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1[[WMG:The angel/celestial maiden who bathed in the Satsukitane family's hot spring was an inhabitant of Synapse.]]˛This could explain why all sorts of natural disasters happened to the town when anybody else used it; since the inhabitants are a bunch of assholes ruled by a monster, enacting a DisproportionateRetribution seems right up their alley. Or even worse, it could be that they only had to cause disasters ''once'' and never again, then watch in amusement as the "downers" kill each other to make sure that the disasters never happen again. Seeing as how they get off on seeing death and destruction happen to the people on Earth, it isn't too far of a stretch to surmise that they would do it that way instead.˛˛[[WMG:Eishirou Sugata is an inhabitant of Synapse.]]˛* The Master is going to be revoking his visa soon.˛** Jossed by Nymph. If one of the cast is coming from synapse and don't know it, my guess is Sohara.˛*** Tomoki can only attract nonhumans, and that would almost be foreshadowing. ˛** It could be Mikako, she certainly has the attitude for it.˛*** For all her ForTheEvulz attitude she has not betrayed her friends. She will abuse them, but never to a deadly extent. The Master on the other hand...˛*** I think you mean "never to a ''serious'' extent." That said, while she would indeed kill Tomoki or anyone else ForTheEvulz, you're right in that Mikako working for the Master would be a major shift in character.˛˛[[WMG:Forget the above one, Sohara Mitsuki is an inhabitant of Synapse. Or more accurately, one of them replaced her after she died as a child.]]˛* Nymph clearly states that Sugata, at least, is real. So he can't be an inhabitant of Synapse. But we learn that something very bad happened to Sohara when she was very little (in the time travel episode), and she had to be taken away. Note, as well, that we NEVER see her parents, ever, except for parts in specials where she talks about meeting and getting to know Tomoki, after that, nada, they're gone, never appear in the comic ever again when she's healthy. She and Tomoki even wonder aloud when she stopped being sickly. What if Sohara has been "replaced" by an inhabitant of Synapse after the real Sohara died as a child and her parents moved away? Now we got an excellent impetus for invading Synapse despite it all, imagine The Master pulling her forcibly out of the simulation and transforming her into an Angeloid just to get back at Tomoki who has been a thorn in his side for son long? Perfect end arc.˛** While the above isn't fully true. Confirmed for Sohara being an inhabitant of Synapse as of the end of chapter 72˛** Sohara could be either Angel or Angeloid. Like Angeloids, she has massive gazongas, is in love with Tomoki and can't swim to save her life. Unlike Angeloids, however, she ages.˛** Another possibility, now that the function of the Rule has been revealed, is that Sohara's sickness was healed with the power of the Rule. That may have been hinted at when the characters visited the Rule in Tomoki's dream and Sohara, out of the entire group, had the worst reaction to it; it made her physically ill.˛˛[[WMG:Ikaros is going to have a {{Face Heel Turn}}]]˛Tomoki is going to get a very big devolpment romantic wise with either Sohara or Nymph and her reactor hurts worse than ever. She is then tempted by The Master that he can stop the pain she agrees, out of jealously.˛* She is far too loyal to Tomoki for that to happen. More likely, she'd take the IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy route or simply leave to be out of the way, only to be called back by Tomoki at the last minute.˛˛[[WMG:Synapse's inhabitants are [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars3 The Inspectors]]]]˛The Inspectors are human aliens who had advanced technology. They come to Earth in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars3'' to 'discipline' the Earthlings back into line. Sounds a bit similar, no?˛* The Master is definitely a thoroughly-indoctrinated high-ranking official, much like [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsClassic Wendolo]]. He despises the common populace, but he either: A) Lacked the means to effectively waltz in and kill everyone (i.e. giant robots); B) Lacked the resources to simply waltz in and kill everyone; C) Thinks that waltzing in and killing everyone to be unrefined and beneath him. Due to the above reasons, he turned inwards and constructed Synapse using his own genius and available resources. His indoctrination finally backfires and he ends up hating all humanity instead of merely administering 'discipline' to them.˛* Daidalos, on the other hand, is something like [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsClassic Mekibos']] case. She started with the same outlook with The Master, but eventually pulled a HeelFaceTurn due to (possibly) PowerOfLove from the Downers' side. Her HeelFaceTurn came out a bit late though, so she elected to stay in Synapse to keep The Master in line by proxy (Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea; Hiyori is outside of her prediction but turned out good anyway).˛˛[[WMG:Ikaros has Asperger's syndrome]]˛Think about it. She has a strange attachment to that watermelon, has trouble expressing emotions, and she displays savant skills that put Kim Peek and [[Film/RainMan Raymond Babbit]] to shame. Sounds autistic to me.˛** Ikaros is an artificial construct (though there is a possibility that she was based off an inhabitant of Synapse with the disorder). It was explicitly mentioned by Nymph in Forte that her low emotional processing ability was by design (compentsated by high combat and intelligence stats), as opposed to genetic mutation. This in combination with Japanese cultural disregard for the mentally handicapped makes this WMG unlikely.˛˛[[WMG:Chaos, the loli angeloid will become mature angeloid in future chapter.]]˛* she, currently on chapter 48, is back at the sea "feeding". There is a chance that she will become like the one in Forte˛* she also get a shoes that's too big for her to wear that might be hinting she will grow bigger to the point the shoes will fit her˛* as of chapter 70 shes all grown up, and in front of tomoki no less! plus she looks more like daedalus now too.˛[[WMG:The angels of Synapse are {{Precursors}}]]˛Angels were the first dominant civilization on Earth. Their technology eventually provided all their material wants, and their biology was enhanced to the point of functional {{immortality}}. Their power was such that some of their conflicts resulted in the various extinction events of ages past. The greatest products of angelic technology were nigh-omnipotent [[RealityWarper reality-warping]] [[MagicalComputer computers]], which could be remotely called upon to perform most any task. To avoid abuse of this technology, each computer was tied to a set of divine rules controlled by a High Council.˛˛Fearing cultural stagnation, most took to the stars seeking new knowledge and challenge. Others experimented with mortal [[MyselfMyAvatar avatars]] and eventually built the Synapse system, which would link their minds to avatars via induced dreams. Through these dreams the angels sought to experience mortal fears and joys. The avatars themselves were designed to look familiar while having only just enough power to survive their environment, and were basically mindless human bodies. Dreaming angels would be unable to access knowledge of their true natures, to better immerse themselves in their new lives. To avoid spoiling the illusion, Synapse and the rest of the angels' technology were sealed away from the rest of the world, where the avatars were free to roam.˛˛Some issues with the system still remained; the dreaming angels couldn't help questioning where they came from or why they were so few. They may have not been able to breed; if they did, there could be problems finding a free angel to link with the baby. The angels eventually decided to create human civilization by giving some avatars sentience, as it was easier for them to accept being one of many. Their avatars could now give birth to normal children, and if an avatar died it would not be a long wait before it could be remade in a mothers' womb. Humans also dreamt up myriad [[CreationMyth creation myths]]; none true, but enough to take some bite out of the mystery.˛* Alternatively, the first human birth could've been an accident and things just took off from there. Bonus points if Daedalus was the first mother.˛˛[[WMG: Tomoki is part Angel]]˛It would help explain Tomoki's NighInvulnerability and the [[spoiler: laser beam]] in Chapter 53. Adding to this ...˛* Maybe Tomoki is related to Daedalus (see below) or the Master of the Synapse himself. It's also quite plausible that Daedalus and the Master are somehow related, either as father and daughter / mother and son, siblings or lovers...˛˛[[WMG: Daedalus is Tomoki's Grandmother]]˛Let's see, she keeps appearing in Tomoki's dream since he reminds her of his grandfather, [[TheLawOfConservationOfDetail Tomoki's grandfather appears too often to be insignificant to the plot]], and we haven't seen Tomoki's grandmother, so...˛* Added to the context that Tomoki's Grandfather slept with all the girls in the world [[spoiler: and Daedalus looks like a girl]] , so...˛** Maybe she enter Tomoki's grandfather's dream, and he did that with her.....˛*** That would mean that Tomoki's mother would be half Angeloid and thus at least have some kind of special heritage, but that's not unlikely... ˛* We never got a good shot of Tomoki's grandfather. Maybe he has some things to hide behind that large hat of his...˛ ** Jossed, Daedalus is actually the real Sohara.˛˛[[WMG: Sora No Otoshimono would end in a Bittersweet Ending]]˛A manga made by the author is up. Title is [[ 'Daisuki Desu! Mahou Tenshi Cosmos']]. It is shown here that most of the villages have been eradicated for no apparent reason and maybe connected to the Synapse incident. By the way [[spoiler: Eishirou Sugata is one of the main characters here and he tells us that the Synapse incident happened six years ago too. And he has a card that maybe given by one of the Angeloids.]] Thus to further explanation that Tomoki's hometown maybe the one [[spoiler: destroyed]].˛* Alternatively, there was more than just one "Other World" while the synapse incident happened 6 years, it could be that it happened in HIS world. Maybe before the end of Otoshimono he was given a card that allowed him to enter and exit the world of Kosumasu. It could explain why he is missing from his room a lot. Spending time in the original world with his friends, but coming back to help fight in this world, since the same 'destroy humans' is happening.˛˛[[WMG: Tomoki is afraid of having sex]]˛For all his pervertedness, Tomoki is actually quite terrified at the thought of going further than peeping and groping and actually doing the deed with any of the girls. This is why he ''panicks'' at the thought of Ikaros joining him in the bath (if it were just chivalry, he could have politely turned her down instead of whacking her) and part of why he hasn't gotten it through his head that he has three Angeloid pets who would do anything he asked of them (and, in fact, are getting really tired of waiting for him to ask for something).˛* Given that the Angeloids have some extreme strength, they may just break his bones if it gets too intense.˛˛[[WMG: Mankind is in the brink of extinction at the time the manga happens.]]˛The manga is [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture happening in a somehow near future]], where Mankind is almost extinguished and Synapse is a system created by aliens to try and preserve it.˛* The "angels" are humans that were pure enough to survive the catastrophe (whether this purity is a moral or a physical one is not stated, though I'd say it's genetic preservation).˛* After building a small society in Synapse, these humans were put in deep sleep by The Master and through a special system are allowed to "live" lives in a recovering Earth.˛* Angeloids are experiments made by aliens that seek to integrate their advanced technology into a viable organic system.˛* The Master is simply an alien ruler that took over Synapse (kicking Daedalus away in the process), finished the small society established in Synapse, put everyone in deep sleep and [[ForTheEvulz does what it does simply because he feels like it]].˛That would explain the ''deception'' Nymph and Ikaros know about but don't explain to Tomoki in the Hiyori incident, the origins and attitude of The Master, the abandoned village that Angeloids like Oregano keep and the central dome in Synapse.˛* Also, the fact that everyone but Tomoki forgot about Hiyori means that Tomoki is the only human in the main cast.˛˛[[WMG: The chinquapin trees represent the immortal beings of Synapse.]]˛In the anime, when Nymph comes to Earth, she lets drop a seed near the 400 year old cherry tree. The sapling from that seed grows throughout the first season. We also see 4 or 5 chinquapin trees near the Rule in Synapse when the action shifts there. In the second season, the characters visit Synapse via Tomoki's dream. The chinquapin trees are still there, but dormant - without leaves. Sugata comments on this and notes that it's unusual, since chinquapin are evergreens and ''can't'' lose their leaves.˛* Evergreens are obvious symbols of immortality. Angeloids are represented by the chinquapin species. They are barren in Tomoki's dream to indicate that Angeloids cannot be present in a dream.˛* Interestingly, there is one more type of evergreen in the anime: the pine tree. During the Christmas arc of the first season, Mikako and Sugata are discussing what kind of Christmas tree to chop down. Mikako then says, "It'll have to be a big one". This is followed up by a brief cut to [[spoiler: Sohara's massive chest]]. This is the audience's earliest hint of [[spoiler: Sohara's Synapsian nature]], which was finally confirmed in the last issue of the manga.


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