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1[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Pre-release theories]]²²[[WMG: The Awesome Mixtapes are a roadmap to Ego]]²It will be revealed that if Peter had just opened his present 20 years ago, he'd have found his dad earlier. ²* Nope. It's just music Peter's mother loved.²²[[WMG: Moondragon will appear]]²James Gunn has said the movie will be about "fathers," and Moondragon is Drax's daughter in the comics.²* Jossed. Alas, no. He makes brief reference to his daughter, but so far as anyone knows she's still dead.²²[[WMG: Pom Klementieff's character will be Mantis]]²The initial Hollywood Reporter article announcing her casting claimed that Marvel had screen tested various Asian women for the part, which would imply the role is for an Asian character and not just a case of an AbilityOverAppearance RaceLift. Mantis is not only one of the few semi-prominent Asian heroines at Marvel, but she was also an important member of the Guardians in the comics. Additionally, she can communicate with plant life, meaning she could potentially serve as another interpreter for Groot.²* Confirmed.²²[[WMG: Alternatively, she's playing Moondragon]]²That pesky "fathers" comment again. Though they wouldn't really need to specify Asian women for Moondragon since her dad is a RubberForeheadAlien. Though Pom and Dave Bautista are both part Asian (Korean and Filipino respectively), so it wouldn't be ''too'' implausible. ²* Jossed. She's Mantis.²²[[WMG: The film will introduce the Soul Stone]]²* Jossed; [[ James Gunn has stated the Infinity Stones are not involved in the movie]].²²[[WMG: The BigBad will be Adam Warlock or the Magus]]²* You're close; it's Ayesha/Kismet, Adam Warlock's other villainous counterpart.²* Nope, and nope -- although a post-credits scene does feature [[spoiler:Adam Warlock's sarcophagus]].²²[[WMG: The BigBad will be Annihilus]]²The film would be a loose adaptation of the Annihilation saga. Annihilus is associated with the Fantastic Four, the rights to whom are still owned by Fox. However, Ulysses Klaue is also a Fantastic Four character, but is a villain in the MCU. It wouldn't be the first time villains were shuffled around for the sake of storytelling.²* Jossed; it's Ayesha. Also, Ulysses Klaue is a ''Black Panther'' character, and those rights have been at Marvel Studios for years. Annihilus's rights are tied to the ''Fantastic Four'' package, so he can't appear into the MCU until those rights revert.²* [[spoiler: Jossed; Its not actually Ayesha who is the BigBad, its Ego.]]²²[[WMG: We'll get flashbacks to the others' backstories]]²It has been said that the film will develop the team members we already have. So...²* Drax's flashback will show a few typical, mundane moments of his life on his home planet with his wife and daughter. It'll be really sweet and show how happy a time it was. [[ShockingSwerve Then Ronan's forces would show up and destroy their home and kill them]].²* Gamora's would be similar to Drax's, only she would be the little, innocent daughter in the scene. Obviously. Then it will show none other than Thanos himself killing them and "adopting" Gamora, while possibly showing her getting her bionic parts from the get go.²* Rocket as a normal raccoon...well, to be more accurate an [[HumanAlien alien that looks exactly like a raccoon from Earth, like how the Xandarians look human]]. He'll be rummaging and stuff before he's captured and experimented upon by scientists who make him into what we know him as. It'll also be NightmareFuel, by showing the experiments from Rocket's perspective as he undergoes them.²* Groot will be part of a clan of family who all use the same PokemonSpeak tic as him. Then, he gets hidden by his elders before the others are slaughtered and burned down by the Kree, who are ones who killed Groot's kind in the comics. ²** Nope. The only flashbacks we get are [[spoiler:Ego and Meredith on Earth, before Peter was born, and a brief glimpse of Yondu teaching a young Peter how to shoot.]]²*** [[spoiler: Gamora ''does'' get one in ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar'', similar to the one you guessed, though]].²²[[WMG: There will be a strip club]]²A male strip club where it'll be the guys who have to perform against their will. They'll be pawed by alien women, including the tentacles of female StarfishAliens. Then Gamora saves them with a big ol' gun and a sword and have to fend off horny alien ladies in a simultaneously [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments hilarious]] and Badass fight scene while the guys are all [[DistressedDamsel Distressed Dudes]]. ²* Nope, just a robot brothel.²²[[WMG: Whoever the villain is will use a pool of elbow macaroni to incapacitate Drax]]²Because he couldn't possibly understand why someone would fill a pool with elbow macaroni, Drax will be to distracted to fight for a bit, until Star-Lord makes up a lie about how on Earth, [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext elbow macaroni is a sign of war]].²* Unfortunately not (too bad)²²[[WMG: Part of the plot is PuttingTheBandBackTogether]]²The Guardian's extreme personalities were too much to work well together in the long term and they eventually ended up going their separate ways. Mantis is instrumental in getting them back together.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: This sequel will be a time-traveling movie]]²The Guardians will find the Time Stone in this film, one way or another. This will lead to them meeting the future version of the team (Charlie 27, Starhawk, etc.). They can also possibly meet other versions of heroes from different time periods (Iron Man 2020, Spider-Man 2099, maybe one of Marvel's Western heroes, etc.)²* Or perhaps meet previous "Guardians of the Galaxy" to learn that they were not the first ones to take the name. For an added bonus one of the members will be a much younger Yondu.²* The Time Stone part has been jossed, according to James Gunn, the Infinity Stones don't pertain to the plot.²* Explicitly jossed. [[spoiler: Though the original Guardians ''do'' make a cameo appearance.]]²²[[WMG: What the David Bowie cameo could have been.]]²David Bowie's character would have been either Peter's dad or a member of the same unknown species. The cameo would have been shown at the end of the movie and be a huge cameo, not a blink-and-you'll-miss-it type cameo like Lloyd Kaufman was in [=GotG=] 1. Then in the 3rd movie, David would have had a much larger role, if the whole father/same race thing is correct²** Jossed because David Bowie's dead since January 2016 unless you brought in some CGI.²²[[WMG: In lieu of a cameo by [[Music/DavidBowie Mr. Bowie]], another one of his songs will play at a climactic moment.]]²Possibilities:²* "Space Oddity."²* Starman.²** Both Jossed.²²[[WMG: Pom Klementieff will be barefoot.]]²If Pom likes being barefoot, we'll get some FootFocus. But if she doesn't like being barefoot, she'll at least wear shoes or slippers off-camera.²* Jossed. Her outfit includes footwear. ²²[[WMG: I am Groot]]²I ''am'' Groot.²* ''We are'' Groot.²* Confirmed²* [[EpilepticTrees ''I'' am Groot]].²* We need to have a talk about your language.²* [[Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron Is no one going to comment that the Cap just said "language"?]]²²[[WMG: It will be revealed if he physically appears in the movie, that Simon Williams' nickname or name for one of his movie was the 'Wonder Man'.]]²A nod to his alter ego if he appears.²* Jossed. He doesn't appear.²²[[WMG: Even though the Infinity Stones have no bearing in the plot, Thanos will.]]²Whoever the bad guy is, he will be going after the Guardians in order to find where the hell the Power Stone is and tell Thanos. One of the last scenes in the movie will be Quill asking Yondu for coordinates to Earth, setting up his appearance in ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar''.²* ... Kind of? Thanos's role in Gamora and Nebula's past informs their behaviour.²²[[WMG: The team will encounter a group of Quill's half-siblings called the Star Lords.]]²At the end of the first movie, it's revealed that "Star Lord" is a nickname that his mother gave him but we never find out why. It will be revealed that "Star Lord" is actually a title that is given to the children of Quill's father, whoever he is.²* To add hilarity, Peter will be incredibly annoyed after all the trouble he went through to get someone to call him Star Lord.²* Jossed, although we do see [[spoiler:a vast cave full of the bones of Quill's half-siblings.]]²²[[WMG:Simon Williams turned into Wonder Man because of an Infinity Stone.]]²We know what they do upon contact, and this would be the best way to use the unstable version of Wonder Man from ''WesterAnimation/TheAvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes''.²* Jossed. ²²[[WMG:Simon Williams' brother, Grim Reaper will appear.]]²And he better be played by Creator/LanceHenriksen.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Alternatively, Simon Williams isn't in the movie in anything other than a cameo]]²People are jumping the gun and assuming he'll be in the movie and will already be Wonder Man. There's nothing to support this thus far.²* Sadly confirmed. Simon Williams was going to have one scene, and that was cut before production.²²[[WMG: Drax will take a step up in his metaphor game, understanding what they are but using them inappropriately and incorrectly.]]²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Elizabeth Debicki's character]]²* Moondragon²* Phyla-Vell²* Nikki²* The Goddess²* Another of Thanos' "children"²* The Matriarch ²** All Jossed; she's playing Kismet.²²[[WMG: Creator/SylvesterStallone will play The Champion]]²We already have confirmation that a female actress named Ahnika Hendrickson is playing a character named The Runner and with The Collector appearing in the previous film and The Grandmaster set to appear in ''Film/ThorRagnarok'', it makes sense the final Elder will appear. Sly is a great choice for the guy who lives to go around space, picking fights. Who better than Franchise/{{Rocky}} himself?²** Jossed, Stallone is playing a Ravager.²²[[WMG: "The Chain" is about Starlord's Dad]]²At ComicCon, James Gunn premiered footage from Vol. 2 featuring "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. A sad song about fading love and broken promises, it will serve to contrast "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" from Vol. 1. While "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" represented Mama Quill's love for her son in spite of the distance between them (while also supporting the blossoming love among the Guardians), "The Chain" will represent Ego's strained relationship with Starlord, the time they lost and Starlord's (and Mama Quill's) feelings of abandonment (as well as a growing rift among the Guardians).²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Stallone will be making Judge Dredd references]]²He's gonna put on that Nova Corp helmet and tell everyone how he is the law. You all know this to be true.²* Could still happen, but Jossed on the Nova Corps, Stallone is a Ravager named Stakar.²** [[spoiler:Confirmed. At one point, he yelled "You betrayed the code" not unlike "You betrayed the law".]]²²[[WMG: Possible End Credits Scenes]]²Including ones that could be funny successors to seeing [[spoiler: Howard the Duck]] in the first one.²* Dr Strange suddenly turns up and remarks he must have miscasted a teleportation spell and then leaves to the Guardians confusion.²* Jossed.²* The Guardians watching have gone to earth and are in a cinema room watching one of the Simon Williams movies from the set pictures to everyone else is scared of the appearence of the aliens or do not care.²** The continuing adventures of [[spoiler: Howard the Duck]] as he walks out on a Simon Williams movie.²** Jossed.²* Since there's usually one tied into an upcoming movie, something referencing [[Film/SpiderManHomecoming Spider-Man]], [[Film/ThorRagnarok Thor]], [[Film/BlackPanther2018 Black Panther]] or [[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Infinity War]] would make sense. Possibly Infinity War, since Thor was already referenced in [[Film/DoctorStrange2016 Doctor Strange's]] stinger and unless they go to earth at the end it would be odd to have a tie in to the earth-based Spider-Man and Black Panther in a space movie.²** Jossed.²* The Guardians being hired to save [[Comicbook/SilverSurfer Zenn-La]] from a [[ComicBook/{{Galactus}} certain world eater]].²** Jossed.²* Ego meeting Starfox.²** Jossed.²* Adam Warlock. Considering how a version of his "sister" is one of the main villains of the series and this is the last "cosmic" film before ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar'', it would make sense for him to show up near the end.²** [[spoiler:Confirmed]]²* Rocket coming across a [[ComicBook/{{Venom}} puddle of black goo]] and just brushes it off. Unbeknownst to him, the goo quietly slithers away somewhere deep in the Milano where it remains until the Guardians come to Earth in Infinity War, where it comes in contact with a certain webslinger.²** Jossed. ²²[[WMG: Ego will be powered by the Soul Infinity Stone.]]²There are rumors that the Soul Gem will appear. Perhaps the Soul Gem was buried on a planet long ago, which resulted in it coming to life, thus giving birth to Ego the Living Planet?²* Jossed, James Gunn has said frequently that there are no Infinity Stones in Vol. 2. ²²[[WMG: Mantis and Drax will develop sexual tension.]]²Well... insofar as a LiteralMinded guy and a girl with no social skills can do that.²* [[spoiler:Semi-confirmed, and hilariously subverted. Both find each other to be physically repulsive, being from different species and all.]]²²[[WMG: [[MythologyGag Mantis' modern look]] will be referenced.]]²Maybe something along the lines of Star-Lord or Rocket saying they expected her to be green.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Drax figured out how to have a sense of humor]]²And he doesn't know how to manage it, resulting in [[LargeHam very loud laughter]] and [[DontExplainTheJoke explanations of what he found funny]].²* Very much confirmed.²²[[WMG: James Gunn is completely bullshitting us...]]²No way he would just casually throw around the fact that Peter's dad is Ego The Living Planet, it's practically a huge plot point for him! Either there's a bigger twist lying around, or James Gunn is just trolling us for kicks.²* There is a bigger twist -- [[spoiler: Ego is a villain.]]²²[[WMG: Creator/KurtRussell is playing Ego, but his "human form" is a completeley different character]]²Similar to the Film/IronMan3 Mandarin/Trevor Slattery switcheroo, but PlayedForDrama; the human form of Ego was a lie, and his true identity will be TheReveal of the film. My personal guesses are either Starfox or even Adam Warlock himself.²* James Gunn explained that Kurt Russell's form is an "avatar" created by Ego manipulating his own molecules. ²²[[WMG: Ego or Yondu will die.]]²Chris Pratt said that working on ''Vol. 2'' helped him cope with the death of his father; what better way than by doing a movie that culminates in the death of one of Chris Pratt's on-screen fathers?²* Supporting this is that Yondu is the only Guardian not be in the cast of ''Infinity War''.²* Apparently jossed on the Yondu dying WMG since [[ this showed up.]]²** [[spoiler: Actually, both Yondu ''and'' Ego end up dying. It turns out that having Rooker on the set of Infinity War was just a ruse, somewhat of a DoubleSubversion in RealLife.]]²²[[WMG: This movie's sequel will be called...]]²''NOW That's What I Call Guardians of the Galaxy'' or ''The Very Best of the Guardians of the Galaxy'', so as not to make the Awesome Mix Vol. # gag stale.²* It will be called ''Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Boogie''! The Guardians save Christmas from an alien out to kill Santa Claus, a being who is the AnthropomorphicPersonification of the holiday itself. They are aided by Buddha, Krishna, and Manaf, who don't want American Christian conservatives to unjustly blame them and their friends for Christmas's destruction.²* Alternatively ''The Essential Guardians of the Galaxy''.²* ''Guardians of the Galaxy: The Third Whatever''²[[WMG: Ayesha and her underlings will be ANaziByAnyOtherName]]²They are race who named themselves The Sovereign who regard themselves as genetically perfect and are heavily associated with gold. If doesn't scream "We are the Master Race" I don't know what does.²* Probably Jossed. The latest trailer has her hawking an AssimilationPlot.²** Considering they're "cleansing" the galaxy of 'weakness' and seeking Ego's mysterious genetic code for their own purposes (probably the creation of a master race) so this seems super un-Jossed....²** FridgeLogic: That is false and she had no such plot in the movie. [[spoiler: That was Ego's thing]].²* We don't see enough of the Sovereign society in the movie to know for sure. They ''are'' supremacists though, with very high opinions of themselves.²²[[WMG: When Ego was on Earth, he made his own collection of 80s pop songs.]]²He will give the tape as a gift to Peter, setting up ''Guardians Of The Guardians Vol. 3''.²* Jossed. ²* Close. [[Spoiler: Yandu gives him a Zune with 300 80's pop songs on it.]]²²[[WMG: The Symbiote will appear, foreshadowing the coming of ''ComicBook/{{Venom}}''.]]²Apparently, Creator/TomHolland appeared on the set a while back, and he's Spider-Man. And the Symbiote is from space, which is where the Guardians work.²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Ayesha will have a HeelFaceTurn by the end of the movie]]²She's a superheroine in the comics. My guess is that she'll talk a great deal about the RightOfASuperiorSpecies to pursue her AssimilationPlot, but it will suddenly ring [[HeelRealization false]] to her after being forced to confront the results of her callousness by the Guardians.²* Jossed. The Sovereign have no plot in the movie beyond wanting to kill the Guardians for personal reasons. By the end, Ayesha is more determined then ever to kill them.²²[[WMG: Ayesha/Kismet will be the movie version of Warlock/Magus, and she'll be the one who carries the Soul Stone]]²This movie already has a kazillion different characters, so it seems highly unlikely they'll introduce both Warlock ''and'' her female counterpart. It's much simpler to give Ayesha/Kismet the same role as Warlock has in the comics, and have her be the one who bears the Soul Stone. Also, her rhetoric in the trailer sounds pretty similar to the creed of the Universal Church of Truth, which Magus lead in the comics. So maybe in the movie she will start out as Magus, and will later have a HeelFaceTurn and become Warlock, i.e. the opposite of what happened in the comics.²* More than likely Jossed. James Gunn has already said in multiple interviews that the Infinity Stones are not involved with ''Vol 2''. ²* Jossed. She would of used the stone if she had it.²²[[WMG: There is a twist bigger than Ego being Star-Lord's father]]²The fact that James Gunn just outright said who the hell he is is both funny and curious. So maybe we're going through a [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier Winter Soldier]] situation where one twist is already obvious and is there to distract you from a bigger twist hiding around in the movie.²* [[spoiler:Confirmed. The bigger twist is that Ego is the main villain.]]²²[[WMG: Ego only "finds" Peter because he needs something from him.]]²In the trailer he says "I finally found you", as if he's been looking for Peter for a long time. But Ego hired Yondu to pick Peter up and Peter was with the Ravagers for over 25 years, so either Yondu was deliberately concealing him from Ego for multiple years, or Ego just didn't look for him after Yondu didn't deliver him. Peter wasn't particularly hard to track down over those years; he was an active criminal with a reputation through at least some bits of the galaxy. It's somewhat convenient that his biological father suddenly "finds" him two months after he becomes famous, probably rich (from the hero-for-hire gig), and has some sway in organizations like Nova Corps. It seems reasonable to say that maybe Ego has finally hunted him down because he needs a favor. ²* [[spoiler:Confirmed. Ego needs Peter to accompany him in assimilating the universe.]]²²[[WMG: The movie will have a FramingDevice]]²The film is set two months after the first. This seems a little odd considering we're so close to Infinity War. However only the main story of the film will be set two months after with a Framing Device set much closer to Infinity War. The film will begin InMediasRes at a pivotal moment; such as Ego revealing he's Peter's Father (which James Gunn has said happens very early in the movie). A voice will then interrupt saying "Hang on a second, how did you get there?". We'll then cut to the Guardians (or possibly just Peter) being interrogated about the events of the movie; possibly by Sylvester Stallone's character (who is said to be a member of Nova Corp). The interrogator will be after something or someone the Guardians encountered. The Guardians will then begin a HowWeGotHere story to get back to that point, before continuing on in a mostly chronological order. Essentially imagine TalesFromTheBorderlands with the Guardians of the Galaxy. ²* Jossed.²²[[WMG: Yondu and Baby Groot will dance together as a mid-credit scene.]]²Out of the gang and the two fathers of the team, Yondu's probably the one most secretly paternal. So him bonding with Baby Groot seems the least odd. Plus, it'd be a callback to the time when Michael Rooker did the Twig Groot dance in real life.²* [[spoiler:Jossed. Yondu dies at the end.]]²²[[WMG: Sylvester Stallone's character theories.]]²What we know: Stallone is playing Stakar, a "life-long Ravager" who has a personal connection to Yondu. Apparently he banished Yondu 20 years prior and they haven't seen each other since, but they have a somewhat father-son dynamic. ²* Stakar banished Yondu for his theft of Peter (stealing Peter likely cost the Ravagers a lot of money and reputation) or for his perceived softness regarding Peter.²* [[spoiler:Jossed. Yondu was banished for delivering Ego's various children to him; child trafficking is against Ravager code.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Post-release theories]]²[[WMG: If [[spoiler: Ego had lived and his plan succeeded, he would have become another Dormammu.]] ]]²[[spoiler: When the planet-devouring plants are activated, look at what spreads from it - That dark, smokey-blue substance looks very similar to the matter that the Dark Dimension was comprised of. Also something of note that the insides of Ego's planet form have a similar esoteric-nervous-system look that parts of the Dark Dimension itself. Considering Ego's plan was to spread himself throughout the universe - Which is effectively what Dormammu was doing, only on a smaller scale - It seems possible that if unopposed, he could have easily risen to the same level of powers as Dormammu, and began to look to other dimensions...]]²²[[WMG: Yondu's mother tongue has separate words for "person who sired you" and "person who raised you".]]²[[spoiler:"Father" and "daddy"]] were the best English equivalents the TranslatorMicrobes could scrounge up. [[spoiler: The Italian dub has Yondu calling Ego "the person who brought you to this world", a well-know euphemism for "sired", which backs up this idea.]] The two words have strongly different connotations despite having arguably the same literal meaning. This meme is quite old. [[spoiler: Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.]]. Which, when you think about it, kinda sums up the whole film.²²[[WMG: Venom or the Symbiote will appear in the third film.]]²And Venom will be played by [[spoiler: Zendaya]].²%%%²%%%% Saying something to the effect of "this is a stupid idea; stop it" is rude and natter. ²%%%%²* Jossed. Venom is getting a Sony film.²²[[WMG: Peter had more siblings running around]]²Ego sired children in countless worlds over millennia. Since Yondu stopped delivering them to him, there's every chance there's more of them running around.²²[[WMG: Yondu will still show up in ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar'' ]]²Michael Rooker confirmed that Yondu will appear in ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar'' though he said this two months before ''Vol. 2'' premiered. In the movie itself, Yondu sacrificed his life to save Peter. Now, how will Yondu come back for ''Infinity War''? Unless Rooker is trolling, it's possible that Yondu will indeed be in Infinity War but in a different capacity. Either he shows up in a flashback or he was revived via Time Stone or he wasn't really dead and somehow was captured by Thanos.²* Addition: One of the capability of Infinity Gauntlet with all the stones? Revival. That's how they restored the universe in the comic.²* Here's an idea: Each main character gets one wish with the gauntlet, Peter has to agonize over whether to save his mom or Yondu.²* Perhaps Drax will perform a HeroicSacrifice, but will get a wish. He will try to bring back his daughter...but it turns out she survived years ago and is now out there in the universe fighting evil as Moondragon. An overjoyed Drax brings Yondu back to life, with his LastRequest being that the Guardians find Moondragon and let her know how much he loves her and that he never stopped trying to avenge her mother.²** Admittedly I greatly dislike this idea to begin with, but why do we ''have'' to lose Drax in such a scenario, especially when he had no personal connection to Yondu?²* Jossed. Yondu isn't even mentioned in Infinity War. In all likelihood Rooker was just doing his part to throw off the spoilers. Additionally James Gunn has said that the impact of Yondu's death needs to be lasting and to bring the character back would be "cheap" and "dishonest" sorry, Yondu fans, but a resurrection is simply never going to happen.²²[[WMG: The Ravagers show one thing what can happen to a rebellion. And at one point the Ravagers were the Guardians of the Galaxy.]]²The ravagers at one time were a loose confederation of rebels fighting against the Kree Empire, but eventually fell to piracy. The most inviolable parts of the code where what Yondu broke and considered so bad because of Yondu's past being a child slave owned by the Kree . This also explains Ronan's line in the first film and makes it both more meaningful and pointed, and links to the family theme in both films. Quill's Guardians are the true heirs of the previous ones. A group of Privateers/Pirates doing deniable things against one Empire while being supported by another. Of course when the war is over, what happens to mercenary bands? They turn bandit or pirate since the work has dropped, and are no longer being paid.²²[[WMG: The only reason [[spoiler: Peter was the only successful experiment out of hundreds was because Ego actually was emotionally connected to his mother.]] ]]²While Ego [[spoiler: fathered hundreds of offspring in order to create a successful progeny.]] It is clear Meredith was the only one that he had any love for. In fact it was this connection to her that almost tempted him to give up his eons long plan, so strong was the affection. Hence why he had [[spoiler: [[KicktheMoralityPet to kill her.]]]] However because he actually loved her he truly shared a piece of his celestial self with her. Instead of just DNA a part of his being merged with her.[[ThePowerOfLove Peter was created in an act of love.]]²²[[WMG:J'Son of Spartax can still appear in a sequel.]]²With an original Guardians lineup in existence, J'Son could be a renegade member who claims to be the ''original'' Star-Lord.²²[[WMG:Vance Astro will appear.]]²With a name like Astrovik they might rewrite him as Russian, having been sent into space on the same mission as Cosmo. He grew up secretly listening to the Captain America radio show, and was thus inspired to get into the space program during the Cold War. After going through the same warp-space phenomena that brought Howard the Duck to this plane, he's separated from Cosmo, captured and put through a torturous procedure, which gives him the powers needed to craft his own Captain America shield and secure his own escape.²²[[WMG: Peter still has his Celestial Powers.]]²Ego said that in order to have enough power for his plans, ''two'' Celestials were needed. If 'The Light' was solely apart of Ego, then Quill reaching down to it wouldn't mean more power, just Peter using some of Ego's power. But it also wasn't the case that the minds of two celestials were needed, as Ego clearly forcefully used Peter's power ''twice'' to forward his plans. It's most likely that 'The Light' is an inter-dimensional energy that ''all'' Celestials can access, Ego just trained Peter to use him as a medium for it. Y'know so that Peter would be dependant on him, and we can't take Ego's line "Destroy me and you'll be just like everybody else" seriously, as there was a bomb to his head, he wanted to live ''and'' clearly was tempting Peter with the promise of Godlike power. The truth could actually be "Destroy Ego and you'll be just like everybody else... ''until'' you learn how to access 'The Light' on your own."²* Jossed. At least as far as Infinity Wars goes. Guardians 2 made it quite clear that Ego was the source of Quill's powers, so barring an Ego resurrection it's doubtful that Quill's powers will ever resurface. Furthermore, Quill with superpowers was fun for a single movie, but for him to have it on a permanent basis would fundamentally change the character, and for the worse IMO.²** That doesn't Joss the theory, since the theory is that Ego was ''lying'' about being the source of his powers and was acting as training wheels for him to more easily access it. Quill hardly knows how his powers work, so him ''thinking'' he no longer has them isn't ''proof'' that that is the case.²²[[WMG: Celestial power might be the same as Infinity Stones]]²* Ego seeks Peter out specifically because he hears that he's capable of wielding one for any length of time. If touching a Stone kills any and all mortals in seconds, but a Celestial can wield one long enough to blow away an otherwise invulnerable target, what might a Celestial be able to do with knock-off of a Stone AKA an Arc Reactor? The combined teams could be in the middle of getting their asses kicked when Peter is flung into Stark, whereupon his hand lands on Stark's chest and Peter suddenly finds himself capable of once more wielding a lesser form of the power he used against Ego.²²[[WMG: Peter Quill IS Eternity and will prove Critical in Infinity War]]²When Ego is talking about "Eternity" we get a close up on Peter's eyes where he has the universes of Eternity in them. Somewhat like here: Though he's missing the bright light in one eye. ²²As Eternity IS the essence of the Marvel universe, Peter as a Celestial could be powerful enough to either manifest or hold it. He could use his power to match or disable the Infinity Stones to give the Avengers a fighting chance or to resurrect allies. ²² If Infinity War ends up being Devastating (and the last movie of several actor's contracts) he can use his power as/connection to Eternity in order to "remake" the universe as Ego wanted... just to be closer to what it was initially. It may not be accurate, and could require Peter to write himself out of reality as is, but as Eternity, well... it's a decent trade off. ²* [[spoiler: If by "Critical", you mean "causing Thanos to win"...but he's still not Eternity]].²²[[WMG: Stan Lee was confirmed to be a "Watcher Informant" in the credits, but he's still something much greater.]]²Many people theorized that Stan Lee's cameo in every movie could indicate he was a Watcher, some even believing him to be Uatu. While not outright confirmed, the creators ran with this theory. He could be The One Above All, the ultimate AuthorAvatar and supreme divine entity who could easily use DeusExMachina to correct everything and reset it back to normal if Thanos' plans to recreating the multiverse with the Infinity Gauntlet happens to go too far beyond any hope of solving. Not even the "Eternity" theory listed above can go that far. The One Above All truly is God [[InsistentTerminology (with a capital G.)]]²* If he is The One Above All, this adds a new reason to why the Watchers got bored of his stories and left. To them, Stan is among the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse. They'd probably gotten bored because they were expecting stories about his epic adventures or feats, not about his time spent wandering about a fairly insignificant planet (to them). Or if he is Uatu, maybe they simply heard his [=FedEx=] story too many times.²²[[WMG: Casting Choices for Adam Warlock.]]²* Ben Browder - He's just kind of hanging out in the first space battle as one of the goldskins, then disappears. It'd be a big step up for an actor primarily known for his television work, but he is well-known in the SF community and could bear the part well.²* Armie Hammer - Or at least if he doesn't get to be [[Film/JusticeLeague2017 Hal Jordan]]²** Given that Hal Jordan isn't in that movie at all AND that Armie Hammer has recently revealed that he was never even in talks for the part, it isn't that crazy to think he'd be available for Warlock.²* Creator/AlexanderSkarsgard- but then, [[Creator/StellanSkarsgard his father]] is also in the MCU. If there's going to be a scene of them together in the near future, cue Dr. Selvig mistaking Adam as his son.²* Creator/NikolajCosterWaldau- he could play him after ''Series/GameOfThrones'' is finished. Then, cue the golden hand jokes once he got the Infinity Gauntlet. ²* Wang Leehom ²* Ryan Guzman - He's been in [[Series/HeroesReborn some superhero media]] before, so perhaps he would like to play in the big leagues. Adam could be a good StarMakingRole for a younger actor like him.²* Brenton Thwaites²* Creator/NathanFillion²* Omari Hardwick ²* Regé-Jean Page²* Ethan Josh Lee²* [[OverlyLongGag Zendaya Coleman]]²* Ki Hong Lee. He's relatively young and handsome and has experience in both comedy and action.²* Taron Egerton²* Ansel Elgort - he'll get along with Star-Lord when it comes to [[Film/BabyDriver having great taste in music]].²²[[WMG:Something along the lines this joke will happen in volume 3]]²-->'''Adam Warlock:''' You fight well, Peter Quill. Perhaps I shall bring your body back to Sovereign for assmilation into the genetic pool. But as of now, I must claim justice for your betrayal, your theft and your ''[[BrickJoke murder]]''...of the noble [[AtrociousAlias Taserface]]. (beat) [[{{Narm}} *doubles over in laughter*]]²* Or maybe Adam [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike will also think Taserface is a cool name.]] He won't exactly be the most worldly man, having been made to be a weapon.²²[[WMG: Jane Foster is Peter's half sister, or at least has a link]]²Ego twigged to Peter after he held an Infinity stone and didn't blow up. He held it for MAYBE a minute and needed to guardians to help disperse the power before he disintegrated. Jane Foster held one inside of herself, for days, by herself, without blowing up. She might be half celestial and should be AT LEAST on the same power level as him. Possibly more. ²* More likely is the fact it was simply the fact the one she had was the Reality stone, which on its lonesome isn't *too* intense, all things considered. The Power stone is the embodiment of ''all energy that ever was and ever will be in the universe''. The Power stone is what gives infinite power to all of the ''other'' stones in the gauntlet - without Power, the others are much, much more limited in scope and ability.²²[[WMG: Mantis is [[spoiler:one of Ego's children.]]]]²Though Mantis herself states that she was adopted as an orphan by Ego, it's very possible that [[spoiler:she is one of Ego's many "failed" offspring in an attempt to father a new Celestial. Like before, Ego arranged for her to be brought to him, but unlike the other failed offspring, Mantis was spared and kept around because her empathic abilities were of use to him. This would effectively make Mantis Peter's half sister.]]²* But Mantis remembers Ego finding her after her biological parents abandoned her as a larva. Ego had Yondu deliver all of his children to him and if Mantis was one of them, he'd remember Ego sparing her.²*** Yondu didn't deliver ''all'' of Ego's offspring, just ''some'' of them. Ego has been trying to breed a Celestial heir for a very long time, probably a ''lot'' longer than Yandu'd been alive let alone for hire.²²[[WMG: The climax of the third film will be a dance off]]²²[[WMG: Post-film, Nebula will go and get herself a hat or some pretty jewellery]]²Alternatively, [[FanPreferredCouple Kraglin will get it for her]].²* Jossed for ''Infinity War'' and ''Endgame''.²²[[WMG: Peter's Celestial heritage was activated by the Infinity Stone.]]²Super powers that remain dormant until a FlyOrDie situation are a long-standing trope. Ego getting Peter to use his powers certainly wasn't that, and he implied that after that failed with his other kids he killed them instantly and painlessly, without a chance to use any powers defensively.0²²[[WMG: How the Guardians first encounter with [[spoiler: Adam will go.]]]]²²-->[[spoiler: '''Adam:''' I AM ADAM OF THE SOVEREIGN, CHAMPION OF THE WORLD of perfection, AND YOU FOOLISH GUARDIANS MUST PAY FOR THE MANY CRIMES YOU HAVE COMMITTED AGAINST MY WORLD!!]]²²The Guardians will be unimpressed and tired of crap like this.²²-->[[spoiler: '''Adam:''' CRIMES SUCH AS THIEVERY, DESTRUCTION OF OUR FLEETS, AND-]]²²-->'''Peter:''' [[ShutUpHannibal Rocket?]]²²-->'''Rocket:''' On it *Fires a gun right at [[spoiler: Adam]], temporarily knocking down.*²²[[WMG:[[spoiler: Mainframe is male...]]]]²[[spoiler: But for some reason is stuck with the voice of a male...Probably not the case but it would be a little funny.]]²²[[WMG: Ego is considered to be a failure/outcast of the other celestials.]]²Whether it's because he can't leave his homeworld for long or because he's [[spoiler: a psychopath]] or he's too arrogant to even talk with, the other celestials don't want to associate with him. Or...²²[[WMG: The other celestials are extinct...]]²And [[spoiler: killing off Ego]] destroyed their race, unless anyone with grand, cosmic powers or celestial genes can be considered a celestial.²²[[WMG: In the first post-credits scene, [[spoiler: Drax was not hit by the arrow]]]]²[[spoiler: His reflexes are too fast. He caught it. And impaled his hand in the process.]]²* [[spoiler: Better yet, it stopped just barely in time, but Drax started yelling in pain anyway, purely to mess with Kraglin.]]²²[[WMG:[[spoiler: The New Sovereign cocoon uses the Soul Stone]]]]²[[spoiler: Ayesha is based on the comic character formerly known as Her. The being she is creating is called Adam who is clearly meant to be Adam Warlock, who was originally known as Him in the comics. In the comics, the Soul Gem is most closely associated with Adam Warlock who wielded it for many years. Warlock was a major player in the Infinity Gauntlet mini-series which the Infinity War films are based on.]]²* Jossed. [[spoiler: ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar'' reveals the Soul Stone is on the remote planet of Vormir, and won't come out unless you sacrifice someone you love.]]²²[[WMG: Mantis will have to calm the Hulk at some point in Infinity War]]²And Tony will make some quip about Banner having a thing for insect-themed women, getting a glare from Natasha.²* Alternatively, she'll have to force Banner to become the Hulk in a desperate hour.²* Jossed. Mantis and Banner never meet in Infinity War.²²[[WMG: In ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar'', Rocket will have a heart-to-heart with Tony similar to the one he had with Yondu]]²Tony's roughly in the same place that Yondu was at the beginning of ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol2'': rejected by his teammates for doing something horrible and bitterly convinced that there can be no reconciliation between them after all that's happened. Rocket, recognizing the parallels between himself, Tony, and Yondu, will give him a gruff YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre speech and push him to reconcile with Steve before it's too late.²* Once Rocket and Tony bond after chatting, this could lead into the technical-discussion scene that's been suggested on the ''WMG/AvengersInfinityWar'' WMG page.²* Jossed. Rocket and Tony never meet in Infinity War. Rocket ''does'' have a heart-to-heart with Thor, though.²²[[WMG: Ego was a nascent Celestial]]²In the comics Celestials aren't conscious planets, they are conscious galaxies. Ego was the first of a new generation of Celestials. Even though all the other Celestials seemingly died off, new ones are still forming. Given a few more hundred million years Ego might have properly expanded his consciousness, but Ego tried to speed up the process. ²²[[WMG: Songs on the [[spoiler: Zune.]]]]²There will be some 90s and 2000s music on it and Peter will spend large portions of Vol. 3 complaining about how Earth's music [[TakeThat isn't as good]] [[NostalgiaFilter as it used to be]].²²[[WMG: Ego is actually Phaaze (crack theory)]]²The hero uses the villain's own power source against him, destroying the villain removes their powers and makes the planet explode, and the villain has seeds spreading a big blue mass all over the galaxy to try and spread himself. ²²[[WMG: Ayesha used a sample of Peter's hybrid DNA to create Adam Warlock.]]²Aside from the jokes about how Ayesha got Peter's DNA (which she could "see" somehow), Adam having Celestial DNA gives him energy powers similar to his comic book self. Having human DNA also gives him the connection to humanity his comic book self had.²* Building on the above, Adam becomes Magus after taking the path Quill didn't take and accessing Ego's Light ²** As Adam's behavior becomes more arrogant, imperious, and sanctimonious, [[MythologyGag someone will comment that it must be the Ayesha in him]]. ²* To emphasize this, Adam will listen to lots of Millennial music, leading to some friction between Quill and himself. ²²[[WMG: Wonder-Man will join the Guardians in the future]]²Because one does not simply cast Creator/NathanFillion in a perfect role and delete it without any further mention, especially James Gunn.²* Alternatively, they could cast [[spoiler: Zendaya]].²²[[WMG: The Yondu loyalists were part of his gang before he was exiled and The Taserface rebels joined afterwards.]]²The Ravagers as a whole are shown to have 100 different factions. They also appear to be very influential in certain circles. When they declare someone exiled for breaking their [[EvenEvilHasStandards very few rules]], that person would have a limited pool of talent to choose from to replenish losses. Only the worst of the worst would sign up with an exile.²²[[WMG: The Guardians will teach Mantis to fight in the time skip between this movie and Infinity War]]²This way she'll be able to have a more active role in the fight against Thanos.²* Jossed. She isn't very active in ''Infinity War''.²²[[WMG: After being sent out by Ayesha, Adam will decide to seek the Guardians' help in his mission to destroy the Guardians]]²The film will [[SubvertedTrope subvert]] and [[LampshadeHanging lampshade]] the LiarRevealed trope when Adam finds out who they are, having spent so much time with them that he won't even try to go back to Ayesha. For example:²-->''Quill'': Adam. '''We're''' the Guardians Of The Galaxy. You've been trying to kill us this whole time.²-->''Adam'': What? You lied to me?²-->''Quill'': Yeah dude. We did.²-->''Adam'': ''[[{{Beat}} (beat)]] ''[[AngstWhatAngst Okay. Let's go]].²-->''Gamora'': You're not upset?²-->''Adam'': Of course not. [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments You guys are my friends]]. [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall What did you think was going to happen?]] [[SecondActBreakup That we were just going to throw out all the friendship and bonding we've been through and]] [[ThirdActMisunderstanding go our separate ways until]] [[EasilyForgiven a contrived conflict has to make us come back together again]]?²* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic will love it.²²[[WMG: Ego was lying about [[spoiler:loving Meredith]]]]²The movie makes it pretty obvious that Ego is ItsAllAboutMe incarnate: he's psychotically self-absorbed and completely incapable of relating to others as equals. [[spoiler:So, when he admits he murdered Meredith, he's lying when he claims that he still loved her beforehand. The truth is that Ego is just trying to put a positive spin on it because he cares about her so little except as a way to motivate Peter into joining him: "look how important my work is! I would rather let a woman I loved die than allow it to be impeded!" Ego probably didn't consider Meredith any more important than the potentially ''millions'' of other women he impregnated across the universe. In fact, he probably spun similar spiels about only loving their mother alone of all his many conquests to all of his kids.]]²²[[WMG: [[spoiler:Peter inherited Ego's powers because he's human]]]]²[[spoiler: It's a well-established fact throughout the Marvel multiverse that whilst [[PunyEarthling humans lack any of the inherent powers so common amongst other races]], they're also very adaptable and prone to assimilating powers from external sources -- hence the vast array of mutates who make up most of Marvel's inherently powered individuals. This same "genetic flexibility" is probably why Ego's powers passed on to Peter; unlike his alien siblings, Peter ''had'' no inherent powers of his own to interfere with the Celestial mojo from his father's side of the family.]]²²[[WMG: [[spoiler:All of Ego's children had his powers, he just killed them off too quickly]]]]²[[spoiler: Given how self-absorbed and impatient Ego is, despite being immortal, it's very likely that all of his kids could have inherited his powers - they just needed ''time to develop them''. Peter didn't manifest anything until he was in his -- what, late 20s, early 30s? ''And'' he had exposure to the Infinity Stone too. All evidence suggests that Ego took his kids as soon as they were reliably weaned from their mother; Yondu was supposed to pick Peter up when he was about 8, after all. It makes sense that Peter's siblings had the potential, they just needed more time and training to bring it out... and Ego sabotaged himself because he wanted results '''now''', just like how he sabotages his efforts to convince Peter through his own narcissism and sociopathy.]]²²[[WMG: Rocket will resent Peter for [[spoiler: Yondu's death]]]]²* Jossed. No sign of resentment.²²[[WMG: Alternately, he'll feel a certain degree of responsibility for it.]]²[[spoiler:After all, if he had had two space suits in his bag instead of one, Yondu would have survived, and this is likely going to weigh on him for some time. Of course, if he didn't have the one suit he ''did'' have then both Peter and Yondu would be dead, but it's unlikely that that fact would console him much. The ending of the film implies (and WordOfGod supports) the start of some significant CharacterDevelopment surrounding this experience, and going forward his responsibility toward others is likely to be a much bigger part of who he is.]]²²[[WMG: If Sylvester Stallone and his gang return for GOTG Vol. 3, Their role would be much bigger and important]]²Both James Gunn and Kevin Feige teases Stallone's Starhawk and his Ravager Buddies would be important for MCU and they were meant to appear for future MCU films. They would team-up with Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Adam Warlock. Think of their relationship being similar to Indiana Jones and his father from The Last Crusade. It would be great if Stakar would tell Peter about his relationship with Yondu and how Yondu's [[spoiler:Death]] was the reason for him reuniting the gang! ²²[[WMG: Vol. 3 will deal with the aftermath of Infinity War and Untitled Avengers Sequel]]²Marvel Studios confirmed the film would take place after Infinity War and Untitled Avengers Sequel. How would the galaxy react to Thanos' death or defeat and how do Gamora, Nebula & Drax feel about finally avenging their family's murder from Thanos? I think Nova Corps would reward Guardians of the Galaxy because they don't know about Avengers and think Guardians are the one who stopped Thanos. Nova Prime will tell them of how they are proud of them for finally stopping Thanos.²* That last part is possibly Jossed. It is specifically stated in Infinity War that [[spoiler:Thanos decimated Xandar when he stole the Power Stone from the Nova Corps, so none of that destruction was reversed when the Snap was undone. The power vacuum created by the damage to Xandar may indeed be a factor, however.]]²²[[WMG: After the events of the movie, Nebula traveled to Earth to seek out the Avengers]]²She said she wanted an army that could take on Thanos. Where better to start than a planet that just fended off one of his attacks?²* Jossed. Infinity War revealed that after the events of Guardians 2, Nebula went after Thanos on her own.²²[[WMG: The ''Milano'' will be repaired or replaced.]]²If the ''Film/AvengersInfinityWar'' footage shown at Comic-Con and D23 is trustworthy, the Guardians will either have rebuilt the Milano or acquired another ship of the same class by the time of ''Infinity War''. The film heavily implies that had Rocket been given enough time, he could have completely repaired the ''Milano'' or, at a minimum, restored it to flyable condition so it could be flown to an inhabited planet for further repair. Assuming that the Ravagers didn't blow the rest of it up when they left, there's plenty of time now for the Guardians to return to Berhert and put their ship back together. (Of course, ''if'' they can do it without the Sovereign noticing.)²* Yep, replaced. The Guardians' new M-ship, the ''Benatar'', is a different class than the 2-seat and 4-seat variants we've seen previously. It has a double-decker cockpit extending down to the lower deck (with more front-facing seating), a new engine layout, and a small auxiliary vehicle that docks in the back (similar to the Ghost from ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels''). Additionally, several months after Vol. 2's release, [[WordOfGod we learned]] more about the repair tool Rocket was using on Berhert. Specifically, that tool is ''not at all'' cost-effective to deploy, and since after the end of Vol. 2 the Guardians have the Quadrant (and presumably whatever vehicles are docked to it), it would have been wiser to return to Berhert simply to gather up whatever important stuff was still there, then just abandon the wreckage and purchase another ship.²²[[WMG: Star-Lord will get a new CoolHelmet.]]²Similar to the above, the leaked ''[[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Infinity War]]'' footage shows that Peter Quill once again has his trademark CollapsibleHelmet. Seeing as [[spoiler: the original was smashed and the pieces were not recovered when the Ego planet collapsed]], it will be a new helmet. Pay attention to the appearance of Rocket's "aero-rigs" as they deploy and retract: they do so in a manner identical to the helmet, which means that he reverse-engineered the helmet's technology. Because Rocket knows how the helmet works, he can easily build a new one for Quill.²* Confirmed, although its origin is not revealed.²²[[WMG: Rocket will ''always'' have tape with him in the future.]]²And in either ''[[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Infinity War]]'' or ''Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3'', he'll be able to [[DuctTapeForEverything make an emergency repair]] and save someone's day. And, of course, it will be a glorious BrickJoke.²* Sorry, didn't happen in either ''Infinity War'' or ''Endgame'', and looking unlikely going forward. His new outfit post-''Endgame'' ditches the huge fanny pack in favor of a much more streamlined utility belt with just the holsters for his blasters and two tiny pouches (presumably for power/ammo cartridges).²²[[WMG: The Groot post-credits scene is a skip forward to the present day.]]²According to the ''[[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Infinity War]]'' teaser poster and other material, Groot will still be an adolescent by the year 2018. Unless his growth curve is ridiculously nonlinear [[note]]meaning he'd grow like crazy in the last weeks of 2014 and not grow at all for the next several years[[/note]], then this scene ''has'' to be at least a few years after the events of the film. ²* [[ Confirmed]] via an interview with James Gunn. As it turns out, the Groot that appears in that scene ''is'' the ''Infinity War'' Groot CGI model, suggesting that the scene might even be set in 2018. (In the interview, Gunn wasn't interested in precisely nailing down the date.)²** If the scene does happen in 2018, then it would be even more HilariousInHindsight as Groot will be complaining Peter is "boring" ''even as as the team is getting ready to fight Thanos.''²²[[WMG: Ego became Ultron]]²The theory begins with the idea that when Ego's brain was destroyed, he did not die. That might not seem possible, but this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More bullshit things than that have happened.²* One way Ego could have survived is by transferring his consciousness, or part of it at least, to one of his seeds. The "light" would be gone from the original planet, leaving Quill without his powers.²²More related to the theory however, is the connection between the Mind Stone and the Power Stone, two of the Infinity Stones already seen in the MCU. In the Wikipedia article about the comic versions of the stones, it says, "Backed by the Power Gem, the Mind Gem can access all minds in existence simultaneously." If this holds true for the MCU versions as well, or if a similar connection exists, Peter having held the Power Stone, which is connected to the other stones, might have allowed Ego an escape conduit. Ego could have thrust a piece of his consciousness through that conduit, where it ended up ''inside'' of the Mind Stone.²²To further the theory, Vol. 2 takes place a mere 2 months after the retroactively titled Vol. 1. This would have it happening either just before Age of Ultron, or nearly simultaneously with it.²²The Mind Stone was contained within Loki's scepter. After the first Avengers movie, the scepter was taken by S.H.I.E.L.D., who were controlled by Hydra. Hydra would have had possession of the scepter for a long time, months at least; if they didn't have it the entire time, they would have taken it during the Battle of the Fridge, around the time of Captain America The Winter Soldier. Baron Strucker was a ruthless scientist with all of Hydra's resources at his disposal. He had ''months'', at least. While Stark and Banner are beyond geniuses, the idea that they could do something in days that Strucker couldn't in months is ridiculous.²²Beyond that, Tony admits that they shouldn't have been close to success. J.A.R.V.I.S. expressed the same thing when he met Ultron. Either what happened was a complete accident (implausible, but not impossible), the Mind Stone ''is'' sentient (scarily possible, but still unlikely), or something outside of Tony, Banner, and the Stone interfered. That something could have been Ego.²²When Ego died, his consciousness could have transferred into the Mind Stone. The Mind Stone could then have expelled him into the virtual world, giving him new life- albeit without his memories.²²Ultron and Ego have very similar origins. Both were born alone, frightened and in darkness. Ultron did have Jarvis, but he wasn't much comfort. Both sought out a purpose in life (I don't get it- the mission. Give me a sec...) and upon meeting other lifeforms, became very disenchanted with them. In the end, both sought to remove this other life from their world, and become the sole living thing.²--> '''Ultron:''' When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world... will be ''metal''.\²\²--> '''Ego:''' Soon, Peter, ''me'' will be all there is, so STOP PISSING ''ME'' OFF!²²Also, both have plans that require them to create new life (Vision and Peter) in order to succeed, and that new life ends up killing them.²²They also take on similar physical forms during their lives: Ego starts out as a floating blue brain; Ultron starts out as a disembodied program represented by a blue holographic ball. Ultron's first body is a zombie-esque hodge-podge of parts; Ego's first body (that we see) is shot by Peter several times and ends up looking very similar. Half the face gone, one arm useless, significant chunks of the body missing. Later, Ego renders himself as a giant head made of rocks and energy, with a gaping circular maw. It looks disturbingly like Ultron's face after it's half melted by the Avengers. Right before his final battle against Peter, Ego reforms his human body from the skeleton on up. For a significant time, it looks like a living anatomy lesson, with strips of muscle exposed over bone. Ultron's Prime form looks like a metal version of this.²²They even have similar centers. The way the conduits stick out from Ultron's spherical "heart" looks a lot like the struts surrounding Ego's planetary core.²²Finally, their mentalities are strikingly similar. They are psyschotic manchildren with god-like powers who can feel sympathy for others but cannot empathize with them. They use blue-and-orange morality in an attempt to justify their selfish actions. They convince a young powered woman to help him, and treat her like how they imagine one would treat a daughter, and fail to understand why she turns against them.²²One last bit: when Ultron is first "born", the first thing he starts to say is, "Where's my body?" The question the audience should ask is, why does Ultron think he needs a body? He hasn't learned anything about humans yet; he should have a child-like belief that everyone is a disembodied program. Instead, he says it feels wierd and wrong. Later, he tells the Avengers that he was asleep, or in a dream. If he was between lives, it would likely feel that way.²** This. Is. ''GENIUS!''²²[[WMG: The third film will introduce Bug]]²James Gunn has said that he likes Bug, and that he was in a previous script for the first film, so it isn't the most unlikely idea. This version of the character will [[AdaptationSpeciesChange will be a member of Mantis's kind]] and a [[MythologyGag "galactic warrior"]] who is serving the Priests of Pama, who are searching for Mantis. Instead of a Guardian, he'll be treated like a nuisance until becoming their friend when he helps them fight the Sovereign.²²[[WMG: Kraglin will never be an official Guardian.]]²It's because RealLifeWritesThePlot. Kraglin's actor, Sean Gunn, also does the motion reference acting for Rocket on-set. [[note]] This is NOT motion capture—because a raccoon's body is so different from that of a human, there's no benefit to using motion capture as pretty much everything would have to be redone anyway. Instead, Gunn just wears normal clothes on set, and the animation team uses that footage to guide their work. [[/note]] This wasn't a huge problem in the first movie, where the two never interact and aren't even onscreen together except for a few very brief moments, but with Kraglin's expanded role in this movie it started to cause problems, even though the interaction between Rocket and Kraglin is still kept to a minimum. [[note]] In particular, Gunn said that the shot where Rocket asks Kraglin to put some of Quill's old music on the intercom was very difficult to do because he had to deliver Rocket's line while in costume as Kraglin with his back to the camera.[[/note]] Of course it's true that the two characters can be onscreen together given that Rocket is entirely CGI, but the characterization of Rocket as presented in the films depends ''heavily'' on Gunn, as his work forms the basis for both the animators and Bradley Cooper, Rocket's voice actor. Because of this, Gunn can't really stop being Rocket without running the risk of changing one of Marvel's most popular EnsembleDarkhorse characters, so Kraglin will unfortunately have to remain a secondary character.²²[[WMG: The third film will feature the Fraternity of Raptors]]²In the time between the second and third films, the comics relaunched and focused on 3 primary plot points. Gamora's hunt for the Soul Gem (which is heavily tied to Adam Warlock who is already confirmed for the third film), Groot's odd inability to grow beyond his sapling form, and an impending war between the Nova Corp and the Fraternity of Raptors, who have since cut all ties they once had to the Shi'ar Empire to work as their own independant unit. Marvel Legacy is even giving Darkhawk (who uses the Raptors' armor to oppose them) a brief revival to gauge interest in the character suggesting they might have bigger plans for him and the Fraternity.²²[[WMG: The third film will have a cameo from Alyssa Milano]]²And she'll criticize Star Lord's ship²²[[WMG: Celestial powers are awoken by huge physical and mental events or hurdles]]²Puberty, for example. Or holding an Infinity Stone.²²[[WMG: Captain Marvel will play a minor role in the third movie]]²As...²* A friendly ally during a battle in the opening scene²* A cameo in a montage of some sort²* [[spoiler: Filling the role of the Nova Corps (after they likely got curbstomped by Thanos in his pursuit of the Power Stone), as the stick-in-the-mud law-enforcement figure tracking the Guardians down, amidst the main plot (Think Payton's role in Ant-Man)]]²** An alternative to the above, but rather than [[spoiler: the Guardians, she's actually interested in/tracking down Adam Warlock]]²* A post-credits stinger.²** Bonus points if she's offered a spot on either Quill or [[spoiler: Stakar]]'s team, but refuses.²²[[WMG: Creator/MarkHamill will play some role in the third film]]²He's still on good terms with Disney, as evident by his appearance in ''Film/TheLastJedi'', and [[ he has talked with James Gunn about appearing in the third film]], so it's not like it's completely out of the question (either as a villain or a hero). Considering Gunn has worked with other big-name actors before, it would be easy to add Hamill in, and quite frankly, the opportunity to indulge in RuleOfCool would just be too big of a chance to pass up.²* He could play the Magus. ²²[[WMG: [[spoiler: Ego gets ret-gone out of existence with his destruction.]]]]²* [[spoiler: Once Ego is destroyed, his extensions of himself on the planets melt, evaporate, or just straight up disintegrate, everyone who witnessed this event and survived had their memories rewritten to explain the destruction, and everything related to Ego (except for Peter Quill, obviously,) is wiped completely from existence. The only ones with any memory of him or what he's done are those that were personally involved with the event, specifically the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nebula, and even then, the whole "Expansion" becomes a mere blip in the MCU timeline, never brought up in the future unless by those personally involved. So essentially, the being who wanted to assimilate all life into himself and become everything only ends up becoming less than nothing. A fitting fate for such a fool.]]²²[[WMG: [[spoiler: The Infinity Stones will be revealed to still exist in the film, either as a lot point or Post Credits scene.]]]]²[[spoiler: In the [[WMG/AvengersEndgame Endgame WMG page]] I discussed why I believe Thanos didn't destroy the Stones, just believes he did. If true a cosmic film like Guardians would be the best place to reveal their continued existence. While it ''could'' be a plot point I'd imagine not, we have finished the saga, I'd expect they'd just show up in a post credits scene (they had 5 in Guardians 2 didn't they) as an interesting footnote.]]²²[[WMG: The Guardians will either already have or will gain a new, bigger ship]]²The ship will be either an existing ship from the comics (like the Bowie introduced in the seventh issue of the ''Guardians'' series launched in 2019) or a new creation named after another female celebrity Quill may of known about, like, maybe, Creator/PamGrier or Creator/MollyRingwald.²²[[WMG: The sequel to this movie will be a {{Crossover}} with Thor.]]²* Chronologically, this would not only be a sequel to ''Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'' but also a prequel to ''Film/ThorRagnarok'', taking place either before or simultaneously with ''Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar''.²* Thor and his fellow Asgardians would meet the Guardians for the first time via a casino fight.²* Adam Warlock would start off as a bad guy, but later pull a HeelFaceTurn and join both teams midway through the movie.²* Star-Lord will eventually return to Earth for the first time since his abduction, either during the climax or near the end.²* As with ''Vol. 2'', there would be five [[TheStinger stingers]]:²** To set up ''Thor: Ragnarok'', BigBad Hela would whisper into the mind of a dying Odin, warning him that she will be freed as soon as he dies.²** We will finally see [[Film/AvengersInfinityWar how Thanos obtained the Power Stone]].²** We will also see how what happened to the Hulk after the events ''Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron''--he crash lands the Quinjet on Sakaar, and is captured and enslaved by the Grandmaster to become their new champion (again foreshadowing ''Ragnarok'')²** If the climax took place on Earth, then we would see Bucky Barnes watching the news of said battle in a bar, where he is greeted by a surprise character (doesn't matter who that one is).²** Post-''Film/AvengersEndgame'', the entire movie will be revealed to have been a long story read by Thor, who then demands that they continue searching for 2014 Gamora, while the other Guardians insist they play a game of poker.²²[[WMG: Ego is one of the True Fae.]]²In fact, he is one of the most powerful of the [[TabletopGame/ChangelingTheLost Gentry]]. He is a Celestial, which is what the True Fae are called in the Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse. He is heavily implied to have some sort of connection to [[Film/DoctorStrange2016 Dormammu]], who is all but outright stated to be the source of all magic in the MCU. Therefore, the Dark Dimension is Arcadia, the Mirror Dimension is the Hedge, and Dormammu is essentially the "overlord" of the Gentry and the Titular manifestation of all of Faerie. Strange became a Wizened Changeling as a result of his being exposed to Dormammu's magic by the Ancient One, who is likely either an immensely powerful Changeling, or (more likely) a fallen True Fae who lost her full divine status after developing compassion towards humanity. This is further supported by the fact that Strange and other Sorcerers practice oneiromancy, and that the world is saved by Strange making a bargain with Dormammu that he will cease his invasion on the planet and never return in exchange for release from the GroundhogDayLoop Strange trapped him in. This explains why Dormammu has kept his end of the bargain; he ''is'' the Wyrd, and therefore cannot break an oath he swears without being obliterated from all existence. This makes Kaecilius and his Zealots a rogue Loyalist Lost court, and by the end of that film Mordo has become an extremely militant Bridge-Burner.²²As one of the True Fae, Ego is a fragment of Arcadia and the Wyrd; in other words, he is an extension of the Dark Dimension and Dormammu. However, unlike almost all of the other Gentry, Ego's essence is contained within the dimension of mortals, rather than a domain of Arcadia. This is because long ago Ego struck a bargain with Dormammu to exist in the physical plane, and the price he paid for this consisted of two items: his memories of his previous life in Faerie, and accepting the form of a physical True Name which could be killed by simple corporeal means rather than the coercion into Oath-Breaking which (aside from cold iron) is the only thing which can fully kill almost any other True Fae.²²Aside from his unique status as a physical entity, Ego is a classic example of the Gentry in almost every other respect. He is solipsistic, and views himself as the only being in the entire universe with any intrinsic worth whatsoever. His covetousness is without limit, and his ethics (if he has such a thing) are an utterly alien case of BlueAndOrangeMorality. He is a GeniusLoci EldritchAbomination who can alter his domain at will, create human bodies as avatars, and is almost omnipotent on his home turf.²²Ego became a physical entity so that he could satisfy a base motivation he shares with all his Gentry kin: to expand his domain and his power. He likely grew tired of constantly waging war with other True Fae for scraps of Arcadian territory, but saw that the plane of the mortals was almost entirely empty of his Fae rivals. He knew that he would put himself at incredible risk by seeking to colonize the tangible universe, but in the end he proved to be even more ambitious than he was fearful. He decided to take the gamble, and bargained with Dormammu for a physical True Name which would be uniquely vulnerable, but also capable of expanding and consuming the entire mortal plane. He also correctly wagered by giving his Arcadian memories as payment that even though he would not remember his "purpose"at first when he was reborn in the mortal plane, he would eventually remaster his powers and rediscover his reasons for coming here.²²When Ego was inevitably disappointed by the other life-forms he encountered, finding that they came short of his own perceived infinite greatness, he remembered his motive for being born in a physical body. He then sent his flesh-and-blood "Angel of Pure Light" Title throughout the universe, doing something no other Gentry could do because of their lack of a physical True Name: fathering children. Every child he sired with a mortal woman was a Changeling from birth, and he sent Huntsmen to collect them and bring them to his planet. However, none were capable of providing him a "feedback loop" of Glamour, since Glamour cannot be harvested from Lost. Aside from having Fae magic in spite of having never entered Arcadia first, all of Ego's offspring were normal Changelings. Ego needed an exceptional Lost child who could do the (seemingly) impossible: act as a perpetual machine "battery" of Glamour production, which was the only way he could have enough power to enact his Expansion. The only Lost he didn't kill after having them brought to his planet, aside from Peter, was Mantis; even though she failed him as an infinite Glamour battery, her empathic powers still proved useful to him, as she could help him sleep. Mantis is likely a Beastling Playmate, or of a similar Seeming and Kith.²²The reason Peter (who is a Fairest Lost) is that elusive perpetual machine of Glamour his father had been seeking for millennia is because of the nature of his conception: to an incomplete degree, Ego truly ''did'' love Meredith Quill. However, as previously mentioned, this was a mortal danger to Ego's plans and power; if a True Fae ever fully understands a human emotion such as true love, they will lose their godlike power. Ego sensed that his growing feelings for Meredith were slowly withering his powers away, and he would fall from godhood just as the Ancient One likely did. Without that power, his Expansion would no longer be possible, so he murdered Meredith before his affection for her could become complete and destroy his powers forever.²²Because Fae magic is based on mortal emotion and his father (partially) felt genuine love for his mother, Peter was born as a True Fae demigod; existing on the border between being a Lost and being a Gentry. The sliver of sincere love which had resulted in his birth gave him simultaneous access to the raw reality-warming magic of the Wyrd, as well as the ability to produce Glamour with his own emotions, which is something that no other Changeling (or even True Fae) has ever possessed. Thus, Peter was the perpetual machine "battery" Ego had been seeking since the dawn of time.²²Yondu was the Huntsman hired to collect Peter. A Fetch was not left in his place, even though Ego is capable of fashioning them with the ease he fashions his Kurt Russel-lookalike Title, for the simple reason that he doesn't remember that leaving Fetches is a "thing"; he sold his memories of Arcadia for his physical True Name, after all. By collecting Peter, Yondu was breaking his oath to his Huntsman court; the Ravagers "don't deal kids." The only way he could sate his conscience after becoming an Oath-Breaker was by getting Ego to swear by his Name that he would never hurt any of the kids Yondu brought to him. Even though his existence depended on him honoring his promise, Ego simply utilized LoopholeAbuse by honoring his ExactWords; the death of each child who failed him was painless, so technically he never did hurt them. This is also why he was able to cause physical pain to Peter without endangering himself; Yondu never personally took Peter to Ego, and therefore Ego was not bound by their contract in Peter's case.²²Once Ego had Peter and Peter had demonstrated the powers his father had been seeking, Ego attempted to lure Peter into becoming a full True Fae by persuading him to abandon all emotional ties he had to his home and to his friends. He almost succeeded, but made the fatal mistake of confessing to murdering Peter's mother- who is Peter's Touchstone. Peter immediately [[MoreDakka shot his father]] full of holes in [[TranquilFury quiet rage]] after this²revelation, to which Ego immediately repaired his Title and briefly changed its Mask into the image of Creator/DavidHasselhoff to mock him. He then forcibly stabbed him with an energy-tentacle to begin his Expansion by reaping Glamour from Peter for a thousand years. He crushed Peter's Walkman to get an extra surge of energy by filling Peter with grief.²²Ego's planet now revealed to be, like every other Arcadian domain, a [[CrapsaccharineWorld Hell disguised as a Heaven]], the world's landscape became actively hostile to Peters motley of friends as they worked to rescue him. They were able to destroy Ego's Kurt Russell title, but this was a minor inconvenience to him at worst; he was able to swiftly replace it after subduing Peter and his allies. In the end, however, the Guardians managed to send Groot to the planet's core and attach a time bomb to Ego's physical True Name: the Brain. Panicking, Ego begged Peter to spare his life [[EvilCannotComprehendGood the only way a True Fae knows how]]: by expressing incredulity at the idea that Peter would want to be normal just like everyone else. Peter, of course, coldly answered, "[[ShutUpHannibal What's wrong with that?]]" just before the bomb detonated, destroying Ego's Name. Now totally and completely killed, Ego's disappearance severed Peter's connection to the Wyrd; without his Keeper to act as an intermediary between himself and the contracts of Arcadia, Peter is no longer anything but a mere mortal forever separated from godhood.²²[[/folder]]


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