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1[[WMG:The reason Sectonia is so obsessed with vanity and beauty...]]˛ because she stared too long into the Dimension Mirror. She saw her Mirror World self and went nuts. Either that, or Dark Meta Knight (or Dark Mind if he's still around) corrupted her somehow. It gives a nice explaination of why the Dimension Mirror is in her palace in the first place.˛* I like to believe that a fragment of Dark Mind took control of Sectonia, hence Sectonia's persistence in trying to defeat Kirby. Dark Mind already lost once to the titular pink puff ball, and he does NOT want that to happen again.˛* WordOfGod confirms that she turned evil from gazing at the Dimension Mirror. He does not confirm that she saw her Mirror World self nor whether Dark Meta Knight corrupted her.˛** Dark Meta Knight does control the mirror, though, so at the very least, he could have stopped it from happening.˛˛[[WMG: Sectonia DX is actually a Dimension Mirror construct.]]˛Assuming that Dedede Tour is canon and takes place after the main game, after Sectonia's demise, the Dimension Mirror created a duplicate of her to torment the Floralians. Given that Sectonia was vain, she would have spent a long time staring into the Mirror (assuming she didn't have any other mirrors in her possession), allowing the Mirror to copy her perfectly. Adding to this theory is the fact that after Sectonia DX is defeated, the Mirror immediately appears to create Shadow Dedede.˛* Also supporting this is the darker color scheme of Sectonia DX compared to normal Sectonia. All Mirror World copies have much darker color palettes than the originals. Something else that could support this is how Soul of Sectonia doesn't form from Sectonia DX, but from the original Sectonia (while still merged with the Dreamstalk) consuming four Miracle Fruits. Sectonia DX is also fought seperately from Soul of Sectonia. ˛˛[[WMG: Kirby's stomach was always a black hole.]]˛But he didn't like to use his inhalation powers to that point because it drained his energy and caused him some pain. The Miracle Fruit lets him do so without feeling any pain or energy drain.˛* His stomach is apparently its own universe, but still, that doesn't feel out of reason.˛˛[[WMG: The Dimension Mirror is a [[Franchise/HarryPotter Horcrux]].]]˛Sectonia DX isn't the same sort of Mirror World duplicate as Dark Meta Knight, Shadow Kirby, and Shadow Dedede; she doesn't have the black/gray/red color scheme. She's a sentient fragment of the queen herself, like the memory of Tom Riddle contained in his diary. ˛˛Of course, she would have had to [[FridgeHorror feed on a victim's life force]] to take on physical form...˛˛[[WMG:[[spoiler:Sectonia may somehow survive and be shown to have returned to her right mind and mended the fence with Taranza in a future game.]]]]˛This is admittedly wishful thinking based on [[spoiler:the single petal left behind by Soul of Sectonia after her defeat]], but that tale was [[TearJerker utterly heartwrenching]]. If ''Dream Collection'' has [[spoiler:Magolor not only somehow surviving being killed in battle and turned into [[EmptyShell a soulless husk]] by the Royal Crown, but pulling a HeelFaceTurn and legitimately becoming Kirby's friend]], why can't the same apply to [[spoiler:a TragicVillain like her]]? Especially when it took [[spoiler:''five'' beatings to put her down for good]].˛˛[[WMG: Miracle Fruits give a significant power boost to the user's regular abilities and help them recover from injuries.]]˛Think about it. When Kirby eats one, his inhaling abilities are [[UpToEleven boosted immensely]], and eating one [[spoiler:after being knocked out by Dedede's hammer revives him instantly.]] When [[spoiler:Sectonia]] eats many, not only does she recover from her [[spoiler:beatdown from Hypernova Kirby, but is turned into what is a DX form in all but name.]]˛˛[[WMG: The Dreamstalk is a sentient creature and the BigGood of the game.]]˛This is why they say "The Dreamstalk works in mysterious ways." The Dreamstalk itself came up with the idea for the People of the Sky to plant his seed. This also why the Miracle Fruit seems to pop up right in front of Kirby - the Dreamstalk is giving it to him!˛˛[[WMG: Dark Mind is the Bigger Bad.]]˛As seen in [[spoiler:Kirby Team Clash Deluxe]], Dark Mind was still kicking after his defeat in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. As such, it's not difficult to imagine that Dark Mind was working from inside the Dimension Mirror, using his power to corrupt Sectonia into the evil queen she was in the game.˛˛This is further evidenced by the fact that Dark Meta Knight appeared in Dededetour!: this troper believes DMK be nothing more than a familiar of Dark Mind, as evidenced by the fact that unlike Shadow Kirby, a confirmed Mirror World counterpart, Dark Meta Knight shatters into mirror shards just like Dark Mind's wizard form. Therefore it's possible that as early as Dededetour!, Dark Mind was already sending out his minions to fend off investigators, to hide his own involvement in "the tragedy of Floralia".


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