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1[[WMG:Okay, this is how the MutuallyFictional works out.]]
2There are two choices, depending on which of them is the "real world".
4'''Option One: ''Nadesico'' is "real", ''Gekiganger'' is fictional'''
5* Okay, so we know that ''Gekiganger 3'' was made prior to Nadesico's plotline, so the only thing we need to explain here is how the Gekiganger pilots can be fans of Nadesico, which seems to be airing concurrently with the events of Gekiganger. The answer? Nagare Akatsuki is a fan of Gekiganger (or, more likely, is a former fan; that would explain his constant taunting of Akito) and used the mentions of Nadesico as the foundations for Nergal's battleship.
7'''Option Two: The inverse is true'''
8* ''Nadesico'' airs during the events of Gekiganger; the producers slipped in all of the references to Gekiganger as a tip of the hat to the giant robot defending Earth.
10[[WMG: [[TakeAThirdOption Taking a Third Option...]]]]
11The two shows are in different realities, but due to dreams[=/=]random chance[=/=][[WebComic/{{Homestuck}} author behind the fourth wall]] the other show is fictional in their universe.
13[[WMG: It's possible, if you think in four dimmensions!]]
14I think that after the Oddisey of the Nadesiko, the original writers of Gekikanger fell in love with those heroes, as much as as Akito and cia were in love with Gekikanger, and they made a reboot where Joe and friends are fans of Nadesiko.
15Very much like Elvis was a fan of Captain Marvel Jr and inspired his wardrobe on him... and years later, Captain Marvel Jr became an Elvis fan who dressed the part!
17[[WMG:Joe Umitsubame came back to life because of the existence of ''Martian Successor Nadesico''.]]