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1[[WMG: The entire series is a ShowWithinAShow in [[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster the main iDOLM@STER universe]].]]²At some point, 765 Production teamed up with an animation company to create a tie-in anime a la Anime/AKB0048. This would explain not only the complete GenreShift, but also why they have a completely different cast from the games and the eventual [[AnimeOfTheGame anime adaptations]]. And like I said with the Anime/AKB0048 comparison, anime to promote real life isn't that least at the time, nowadays it's [[VirtualCelebrity vice]]-[[PerverseSexualLust versa]]. Not to say that iDOLM@STER isn't, but I mean in the context InUniverse.²* I'm not opposed to this idea, but in-universe, it was likely made before the events of the A1 Pictures TV show, considering the absence of Takane and Hibiki (as they did not join 765 Pro until ''Dearly Stars'').


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