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1! Something is not right about Kyouji²Kyouji at first looks like your typical [[NiceGuy nice guy]] archetype being polite, smiling all the time and who is generally known for being nice. This image holds pretty well during the first time you know him but then you start noticing something about him, which would be [[UncannyValley how he never stops smiling all the time]].²²Kyouji has never be seen upset of sad, he never seems to show any emotion more deep than being [[NiceGuy nice]], this does not means by itself that Kyouji is disturbed but if you compare him with Tetsuya, the other stoic character that never opens his eyes Kyouji lack of emoting becomes more apparent.²²My theory would be that:²²Kyouji is a [[StepfordSmiler Stepford Smiler]]: It’s possible something happened in Kyouji [[DarkAndTroubledPast past]] that greatly damaged his ability to [[BrokenBird feel]] (or maybe he was simply [[ born that way]]), Kyouji [[IJustWantToHaveFriends fearing people wouldn’t accept him this way]] started to [[StepfordSmiler practice smiling]] and do [[GoodSamaritan good deeds]] [[IJustWantToBeNormal because he wanted to be accepted]] and he thought this was the only way people would like him.²²Coaching and hanging around [[ShrinkingViolet Soutarou]] is pretty much Kyouji way of helping somebody who he feels is [[NotSoDifferent similar]] to him, since Soutarou was likely, really lonely because he was not only the town [[NewTransferStudent new kid]] [[DisappearedDad he also lacked a father]]. Soutarou and Kyouji most likely meet when Soutarou joined Soccer because he though [[IJustWantToHaveFriends it would be a great opportunity to make friends]], this really didn't take off though and he [[HeroWorshipper started looking up to Kyouji]].²²Kyouji noticed how Soutarou [[NotSoDifferent wasn't so different to what he is]] and he let Soutarou be his friend because he felt it was the best way for Soutarou to not end like [[StepfordSmiler him]], with the double benefit of having a real friendship for likely the first time ever.²* If this is true, then it would be one of the most heartwarming outcomes of the StepfordSmiler trope. It would also most certainly make Kyoji and Soutarou's route a OneTrueThreesome.²!The fictional Minasato village was swept away in the 2011 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami.²Tasteful [[DudeNotFunny or not]], there's been some debate on the fan boards over whether the village (which is on flat land next to the sea) could have been in the Touhoku region and destroyed by the tsunami. Cue postings of SceneryGorn photos plucked from tsunami news coverage, with captions like "This is Minasato village today." It's also been brought up that the great majority of Japan's agricultural coastline outside Touhoku was not seriously damaged. There's already been a depressing FanFiction written about this theory.²²!Gaku is a victim of a harsh upbringing by the Kodori family and wants to prevent that happening to Shun.²----


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