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1[[WMG: Itsuki is Kyon's '''brother'''.]]²²Starting three years ago, as soon as he gained his ESPer abilities, he also lost the memory of being the brother of Kyon. Or, he didn't lose that memory but ''Kyon'' did - which makes his gay/bi advancements on him even creepier. ²²²²[[WMG:Istuki's eyes really are [[EyesAlwaysShut Always Shut]]]]²Think about it. He's an Esper, isn't he? He's navigating psychically.²²[[WMG: '''Itsuki''' is really God]]²This is mostly based on how the "Kyon is God" theory has the problem of Kyon not saying he is, while there are the many problems with accepting "Haruhi is God" that the "Kyon is God" theorists have highlighted. In this case, the entire situation would be conducted by Itsuki for his own amusement; he prefers to stay on the sidelines and watch the love story that he has constructed for himself unfold, and probably take a ThirdOptionLoveInterest for himself at the end. It is very likely that if this were true, Haruhi is in fact within the loop of aliens, time travelers, and espers and has been told that Kyon is God. The main problem with this theory is that it would lack the narrative coherence of Kyon or Haruhi being God.²* About the "X is a god" ideas: Define the nature of god. We tend to assume that such a being would be in the abrahamic tradition, i.e. an all powerful being. However there are many different interpretations regarding the nature of "god" wherever you look. So who's to say that a being with the power to do some of the stuff that happens in the series is really a god? By one definition, anyone or anything that is worshipped by a person can be considered a "god," regardless of actual power. ²²[[WMG: The entire series is a BatmanGambit on the part of Itsuki, who not only is aware of the Fourth Wall but is also the true "God" of the show.]]²Itsuki harbors a crush on Kyon; however, being aware of their existence as a fictional property, he knows that making the HoYay too obvious actually results in a ''lesser'' amount of fanwork. So he creates a cast to deflect most of the criticism from hetero guys with {{Moe}} archetypes, while making the {{Tsundere}} female lead ''juuuuuuust'' unlikable enough so that [[YaoiFangirl anyone with yaoi tendencies]] will find her unsuited for Kyon. Thus, the amount of Itsuki/Kyon grows, encouraging the [[MostFanficWritersAreGirls production of more fanwork]], and allowing more hints to be dropped in the anime/novels/show itself, thus resulting in all those scenes where Itsuki gets to make Kyon uncomfortable. Supported by Itsuki's lame excuse that he's only doing it to ward off Haruhi's attention, as all the moments where he's expressing his fondness for Kyon take place away from Haruhi's eyes.²* ... This makes too much sense to me. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Oh]] ''[[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Haruhi.]]''²²[[WMG:Alternate alternative: Itsuki is the slider, and Kyon is the esper]]²Itsuki has dimension jumping powers. In fact, his power to identify Haruhi's emotions could easily be related to the ability to see into Closed Space, and he could transform by moving himself slightly "out of phase" with the dimension he's in. Thus, ''all of Itsuki's powers are related to alternate dimensions'' and "esper" was just the label Kyon attached to him. Slider would be a better description of his powers.²²[[WMG: Espers are ''lying'' about only having active powers in Closed Space]]²Which could explain the above non-Haruhi instances, this would also mean that Kyon's supposedly Main/{{muggle}} friends are Espers. He ''does'' ask one if they're "special" and gets a laughing response that he's been infected by Haruhi. What Kyon doesn't get is a direct answer.²* They don't have to be Itsuki's brand of espers. They could have some other sort of ESP, even unknowingly. Like Nakagawa (below).²* How was Itsuki and his organization able to investigate Kyon and determine that he was completely ordinary? Turning into balls of light inside a closed space doesn't really lend itself easily to that sort of thing...²** Itsuki (or ''someone'' in his organization) was also able to perceive something about Nakagawa's power, that he had it if nothing else. Nakagawa was the kid who was unknowingly able to catch glimpses of the Integrated Data Entity through Nagato, something that Itsuki presumably cannot. With regards to the kid, Itsuki says, "To be honest, you sure do have a lot of extraordinary friends." Now how many friends does Kyon really have?²* Let me reverse this. They only have active powers inside closed spaces. Their passive powers allow them to see the interfaces, track closed spaces and read thoughts or at least feelings, but they can't zap people with red balls of light without first having somebody else suspend the laws of physics for them.²²[[WMG: Itsuki is being AmbiguouslyGay in the way he is as two different backup plans.]]²Plan 1: In the event that Haruhi is a YaoiFangirl: Get Kyon used to the idea of being with Itsuki, to keep Haruhi entertained if she gets bored with Mikuru. (This works if Itsuki really does like Kyon, because he can say it's not just because of Haruhi when and if they have to placate [[YaoiFangirl her]].)²Plan 2: In the event that Haruhi wants Kyon: Back off and let her have him. If Haruhi doesn't think Itsuki's competition, he won't be eradicated.²Secondary reasons may also exist (regardless of attraction) depending on how much Itsuki really knows. For example, if Mikuru falls for Kyon (or Itsuki) and Haruhi has shown attention for him, they can pretend not to be interested in girls while Haruhi isn't there without letting Mikuru know about Itsuki or Haruhi's powers. Related, if Kyon gets caught "flirting" with Mikuru like in the anachronic finale, he and Itsuki can improvise the same thing without making Itsiki's cues obvious to Haruhi, and later add [[IfItsYouItsOkay If It's Haruhi It's Okay]] to Kyon's act if she is being posessive of him and not of Mikuru.²* However he could be doing this since Haruhi thinks of him as gay, and he may love her, which would explains why he's always trying to please her.²²[[WMG: [[SecretRelationship Itsuki really does have a girlfriend/boyfriend.]]]]²In volume 9 Kyon asks if Itsuki has one. Itsuki [[HesitationEqualsDishonesty "gives a bitter smile".]] Kyon goes on to think, "Even if this guy has a [[ImpliedLoveInterest girlfriend]] behind my back, it wouldn't be surprising at all".²In volume 4 Haruhi asks, "Koizumi, are you going to be on a date with your girlfriend?" to which the guy in question denies. The guess here is that he places the activities of the SOS Brigade and the Organization [[MarriedToTheJob above a relationship]]; however, having a relationship in high school fulfils part of his "want to become someone who appears to be a normal high school student." It either might be a sincere relationship or [[SatelliteLoveInterest superficial]] (think: ''appears to be'').²* To take that "bitter smile" hint a step further (and possibly assuming that the "Koizumi too is a time traveler" theory is right), what if he had a partner who, because of either Kyon's interferences with the original timestream or Haruhi's powers, died or was erased from existence, and the real reason for his interest into Haruhi's case it to try to avoid this from happening? And, to take the whole thing yet another step further, what if that person is the future Haruhi?²²[[WMG: Itsuki Koizumi is the son of Japan's former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi]]²²And Itsuki's hair will grow to be as grand as Junichiro's.²* Jossed, Itsuki's family name is written with the kanji 古泉 (old spring), the ex-Prime Minister's with 小泉 (small spring).²²[[WMG:Itsuki's GratuitousEnglish line in "Endless Eight"...]]²Will be translated into Japanese in the dub. The dub writer will do the same thing he did with the "Naze? Why?" scene and make Creator/JohnnyYongBosch say "[[spoiler:Aishiteru]]" instead of "[[spoiler:AI LAAV YUU]]".²* Personally, I think it'd be funnier if it was translated as "[[spoiler:Je t'aime]]"...²* And this one thinks if would be funnier still if it was changed to "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?"²* '''Jossed.''' He simply puts an emphasis on "I love you".²[[WMG: Itsuki is the BigBad.]]²He is, in fact, the LEADER of [[OrganizationIndex The Organization]]. As far as we seen, he tends to be.....unreliable when it comes to talking. Maybe he wants to get rid of/hijack Haruhi's power. Or maybe he's just there for some lulz, sort of like [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Gin Ichimaru]].²* [[spoiler: Koizumi being the leader of The Organization is confirmed!]]²[[WMG: Itsuki is wrong: Haruhi wouldn't magically retcon him into being gay for Kyon... because ''she already did.'']]²As noted by many a fan, the majority of Itsuki's AmbiguouslyGay behavior occurs when Haruhi isn't looking - just like all the supernatural occurrences. The one time when Itsuki admitted having a straight crush on Haruhi? In Yuki's retconned world where Haruhi had no reality-warping powers. Whether Itsuki isn't aware of this or does but is simply too embarrassed to admit it is still up in the air.²* Is the above troper talking about the line "Don't you think it's about time that I take off this [[BeneathTheMask harmless looking mask]] and change this image that I don't [[AmnesiacDissonance even know when I created it for myself]]?" or "My present image fits perfectly with how Suzumiya-san would imagine me to be"?²* In either case this WMG means that Itsuki didn't have a choice in becoming gay; [[FridgeLogic he was forced to.]] (Homosexuality linked to DNA excluded here.)²[[WMG: Itsuki is an ArtificialHuman created by the organization.]]²* It came to me when he mentioned Omphalos Theory (he's a freshly created ArtificialHuman with all those FakeMemories planted in his brain) and said that his real personality is less than pleasant (he doesn't have a real one); it always felt as something of a {{Foreshadowing}} to me. So maybe how he told Kyon in sixth novel that he will [[spoiler:betray the Organization for one and one time only]] to help Kyon is the former going through similar characterization of Yuki.²²²[[WMG: Itsuki is constantly testing Kyon by....]]²...playing the board games. Those games he plays with Kyon are actually something of a disguised aptitude test, trying to investigate him further.²²[[WMG: Itsuki did not exist three (or four) years ago and is not aware of the fact.]]²He hints that he is interested in time traveling, even if he "can’t see the past me". The reason Mikuru won't let him tag along (in addition to (1) Kyon finding him annoying and (2) a third traveler being completely pointless) is that as a time traveler, she knows that he doesn't exist. To reveal that wouldn't be good. The only grounds for this is that in all the time traveling arcs, we see past Yuki and past Haruhi. The only one we did not see is past Itsuki.²²[[WMG: Itsuki is a {{Troll}}.]]²* Doesn't it make sense?²²[[WMG: Itsuki was given his powers by the IDSE.]]²* Note that Itsuki had some of his powers in a space created not by Haruhi, but rather by a data-vore.²* The IDSE pointed the espers at Haruhi to cover their tracks WRT Kyon. (He just knows his connection to Haruhi.)²* The IDSE uses the espers to help cover for their poor interfaces. (Being natives they blend in better.)²²[[WMG: Itsuki's compliments have backfired.]]²Haruhi is unable to accept compliments and so Itsuki's use of them drives her away into the arms of Kyon whose internal snarking seems more like the kind of silent support Haruhi seeks.²²[[WMG: Itsuki has already told us that he is a time traveler.]]²* "If I am born there" is another throwaway fridge-logic line. Why should he assume that he's likely to be born into a world that only has Haruhi and Kyon?²** Therefore he really likes his parents and wants them to get along, but has no tolerance for dad hitting mom.²²[[WMG: The baseball tale was a fail for Itsuki's evil plan.]]²On the way back from Apartment 505, Haruhi is leading Kyon somewhere and then Kyon stops her by being a jerk. (They were going to the wrong side of the tracks from either of their homes.) When Kyon returns home he finds Itsuki is surprised to see him back so soon. My suspicion is that Itsuki planted some super-romantic thing on Haruhi and was foiled by Kyon's blockheadness.²* "Ah, Miss Suzumiya, I've got these tickets for this play/movie/dinner tonight, but my part time job just called. So rather than letting them go to waste, I'll just leave them with you. Thanks."²²[[WMG: Nagato is Koizumi's mother.]]²Blame Haruhi for this one.²²[[WMG:Itsuki is Kyon]]²Maybe a LiteralSplitPersonality thing, maybe something else,²but Kyon's introduction did involve him saying he had wished to be an Esper,then decided he'd²be better as the Esper's sidekick who didn't have to do all the work.²²[[WMG: Itsuki was originally going to be the slider.]]²WordOfGod says that Kyon was originally going to be an esper, if that is the case than what was Itsuki going to be? A second esper? I think not! The whole sliders thing that Haruhi mentions is just something that Tanigawa forgot to write out of the story, because Itsuki was the slider during early writing.²* So you mean that there will never be a Slider character because they're just part of the storyboarding but not in the final work? This makes sense, as they haven't really been brought up much if at all since the start.²²[[WMG: everything Koizumi said is something he thinks is true]]²He just pretends that he might be lying in order to keep Kyon off balance and easy to manipulate.²²[[WMG: Koizumi is in love with Haruhi and all his AmbiguouslyGay behavior is just another way to keep Kyon off balance]]²He occasionally says things that suggest that suggest he has feelings for Haruhi and he regularly says things have no apparent purpose other than confusing Kyon. He hides it because it makes it easier for him to ship Kyon and Haruhi. When he noticed that Kyon makes Haruhi's behavior more stable he probably decided that making his job easier was better than pursuing a relationship that he knew wasn't going to happen. ²²[[WMG: Koizumi's ambiguously gay behaviors are caused by Haruhi]]²We have seen that espers have some sort of link to haruhi's mental state, and if haruhi feels attracted to kyon then it stands to reason that some of the emotional resonance could affect the espers.²²[[WMG: Koizumi only recently became the Leader of the Organization]]²In an earlier novel, he states that he would betray the Organization if it opposed the SOS Brigade, but of course that would never happen if he was its leader. Also, if he was always in charge, that would mean the Organization was originally run by a 12-year-old. Who the hell would agree to that?!²* Age matters not when competence is key. Koizumi may be the most powerful Esper, and he also may have been granted the most knowledge about the agenda, which would probably suffice to make him the leader. You'd want the person who knows the most about what you're doing to be your leader. After all, Koizumi is the one who's supposed to get close to Haruhi, so it's not unreasonable that he's the most informed. Besides, who better to send than yourself if you want the job done right? And why would being the leader prevent him from betraying the Organisation? If the Organisation has a unifying agenda, then turning your back on that agenda would be betrayal. Even a King can be accused of treason. Koizumi as a Leader has a different goal than Koizumi the SOS Brigade Member. He has to be far more responsible as a leader than a follower, which is probably why he's her YesMan.²* How do we really know he was only 12 when he started the Organization? He's been shown to lie about other things, why not his age as well? He could only be posing as a high schooler (which would also explain why he transfers into class 1-9 later in the year; he needed time to establish his cover identity... which is why Haruhi finds him so suspicious--she can subconsciously sense that Koizumi is not what he pretends to be).²²[[WMG: Koizumi is [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Nyarlathotep]].]]²Let's see: always polite and smiling, "you wouldn't want to see my true form blah blah blah" yet no problem interfacing with humans, questionable motives, always up to something suspicious or mischievous, some connection to "closed spaces" which behave in unusual ways that could reasonably be described as non-Euclidean, crazy mind powers, a pervasive impression of dishonesty, and the implication that he is, in reality, some ferocious creature possessing tremendous dark power... He's also a handsome male human, so there's also that similarity. He doesn't seem to be dark-skinned, though, or dressed in gold.²----


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