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1[[WMG: Reiji is...]]²* Sei's alter ego. Somehow. Maybe there's a fightclub thing going on here.²* An alien. ²* A shape-shifter alien.²* From the future.²** From the past; he's a young version of Sei's dad.²* From some other Gundam timeline.²** From a VideoGame/SuperRobotWars universe.²* A dimension jumper, as is Ramba Ral (who either lost his memory or knows what he is doing and is being covert)²* He's a prince as he explains in Episode 2.²** He's a prince from another dimension where the Plavsky particles originated from.²*** Confirmed.²* A genetic experiment escaped from his captors. ²* A [[SweetPollyOliver princess]]. It wouldn't be Gundam without one.²* Sei's half-brother by his missing father and a woman from one of the other Gundam-verses, perhaps a canon character like Marida.²* A plastic mannequin animated by Plavsky Particles.²* We get a clue in episode six: Reiji said that he came "all the way to ''this'' world" at one point. So now we're narrowed down to everything that can possibly involve either dimension-hopping or aliens. ²* Another clue popped up in Episode 7, he came from a place where seawater is not salty. Mr. Ral made a WMG of his own saying that he might be from the colonies.²** On top of that, wherever he's from, based on how he behaves, we know that he didn't go to school (someone who had gone to school should know full well that you can't just go barging into one you're not a student of) and didn't have a normal home life (based on how he just makes himself at home with Sei and is overly delighted at ordinary things such as having a mom to make you home cooked meals.)²** [[spoiler: Confirmed in episodes 25 where Reiji returns to Arian and the sky shows it must be an space colony.]]²* A [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]]. ²* Chairman Mashita's son.²** Jossed.²²[[WMG: All the protagonist Gundams from every single series represented in a Gunpla will be on the same screen together]]²The likes of the RX-78, Zeta, ZZ, ALEX NT-1, Nu, F91, GP-03 Dendrobium, V2, God, Wing Zero, DX, Turn A, Strike Freedom, Destiny, 00 Raiser, Beginning 30, any of the AGE's, and others from Gundam Sentinel, Crossbone, any SD series, etc will all be in the same shot for an awesome moment.²** Some fans rejoiced that 2 Blue Destiny Units (01 and 03) made a short appearance in Episode 3.²²[[WMG:The Musha Gundams from Dynasty Warriors Gundam will appear in this show]]²These two were made into Master Grades, so it gives them an opportunity to appear in the show²* The first Musha Gundam was created for a manga series that was very similar to this show so it's pretty likely.²** Either a [[SuperDeformed SD]] Musha, Toys/BBSenshiSangokuden, or really tricked-out [[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Dragon Gundam]] model can be seen in the Modeling Club's display case. ²** One appeared at the very first episode of Anime/GundamBuildFightersTry.²²[[WMG: There will be a character that is well-versed in Gundam as a franchise]]²In a manner similar to Gai from Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger, there will be a character who is such a Gundam fanatic he'll know all the intricate little details for the sake of the audience.²* Sei himself seems to be this.²* Um Mr. Ral??²²[[WMG: Tomino will appear as himself]]²* Variation: Tomino will appear as himself and [[KillEmAll murder the entire cast]].²** Let's raise the stakes here, shall we? He will do it with the [[Anime/TurnAGundam Turn A]]. And a 00 Quanta will be destroyed in the mix.²* Variation #2: It'll be Happy Tomino, who'll express joy at how his creation is able to bring so many people together. Then he'll kick everyone's asses with the Turn A (specifically the "full powered" version of the Turn A that can regenerate parts instantly, teleport, warp beams into cockpits, reduce all tech in the solar system to sand, and probably spoil milk by looking at it funny), but be friendly about it.²** The series has ended, and he hasn't made an appearance. Maybe in the second season²²[[WMG: Gundam Build Fighters is the afterlife of the other Gundam universes]]²After dying in 0079, Ramba Ral ends up in this universe.²* [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Jerid and Kakricon]] look-alikes are also seen in episode 4.²* It's Gundam version of Valhalla. They will continue fighting, but no longer have to fear about losing people they love.²* Amuro became reincarnated as Sei's dad²** And Rinko is Chan Agi; both have blue hair and Chan Agi was (loosely speaking) the last "love interest" Amuro met before they both died in the same movie,²* Char MIGHT be Tatsuya Yuki, not only is he this series Char clone, he has girls from lower grades flocking over him.²** Jossed. The actual Char appeared in Episode 23.²** Fans of the 2 shows actually think Tatsuya Yuuki is [[Anime/CardfightVanguard the real Toshiki Kai]] due to the similar airing date of Build Fighters and the date when Kai got Reversed. Reversed Kai is not the real Kai, but a clone created by Link Joker. ²* Kirara is Yurin L Ciel²** Or Meer Campbell²* Dozle Zabi's reincarnation, a fallen Gunpla builder turned Land Shark named "Tatsuzo", is in Episode 7, though rather than piloting the Big Zam, he pilots the similar Apsalus III, built and piloted by Ghinias Sahalin from the 08th MS Team, he even calls Mr. Ral "Lieutenant".²* If we go by the voice actors from previous series, it is safe to say that Alia is a reincarnation of Yurin.²** Alternatively, one can argue that Aila's a reincarnation of Aina Sahalin. She even accidentally borrows Aina's name in Episode 18.²* The Renato brothers are more or less [[Anime/AfterWarGundamX the Frost brothers]].²** Jossed. The actual Frost Brothers appeared as idols in Episode 23.²* And judging from the previews, Meijin's opponent in Episode 22 is Graham Aker.²** Jossed. However, judging from his grandfather's appearance, fans believe Julian Mackenzie is actually [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam0080WarInThePocket Chris and Bernie]]'s son.²* Episode 23 features Hathaway (Killed by a firing squad) & Quess from Char's Counterattack in the same shot as Licht and Christina from 00. Another shot features Kai Shiden with his dead Zeon spy girlfriend, Miharu Ratokie building Gunpla at a table with with the unmasked Iron Mask and his wife, Nadia from F91, along with their children.²** Not to mention All, Chris and Bernie from 0080, and ''Char and Lalah.''²** A young version of Domon Kasshu can be seen next to his parents, building a God/Burning Gundam WITH THE HELP OF KYOUJIIIIIII!²** Basically there are a fuckton of Gundam characters all present at the Gunpla Festival. Build Fighters being Gunpla Heaven is pretty much confirmed at this point.²* Fully confirmed by the WordOfGod. [[ According to a tweet from Minami Fujii]] (Mao's seiyuu), the director said that every ''Gundam'' character is able to live in peace within the GBF universe.²* Kinda jossed with adult Domon being Sekai's master in the next season.²²[[WMG: Sei will later on be able to fight on his own without Reiji doing it for him ala [[Series/AustinAndAlly Ally being able to fulfill her dreams without Austin doing it for her.]]]]²If the Build Gundam Mk II being piloted by Reiji an indication, there's a high chance he'll be able to finally fight Gunpla battles on his own without Reiji doing the battles for himself. (Idea for WMG [[ here.]])²* If the previews for Episode 23 are any indication, Sei and Reiji will have a match with their Build Gundam Mk-II and Beginning Gundam.²** Confirmed. And more's to the point, Sei actually gives Reiji a run for his money. ²*** And in the finale, [[spoiler:he gets to fight the Meijin to a standstill.]]²²[[WMG: Mr. Ral actually is Ramba Ral]]²He wound up in AnotherDimension after he died, and Gunpla is his way of amusing himself.²His name is confirmed to be Ramba Ral.²* Possibly jossed with the Gundam heaven theory.²²[[WMG: Mr. Ral is a Ramba Ral mannequin animated by Plavsky Particles]]²He seems to know a lot about them, at least.²* Jossed with the finale [[spoiler:when Plavsky Particles were depleted for a while.]]²²[[WMG: Mr. Ral is Novel-verse Ramba Ral]]²[[SparedByTheAdaptation It would explain how he's not dead]].²* Possibly jossed with the Gundam heaven theory.²²[[WMG: The [[KillTheCutie Lalah plotline]] will be parodied]]²* That white-haired girl does seem to be the requisite {{Expy}}. Wait...yup, she [[äinen has]] [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamAge Yurin]]'s [[Creator/SaoriHayami voice actor]].²** Let's take this farther. Perhaps she will parody the "Dead Gundam Girlfriend" cliché that the series is incredibly infamous for?²** [[spoiler:Played with and then gloriously Jossed in Episode 21.]]²²[[WMG: The Plavsky Particles are somehow related to the Nestene Consciousness]]²Because it wouldn't be WMG without somebody spergin' about ''Series/DoctorWho''.²* Which means they're [[AIIsACrapshoot all going to turn evil?]]²²[[WMG: A mobile suit from Anime/MobileSuitGundamAGE will make an apperance...]]²* ... And since Gundam AGE wasn't well received, it probably will lose.²** Jossed. Gundam AGE's mobile suits won't appear because of copyright issues, mostly since AGE's co-creator company, {{Creator/Level5}} has a hand in it.²²[[WMG: They will use Plavsky Particles to bring the 1:1 Odaiba Gundam to life]]²* Because, why the fuck not.²* well, they animated a 1/48 (though look like a 1/12) Zaku to life...²* Plus the episode 23 previews show the Odaiba Gundam...²* And now there's a 1:1 scale Char's Zaku to match. Oh, my God, it's happening...!²* Jossed. [[spoiler:Rather, the particles are bringing a ''space fortress'' (think [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam A Baoa Qu]]) to the world!]]²* Not jossed as of episode 24.²** Jossed with the finale.²²[[WMG: Theories on a main villain.]]²There's got to be something bigger going on than just gunpla fighting. Personally, I think there will be two: First will be either a weapons manufacturer or a terrorist group finding some weapons application for the Plavsky Particles. The second will be people from wherever Reiji's from coming to earth and wreaking havoc.²* Whoever it is, it'll pilot a custom Anime/TurnAGundam or Turn X. ''Moonlight. Butterfly''.²* Jossed. The closest we have is Chairman Mashita.²²[[WMG: When Takeshi comes back, he will use the good old RX-78-2.]]²Most likely late in series, Sei will be too focused on manipulating Plavsky Particles in order to counter a very nasty opponent, only to find it's impossible to overcome that thing. Then Takeshi appears, ask him for a friendly match, and give the duo one heck of battle. Regardless of outcome, Sei will realize that he can't just ignore the traditional build technique.²* Jossed. While Takeshi does return, [[spoiler:it's to save the two in the final battle and hold off the enemy.]]²* In the final battle, does however use the [[ PF-78-1]] Perfect Gundam which is a heavily armored variant of the RX-78-2 Gundam.²²[[WMG: The secret of Plavsky Particles is connected to wherever Reiji comes from.]]²Perhaps Plavsky Particles were brought to Earth by people from Reiji's world.²* [[spoiler:Confirmed. In Episode 11, the CEO of PPSE recognizes Reiji and wonders what he's doing on Earth.]]²²[[WMG: Alia's Gunpla uses Turn A parts, not funnels]]²* It is called the ''Papillon''.²** Jossed. It's revealed that she uses "clear" funnels, aka transparent funnels.²²[[WMG: The main characters are going to journey to Arian.]]²* Because what better way to explore Reiji's character and to find the truth about Plavsky Particles? Plus, Sei's reactions when he learns that A) Reiji was being truthful to him the entire time and B) his dork pilot is the ''crown'' prince, will be pure gold.²** In Episode 24, [[spoiler:a A Baoa Qu-esque structure got summoned into the world.]]²** In Episode 25, [[spoiler:When Mashita and Reiji return, only Baker and Aila go with them.]]²²[[WMG: Theories on why Mashita is so hellbent on stopping Reiji.]]²* He's ''terrified'' when he sees [[spoiler: the prince from another world]] competing in the tournament. Why? What will Reiji winning actually do? There has to be a reason besides Reiji [[spoiler: revealing the nature of Plavsky Particles to the world]]. It doesnt seem like something he would do.²** My guess? [[spoiler:Mashita stole the Plavsky Particle technology from Arian, possibly from Reiji's family in specific. This is also why PPSE is so secretive about the Particle; he doesn't want people finding out that they didn't invent it themselves.]]²** Confirmed and then some in Episode 24. [[spoiler:The Plavsky Particle mentioned above is the crown treasure of Arian… and given Mashita's criminal background back in Arian, he doesn't want Reiji to identify him as the thief.]]²²[[WMG: China will be the pilot of the Exia Dark Matter.]]²* Whist completely BrainwashedAndCrazy, of course.²** Jossed. It's going to be Meijin's unit.²²[[WMG: Destiny Gundam will appear...]]²* …only to get defeated just like most [[ButtMonkey SEED units]]. Its Gunpla pilot will be a Shinn Asuka's lookalike.²** …Wackymodde r84 would be INCREDIBLY happy and make a video about it. Come on, it's bound to happen.²* Appeared in the next season.²²[[WMG: The Exia Dark Matter…]]²* …will produce Plavsky particles instead of using ambient particles from a Gunpla battle system. Its glowing chestpiece, instead of plastic, will be a gem similar to the one Reiji has, which we know are somehow tied to Arian and Plavsky particles, and grants Reiji his teleportation abilities.²** Jossed. It doesn't do any of those.²²[[WMG: The winner of the 7th Gunpla Battle World Championship…]]²* …will be Patrick Mannequin. We know that the plot demands that Sei and Reiji face off against Meijin Kawaguchi, assuming that both teams have plot armor until the finals. However, that's not what's going to happen. Patrick the Indestructible will defeat the Meijin in the semi finals because he's that good, and Sei and Reiji will lose to Aila because she's "the ultimate gunpla pilot". Sei and Reiji will then face off against Kawaguchi for third place in the tournament. Going back to Patrick Mannequin, he'll have no trouble defeating Aila and winning the championship because despite her skill, he's immortal and/or indestructible. He's probably also behind the Exia Dark Matter.²** [[spoiler:Sei and Reiji won their battle against Aila. They can still face off Patrick in the finals though if Meijin loses however.]]²** Jossed. John Ayers [=McKenzie=] won the fight between him and Patrick, and it is Meijin who made it to the finals. [[spoiler:And Sei and Reiji '''do''' win the tournament.]]²²[[WMG: Ral-san was the winner of the 1st Gunpla Battle World Championship.]]²* Note how respected he is, how all the old timers and veterans know him, and he's famous enough to have a nickname - "The Blue Giant" - and everyone calls him Lieutenant, even Fellini. That HGUC Gouf that he won't use? He probably used that in the final battle against Takeshi Iori.²²[[WMG: Possible Battlers for upcoming Gunpla (Spoilers Abound)]]²* Exia Dark Matter: [[spoiler:Meijin. Looking at the opening stinger of Episode 20, Allan calls up his team at the PPSE and orders the rollout of "[=Unit A5=]". The screen cuts to an image of [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 the Ptolemaios I]], opening one of its hatches, and revealing what looks like a partly-built Gundam Exia (definitely a Shout-Out to [[Anime/Gundam00AWakeningOfTheTrailblazer the 00 Movie's]] opening sequence).]]²** [[spoiler:Confirmed.]]²²* Miss Sazabi: Unconfirmed, but possibly Aila; one of the teasers of Episode 19 shows the Qubeley Papillon taking a bad hit from Fenice.²** [[spoiler:[[ Confirmed.]]]]²²* Perfect Gundam: Takeshi Iori. It only makes sense that the person operating the upgraded version of the RX-78-2 is the one famous for operating the RX-78-2.²** Confirmed.²²[[WMG: The final battle will be based on ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam'''s final battle]]²It will take place after the tournament proper, and will be all of the Gunpla Fighters vs the BigBad. It will end with Reiji and Aila performing the Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken.²* Half-confirmed judging by the upcoming episode preview.²** And completely confirmed by the episode proper.²*** Only half-confirmed. Reiji and Aila teaming up doesn't last long.²²[[WMG: Mr Ral is…]]²* ...the second Meijin. He knows way too many people.²** Jossed. The second Meijin is some dying guy in a hospital.²* ...the inventor of the Gunpla battle system.²** Jossed.²* ...the Mika Hakkinen/Damon Hill/Reubens Barichello of the gunpla battle world: a good fighter who never managed to make it to the top, despite giving all the winners a run for their money.²* Also been to Arian.²** Jossed. He would've known about the Arista crystal.²* ...the guy who beat Sei's dad in the second Gunpla World Championship.²²[[WMG: Reiji's reaction on finding about the connection between Plavsky Particles and Arian]]²* Either he was clueless the entire time, and he absolutely does not care where they come from, and that Chairman Mashita was just being paranoid the whole time, or...²* He gets mad and Mashita for stealing the crystal, but upon realizing the joy that the crystal has brought to the world in the form of Gunpla battles, allows the crystal to remain on Earth.²** Mostly confirmed. Reiji ''was'' clueless the entire time, but only gets mad at Mashita for stealing the crystal for his own profit.²²[[WMG: Sei and Reiji will finish in second place]]²* Just like Sei's dad. Just like China. And just like last time they fought Yuuki. They all have fun in the end, however.²** [[spoiler:Jossed.]]²²[[WMG: [[spoiler:Nils was forced to upgrade Exia Amazing into Exia Dark Matter]]]]²* [[spoiler:After Baker caught him and Caroline, she demands them to do the upgrade in exchange of not reporting them to the authorities.]]²** Jossed, actually. Allan and the Meijin performed the upgrade, they only incorporated the Sengoku Astray's abilities into the Exia Dark Matter. Also, given what they had just witnessed, it is heavily implied that reporting them to the authorities wasn't what Baker was going to do to them.²* But did the upgrade was done [[spoiler:while Meijin is under the influence of the Embody system?]]²** The only real difference between the upgraded Amazing Exia and the Dark Matter is the repaint and the removal of the shield, presumably to account for a more aggressive fighting style. The weapons were all in place before Mashita took over, presumably with all the abilities already programmed as needed. The repaint could have been done by the works team or Allan, though the image of a mind-controlled Meijin painting a gunpla is certainly interesting.²²[[WMG: Gundam 00 and Build Fighters take place in the same timeline]]²* GN Particles are derived from Plavsky particles and improved to move things other than plastic. Aeolia Schenberg also managed to figure out how to produce the particles without relying on the crystals to emit them. His technologies were based off Gundam tech from the various series and survived the test of time where the concept of Gundam as a cultural icon did not. The story of Gundam 00 actually completely accurately depicts what happens in the Build Fighters timeline's future.²** Jossed. Gundam 00 units are shown as Gunpla.²*** Read the WMG again. It says that 00 is an exact prediction of the Build Fighters timeline future. 00 units appearing as gunpla doesn't change anything. Not jossed at all.²*** Isn't it's said that Build Fighters take place in a different timeline hence all the cameos?²²[[WMG: Plavsky Particles act as an extension of human will]]²* It's not so much that they're reacting with plastic, instead they're imbuing a toy with the will of its controller. They've also allowed people to communicate with each other mentally (possibly related to a desire to understand each other). Later in the series the Chairman uses Plavsky Particles to impose his will on Yuuki. And possibly Sei and Reiji's desire to win (and free Yuuki) allowed them to do what seemed impossible: defeat the mind-controlled Mejin.²²[[WMG: The series will end with Yuuki vs. Sei and Reiji in a Rocky III ending moment.]]²* They decide to have an unofficial battle like the one back in Episode 6 to settle once and for all who is truly the best. We don't see who wins, but instead the scene freezes as they charge each other, ready to trade blows.²** Semi-confirmed. The battle itself ends due to Plavsky particles running out before the final blow is made.²²[[WMG: The final episode will recreate the climax of Char's Counterattack.]]²* Specifically, all the Gunpla Fighters, plus everyone who brought along a gunpla, will work together to try and push away A Bao A Que, preventing a ColonyDrop on the stadium. Despite their best efforts, it's not working... until the light of the heart shines again, and a Plavsky Shock effect occurs. When the light fades, Reiji, Alia and Chairman Mashita are gone. [[spoiler: Probably the Plavsky Shock will send them back to Arian. As to why those three, they're the only ones wearing/holding Arista gems.]]²** Mostly Jossed. [[spoiler: The Gunpla fighters storm A Baoa Que to take out the main Plavsky crystal. Because the crystal is destroyed, Mashita is drawn back to Arian, though Baker grabs him and follows him back. Reiji's own gem is damaged, and so he returns to Arian, though Aila also follows him of her own accord.]]²²[[WMG: Arian is a Space Colony.]]²[[spoiler:The sky of Arian is a proof of this, and it looks like a O'Neill Cylinder]].²* Confirmed.²²[[WMG: The "Unreleased" mobile suits the cast fought in the final episodes are designs from ''Anime/GundamReconguistaInG'']]²* Doesn't look like it.²²[[WMG: Arian/Reji are from the future of the Gundam 00 timeline, and Reji is an Innovator]]²* He's a golden-eyed space-dweller who has amazing reaction times (remember at the end of the 00 movie, something like 40% of Earth were already Innovators, and Arian has access to special particles that make weird things happen.²* Not sure if they ever confirmed or not the Build Fighters series is in a different timeline.²²[[WMG: Sei and Mao faught in Episode 5 using Mental Astral Porjection.]]²And their eyebrows were a way of communication.²²[[WMG: In order for transforming Gunpla to work in the Battle System, Bandai had to retool how transforming worked in High Grade kits]]²Most, if not all High Grade kits of transforming mobile suits have to have parts swapped in order to facilitate transforming, and that process would be incredibly clunky and likely very slow while in the Battle System. As such, PPSE and people participating in Gunpla battle pressured Bandai into reworking several aspects of High Grade kits with a transforming function.²** Jossed in the sequel. Stuff that needs swapping just magically flies around into the right places on the model (for example, the Lighting Gundam and Winning Gundam).²²[[WMG: If Gundam Build Fighters is the afterlife of all Gundam universes as stayed above, then there is a Gundam Hell]]²This will explain why there's no cameo of [[CompleteMonster complete monsters]] and detestable villains such as [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Gihren Zabi]], [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Jamitov]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Duke Dermail]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Patrick Zala]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Ali Al-Saachez]] and so on. They all rot in the Gundam Hell. Anti-heroes and anti-villains are exempt from this as they go to the Gundam Valhalla.²* Possibly jossed with the Gundam heaven theory.²²[[WMG:The "scientist" with the bowl cut who build Kirara's Gunpla is a Sazaki.]]²Because if Susumu, Kaoruko, Tateo and that unseen sibling correspond to Dozle, Kycillia, Gihren and Garma Zabi, then that guy's clearly Degwin!


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