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1[[WMG: Mrs. Dora never leaves that room]]˛She's there at Kiki's house when the film begins. She's also there when the film ''ends'', some weeks later. She never leaves! She's just stuck to that chair!˛* We see her outside (albeit still in the chair) the night Kiki departs, and, at least in the English dub, she mentions her rheumatism. The most likely explanation is that she comes by Kiki's family home for treatment on a regular basis for said condition.˛˛[[WMG: All mammals and birds in Kiki's world are sentient]]˛Kiki talks to Jiji. Jiji talks to other cats, and also birds. Kiki even apologizes to some cows, though presumably they can't understand her. Nobody is ever seen eating chicken or beef. The only non-vegetarian dish we see is "Herring Pot Pie". Therefore, all the animals (except fish) are sentient, and everybody knows it. They just don't speak the same language.˛* One of the powers of a witch (besides [[FlyingBroomstick flying]] and raising the [[CuteWitch cute-o-meter]] to OverNineThousand) is therefore to be able to communicate with sentient animals.˛* Or some animals are, or can become so by bonding with humans.˛˛[[WMG: Ursa is descended from witches]]˛Jiji remarks that "crows used to serve witches and do what you told them". We later find that crows are quite tame when Ursa is nearby. Maybe there's a bit of magic in her blood? Maybe she's made her own deal with the crows.˛* Perhaps she is a witch herself ([[Really700YearsOld one old enough that she still has the respect of the crows]]), and didn't tell Kiki on account of being a very private person. Instead, she just mentors her through a rough patch and gets her on her feet again.˛* Hilarious once you realize the birds in question [[ArtisticLicenseOrnithology are actually magpies]], and therefore have no such affiliation.˛* Actually they are Hooded Crows (Corvus cornix)common to Northern Europe. So they are appropriately classified in the movie. ˛˛[[WMG: Kiki's parents relationship was similar to hers and Tombo.]]˛Tombo and Kiki's dad are glasses-wearing nerds. And Kiki's falls in love with Tombo because he reminds her of her dad.˛˛[[WMG: The WitchSpecies in this universe is descended from the WitchSpecies in [[Literature/HisDarkMaterials Lyra's world]], and the cats are their dæmons.]]˛* ˛˛[[WMG:Kiki's universe is the same as ''Anime/LittleWitchAcademia'']]˛* Kiki takes place in the early 1960s, when magic, while fading, was still available in enough ambience for minor magics to work away from a stone - potion making, flight. Kiki herself becomes skilled enough at flying to become the Flying coach at Luna Nova (Kiki and Prof. Nelson have the same voice actress).˛----


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