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1[[WMG: The princesses from Disney who aren't part of the franchise are actually doing something with their lives instead of pretending to enjoy "Happily Ever After."]]²* Kida's got Atlantis' LostTechnology back into working order and rebuilding the parts of the city fallen into ruin to deal with. Not to mention the aftermath of Atlantis resurfacing from underground, which means a lot of political work for her (and Milo).²* Eilonwy's got Prydain back on track from the rule of oppressive warlords and evil sorcerers (I might point out [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfPrydain there's a novel series that The Black Cauldron was part of where she does exactly that]]). ²* Tiger Lily has her tribe to take care of.²* Giselle's moved permanently to New York City.²* Frozen's apparently going to be its own franchise, so we'll wait and see.²* Moana is leading her people through an age of exploration.²** Minor note, Moana is an official princess now.²* Elena is currently taking a stab at the governing thing, though her story isn't over yet.²²[[WMG: Princess Elena from ''WesternAnimation/ElenaOfAvalor'' will join the franchise along with Moana.]] ²* She would add more diversity to the line-up. She has the singing voice, dress, and animal friends to back her up. Plus she has a couple of people that could serve as a LoveInterest. Moana adds some more diversity. She has her animal friends and she sings! Moana just lacks the love interest and a pretty dress.²** As far as I can tell, you need to have started in a theatrical movie before being put in the lineup. Elena started in a TV show, so she wouldn't qualify for the lineup.²* As of November 2019, Elena is still being occasionally shown on official Disney Princess social media platforms, largely the Facebook page, and has her own tailored posts that are similar to a lot of the posts about the other official Disney Princesses. And she is currently the ''only'' unofficial Disney Princess with this privilege even after Moana, who debuted after Elena, was officially inducted in the line-up. Anna and Elsa's appearances in Disney Princess social media posts are currently mostly reduced to just ''Frozen 2'' promos. Additionally as of the launch of Disney+, she appears center stage in the Princesses Collection banner and her show is grouped with the other official 12 Disney Princess movies plus ''Frozen'' before delving into movies and shows not related to the Disney Princess brand. There is also a Disney Princess category for icons that include all 12 official Disney Princesses... and Elena, but ''not'' Anna and Elsa. We still don't know if even after all of this would she actually considered an official Princess since she still comes from a TV show and not a theatrical movie. But if she still continues to have relevance in the present time, then most likely she is here to stay and maybe indicating that official Princesses don't have to come from theatrical movies.²** [[ This video]] released on November 18, 2019 [[note]] which is both the 7th anniversary of Sofia The First, as well National Princess Day [[/note]] shows the Disney Princesses that Sofia met, which includes Elena.²** A new parade, [[ The Royal Princess Processional]], which debuted at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom when it reopened on July 11, 2020, showcases all of the Disney Princesses who are either born or married into royalty, which includes Elena.[[note]]As such, this parade excludes Pocahontas, Mulan, and Moana, despite Pocahontas and Moana being the daughters of their respective chiefs.[[/note]]²** On Disneyland's reopening on April 30, 2021, Elena is brought back as a meetable character and [[ is seen alongside the other Princesses plus Anna and Elsa]].²** As of May 3, 2021, while excluded from the Disney Princess lineup from the initial announcement of the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration which includes Anna and Elsa, [[ Amazon's updated officially sanctioned Disney Princess portal]] includes Elena and is given [[ a dedicated section like the other Princesses]] with her own icon on the main page.²²[[WMG: [[WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil Star Butterfly]] might get added to the lineup if her show becomes popular enough, maybe she'll even get her own movie.]]²* If Princess "Little Miss Pixar" Merida can join, why not Star?²** As far as I can tell, you need to have started in a theatrical movie before being put in the lineup. Star started in a TV show, so she wouldn't qualify for the lineup. ²²[[WMG: There are actually specific criteria to qualify for Franchise/DisneyPrincess-hood.]]²²I wasn't sure where exactly to put this, so I decided it would be here. [[ This is thanks to the]] SuperCarlinBrothers.²²First, the "princess" must meet any one of the three following criteria.²# Be born into royalty. (WesternAnimation/{{Snow White|AndTheSevenDwarfs}}, [[WesternAnimation/SleepingBeauty Aurora]], [[WesternAnimation/TheLittleMermaid1989 Ariel]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Tangled}} Rapunzel]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Brave}} Merida]])²# Marry to royalty. (WesternAnimation/{{Cinderella}}, [[WesternAnimation/BeautyAndTheBeast Belle]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Aladdin}} Jasmine]], [[WesternAnimation/ThePrincessAndTheFrog Tiana]]²# Perform an act of heroism. (WesternAnimation/{{Mulan}})²²TheChiefsDaughter counts as "royalty", which is why WesternAnimation/{{Pocahontas}} is included in the list.²²Then, the "princess" must meet ''all'' of these following criteria.²# Be a human (though half-human still counts like with Ariel).²# Don't be a main protagonist in the sequel.²# Your film must be a box office success.²²These rules explain why other potential "princesses" like [[WesternAnimation/TheLionKing1994 Nala]] (married to Simba, King of Pride Rock), [[WesternAnimation/AtlantisTheLostEmpire Kida]] (ruler of Atlantis), [[Film/{{Enchanted}} Giselle]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Hercules}} Megara]] (got together iwth Hercules, son of Zeus, King of the Greek gods), and [[WesternAnimation/{{Tarzan}} Jane]] (married to Tarzan, "King" of the Jungle) [[ didn't make the cut]].²²[[WMG:Related to the above…]]²There might be a fourth side rule to become a Franchise/DisneyPrincess.²²4. You must have an [[LoyalAnimalCompanion animal sidekick(s)]].²²WesternAnimation/{{Snow White|AndTheSevenDwarfs}} has all the woodland creatures, so did [[WesternAnimation/SleepingBeauty Aurora]], [[WesternAnimation/TheLittleMermaid1989 Ariel]] has Flounder and Sebastian, [[WesternAnimation/{{Tangled}} Rapunzel]] has Pascal and Maximus, [[WesternAnimation/{{Brave}} Merida]] has her horse (and the triplets when they were briefly bears), WesternAnimation/{{Cinderella}} has her mice companions as well as Bruno and Major, [[WesternAnimation/BeautyAndTheBeast Belle]] also had a horse (and that footrest-dog sort of counts), [[WesternAnimation/{{Aladdin}} Jasmine]] has Rajah, [[WesternAnimation/ThePrincessAndTheFrog Tiana]] technically had Ray, and WesternAnimation/{{Mulan}} has Mushu, Cri-kee, and Khan.²²And this could potentially add WesternAnimation/{{Moana}} [[ to the line, and change what defines a]] Franchise/DisneyPrincess.²²[[WMG: The Princesses are a rotating troupe of female performers in RealLife.]]²²As exemplified by ''WesternAnimation/RalphBreaksTheInternet'', while they do live their usual lives more or less, they make most of their livelihood as fantasy performers entertaining children and kids-at-heart, all whilst keeping to Disney's own brand of {{Kayfabe}}.


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