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1[[WMG: The first game takes around the year 4000.]]˛˛Thus explaining the ContinuitySnarl regarding the time travel. The reason there are modern-day cities in ''[=KI2=]'' is that, when the surviving cast was sent 2000 years into their past, they ended up in late 20th or early 21st century.˛˛[[WMG: The new Cinder is a clone who has been given false memories.]]˛˛It would explain the same name, different history, and [[spoiler: previous death]]. Maybe this Ben Ferris has been genetically modified to tolerate the heat and sting of his flames.˛* Jossed. The new game is a reboot that only carries over a few pre-existing details, so any pre-existing Cinder story never happened.˛˛[[WMG: The dragon that has chosen Kim Wu in the 2013 game is Eyedol in disguise.]]˛˛We already have one example of the warlords from the past disguising themselves in the modern day as a spirit. Gargos disguised himself for a whole as the Tiger Spirit. Eyedol was Gargos' rival. TigerVersusDragon is a long-standing trope for a particular rivalry. Watch as it turns out that Eyedol is less gone than it first appears.˛˛[[WMG: The time traveling in KI 2 changed the world's timeline, causing KI 2013's rebooted continuity.]]˛˛In KI 2, the cast is thrown into every which way as far as the time stream. Obviously, this can lead to some timey-wimey troubles. Coupled with some remarks from Iron Galaxy on how KI 2013's Tusk is the same person from the old games rather than a rebooted self, even if they turn out to be in jest, shows that his immortality is what "saved" him from being converted into the new continuity while Kim Wu and Maya were reborn in the present day.˛˛This also helps keep all 3 games within the same canon, even if not the same continuity and timeline.˛˛[[WMG: Other guest character ideas and what their themes would be like]]˛˛* [[VideoGame/Doom2016 The Doom Slayer]]. His theme would definitely be more like "At Doom's Gate," with his Ultra combo theme sounding like "Flesh & Metal."˛˛[[WMG: An eventual Killer Instinct 4 released for the Xbox Series X will be promoted and published in Japan by Creator/BandaiNamco, who will then introduce a ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'' character to promote it in Japan]]˛Alternitavelt they can try to include characters from any of their acquired properties (Like 90% of anime) to also promote the game in Japan. A [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Jojo]] character would be a fever dream but unlikely, more likely a Tekken character.˛˛[[WMG: There will be a [[LiveActionAdaptation film adaptation]].]]


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