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1[[WMG: There were previous attempts at making the Kizuna System work]]²Sonozaki's comment at the end of episode 3, and the start episode one might imply that something like the Kizuna system happened before. Beside that there was the shady first moments of episode 1, which seem like a young Sonozaki with a Kiznaiver symbol on the back of her neck, meaning that there might have been other Kiznaivers before the present ones.²* The character profiles on the official website show each Kiznaiver labelled with their respective deadly sins. Sonozaki is mysteriously labelled "?", hinting that there may be more to Sonozaki's past than we know of.²* [[spoiler: All confirmed]].²²[[WMG: Hisomu is BiTheWay]]²As a side effect of his TooKinkyToTorture personality, he doesn't mind who is going to inflict him pain, whether it's a man or a woman, so he can get it going with either.²* He might also develop a crush on either Katsuhira or Tenga due to their capacity of inflicting pain on him.²* Somewhat confirmed in Episode 4, he really doesn't care who inflicts him pain, and does seem to have a thing for Katsuhira.²²[[WMG: All Kiznaivers can be connected to the old Seven Deadly Sins]]²Ignoring the new sins, the 7 Kiznaivers still relate to the old deadly sins:²* Katsuhira - Sloth²* Tenga - Wrath²* Chidori - Envy²* Nico - Greed²* Maki - Pride²* Yuta - Gluttony²* Hisomu - Lust²* If Sonozaki really did participate in an old version of the Kiznaivers, she would be the Original Sin.²* Alternatively, Nico Could be Gluttony, Yuta Greed, Maki as Envy, and Chidori as Pride, and it still works, leading into the WMG below...²²[[WMG: Katsuhira's lost memories are that the Kizuna Project was his idea]]²Sonozaki says that the correct saying is "One for all and all for one", but it should be "One for all and all for victory". That might refer to Katsuhira's name, which translate as "winning normal". ''Anime/KillLaKill'' already used the same trick of creating {{Foreshadowing}} through a MeaningfulName (with Ryuuko meaning "abandoned girl"), so there is precedent. The reason why he took a LaserGuidedAmnesia might be so that he could participate in the Project "pure".²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: The Kizuna System is part of a larger AssimilationPlot.]]²²[[WMG: The Kiznaivers' CharacterDevelopment will involve morphing from the Seven Deadly Sins into the Seven Heavenly Virtues.]]²As mentioned above, all the Kiznaver's titles (loosely) resemble the seven deadly sins, such as Katsuhira and Sloth. Thus, they must become the embodiment of a modern version of the seven heavenly virtues- chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. For Katsuhira, for example he would grow to embody diligence-possibly by asserting himself more and not giving up or allowing others to walk over him.²²[[WMG: Maki was only halfway lying about her secret.]]²Rather than outright murdering someone, she idly stood by while someone was dying or getting killed.²* Maybe she actually caused their death indirectly and blames herself for it. Such as calling them to go somewhere and that person suffered an accident on the way. It might also be Survivor's guilt.²* [[spoiler:[[MetaphoricallyTrue Confirmed]]]].²²[[WMG: At least one of the Kiznaivers will be revealed to have AbusiveParents.]]²And the rest will figure this out through the Kizuna System transferring the pain of getting hit or beaten.²* Due to his reaction to Chidori saying that "I'm sure your family must be worried about you," I'm pretty sure that if this turns out to be true, it might be Tenga's parents.²** It did seem a little too easy for him to just suddenly move into Katsuhira's place...²²[[WMG: Why pain from the moment of an injury transfers to other Kiznaivers but residual pain doesn't]]²There may or may not be a technical in-universe reason but narratively it's the difference between how a person's actions cause harm to themselves and others (the immediate pain) and the harm done to a person's reputation, resultant loss of trust and the burden of guilt (the residual pain) due to either careless or malicious acts. ²* This might in essence make Katsuhira and Hisomu what are commonly referred to as a sociopath (doesn't recognise their actions harming others) and a psychopath (doesn't care about other's being harmed if they gain), respectively.²²[[WMG: Sonozaki's choker hides a Kizuna System mark]]²Episode 4 shows that young Sonozaki had a Kizuna mark on the back of her neck which would be already hidden behind her hair, but the marks would stretch around her neck. Her choker is hiding those.²* [[spoiler: Confirmed.]]²²[[WMG: Yuta knows what happened to Maki and the purple-haired girl.]]²Yuta is constantly trying to win Maki over despite the fact that she makes it abundantly clear she's not interested, and is the first (and possibly only) person to notice that she knows her secret for the first mission which could possibly imply that he knows she has something to be secretive about in the first place. Paired with the fact that when Maki cuts down Niyama for calling the Kiznaiver friends, Yuta makes an expression that's more concerned for her mindset than shocked, along with the heavy implications that Maki's secret was true despite being played off as a joke and various other small hints that the "murder" she may or may not have committed was not her fault but something she takes blame for nonetheless, it could be that Yuta knows what happened and is trying to get close to Maki in order to talk about it with her and ease her guilty conscience and ultimately return her to the friendlier person she used to be.²* [[spoiler: Jossed. He ''is'' the first out of the Kiznaivers to find out, though]].²²[[WMG: Endgame ships]]²* Katsuhira and Sonozaki: For obvious reasons. They're the two main characters, Sonozaki is warmer towards Katsuhira than anyone else, and Katsuhira seems to have a mysterious past involving her.²** [[spoiler: Confirmed.]]²²* Tenga and Chidori: They already seem to have a "boisterous guy sweet girl" rapport, and as of Episode 4, could possibly lead to MatchmakerCrush.²** Add this to their similarities to Kamina and Yoko, who were an OfficialCouple from Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann.²** [[spoiler: Played with. It's left up in the air whether they get together or not, but Episode 12 hints at Chidori developing a crush on Tenga.]]²²* Maki and Yuta: Yuta is already interested in Maki, albeit for very shallow reasons. As the show goes on and everyone gets their CharacterDevelopment, Yuta could learn how to care for people past their appearances and Maki could let down her [[DefrostingIceQueen icy exterior]].²** [[spoiler: Played with. Like with Chidori and Tenga, it's left up in the air about whether they get together or not, although they both definitely like each other.]]²²* Nico and Hisomu: Nico's bubbly nature is a good contrast to Hisomu's more eerie one, and they're both bona-fide eccentrics.²** [[spoiler: Jossed.]]²²[[WMG: Urushibara is or will become a Kiznaiver.]]²This troper mainly guesses if she already is one, she's in a link with Sonozaki and her hair and collar are hiding her mark. If she isn't, she'll possibly be linked to Kazunao.²** Jossed.²²[[WMG: If a Kiznaiver dies, the rest of the people in the link go down with them.]]²* Jossed. As Sonozaki explains in the first episode, when a Kiznaiver is fatally injured, their pain and wounds get divided evenly among everyone in the Kizuna System. Dying of natural causes might be a different case though.²** One of them could still gain enough wounds for seven people.²²[[WMG: At some point, the Kiznaivers will be able to hear the thoughts of the people in the link.]]²* [[spoiler: Confirmed in episode 9.]]²²[[WMG: The failure of the previous Kizuna experiment was that the Kiznaivers became devoid of emotion]]²Both Katsuhira and Sonozaki are implied to have been Kiznaivers previously, and both have the status of EmotionlessGirl(Boy), and Chidori pointed out that Katsuhira changed since their childhood, and it might have started when he participated on the experiment. The experiment was done again because originally it had GoneHorriblyWrong and instead of creating empathy between the group it actually made them deprived of emotion and pain.²* This theory is kind of supported in the fact that the little girl in the beginning of the first episode we're assuming is Sonozaki tells Katsuhira that he's different from "us", that he'll be able to get his pain (and presumably emotions back), with the implication that Sonozaki won't.²* [[spoiler: Confirmed in episode 10.]]²²[[WMG: The Kiznaivers will be able to use each others' talents]]²They can feel each other's pain and, as of episode 5, a bit of emotions. The connection could evolve into being able to read each other's minds, as mentioned above, or being able to tap into someone's knowledge and use it. And now, everybody can fight like Tenga.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: The {{expy}} designs is a deliberate choice made to fuck with us]]²Trigger's goal is to get us to associate characters like Tenga and Nico to previous Trigger series characters, with the intention of getting us to stereotype them based on their looks. That way, it'll be more surprising once we see their HiddenDepths.²²[[WMG: The children shown in Sonozaki's photograph in Episode 7 were part of her and Katsuhira's link.]]²They're shown together alongside scientists. Katsuhira's hair is still brown, confirming the picture was taken prior to the incident that turned his hair white; if the theory that Sonozaki and Katsuhira shared a link are true, these were the other people in it.²* [[spoiler: Confirmed in episode 9.]]²²[[WMG: Nico and Hisomu were in a Kiznaiver group with Noriko and Katsuhira prior to the story, run by Nico's parents.]]²Like the above theory, but further reaching. In Sonozaki's photo in Episode 7, you see a little girl with very fluffy blonde hair holding on to the hand of one of the adults. You also see a boy with short dark hair who sits and smiles in an eerily similar way to Hisomu. Nico's dad works at a hospital, as stated in Episode 3, and Hisomu is supposedly "famous" there. If Hisomu was a former Kiznaiver, that statement would have a lot more weight. This would also explain why Nico is so rich, if her parents are involved in the Kiznaiver project.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Katsuhira still has his Kiznaiver mark from when he was a child.]]²Considering [[spoiler:Noriko still has hers on her neck]], Katsuhira might still have a mark on his chest.²* [[spoiler: Confirmed in episode 9.]]²²[[WMG: The Seven Deadly Sins parallel is a complete sham and the Kiznaivers' "sins" really ''are'' just Sonozaki talking trash about them.]]²When Katsuhira thinks this out loud to Sonozaki, she ignores him and proceeds to explain ''his'' sin, which could be interpreted as her saying, "Shut up, Katsuhira."²²[[WMG: The Kiznaiver project may have been (or will be) done on people who are enemies to one another.]]²The "main goal" of the project is to get people to emphasize with one another to promote peace. While it is true that the main characters were not necessarily close before they got involved with the project, they were not enemies either. The same thing goes for those two bullies. They may not be close friends but they were not enemies either.²²So what will happen if you get people who hate each other and try to connect them to each other by making them Kiznaivers?²²Think about it, how can peace be achieved if there are people who hate each other especially if they are capable of hating another person simply because they can. Sooner or later, the Kiznaiver project must take such hateful/abusive relationships into account.²²With that necessity in mind, a time may come when a bully is bonded to a bullied victim, an abuser is bonded to an abused victim, a kind person is bonded to a sadistic psychopath, an open-minded person is bonded to a narrow-minded fanatic, a selfless person with a selfish person and so forth. The possible levels of cognitive dissonance the subjects will suffer is nothing to laugh at.²²²²²²²[[WMG: If there's a sequel to Kiznaiver the Big bads will be on the receiving end of Laser Guided Karma.]]²²Because of all the manipulation and torture that their organization has done to their victims it's just a matter of time before it bites them in the ass. It will be even more karmic if the current kiznaiver are the ones that set it in motion.


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