary titles in ours.²That is, someone in our world who had done well enough to be Sired would just gain a "Sir". But a Pokéworld person would instead be allowed to choose a last name of their own. In both cases, this title could be inherited by blood-relations.²²This explains, among other things, the ThemeNaming; it's not that people with trees for last names tend to become Professors, it's the Professors who choose/have to stick to a theme . They might be very open with you, but wear their name as a badge of pride.²²What about Mr. Stone, then? Why is he so special? Perhaps he was considered worthy for making Devon go from a small company to something huge like Silph. (Besides, the guy must be doing something right if he can afford handing a kid an EXP. Share for a relatively small favor.)²²[[WMG:Sabrina is related to Liza and Tate.]]]]²Think about it: all three are psychics who use psychic types, and with that hair and those eyes the twins look look like they could be Sabrina's siblings.²²[[WMG: Red went into hiding after what he saw in Cerulean Cave.]]²* Maybe he had some kind of horrible realization about the dysfunctional relationship between humans and Pokémon and went into seclusion to develop a stronger bond with his own beloved Pokémon.²²[[WMG: Offspring always being the mother's species is just a gameplay mechanic to make breeding less tedious.]]²In-universe, eggs can hatch into either parent's species. This is how male-only Pokemon manage to reproduce.²²[[WMG: AZ, N, and Zinnia are related to each other.]]²Think about, aside from AZ implied to have some sort of relation to the Draconid tribe, before being immortal, he was from the same era that the Twin brothers that founded Unova. He could be their father or Older relative, and their quarreling over the land was the reason for the war in AZ's era: The same war his Floette took place in, kick starting his desperation of creating a machine to bring it back.²²[[WMG: In the next main Pokémon game, there will be a new evil team based on experimenting Pokémon, as well as be based on Norse mythology.]]²Since the X and Y legendary trio are all based on Norse mythology, as well as Zygarde's 10%, 50% and Complete formes being based on the children of Loki (Norse god of fire and tricks), the next evil team will be based on Norse mythology to a small extent, and will declare to find a way to make new ways for how Pokémon should evolve, like for example, to speed the process of evolution, or making NEW evolutions via mutation.²²Because of that, they'll also find some resources from the cells of Zygarde, and will try to harness the power of Zygarde by stealing it and abusing it's power for science. Kinda like animal testing, but in the Pokémon world. Their theme will be based on mutation, and will probably use Poison types, Steel types, Dark types and Electric types.²²They will have a leader based on Loki, and he (or she) will have a disguise that is like a robot suit similar to Emma's from X and Y. The leader will be somewhat related to the ghost girl and/or [[spoiler: The death of Aster]] and if possible, that leader could be related to either AZ (whose based on Odin) or Lysandre (who, ironically, is apparently based on Loki as well).²²[[WMG: Dragon-types are aliens!]]²Or they are at least descended from ancestors that came from outer space. When a Pokemon uses camouflage in space, it turns into a Dragon-Type, though that could do with Nature Power becoming Draco Meteor.²²[[WMG: ''VideoGame/PokemonShuffle'''s free-to-play elements are a Team Rocket front.]]²Of course the organization would be in need of whatever money-making schemes they could get their hands on, and ''Shuffle'' is the only Pokémon [=F2P=] with no purchase cap at this time, but there's more damning evidence. There are several events that have occurred where the items were provided for free, most likely in an attempt to entice players to buy more. The Pokémon caught in these events are Wobbuffet, Carnivine and Mewtwo (!). Also a lengthy item-farming event was brought to us by Delibird, and the usual event to collect the money necessary to purchase them belongs to Meowth. All of these Pokémon are closely connected to Team Rocket.²²[[WMG: The Pokemon world has an ''extremely'' good online schooling system.]]²Currently in our world, there are systems in place to get degrees all the way up to ''doctorate'', wholly or almost wholly online. [[ University of Southern California]] and [[ University of Liverpool]] are examples. Unlike in our world, primary and secondary schools online are far more popular, common and extensive in the Pokeworld. Ash and other young characters aren't ''skipping'' school, they're just doing their classwork offscreen.²²[[WMG: Most Legendaries ''do'' have a gender.]]²In the "identification" sense. They have NoBiologicalSex, which is why they display as such in the main games, but many clearly see themselves as one or the other in various media such as the anime and the Mystery Dungeon games, [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything and should be referred to with the pronoun of their choosing.]]²²[[WMG: Legendaries are the only Pokemon who can get pregnant.]]²Well most of them, at least. Legendaries are in the "Undiscovered" egg group and cannot have eggs because, well, they don't ''lay eggs.'' Unlike every other Pokemon, most legendaries carry their young in them. That is the main reason why you can't breed them without cheating devices; it would be unethical to send a pregnant Pokemon into battle. No breeding center knows how to deal with it because compared to Pokemon eggs, legendaries have [[BizarreAlienReproduction BIzarre Pokemon Reproduction.]] Most legendaries have unknown genders because, due to how different they reproduce, its really hard to determine their sex/they have different sex chromosomes from other Pokemon. Of course, there are a handful of legendaries who just can't reproduce period due to their inorganic nature([[OurGolemsAreDifferent Regi trio]], [[{{Cyborg}} Genesect]] and [[AnimalisticAbomination weather trio]]) or [[PhysicalGod godhood]]([[AnatomyOfTheSoul Lake trio]], [[RealityWarper creation trio]], [[{{God}} Arceus]] and [[LiteralSplitTrio the tao trio]]), but they're the exception rather than a rule. There would be a few legendaries that reproduce through budding/asexual reproduction, but again not in the form of eggs and thus unable for the player to access. Manaphy and Phione are the sole exception, the only legendaries who's reproductive ability is the same as other Pokemon. Nidorina and Nidoqueen are a rare example of a normal Pokemon who gets pregnant, which is why are also in the Undiscovered Group.²²[[WMG: The last scene in the Pokemon 20 Super Bowl commercial is Ash, his Pikachu, and Ash's son.]]²For reference: [[ The Pokemon 20 commercial from Super Bowl 50.]]²²The commercial ends with a man, his son, and their Pikachu, watching a Pokemon tournament on TV. The guy whispers the commercial's ArcWords, "You can do that," to his son. Who would know that a kid could do that better than an experienced Pokemon trainer?²²19 years have passed since the anime began. If it was real time, Ash would be about 30 now, and could have a child approaching the age of a beginning Pokemon trainer. Having that connection would be a great link for the commercial to the anime.²²[[WMG: Unova, Kalos and Sinnoh's Pokemon Leagues have less funding than Johto, Hoenn, and Kanto.]]²I can't be the only one who noticed how most of the later gen Gym Leaders and Elite Four members have part-time jobs right?²²Kalos is doing the best, as Olympia, Wulfric, Wikstrom and Drasna don't really seem to have jobs, and the rest are doing jobs that seem very seasonal.²* Viola - Nature Photographer: Obviously.²* Grant - Extreme (or regular) Sports: Didn't Grant just finish a bike race when you fight him? ²* Korrina - Rent Gym out for roller derby competitions: LOOK AT HER GYM.²* Clemont - Inventor: Duh.²* Ramos - Gardener: Grows exotic or valuable plants in his Gym.²* Valerie - Seamstress: Her Gym has sewing machines and every Trainer has a unique outfit.²* Malva - Anchorwoman/Team Flare Member: Pretty much confirmed. ²* Siebold - Chef or Philosopher: Well, he at least dresses like one and the way he speaks reminds me of a philosopher.²** Officially, he's a chef. A woman at Restaurant Le Yeah brings up the fact that he cooks meals for Grant and Valerie sometimes.²* Olympia, Wulfric, Wikstrom and Drasna do seem to be on the older end in terms of age as well as being on the stronger end so maybe they saved up enough to work as a gym leader/Elite Four full-time?²²Sinnoh is doing worse than Kalos but better than Unova, as their Elite Four do not need to work part-time jobs.²* Roark - Foreman or Miner: We find him in a mine.²* Gardenia - Tricky but either the same as Ramos or Forest Tour Guide: IDK, she is hard to work with.²** Maybe her gym's garden is like one of those public ones she lets regular people pay to look around and challengers who are looking to defeat her or have defeated her can come in for free?²* Fantina - Contest: Duh.²* Maylene - Rents Gym out as a boxing arena: She has multiple punching bags and boxing rings in her Gym.²* Crasher Wake - Wrestler: Okay, how can he not be a wrestler?²* Byron - Same as Roark: Lives near Iron Island and is Roark's dad.²* Candice - Mayor of Snowpoint: She does get you entrance to Snowpoint Temple.²** Alternatively, it could just be one of her obligations as the city's Gym Leader.²** Didn't she have a school or something in the anime?²* Volkner - Inventor: DRAINS AN ENTIRE CITY'S POWER SPICING UP HIS GYM.²²Unova is the worst financially (how fitting). I guess the former Champion (before Alder as he is implied to be a filler) crashed the economy and fled to another region, so now everyone needs to work part-time, even the Elite Four, and Gym Trainers are fellow employees.²* Striaton Triplets - Waiters at a restaurant: Dress like waiters, have their Gym Trainers be waiters.²* Cheren - Teacher: Runs the Trainer School.²* Lenora - Husband runs a museum: Well, he does.²* Roxie - Is the lead singer/guitarist in a band: Do I need to explain this one?²* Burgh - Artist: Can I just stop explaining the Unova ones?²* Elesa - Model: Duh.²* Clay - Foreman: Duh.²* Skyla- Pilot: She has her Gym right in front of the landing strip.²* Brycen - Former Actor: He lived off donations from his old fans before leaving his Gym to act again.²* Drayden and Iris - Drayden is the mayor, so he can directly tax his citizens; Iris lived with him for a while²* Marlon - Lifeguard or Olympic Swimmer: He swims really fast.²* Shauntal- Author: Duh.²* Grimsley - Gambler: No one said he had to have a job not about luck.²* Caitlin - Still runs the Battle Castle: She never actually fought there²* Marshal - IDK: Help.²** Isn't he a black belt? Maybe he gives out fighting lessons.²²* To be fair, OP, the economy of the Pokémon world remains vaguely defined, so there's really no way of knowing the income of officials employed by the Pokémon League and whether or not their "side jobs" are necessary or simply hobbies/other careers they've taken up in their free time. Also, if you want to fudge things a bit by means of other continuities, ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'' does depict some of the other Gym Leaders with secondary jobs, like Brock being a security guard at the Pewter Museum of Science, Erika holding lectures at Celadon University, and Falkner working as a police officer.²²[[WMG: Where all the regions are located]]²* [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Kanto]], [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Johto]], [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Hoenn]], [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Sinnoh]], [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Unova]], [[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY Kalos]], and [[VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon Alola]]: All of these regions are part of Japan, because they all use Yen (in the Japanese version) and the National Pokédex. (Unless ''Sun'' and ''Moon'' turns out to be very different.) Japan just has more territory outside their own soil in the Pokémon world. Thus, while Unova and Kalos take place where what would be the United States and France, they are actually part of Japan. This also may explain why [[OrphanedEtymology things like France still get mentioned]]; that's what they USED to be called.²* [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Or]][[VideoGame/PokemonXDGaleOfDarkness re]]: Takes place in the United States. Subtly hinted at by the presence of the Pokémon Dollar and the lack of a Pokédex.²** Orre's based on Phoenix, Arizona.²** Also, the Pokémon Dollar is based on the yen, even uses the kanji for yen (円) as the currency symbol in the Japanese version. The only difference is that ''Colosseum'' and ''XD'' forgoes the use of the yen symbol in the Japanese version, but Pokémon Dollars are still, at least ostensibly, the Pokémon world equivalent of the yen (and most likely a GlobalCurrency).²* [[VideoGame/PokemonRanger Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia]]: Takes place outside of Japan in the Ranger Union. Where exactly is up for grabs since the regions are so ambiguous, but while they may ''possibly'' take place on Japanese soil Japan does not own them anymore.²** The only (vague) clue to Fiore's location is that Sinnoh is the closest²* [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Sevii Islands]], [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Orange Archipelago, Decolore Islands]], [[VideoGame/PokemonSnap Pokémon Island]], [[VideoGame/PokemonChannel Mintale Town]]: All part of the Kanto region.²* The [[VideoGame/PokeParkWii PokéPark]]s: Both take place outside any known nation.²* [[VideoGame/PokemonConquest Ransei]]: If it exists in the same universe, Ransei is probably composed primarily of Japanese citizens that left the nation a long time ago.²* [[VideoGame/PokkenTournament Ferrum]]: Yet another place whose exact location is ambiguous. It probably takes place outside of Japan, but don't quote me on that.²* [[TabletopGame/{{Pokemon}} Southern Island]]: Another island that could take place absolutely anywhere. Since we know so little about it, could be a part of Japan, could not.²* [[TabletopGame/{{Pokemon}} Holon]]: Part of Guyana, since it was part of a search for Mew.²* [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Lucario Kingdom]]: Not part of Sinnoh, but located within its boundaries.²* [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Mirage Kingdom]]: It's already canon that the Mirage Kingdom is a separate nation within Hoenn.²* [[Anime/PokemonLucarioAndTheMysteryOfMew Rota]]: Part of Kanto.²²[[WMG:The Dawn Stone is not an elemental stone.]]²Instead of containing an elemental power, it emits an equivalent to an energy wave that creates [[TabletopGame/{{Pokemon}} Delta Species]].²²[[WMG:Shiny Stone and Dusk Stone are elemental stones.]]²But their elemental powers are not among the current 18 Pokémon types. Shiny Stone has LightEmUp powers while Dusk Stone has CastingAShadow that is nothing like Ghost's spiritual powers, Dark's combat pragmatism, or [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Shadow]]'s void of emotion.²²[[WMG:The region equivalent to Australia has the least number of Normal-Type Pokémon]]²It will have the highest species count that can kill you in wide variety of ways.²* And yet Kangaskhan, Komala, and most rabbit-themed Pokémon are all Normal-type. (Besides, the Normal type is just as deadly as any of the other types. They're just more normal about it.)²** On the contrary, they will be among the few Pokémon in Poké-Australia that are Normal-types, for they are so strong on their own, they don't need to augment themselves with elemental powers.²²[[WMG:Pokemon can (and do) [[InterspeciesRomance breed with humans]] ]]²That's why humans are so [[MadeOfIron ridiculously strong and durable]] and why there are so many humans with psychic powers -- most human-like (and thus most probable to get laid) Pokemon are Fighting or Psychic types. Just think about it: when Pokemon of different species inbreed, they get mother's species and father's moves. So basically Chuck is what you get when human woman is raped by Machamp.²²And before you tell me that it was Jossed by the anime, 'cause we see both of Sabrina's parents and neither of them is Pokemon: Yeah. But her father is also a psychic, and egg moves (moves that can't be naturally learned by Pokemon, but can be breed into them) can be passed down from father to son through any number of generations, as long as there is at least one male in next generation. It's fully possible that Sabrina's grandfather, great-grandfather or further male ancestor from father's side was an Alakazam. It actually might be a part of her backstory that was [[UnreliableNarrator skipped by her father when he recounted her story]]: she was an only child and as a girl couldn't pass down psychic powers. Thus she was neglected by her father, who knew she will be last psychic in their family. That made her want to prove herself to be strong and ultimately made her grow up into emotionless psychopath.²²* According to one of the Sinnoh myths in ''D/P/Pt'': "There once were humans and Pokémon that ate together at the same table. It was a time when there existed no differences to distinguish the two." [[ The original text outright states that humans and Pokemon used to marry,]] though it's not clear if interspecies breeding was going on and the myth implies that humans and Pokémon evolved from a common ancestor. By no means, however, does that mean anything in the rest of this WMG is correct, as there's no indication Pokémon breeding rules apply to humans, nor do we know if humans and Pokémon are even biologically compatible (and Nintendo and Game Freak obviously aren't going to bother to show us some HalfHumanHybrid in their games any time soon).²²[[WMG: The National Pokedex we have is compiled by Red]]²There're quite a few strange things about the National Dex...²* 1. The National Dex is clearly ordered by region. It starts with Kanto Pokemon, and then proceeds to show non-Kanto mons from Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh (these three regions were implied to be close to Kanto...), before it goes on to show new mons from more distant regions such as Unova, Kalos and Alola. It feels like the person who compiled the Dex started his journey in Kanto and then went on to travel farther while compiling information about new mons he met and captured;²* 2. However, the ordering is NOT perfectly region-based. There are hints that many Pokemon are not native to the regions where they first appeared in the Dex. The Jynx line, for instance, was never found in the wild of Kanto, but they showed up in Johto. Why isn't Jynx considered a Johto mon, then? Many more such examples exist (Eevee, Lucario...). My point is that the ordering of the National Dex seems too messy to be some sort of collective work by researchers across regions. Instead, it feels like the person who compiled the Dex just recorded any new mons he saw during his journey, without caring about whether the said mons really are native to the regions where he first encountered them;²* 3. The Dex entries become more mature (and generally less ridiculous) over the years, with Alola having arguably the darkest, not-kid-friendly, and ecologically realistic Dex entries of all time. It feels like the person who compiled the Dex started his journey as a child and matured over his journey, and reached full adulthood by the time he reached Alola;²* Now think about it. There is indeed a in-universe hypothesis that can explain all the oddities: The National Pokedex is compiled by Red. Red started his journey in Kanto and was a 10-year-old back then. It was obvious that he proceeded to travel to Johto right after his time in Kanto. He also must have had experience with Pokemons beyond the original 151, since he owned an Espeon when we fought him in ''GSC''. He also later showed up in Unova's World Tournament. By the time he popped up again in Alola, he was already a full-grown adult. He fit all the above points perfectly. Conclusion: The National Pokedex we have is compiled by nobody but Red.²** Red is the vector agent, yes, but it's Professor Oak who is the man behind the man; compiling the information and putting it together.²²[[WMG: The Pokemon Journey is a way of solving The {{Youkai}} Dilemma.]]²The Youkai Dilemma is something commonly referred to in the ExpandedUniverse materials of ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}.'' It goes something like this. {{Youkai}} are spirits given power by the [[ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve fear and belief of humans]]. Humans don't want to live in fear of Youkai, but if they don't, this drastically reduces their focus on them and they might stop being Youkai. Lack of youkai strips Fantasy and Illusion from a world, and that's... bad. But too much HereThereBeDragons and that's also bad. [[MagicalLand Gensokyo's]] answer to this seems to be a constant shell game of implying ''maybe'' they're dangerous but nobody sees them eating people (but they might be, or maybe just foreigners that nobody knows) and having a super-powered Shrine Maiden maintain the balance.²* The Pokemon Universe's answer to thing was the Pokemon System. It's a ritual. A child (it has to be a child, they believe the hardest) goes out, and encounters all Youkai in the area. They see their powers, they accept that they are real. They use a Sufficiently Advanced (Magic? Science? Both? Neither? Yes.) set of Pokeballs that captures them, and the Pokedex tells them what they are. The child believes the pokedex completely, and this cements the Youkai's existence as a pokemon. ²** Professor Oak and the other Professors are constantly tweaking the story told by the Pokedex to match what is being observed, and what Story best keeps the balance. This too is a shell game tweaking towards beneficial existence without extinguishing the "magic" of the Story.²*** Alolan Pokedex entries are brutal for two reasons, we're seeing an actual Pokemon's (The Rotomdex) perspective and values; and the overall Pokemon system is new in the area, it hasn't assimilated everything fully yet. Alola still has the Old Stories ingrained in the culture. ²*** Ultra Beasts are what happens if a Youkai is too strong to be assimilated.²²[[WMG: Having a Pokemon resonates with one's psychology.]]²Like having a Franchise/{{Persona}}. This is why so many people fall into PoorPredictableRock; they aren't flexible enough mentally to have different types and fall into Bird Obsessions, Water Obsessions, etc. ²* Ace Trainers and main characters are like [[VideoGame/Persona4 a Wild Card]]; they can attune and adapt many different kinds.²²[[WMG:Legendary Classifications]]²²Throughout the history of the franchise, there have been many Legendaries with conflicting information and lore about them. Here, this troper wishes to at the very least categorize them into different types for better understanding of them overall.²²* God Beasts: These Legendaries are merely animals like most Pokemon. However, they are clearly far more powerful and far rarer than most other Pokemon, to the point of being physical Gods. They are capable of breeding, but only with each other, and no amount of human intervention is going to do it unless in dire circumstances.²** Articuno, Zapdo, Moltres, Mew, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Latias, Latios, Heatran, Phione, Manaphy, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, Thunderus, Tornados, Landorus, Meloetta, Diancie, Volcanion, all Tapus, Marshadow²²* God Constructs: Beings that are the creations of others. Whether by the hands of humans or of their fellow Gods, they are equal in power to other Legendaries. They cannot breed, and their numbers are dependent on the total number of them created.²** Mewtwo, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regigigas, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Genesect, Megearna²²* True Gods: The most powerful of them all, the actual pantheon of the Pokemon world. They represent and control the primal elements of the planet, shaping it to what it is today and just as capable of undoing it. Of course, there is only one of each[[spoiler: except for Arceus, who can create weaker copies of itself.]]²** Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Arceus²²* God Visitors: God like beings from outside the planet. Whether they came from outer space or from another dimension, they originate from places outside of Earth or this plane of existence and their power equals to the Gods which originate from Earth. Some are hostile; some are not; and all are everything in between. It is not known whether or not they can breed, and a few can even be labeled in the other categories.²** Deoxys, Reshiram (True), Zekron (True), Kyurem (True), Hoopa, the Ultra Beasts, Cosmog (Beast), Cosoem (Beast), Solgaleo (True, Beast), Lunala (True, Beast), Necrozma²²[[WMG: The Pokemon universe is a simulation with at least some self-awareness]]²Why are so many things in the Pokemon world treated like data? Because they are data. The Pokemon universe is a simulation that has been running long enough that the individuals inside it are starting to develop free will--they're on their way to becoming true AIs. The Pokemon world is real to them, but it's a digital one, and it's why there's no explanation for how Pokemon are treated like data. It's a fact of their universe.²²This is why it's safe for kids to wander around even though there are a number of seemingly dangerous Pokemon and gangs--whoever created the Pokemon simulation set some limitations on mortality in the simulation. It's safe because it's programmed to be safe.²²This also explains why no one questions seemingly arbitrary rules. They're not able to. (yet. Gaining free will means they might start challenging the simulation's laws, such as when there was a plot to end and restart the world to create a better one...)²²[[WMG: The Pokemon villain teams all represent the SevenDeadlySins]]²It goes as follows:²* Giovanni and Team Rocket represent Greed, stealing Pokemon to turn a profit.²* Archie, Maxie and Teams Magma and Aqua represent Envy, endlessly competing with each other over who gets to claim the region for their own.²* Cyrus and Team Galactic represent Wrath, hating the world in its current state and wanting to destroy it and remake it the way they see fit.²* Ghetsis and Team Plasma represent Pride, being self-righteous hypocrites under Ghetsis' leadership and extending from Ghetsis' own obsession with power and perfection.²* Lysandre and Team Flare represent Lust, desiring eternal youth and beauty, endless luxury, and Lysandre seemingly having a VillainousCrush on Diantha.²* Guzma and Team Skull represent Sloth, being trainers who have given up on their dreams due to one too many failures and turned to a life of crime because they saw no other options.²* Lusamine and the Aether Foundation represent Gluttony, Lusamine viewing the Pokemon under her "care" as a glorified collection, but not being satisfied with just that and wanting more and more, hence her pursuit of the Ultra Beasts.²* With future generations, I imagine they will repeat the process, so it will go Greed, Envy, Wrath, Pride, Lust, Sloth and Gluttony again, just conveyed in different ways.²[[WMG: Pokemon breed via combining their magical powers.]]²* Think about it. All Pokemon are supernatural creatures that inherently possess some form of magical abilities that control the elements of the world in one manner or another, including the normal types. So when Pokemon "mate" what they are doing each parent is taking their inherent magic and merging them together to form an egg, from which the Pokemon gradually forms until it hatches. This is why HotSkittyOnWailordAction is possible and why a human has never witnessed a Pokemon mating in the traditional manner, because they don't physically interact in any way and a human either can't see the process because it's simply manipulating the forces that Pokemon always draw on or don't recognize it as mating. This is also the reason for various "egg groups," a Pokemon's magic are only compatible with some Pokemon's magic and not others, in a process that transcend types, and why Ditto can breed with most of them because it's own ability allows it to mimic the magic of most other species of Pokemon. To put it simply, AWizardDidIt, no pun intended.²²[[WMG: In battle, the 'Fight' screen is inside your Pokémon's mind]]²The Pokédex has always made a notable deal out of Pokémon like Lapras (there are others, but this troper can't remember them off the top of their head. Sry) that can understand human speech. This continues in Gen VII Pokédex entries, so Game Freak hasn't turned their back on this. This implies, therefore, that the vast majority of Pokémon species cannot understand what humans are saying. This, logically, includes battle directions. The 'Fight' screen isn't you working out what move to instruct your Pokémon to use - it's the Pokémon deciding which move to use themselves, because they can't tell what their trainer is telling them. From the outside, this would look like the Verdanturf Battle Tent or the Hoenn Battle Palace - you confirm that you want them to use an attack (that's not hard to convey), and then you just trust them to use the appropriate move for the situation. The Trainer's job is in more general tactical decisions like 'Do we attack, or do I heal/swap out?' and general overseeing of training and making sure they do enough training battles.²²[[WMG: Eevee is an alien Pokémon species!]]²²Eevee was said to have different abilities to adapt to different clImate, geographical, scientific and technological conditions, and to evolve into certain Eeveelutions at its will, and its UnstableGeneticCode can lead any other Pokémon (even Pikachu) to think Eevee was quite alien to them. Certain Eeveelutions like Espeon and Sylveon look quite alien, despite their Japanese-esque origins told by the folks.²²With evolution process being very alien from most other Pokémon even including most alien Pokémon such as Ultra Beasts, Eeveelutions can be said to have more-alien origins than most people think. And this would make the fact that they "being exclusive to Field egg group" become more inaccurate, due to screwed-up breeding systems in Pokémon World; the Eeveelution-lines ''can'' breed with other Pokémon outside the terraformed Pokémon World ''regardless of egg groups!''.²* Also, being an exotic gift in Pokémon in early main games, and the ''slight'' increase of Eevee spawn rates in later main games could indicate that the Eevee line is now infiltrating the Pokémon population in the Pokémon World. Eevee can be a good Pokémon example of HumanOutsideAlienInside due to the reason.²** Even ''Ultra Moon'''s Dex Entry for Eevee took a shot; An Eevee could possess the ability to assume human identities of its trainer, imaginary or physically. This would make the fact that Eevee species being not originally native to Pokémon World become more obvious.²²[[WMG:Pokémon had never been weighted to measure their weight.]]²Instead, a computer is used to scan their overall masses then do some calculations. This can explain how Pokémon like Diglet has a measured weight even though it cannot be put onto a scale.²²[[WMG: In every Region theres a Pokemon Gym for every type...]]²But many are either not used or not opened since theres no trainer using that specific type.²²[[WMG:Shiny Pokémon may sometimes look like their regular-colored counterparts.]]²The optical illusion happens when you look at them from at a certain angle or from a distance.²²[[WMG: Your character in the game only sees the buildings he wants to see.]]²Think about how people are walking around in towns that don't have anyplace to live. Like Pallet Town has no house for Professor Oak, and your Mom is always on the ground floor while you have the only bedroom. Or Cinnabar Island, where there's no place to live - you ignore everything else because you're tired by this point. Your character only sees what matters to him, and you don't care to look into your Mom's bedroom, and you don't see the houses the people live in because they don't matter to you on your single-minded focus on buildings related to trying to be a Pokemon master. The more accurate version of the world is in the anime, where every place has a decent number of buildings so people have apartments or something to live in. Yes, there are buildings that have nothing to do with the game plot, but you don't realize they are meaningless. For instance, random buildings that don't have a door, they do but you ignore it because you know there's nothing of interest there to you.²* So...[[LawOfConservationOfDetail conservation of detail]].²²[[WMG: There will be a another manga based on the player characters]]²The manga will feature characters based on the player characters fighting villians using Pokemon-based forms and weapons.²** Characters²*** Red and Green ²*** Gold and Lyra ([[spoiler:who is known as Kris]])²*** Brendan and May²*** Lucas and Dawn (who is revealed to be [[spoiler:[[ParentChildTeam Lucas]] and Candice's future daughter]])²*** Hilbert and Hilda ²*** Nate and Rosa²*** Calem and Serena²*** [[SiblingTeam Elio and Selene]]²*** Victor and Gloria²²[[WMG:Nanu's twin brother is a military general who is a Dark-Type Gym Leader in the next generation]]²Since Nanu is a Dark-Type Island Kahuna, he will have a twin brother in the next region where he is a military general. He will also be the final Gym Leader to battle.²** Jossed ²²[[WMG:By Gen 12, the Pokémon Company will make use of all the Fire Starters to celebrate Chinese New Year.]]²As of Gen 8, each of the Fire starts have be found to match an animal of an Eastern Zodiac, albeit with a few questionable stretches. If this is intended on Game Freak's part, then it would accumulate to something greater!²²[[WMG: Pokémon will no longer have worldwide release dates after Gen VIII, and will be lower-budget titles like ''Let's Go'' was.]]²Because of the massive [[BrokenBase backlash]] against the removal of the National Dex until another set of games (you know they'll come), the FanDumb will decide to boycott the games... giving Nintendo and Gamefreak the impression that Pokémon isn't really interested anymore - ergo it's not worthy of the attention of its juggernaut. That is, ''IF'' they decide to give it to us. ²²[[WMG: Nintendo will give the Pokémon IP to another studio who will do a reboot, and make even more unpopular changes]]²Causing the FanDumb to say [[VindicatedByHistory that they liked Gen 8 now]], that they don't like the new studio's ideas which may consist of making the franchise entirely mobile, selling extra Pokémon as DLC, redoing the Pokémon into ''Film/{{PokemonDetectivePikachu}}'''s UncannyValley artstyle, and they want Masuda back. After heckling him on twitter and even making false rape allegations.²²[[WMG: Dads simply are not important in the Pokemon World's culture.]]²Ash's father never appears, but his mother says that he's the "apple of [his dad's] eye." Your player characters in the games generally don't have present fathers, or if he is identified he's a gym leader who seems to be a hands-off parent. Your Sinnoh rival Barry has a dad who seems barely present, and sometimes your dad is mentioned fondly as having bought you a TV or having been present at your mom's Rhyhorn race, but otherwise, dads seem very out of the picture in the Pokemon world. Moreover, neither you nor Ash not Barry nor many characters with DisappearedDads or hands off dads appear to angst or even think about it much (Barry's dad Palmer seems on good terms with his partner and child in spite of being a hands-off dad). It could be that Pokemon cultures just don't demand much of dads. They show up occasionally, encourage their kids and maybe lead by example by becoming rich or important, maybe buy the kid a thing or two every once in a while, then go off on their own adventures. They're expected to be benevolent figures to the kid, but not much else. No one really questions this because it's so embedded in the culture. Dads who are more present and take and active role in raising the kid are appreciated, but it's not expected.²²[[WMG: Pokedex entries are generated by a machine learning AI]]²The professors set up lots of data collection machines across the wilds (like wildlife cameras). When a trainer catches a Pokemon the Pokedex inspets the Pokemon itself and uses other data it's been given such as news articles and the aformentioned data collection to generate an entry for the pokemon. This is why sometimes the entries hit the mark and provide true facts, and other times they say something nonsenical or clearly impossible. This is also why the pokedex entries change every game and why every trainer has the goal of filling out the Pokedex: actually, they're having their specific dex fill out entries so that the AI has a dataset to be fine tuned off of.²²[[WMG: [[ChildProdigy Child prodigy]] champions are (relatively) common in the Pokemon world]]²Why do Veterans on the Victory Roads of the Pokemon world not seem at all surprised that a random teenager was able to flatten their entire carefully cultivated team? Why is the age of your high-skilled player character regarded as a novelty at most, rather than [[TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior a cause for concern]] or [[AChildShallLeadThem a sight of awe]]? Well, ''every'' player character in the main series is a child who [[ImprobableAge ends up becoming a champion]], and there's even NPC examples of talented youngsters like Iris, Blue, or Benga-- they certainly possess unique ability with Pokemon, ''but'' there's such a level of precedent that no one really cares all that much that a preteen was able to wipe the floor with the newest champion.²²[[WMG: Bulbasaur]]²Bulbasaur, bulbasaur bulbasaur bulbasaur. Bulbasaur bulbasaur. Bulbasaur? Bulbasaur bulbasaur. Bulbasaur.²²[[WMG: PokemonSpeak in the anime in an in-universe standpoint.]]²PokemonSpeak could be because the production team wants us to know that the Pokemon is called. Maybe in the anime, this occurs so that the Pokemon can let us know what they are.


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