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1!Chaotic immortality
2If a player dies in the real world, their Chaotic/Perim version lives on as a VirtualGhost. However, the Code Masters might actively go around deleting or "reformatting" these ghosts to keep people from trying to use Chaotic as a way to become immortal.
3* Jossed, look closely and you'll notice the players do age while in Chaotic/Perim.
5!The M'arrilians lied about possesing the Cothica
6It's obvious Phelphor lied about the M'arrilians having it. He just said that to get Chaor to open the doors to the Deep Mines.
7* I'll bet the Cothica is actually inside Kaizeph.
9!The Codemasters aren't human
10* Alternately, all the Code Masters are {{Virtual Ghost}}s.
11* Jossed, the whole Codemaster thing seems to be more like a title than anything else. Codemaster Crellan is just a normal guy named Kit in real life.
12** Actually, un-Jossed. It was never revealed if Crellan's real self is this Kit person, or if that was merely a disguise he used to give Tom some pointers without revealing himself until the time was right. There are seven Codemasters, but they are either not human, or they are probably the humans with the closest connection to Perim, perhaps even those who found it in the first place and thus created Chaotic somehow as an in-between area between Earth and Perim. They run their Battle Dromes, their rules are absolute (to the point of being able to ban players if such a measure must be taken and even override their scanners so they cannot teleport), they have scans of creatures, battle gear and locations that pretty much nobody else has, but as Peyton says and Tom shows, they are not unbeatable.
14!Only one life
15The limit on players that dying in game destroys your avatar forever isn't a purposeful gameplay limitation, but a side effect of the BrainUploading/dimensional travel to Perim/Chaotic. Only one of you can exist either in the real world or Perim at any given time.
17!Ghost but not Immortality.
18I could scan myself to Perim in a life threatening situation but my avator would act like a regular human.
20!Chaotic Crisis would have hit Perim as hard as earth. Especially the more compact tribes.
21Man these monsters are dangerous lets try to make peace with them...that didn't work. You say these creatures come from a game and you can use your scanner to get to there world. Well they do look like those creatures from the card game chaotic now that I look, a week ago I would have thought you were nuts. Heres the plan we send players to nuke Perim. Danians lose there will after mount pillar is destroyed, underworld recieves heavy damage but isn't wiped out thanks to the no battlegear at the load bearing pillars thing. Overworld also recieves heavy damage but not as bad as the underworld Mipedians get off lightest because they were spread out. A couple years later earth is repentant about what the did and try to help the 3 tribes of Perim.
23!The Overworld is lawful good, Mipedians are chaotic good/neuteral, Danians are lawful evil/neuteral, Underworlders are chaotic evil, and Merilians are neuteral evil.
24Sure there are episodes actively against thinking like this but otherwise the Underworlders are portrayed as the bad guys and the Overworlders are portrayed as good. We know little about Mipedians or Danians but from what we do know about Danians, they have a very strong government. For Mipedians I'm going with the main four characters reflecting there tribes. Peyton's not an idiot but when I think about it he does remind me of chaotic stupid or what chaotic stupid characters are supposed to be going for.
25* I think it's safe to say that this is jossed. Underworlders aren't the 'evil' tribe. They're the ruthless tribe. They're much harsher than the other tribes and aren't that sympathetic, but to call them all evil would be pushing it. Even Chaor, one of the most feared UnderWorlders in all of Perim, isn't without mercy. The 'evil' tribe would probably be the M'arrillians, and even then it was hinted at that not all M'arrillians were evil near the end of the third season.
27!Tangath Toborn isn't dead, and he will come back.
28* Confirmed, he showed up at the end of the last episode of ''Secrets of the Lost City'' and said he'd be back from the Spirit Lands eventually. How is anyones guess.
30!The Cothica is in Chaotic.
31* How else do you think the card game got started in the show in the first place? The Cothica crossed over into our world at one point, and the people who discovered it used it to create Chaotic in the space between the two worlds. It explains how a person's "code" can be transported to Chaotic, and the Scanner's power to transport the codes of individuals all over Perim, and the ability to scan the creatures of Perim. The Code Masters are the people who found the Cothica, and are the ones who established Chaotic.