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1[[WMG:Stella is really Athena of Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians.]]²Stella has no known family except a mother who looks exactly like her. She has mixed Italian/Greek heritage, but values the Greek part more -- like a Greek goddess who was Roman for a while. They both live in New York. She seems to solve crimes for the mystery and logic, and would want to do it even if it wasn't her job; hence, why she didn't go on strike. And finally, they are both played by Melina Kankarades.²* Does this mean that Adam will be getting a little bundle of demigod joy on the West Wind soon?²** Hopefully!²* Technically, she is Athena, if you go by the movie.²²[[WMG: Stella is a daughter of Athena, and her father is Professor Papakota.]]²For the reasons listed above. The Melina is also applicable because the children of the gods do look like their parents in some way. ²²Mac is also a son of Poseidon. He was a Marine, and there is also an episode that mentions he swims a lot.²²[[WMG:The whole show is a dream of Stella's.]]²²Seriously, it's the only explanation for the episode "Grounds For Deception," which, while great, is so Stella-based and {{FanFiction}}y to be anything but a dream. It also explains the attractive male characters.²* Problem: Melina Kanakaredes has announced she will not be returning for season 7. It is unlikely that a dreamer would have a dream where they left and let Sela Ward take their place.²** But not impossible! ²** She could be dreaming about what happened after she left for New Orleans.²²[[WMG: New York in this show has an emergency weather-control system.]]²They only use it in emergencies -- but that is why the volcano that flooded Miami in Series/CSIMiami didn't flood New York in this show. (The Canary Islands are closer to New York than Miami in latitude.)²²[[WMG: Don Flack is really or is related to [[Franchise/SailorMoon Tuxedo Mask]] and/or [[Franchise/AceAttorney Phoenix Wright.]]]]²²Look at [[ this picture]], then look at [[ this one]], and finally, look at [[ this one]].²²If that's not enough, then all three of them face dangerous villains, help bring justice to the bad guys, and are snarky on occasion. And all three of them experienced a [[HeroicBSOD BSOD]] at least once.²²[[WMG: Detective Mac Taylor has an [[Film/ForrestGump uncle who lost his legs in Vietnam]].]]²And on various holidays, honorary Uncle Forrest drops in to tell one of his tall tales again...²²[[WMG:Danny went undercover briefly in Las Vegas around 2003. His undercover name was Thumpy G and he was in "Revenge Is Best Served Cold."]]²²[[WMG:Mac Taylor didn't die in the scene where he was locked in a car and driven into the water because he's an [[Franchise/{{Highlander}} immortal.]] Seriously. Someone's actually written a fic of it on]]²** OK so we know 'Near Death' kinda destroyed that one. But as an orphan, Stella could be one. And Sid could be her Watcher.²** Obligatory “the “Corporate Warriors” killer was actually one and that’s part of why he beheaded his opponent.” entry.²²[[WMG:Claire's body was never found because she's a [[{{Literature/Animorphs}} controller]]. The Yeerks used the attacks to make off with a few hosts in a way that wouldn't raise a lot of questions.]] (the re-launch of the series makes this possible. And a disclaimer that this troper does not really like 'bringing Claire back from the dead' fics because she agrees with other fans it's disrespectful to the real people involved.)²²[[WMG: Claire is alive but amnesic.]]²Escaping the second tower collapse was too much and she went through a [[ dissociative fugue]]. She was just hours away the whole time and if her memory returned she wouldn't contact Mac because she felt ashamed for "running away" and/or the city holds too many bad memories, although meeting her long-lost son and [[spoiler: Mac's engagement to his dead partner's wife]] might compel her to return. This is first thing I thought of when it was revealed she survived the first tower collapse but apparently got caught in the second, and I too hope the writers never attempt to bring her back from the dead.²** Actually, Christine was Stan's sister, not wife.²²[[WMG:Stella Bonasera was born a twin. [[Series/DueSouth Her sister went on to become a bank robber and murderer.]] ]] While she had a rough childhood, she turned out well and became an NYPD detective. Her twin, though, served time in Canada for bank robbery before using her adoptive sister's death to fake her own death. She ended up toying with the Mountie who first tracked her down, going to Chicago, getting it on with him and then framing him for murder. He was about to leave town with her when he was shot because his partner thought *she* had a gun. It would be awesome if Victoria showed up in NY and got mistaken for Stella...though it's best done before Stella left town herself. At least the prints would clear Stella. Throw in Fraser chasing the wrong sister and you've got a heck of a story.²²[[WMG: Claire died because she went back into the tower.]] She talked about so many still being trapped when she called Mac. It just makes sense to me that she wanted to go and help other people...and would explain her death and no body being found. And it's more believable than some of the other ideas.²²[[WMG: Aiden Burn killed herself and planted evidence to frame the man she was pursuing.]]


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